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Peter Monk and Endre Suli. The adaptive computation of far-field patterns by a posteriori estimation of linear functionals. Technical Report NA-98/02, Oxford, 1998.

Maria Elena Schonbek and Endre Suli. Decay of the total variation and Hardy norms of solutions to parabolic conservation laws. Technical Report NA-98/03, Oxford, 1998.

F.S. Chaudhry and D. C. Handscomb. Smooth motion of a rigid triangle in R2. Technical Report NA-98/04, Oxford, 1998.

F. S. Chaudhry and D. C. Handscomb. Smooth numerical representation of the motion of two linked rigid rods in R2 and R3. Technical Report NA-98/05, Oxford, 1998.

Franco Brezzi, T. J. R. Hughes, Donatella Marini, Alessandro Russo, and Endre Suli. A priori error analysis of a finite element method with residual-free bubbles for advection dominated equations. Technical Report NA-98/07, Oxford, 1998.

Lloyd N. Trefethen and Tobin A. Driscoll. Schwarz-Christoffel mapping in the computer era. Technical Report NA-98/08, Oxford, 1998.

Tom Rowan
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