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	Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
	University of Cambridge
	Silver Street
	Cambridge CB3 9EW
        0223 337900

Arieh Iserles and Antonella Zanna, Qualitative numerical analysis of
ordinary differential equations, NA1995/05.
Arieh Iserles and Yunkang Liu, Integro-differential equations and
generalized hypergeometric functions, NA1995/06.

Sigitas Keras, Combining domain decomposition with waveform
relaxation, NA1995/07.

R.K. Beatson, G. Goodsell and M.J.D. Powell, On multigrid techniques
for thin plate spline interpolation in two dimensions, NA1995/08.

Mari Paz Calvo, Arieh Iserles and Antonella Zanna, Runge-Kutta methods
on manifolds, NA1995/09.

Gregory Derfel and Arieh Iserles, The pantograph equation in the
complex plane, NA1996/01.

George Goodsell, A multigrid-type method for thin plate spline
interpolation on a circle, NA1996/02.


	Theresa Chatman
	Center for Research on Parallel Computation
	Rice University
	P.O. Box 1892
	Houston, Texas 77251-1892

Anurag Acharya, Robert Bennett, Michael Beynon, Jeff Hollingsworth,
Assaf Mendelson, Joel Saltz, Alan Sussman, Mustafa Uysal, Tuning the
Performance of I/O Intensive Parallel Applications, CRPC-TR95632-S,
October, 1995.

Steve Altus, Christian Bischof, Paul Hovland, Ilan Kroo, Using
Automatic Differentiation with the Quasi-Procedural Method for
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, CRPC-TR95634-S, October, 1995.

Keith Cooper, Taylor Simpson, Christopher Vick, Operator Strength
Reduction, CRPC-TR95635-S, October, 1995.

Keith Cooper, Taylor Simpson, SCC-Based Value Numbering,
CRPC-TR95636-S, October, 1995.

Keith Cooper, Taylor Simpson, Value-Driven Code Motion,
CRPC-TR95637-S, October, 1995.

Anthony Kearsly, Richard Tapia, Michael Trosset, An Approach to
Parallelizing Isotonic Regression, CRPC-TR96640, January, 1996.


	CSRD Librarian
	Center for Supercomputing Research and Development
	465 Computer and Systems Research Laboratory
	1308 West Main Street
	Urbana, IL 61801-2307

Luiz DeRose, Kyle Gallivan, E. Gallopoulos, Bret Marsolf, David Padua,
An Environment for Interactive Development of Software Using MATLAB,

David Williamson, Evaluation of Architectural Tradeoffs for Multiple
Context Processors, CSRD1454.

Ramesh Yarlagadda, A Study of Scheduling Techniques for Instruction
Level Parallelism Processors, CSRD1455.

Sharad Mehrotra and Luddy Harrison, Quantifying the Performance
Potential of a Data Prefetch Mechanism for Pointer-Intensive and
Numeric Programs, CSRD1458.

Lynn Choi and Pen-Chung Yew, Compiler and Hardware Support for Cache
Coherence in Large-Scale Multiprocessors: Design Considerations and
Performance Evaluation, CSRD1459.

Masayuki Kuba, Marie-Christine Brunet, and Constantine
D. Polychronopoulos, Practical Parallelization of Molecular Dynamics
on Shared and Distributed Memory Machines, CSRD1460.

Luiz DeRose and David Padua, Inference Mechanism for Fast Array
Language Computation, CSRD1462.

D. Koufaty, X. Chen, D. Poulsen, J. Torrellas, Data Forwarding in
Scalable Shared-Memory Multiprocessors, CSRD1464.

J. Torrellas, Scalable Shared-Memory Architectures, CSRD1465.

Z. Zhang, J. Torrellas, Speeding Up Irregular Applications in
Shared-Memory Multiprocessors: Memory Binding and Group Prefetching,

C. Xia, J. Torrellas, Improving the Data Cache Performance of
Multiprocessor Operating Systems, CSRD1467.

A. Raynaud, Z. Zhang, J. Torrellas, Distance-Adaptive Update Protocols
for Scalable Shared-Memory Multiprocessors, CSRD1468.

