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Stanford University

P. A. Knight, M. Grinfeld, and H. Lamba. Nonnormality and finite precision arithmetic in power method dynamics. Technical Report SCCM-97-14, Stanford University, 1997.

Ahmed Sameh Gene H. Golub and Vivek Sarin. A parallel balanced method for sparse linear systems. Technical Report SCCM-97-15, Stanford University, 1997.

T. Zhang, G. H. Golub, and K. H. Law. Eigenvalue pertubation and generalized Krylov subspace methods. Technical Report SCCM-98-01, Stanford University, 1998.

A. Melman. Spectral functions for real symmetric toeplitz matrices. Technical Report SCCM-98-02, Stanford University, 1998.

Z. Bai, M. Fahey, G. Golub, M. Menon, and E. Richter. Computing partial eigenvalue sum in electronic structure calculations. Technical Report SCCM-98-03, Stanford University, 1998.

M. Benzi and G. H. Golub. Bounds for the entries of matrix functions with applications to preconditioning. Technical Report SCCM-98-04, Stanford University, 1998.

H. Lamba and A. M. Stuart. Convergence proofs for numerical IVP software. Technical Report SCCM-98-05, Stanford University, 1998.

M. Drexler. Towards a global convergence theory for Newton's method. Technical Report SCCM-98-06, Stanford University, 1998.

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