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Please note:  Reports can be obtained by writing to the person or
address given for the publishing institution.  We recommend requesting
reports by author, title and number, since the information listed in
this column has been transcribed at least once from the original
sources.  URLs included in the contact's address point to reports
that are available online.

	Math and Computer Science Division
	Argonne National Laboratory
	9700 Cass Avenue
	Argonne, IL 60439
	Attn: Dr. Gail Pieper

A. K. Bansal, Establishing a Framework for Comparative Analysis of
Genome Sequences, ANL/MCS-TM-209, June 1995.

C. Bischof, A. Carle, & P. Khademi, Fortran 77 Interface
Specification to the SparsLinC 1.0 Library, ANL/MCS-TM-196, May 1995.

C. Bischof, A. Carle, P. Khademi, A. Mauer, & P. Hovland, ADIFOR 2.0
User's Guide (Rev. C), ANL/MCS-TM-192, August 1995.

I. T. Foster & B. R. Toonen, Load-Balancing Algorithms for the
Parallel Community Climate Model, ANL/MCS-TM-190, January 1995.

I. Foster, J. Garnett, & S. Tuecke, Nexus User's Guide,
ANL/MCS-TM-204, February 1995.

I. Foster, C. Kesselman, & S. Tuecke, Nexus: Runtime Support for
Task-Parallel Programming Languages, ANL/MCS-TM-205.

The PORTS Consortium, The PORTS0 Interface, ANL/MCS-TM-203 Feb. 1995.

W. Gropp, Users Manual for doctext: Producing Documentation from C Source Code,
ANL/MCS-TM-206, March 1995. 

W. Gropp, Users Manual for tohtml: Producing True Hypertext Documents
from LaTeX, ANL/MCS-TM-207, March 1995.

W. Gropp, Users Manual for bfort: Producing Fortran Interfaces to C
Source Code, ANL/MCS-TM-208, March 1995.

W. D. Gropp, L. Curfman McInnes, & B. F. Smith, Using the Scalable
Nonlinear Equations Solvers Package, ANL/MCS-TM-193, February 1995.

P. Hovland, Using ADIFOR 1.0 to Compute Hessians, ANL/MCS-TM-195,
April 1995.

D. A. Lifka, Mark W. Henderson, & Karen Rayl, Users Guide to the
Argonne SP Scheduling System, ANL/MCS-TM-201, May 1995.

W. McCune, A Case Study in Automated Theorem Proving: A Difficult
Problem about Commutators, ANL/MCS-TM-202, February 1995.

M. P. Mesnier, The Network-Enabled Optimization System Server,
ANL/MCS-TM-210, August 1995.

G. D. Pusch, C. Bischof, and A. Carle, On Automatic Differentiation of
Codes with COMPLEX Arithmetic with Respect to Real Variables,
ANL/MCS-TM-188, June 1995.


	Computing Science Technical Reports Room
	2C-312 AT & T Bell
	Laboratories 600 Mountain Ave.
	Murray Hill, NJ 07974 

R. W. Freund & N. M. Nachtigal, Software for Simplified Lanczos and
QMR Algorithms, 95-02.

R. W. Freund, Computation of Matrix Pade Approximations of Transfer
Functions Via a Lanczos-Type Process, 95-03.

R. W. Freund & P. Feldmann, Small-Signal Circuit Analysis and
Sensitivity Computations with the PVL Algorithm, 95-04.


	School of Mathematical Sciences
	University of Bradford
	Richmond Road, Bradford 
	West Yorkshire BD7 1DP

J. A. Grant & N. A. Mir, A numerical comparison of methods for the
simultaneous determination of the zeros of a real polynomial, 94-40.