R. Daigle, C. Xia, J. Torrellas, Low Perturbation Address Trace
Collection for Operating System, Multiprogrammed, and Parallel
Workloads in Multiprocessors, CSRD1469.

V. Simoncini and E. Gallopoulos, Convergence Properties of Block GMRES
and Matrix Polynomials, CSRD1470.


	Centre Europe en de Recherche et de Formation
	Avancee en Calcul Scientifique
	42, Avenue Gustave-Coriolis
	31057 Toulouse Cedex,
	Attn. Librarian: 010 33 61193131

C. C. Douglas, A. Ern and M. D. Smooke, High Performance Computing and
Numerical Simulation of Flames, TR/PA/95/34.

C. C. Douglas, A Sparse Matrix Approach to Abstract Multilevel Solvers
on Serial Parallel Computers, TR/PA/95/35.

C. C. Douglas, A Review of Numerous Parallel Multigrid Methods,

F. Chaitin-Chatelin and S. Gratton, Convergence in finite precision of
successive iteration methods under high nonnormality, TR/PA/95/43.

R. M. Sydenstricker, A. L. G. A. Coutinho, L. Landau and
O. A. Marques, Pseudoconsistent load vector and mass matrix for the
discrete Kirchhoff and discrete shear triangle elements, TR/PA/95/44.


	Cornell University
	Advanced Computing Research Institute
	Cornell Theory Center
	725 Frank H.T. Rhodes Hall
	Ithaca, New York 14853-3801

Peter G. Kaup, Fadil Santosa and Michael Vogelius, A Method for
Imaging Corrosion Damage in Thin Plates from Electrostatis Data,
CTC95TR219, August 1995.

Nikos Chrisochoides, Multithreaded Model for Dynamic Load Balancing
Parallel Adaptive PDE Computations, CTC95TR221, October 1995.

Gabriele Inglese, Identification of the Drift Coefficient of a
Fokker-Plank Equation from the Moment Discretization of Its Stationary
Solution, CTC95TR222, October 1995.

Scott A. Mitchell and Stephen A. Vavasis, An Aspect Ratio Bound for
Triangulating a d-grid Cut by a Hyperplane, CTC95TR223, November 1995.

Yuying Li, A Newton Acceleration of the Weiszfeld Algorithm for
Minimizing the Sum of Euclidean Distances, CTC95TR224, November 1995.

Thomas F. Coleman and Arun Verma, The Efficient Computation of Sparse
Jacobian Matrices Using Automatic Differentiation, CTC95TR225,
December 1995.

Lloyd N. Trefethen, Pseudospectra of Linear Operators, CTC95TR226,
December 1995.

Chungyang Sun, Dealing with Dense Rows in the Solution of Sparse
Linear Least Squares Problems, CTC95TR227, December 1995.

Nikos Chrisochoides, Nashat Mansour, Geoffrey Fox, A Comparison of
Optimization Heuristics for the Data Mapping Problem, CTC95TR229,
December 1995.

Aiping Liao, Solving Unconstrained Discrete-Time Optimal Control
Problems Using Trust Region Method, CTC95TR230, December 1995.


	Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
	The University
	Dundee, Scotland, DD1 4HN
	0382 23181

Roger Fletcher, Andreas Grothey and Sven Leyffer, Computing sparse
Hessian and Jacobian approximations with optimal hereditary
properties, NA/164, September 1995.


	Department of Mathematical Sciences
	University of Durham
	South Road
	Durham DH1 3LE:  091 374 2349

A.F. Ware, Some experiments with semi-Lagrangian wavelets, NA-95/07.


