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M .E. Hubbard and M. J. Baines. Conservative multidimensional upwinding for the steady two-dimensional shallow water equations. Technical Report 1/97, Reading, 1997.

M. J. Baines. On variational and least squares methods with adjustable nodes. Technical Report 2/97, Reading, 1997.

M. J. Baines. Least squares, equidistribution and conservation. Technical Report 3/97, Reading, 1997.

P. Sims. Interface tracking using Eulerian methods with a Lagrangian phase. Technical Report 4/97, Reading, 1997.

D. M. Littleboy and N. K. Nichols. Modal coupling in linear control systems using robust eigenstructure assignment. Technical Report 5/97, Reading, 1997.

M. E. Hubbard. Least squares minimisation and a steepest descent method for the scalar advection equation and a Cauchy-Riemann system on an adaptive grid. Technical Report 6/97, Reading, 1997.

J. J. Hench. A collection of MATLAB subroutines for the implementation of damped algebraic Riccati equations. Technical Report 7/97, Reading, 1997.

Tom Rowan
Tue Dec 16 18:13:57 EST 1997