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Stanford University

A. Melman. Bounds on the extreme eigenvalues of real symmetric Toeplitz matrices. Technical Report SCCM-98-07, Stanford University, 1998.

T. Shardlow and A. M. Stuart. A perturbation theory for ergodic properties of Markov chains. Technical Report SCCM-98-08, Stanford University, 1998.

D. Calvetti, G. H. Golub, W. B. Gragg, and L. Reichel. Computation of Gauss-Kronrod quadrature rules. Technical Report SCCM-98-09, Stanford University, 1998.

G. H. Golub, P. C. Hansen, and D. P. O'Leary. Tikhonov regularization and total least squares. Technical Report SCCM-98-10, Stanford University, 1998.

A. Melman. Extreme eigenvalues of real symmetric Toeplitz matrices. Technical Report SCCM-98-11, Stanford University, 1998.

Zhaojun Bai and Gene H. Golub. Some unusual matrix eigenvalue problems. Technical Report SCCM-98-12, Stanford University, 1998.

Michael Drexler. Approximate analytic matrix factorisations as preconditioners for Newton's method. Technical Report SCCM-98-13, Stanford University, 1998.

H. Lamba. Dynamical systems and adaptive timestepping ODE solvers. Technical Report SCCM-98-14, Stanford University, 1998.

Martin J. Gander and Gene H. Golub. Minimizing norms to solve the frequency assignment problem. Technical Report SCCM-98-15, Stanford University, 1998.

Gene H. Golub and Denis Vanderstraeten. On the preconditioning of matrices with a dominant skew-symmetric component. Technical Report SCCM-98-16, Stanford University, 1998.

A. M. Stuart and J. O. Warren. Analysis and experiments for a computational model of a heat bath. Technical Report SCCM-98-17, Stanford University, 1998.

Tom Rowan
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