	Seminar fur Angewandte Mathematik 
	CH-8092 Zurich

M. Fey, R. Jeltsch, A.-T. Morel, Multidimensional schemes for
nonlinear systems of hyperbolic conservation laws, 95-11.

R. Jeltsch, Stability of time discretization, Hurwitz determinants and
order stars, 95-12.

M.D. Buhmann, Radial Functions on Compact Support, 95-13.

M. Fey, Decomposition of the multidimensional Euler equations into
advection equation, 95-14.

M. Fey, The Method of Transport for solving the Euler-equations,

M.D. Buhmann, A. Pinkus, On a Recovery Problem, 95-16.

J.M. Melenk, I. Babuska, The Partition of Unity Finite Element Method:
Basic Theory and Applications, 96-01.


	Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS)
	University of Maryland 
	College Park, MD 20742

Jane K. Cullum, Iterative methods for solving Ax = b GMRES/FOM versus
QMR/BiCG, UMIACS-TR-96-2, January 1996.


	NASA Langley Research Center
	Hampton, VA  23665
	Attn: Ms. Barbara Kraft

Urve Kangro, Roy Nicolaides, Spurious Fields in Time Domain
Computations of Scattering Problems, NASA CR-198223 ICASE Report
No. 95-69, October 1995.

Fang Q. Hu, On Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Linearized Euler
Equations by a Perfectly Matched Layer, NASA CR-198224 ICASE Report
No. 95-70, October 1995.

Kwan-Liu Ma, Philip J. Smith, Sandeep Jain, Visualizing Turbulent
Mixing of Gases and Particles, NASA CR-198226 ICASE Report No. 95-71,
October 1995.

Alex Mahalov, Ye Zhou, Analytical and Phenomenological Studies of
Rotating Turbulence, NASA CR-198227 ICASE Report No. 95-72, October

Guang-Shan Jiang, Chi-Wang Shu, Efficient Implementation of Weighted
ENO Schemes, NASA CR-198228 ICASE Report No. 95-73, October 1995.

Kwan-Liu Ma, Runtime Volume Visualization for Parallel CFD, NASA
CR-198232 ICASE Report No. 95-74, October 1995.

Gianfranco Ciardo, Joshua Gluckman, David Nicol, Distributed
State-Space Generation of Discrete-State Stochastic Models, NASA
CR-198233 ICASE Report No. 95-75, October 1995.

Robert Michael Lewis, Practical Aspects of Variable Reduction
Formulations and Reduced Basis Algorithms in Multidisciplinary Design
Optimization, NASA CR-198234 ICASE Report No. 95-76, November 1995.

Ye Zhou, Robert Rubinstein, Sweeping and Straining Effects in Sound
Generation by High Reynolds Number Isotropic Turbulence, NASA
CR-198235 ICASE Report No. 95-77, November 1995.

Arun K. Somani, Tianming Zhang, Architecture and Performance Analysis
of Dirsmin: A Fault-Tolerant Switch Using Dilated Reduced-Stage Min,
NASA CR-198238 ICASE Report No. 95-78, November 1995.

Domenic D'Ambrosio, Roberto Marsilio, Shock-Induced Separated
Structures in Symmetric Corner Flows, NASA CR-198239 ICASE Report
No. 95-79, November 1995.

Linda F. Wilson, David M. Nicol, Experiments in Automated Load
Balancing, NASA CR-198241 ICASE Report No. 95-80, November 1995.

Phillip Dickens, Matthew Haines, Piyush Mehrotra and David Nicol,
Towards a Thread-Based Parallel Direct Execution Simulator, NASA
CR-198242 ICASE Report No. 95-81, November 1995.

Sharath S. Girimaji, Fully-Explicit and Self-Consistent Algebraic
Reynolds Stress Models, NASA CR-198243 ICASE Report No. 95-82,
December 1995.

Eyal Arian, Analysis of the Hessian for Aeroelastic Optimization, NASA
CR-198245 ICASE Report No. 95-84, December 1995.