P. R. Graves-Morris, A new approach to acceleration of convergence of
a sequence of vectors, 94-41.

J. Van Iseghem & P. R. Graves-Morris, Approximation of a function
given by its Laurent series, 95-42.


	Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
	University of Cambridge
	Silver Street
	Cambridge CB3 9EW
	0223 337900

M. A. Sabin, Transfinite surface interpolation, 1995/NA1, May 1995.

M. J. D. Powell, A thin plate spline method for mapping curves in two
dimensions, 1995/NA2, August 1995.

M. P. Calvo, A. Iserles, & A. Zanna, Numerical solution of
isospectral flows, 1995/NA3, August 1995.

S. Keras, Waveform relaxation method with Toeplitz operator splitting,
1995/NA4, August 1995.


	Centre Europe en de Recherche et de Formation
	Avancee en Calcul Scientifique
	42, Avenue Gustave-Coriolis
	31057 Toulouse Cedex,
	Attn. Librarian: 010 33 61193131

O. Burdakov, On properties of Newton's method for smooth and nonsmooth
equations, TR/PA/95/14.

C. C. Douglas, Caching in with multigrid algorithms: problems in two
dimensions, TR/PA/95/15.

S. Gratton, Moindres carres pour l'orbitographie. Etude de stabilite,

O. Burdakov, An MST-type algorithm for the optimal basis problem,
L. Giraud & S. Gratton, Solveurs lineaires performants pour la
resolution de systemes complexes non hermitiens creux de grande
taille, TR/PA/95/24.
L. Carvalho, I. Duff & L. Giraud, Linear algebra kernels for parallel
domain decomposition methods, TR/PA/95/26.

S. Gratton, Utilisation du produit de Kronecker pour le calcul de
conditionnements en norme de Frobenius, TR/PA/95/27.

V. Fraysse & S. Gratton, Moindres carres pour l'orbitographie.  Etude
de stabilite, FR/PA/95/28.

O. Marques, Eigensolvers and applications in finite element analyses,

O. Marques, BLZPACK: description and user's guide, TR/PA/95/30.

O. Marques & Y-H. Sanejouand, Hinge bending motion in citrate
synthase arising from normal modes calculations, TR/PA/95/31.

O. Marques & Y-H. Sanejouand, Protein motions through eigenanalyses:
a set of study cases, TR/PA/95/32.


	Department of Mathematics and Statistics 
	University of Cyprus  
	PO Box 537,
	Nicosia, Cyprus.  
	Attn: Nick Papamichael .. nickp@cyearn.bitnet 

C. Bernardi & A. Karageorghis, Methodes spectrales dans une portion
de disque, TR/01/95.

G. Georgiou & M. Crochet.  On the stability of the shear flow of a
viscoelastic fluid with non-linear slip along the fixed wall,

A. Karageorghis & M. Paprzycki, An efficient direct method for fully
conforming spectral collocation schemes, TR/03/95.

G. Georgiou, L. Olson & Y. Smyrlis, A singular function boundary
integral method for the Laplace equation, TR/05/95.

G. Georgiou, A. Boudouvis, L. Olson, A. Poullikkas & Y. Smyrlis, Two
methods for the computation of singular solutions in elliptic
problems, TR/06/95.


	Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
	The University
	Dundee, Scotland, DD1 4HN
	0382 23181

H. Xu, Approximate Newton methods for nonsmooth equations, NA/158,
June 1995.

H. Xu, A new version of Newtons method for nonsmooth equations,
NA/159, June 1995.

H. Xu, A point based set valued approximation and Newton type methods,
NA/160, June 1995.

D. F. Griffiths & D. J. Higham, Abstracts of 16th Dundee Biennial
Numerical Analysis Conference, NA/161, June 1995.

D. J. Higham, Time-stepping and preserving orthonormality, NA/162,

D. F. Griffiths, The ``No boundary condition'' outflow boundary
condition, NA/163, September, 1995.


	Department of Mathematical Sciences
	University of Durham
	South Road
	Durham DH1 3LE:  091 374 2349

M. D. Baker, E. Suli & A. F. Ware, Stability and convergence of the
spectral Lagrange-Galerkin method for mixed periodic/non-periodic
convection-dominated diffusion problems, NA-95/02, June 1995.

