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I. S. Duff and J. Koster. The design and use of algorithms for permuting large entries to the diagonal of sparse matrices. Technical Report TR_PA_97_45, CERFACS, 1997.

L. M. Carvalho and L. Giraud. Block diagonal preconditioners for the Schur complement method. Technical Report TR_PA_97_46, CERFACS, 1997.

V. Fraysse, L. Giraud, and S. Gratton. A set of GMRES routines for real and complex arithmetics. Technical Report TR_PA_97_49, CERFACS, 1997.

Thierry Braconnier, Valerie Fraysse, and Jean-Christophe Rioual. ARNCHEB users' guide: Solution of large non symmetric or non Hermitian eigenvalue problems by the Arnoldi-Tchebycheff method. Technical Report TR_PA_97_50, CERFACS, 1997.

P. R. Amestoy, I.S. Duff, and J.-Y. L'Excellent. MUMPS multifrontal massively parallel solver Version 2.0. Technical Report TR_PA_98_02, CERFACS, 1998.

L. H. Bezerra, Carlos Tomei, and R. Alan McCoy. Mobius transforms and solvers for large sparse generalized nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems. Technical Report TR_PA_98_03, CERFACS, 1998.

V. Fraysse, L.Giraud, and H. Kharraz-Aroussi. On the influence of the orthogonalization scheme on the parallel performance of GMRES. Technical Report TR_PA_98_07, CERFACS, 1998.

P. Amodio and F. Mazzia. A new approach to the backward error analysis in the LU factorization algorithm. Technical Report TR_PA_98_09, CERFACS, 1998.

F. Mazzia. Loss of biorthogonality and linear system solvers. Technical Report TR_PA_98_10, CERFACS, 1998.

Tom Rowan
Tue Mar 31 18:37:38 EST 1998