David M. Nicol, Daniel L. Palumbo, Michael Ulrey, Integrating
Reliability Analysis with a Performance Tool, NASA CR-198256 ICASE
Report No.  95-85, December 1995.

Xiao-Chuan Cai, Marcus Sarkis, Local Multiplicative Schwarz Algorithms
for Convection-Diffusion Equations, NASA CR-198257 ICASE Report
No. 95-86, December 1995.

Xiao-Chuan Cai, David E. Keyes, V. Venkatakrishnan,
Newton-Krylov-Schwarz: An Implicit Solver for CFD, NASA CR-198258
ICASE Report No. 95-87, December 1995.


	Department of Mathematics
	University of Manchester
	Oxford Road
	Manchester, M13 9PL, England
	Technical Report Secretary: 061 275 5800 

Thierry Braconnier and Nicholas J. Higham, Computing the Field of
Values and Pseudospectra Using the Lanczos Method with Continuation,
279, November 1995.

Thierry Braconnier, Influence of Orthogonality on the Backward Error
and the Stopping Criterion for Krylov Methods, 281, December 1995.


	University of Minnesota
	1200 Washington Avenue South
	Minneapolis, MN 55415
	or fax (612)624-8861

V. Steinbach and D.A. Yuen, The Influences of Temperature- and
Pressure-Dependent Lower-Mantle Rheology on the Interaction of
Upwellings with Phase Transitions, UMSI 96/1, January 1996.

M.W. Matsen and M.D. Whitmore, Accurate Diblock Copolymer Phase
Boundaries at Strong Segregations Using SCFT, UMSI 96/2, January 1996.

V. Kalro, S. Aliabadi, W. Garrard, T. Tezduyar, S. Mittal, and
K. Stein, Parallel Finite Element Simulation of Large Ram-Air
Parachutes, UMSI 96/3, January 1996.

A.A. Johnson and T.E. Tezduyar, Parallel Computation of Incompressible
Flows with Complex Geometries, UMSI 96/4, January 1996.

V. Rajan, J.R. Slagle, and A. Mukherji, Cooperation in Spatial Games,
UMSI 96/5, January 1996.

T.Y. Hou, J. Lowengrub, and M.J. Shelley, The Long-Time Motion of
Vortex Sheets with Surface Tension, UMSI 96/6, January 1996.

NAG Ltd.

	NAG Ltd.  
	Wilkinson House 
	Jordan Hill Road 
	Oxford OX2 8DR
	0865 511245

Stefano Salvini and Gareth Shaw, An Evaluation of New NAG Library
Solvers for Large Sparse Symmetric Linear Systems, TR1/95.

Ian Hounam and Stuart Hemstock, Migrating from Fortran 77 to Fortran
90 with the NAGWare f77 and f90 Tools, TR2/95.

K. V. Fernando, On a Classical Method for Computing Eigenvectors,

K. V. Fernando, On Computing an Eigenvector of a Tridiagonal Matrix,


	Numerical Analysis Group
	Oxford University Computing Laboratory
	Wolfson Building
	Parks Road
	Oxford OX1 3QD, England
	0865 273885

J. D. P. Donnelly, Absorbing boundary conditions for the reduced wave
equation, NA-95/16.

P. I. Crumpton, M. B. Giles, Implicit time accurate solutions on
unstructured dynamic grids, NA-95/17.

P. I. Crumpton, M. B. Giles, Aircraft computations using multigrid and
an unstructured parallel library, NA-95/18.

P. I. Crumpton, An efficient cell vertex method for unstructured
tetrahedral grids, NA-95/19.

D. A. Burgess, P. I. Crumpton, M. B. Giles, A parallel framework for
unstructured grid solvers, NA-95/20.

P. I. Crumpton, R. Haimes, Parallel visulations of unstructured grids,

F. F. Campos, N. R. C. Birkett, The adaptive CCCG( ) method for
efficient solution of time dependent partial differential equations,

D. C. Handscomb, Multiresolution and wavelets, NA-95/23.


	Department of Mathematics
	University of Reading
	P.O. Box 220
	Reading, RG6 2AX 
	England  0734  875123

M.J. Baines, An MFE-like Method for Best Approximation, 7/95.