J. W. Barrett and J. F. Blowey, Finite Element Approximation of a
Model for Phase Separation of a Multi-Component Alloy with Non-Smooth
Free Energy, NA-95/03, October 1995.

A. K. Parrott and C. Rogers and A. F. Ware, A finite volume
discretisation for porous media flows governed by non-diagonal
permeability tensors, NA-95/04, June 1995.

A. W. Craig, Multigrid restrictions for convection diffusion problems,
NA-95/05, September 1995.

A. W. Craig & D. Laurie, Exact difference method for ODEs, NA-95/06,
September 1995.


	Seminar fur Angewandte Mathematik 
	CH-8092 Zurich

T. von Petersdorff and C. Schwab, Boundary Element Methods with
Wavelets and Mesh Refinement, 95-10.


	Numerical Optimisation Centre
	P.O. Box 109
	College Lane
	Hertfordshire AL10 9AB
	0707 279761

M. Bartholomew-Biggs, Using forward accumulation to differentiate
solutions of systems of nonlinear equations, TR 298, April 1995.

J. Mushtaq & A. Davies, The parallel implementation of the boundary
element method in blocked form on a network of transputers using the
communication harness, TR 299, May 1995.


	Department of Mathematics
	University of Manchester
	Oxford Road
	Manchester, M13 9PL, England

	Technical Report Secretary: 061 275 5800 

N. J. Ford & C. T. H. Baker, Qualitative behaviour and stability of
solutions of a discretised non-linear Volterra integral equation of
convolution type, 261.

D. Silvester, Stabilized mixed finite element methods, 262, August

H. Elman & D. Silvester, Fast nonsymmetric iterations and
preconditioning for Navier-Stokes equations, 263, June 1995.

L. Clements, J. A. King-Hele, A. F. Jones & R. M. Thomas, Some
effects of axial temperature gradients in the wall of a detonator
delay element, 264.
N. J. Higham, Stability of the diagonal pivoting method with partial
pivoting, 265, July 1995.

C. T. H. Baker, G. A. Bocharov, C. A. H. Paul & A. A. Romanyukha, A
short note on delay effects in cell proliferation, 266, May 1995.

C. T. H. Baker & C. A. H. Paul, Pitfalls in parameter estimation for
delay differential equations, 267, May 1995.
G. Hall, Equilibrium states for multistep methods, 268, June 1995.

C. T. H. Baker, C. A. H. Paul & D. R. Wille, A bibliography on the
numerical solution of delay differential equations, 269, June 1995.

C. T. H. Baker & A. Tang, Stability analysis of continuous implicit
Runge-Kutta methods for Volterra integro-Differential equations with
unbounded delays, 270.

J. Walsh, Estimation of accuracy for boundary-value problems:
one-dimensional case, 271, June 1995.

J. Williams, Existence and uniqueness of solutions of the algebraic
equations in the BDF methods, 272, July 1995.

D. Silvester and A. J. Wathen, Fast and Robust Solvers for
Time-Discretised Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations, 273, July

Z. Kalogiratou and J. Williams, Best Chebyshev approximation by
families of ODEs with a fixed initial condition, 274, July 1995.

Manchester Centre for Computational Mathematics Annual Report:
January--December 1994, 275, August 1995.

N. J. Higham, The Test Matrix Toolbox for Matlab (Version 3.0), 276,
September 1995.

N. J. Higham, Iterative refinement and LAPACK, 277, September 1995.


	Numerical Analysis Group
	Oxford University Computing Laboratory
	Wolfson Building
	Parks Road
	Oxford OX1 3QD, England
	0865 273885

P. Lin & K. W. Morton, An upwind finite element method for hyperbolic
systems of conservation laws, 93/10.

P. Lin, Godunov type of the Euler characteristic Galerkin scheme for
one dimensional scalar conservation laws, 95/02
M. B. Giles, Stability analysis of numerical interface boundary
conditions for parabolic equations, 95/12.
M. B. Giles, Stability and accuracy of numerical boundary conditions
in aeroelastic analysis, 95/13.