M.J. Baines, Properties of a Grid Movement Algorithm, 8/95.

P. Garcia-Navarro, Grid Adaptation for 1-D Unsteady Problems, 9/95.

M.P. Dainton, M.H. Goldwater, N.K. Nichols, Direct Computation of
Stochastic Flow in Reservoirs with Uncertain Parameters, 10/95.

A. Priestley and P. Garcia-Navarro, Improving Second Moment
Conservation in Semi-Lagrangian Methods, 11/95.

A.J. Crossley, Comparison of Explicit and Implicit TVD Schemes for the
Shallow Water Equations on a Sphere, 12/95.


	SCCM Program, MC 9025
	Stanford University
	Gates Building 2B
	Stanford, CA 94305-9025, USA
	Phone:  (415) 723-3125
	Fax:    (415) 723-2411

Andrew M. Stuart, Probabilistic and Deterministic Convergence Proofs
for Software for Initial Value Problems, SCCM-96-01.

O. Gonzales and A.M. Stuart, Remarks on the Qualitative Properties of
Modified Equations, SCCM-96-02.

Gene Golub, David Silvester, and Andy Wathen, Diagonal Dominance and
Positive Definiteness of Upwind Approximations for Advection Diffusion
Problems, SCCM-96-03.


	Department of Mathematics
	Livingstone Tower
	26 Richmond Street
	Glasgow G1  1XH: 041 552 4400

G. McKay and F. M. Leslie, A continuum theory for smectic liquid
crystals allowing layer dilation and compression, 1995/21.

A. I. Murdoch and D. Bedeaux, A Microscopic Perspective on the
Physical Foundations of Continuum Mechanics, 1995/22.

M. Grinfeld, K. Mischaikow and A. Novick-Cohen, On the Structure of
the Global Attractor of the Viscous Cahn-Hilliard Equation in One
Dimension, 1995/23.

A. I. Murdoch and D. Bedeaux, A Microscopic Perspective on the
Physical Foundations of Continuum Mechanics, 1995/24.

M. Grinfeld, K. Mischaikow and A. Novick-Cohen, On the Structure of
the Global Attractor of the Viscous Cahn-Hilliard Equation in one
Space Dimension, 1995/25.

C. Constanda, Unique Solubility in the Bending of Plates, 1995/26.

B. R. Duffy and E. J. Parkes, Travelling Solitary Wave Solutions to a
Seventh-Order Generalized KdV Equation, 1995/27.

G. McKay, Patterned Ground Formation and Convection in Porous Media
with a Phase Change, 1995/28.

L. S. Mulholland, Y. Qiu and D. M. Sloan, Solution of Evolutionary
Partial Differential Equations using Adaptive Finite Differences with
Pseudospectral Post-Processing, 1996/1.


	Computer Science Department
	University of Tennessee
	107 Ayres Hall
	Knoxville, TN 37996-1301
	Attn: Librarian

Jack Dongarra, Loic Prylli, Cyril Randriamaro, and Bernard
Tourancheau, Array Redistribution in ScaLAPACK using PVM, CS-95-310,
October 1995.

Shirley Browne and Tom Rowan, Assessment of the NHSE Software
Submission and Review Process, CS-95-312, November 1995.

Henri Casanova and Jack Dongarra, NetSolve: A Network Server for
Solving Computational Science Problems, CS-95-313, November 1995.

Jack J. Dongarra and Horst D. Simon, High Performance Computing in the
U.S. in 1995 - An analysis on the Basis of the TOP500 List, CS-96-318,
January 1996.