E Suli, A posteriori error analysis and global error control for
adaptive finite element approximations of hyperbolic problems, 95/14.

K. W. Morton, Finite volume methods for CFD, 95/15.


	Department of Mathematics
	University of Reading
	P.O. Box 220
	Reading, RG6 2AX 
	England  0734  875123

M. Dainton, M. Goldwater & N. K. Nichols, Computation of the net
present value of a reservoir with uncertain data, 1/95.
I. MacDonald, M. J. Baines, N. K. Nichols & P. G. Samuels, Comparison
of some steady state Saint-Venant solvers for some test problems with
analytic solutions, 2/95.
I. MacDonald, M. J. Baines, N. K. Nichols & P. G. Samuels, Steady
open channel test problems with analytic solutions, 3/95.

M. E. Hubbard, P. Garcia-Navarro & M. J. Baines, Conservative
multidimensionalupwinding for the shallow water equations, 4/95.
P. A. Burton & P. K. Sweby, A dynamical approach study of some
explicit and implicit TVD schemes and their convergence to
steady-state solutions, 5/95.

M. J. Baines, Use of a discrete norm in best piecewise constant
approximation of continuous functions on irregular grids, 6/95.


	Applied Mathematics & Operational Research Group
	RMCS (Cranfield)
	Shrivenham, Swindon SN6 8LA
	England: 0793 785294/785317
R. N. L. Smith & D. Della Ventura, A boundary element superposition
method for the evaluation of singular coefficients and indices in
V-notched plates, AMOR 95/2.
R. N. L. Smith, Subtraction of singularities using boundary elements,
AMOR 95/5.
D. Della Ventura & R. N. L. Smith, Three, dimensional surface cracks,
AMOR 95/6.

M. R. Bathe & K. Wand, The prediction of spares requirements for
helicopter engines, AMOR 95/7.

V. V. S. S. Sastry, NAGexTool - A GUI front end to the NAG Fortran 77
library, AMOR 95/8.

V. V. S. S. Sastry, NAGexTool Reference Manual, AMOR 95/9.


	Atlas Centre
	Attn. L. Miles
	Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
	Oxon OX11 0QX
	England: 0235 445790

N. I. M. Gould & J. A. Scott, On approximate-inverse preconditioners,
J. A. Scott, Element resequencing for use with a multiple front
algorithm, RAL-TR-95-029.

N. I. M. Gould, Constructing appropriate models for large-scale,
linearly-constrained, nonconvex, nonlinear, optimization algorithms,
I. S. Duff & J. K. Reid, The design of MA48, a code for the direct
solution of sparse unsymmetric linear systems of equations,
I. S. Duff & J. K. Reid.  Exploiting zeros on the diagonal in the
direct solution of indefinite sparse symmetric linear systems,

I. S. Duff, M. Marrone, G. Radicati, & C. Vittoli, A set of Level 3
Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms for sparse matrices, RAL-TR-95-049.


	Department of Mathematics
	Livingstone Tower
	26 Richmond Street
	Glasgow G1  1XH: 041 552 4400

B. Fischer, A. Ramage, D. Silvester & A. J. Wathen, Minimum residual
methods for augmented systems, 15.

K. E. Hyland & D. Hall, Particle tracking in the finite element code
FEAT, 16.

K. E. Hyland, S. McKee & M. W. Reeks, Exact analytic solutions to
turbulent particle flow equations, 17.
K. E. Hyland, S. McKee & M. W. Reeks, Derivation of a pdf kinetic
equation for the transport of particles in turbulent flows, 20.


	Computer Science Department
	University of Tennessee
	107 Ayres Hall
	Knoxville, TN 37996-1301
	Attn: Librarian

S. Browne, J. Dongarra, S. Green, K. Moore, T. Rowan, R. Wade, G. Fox,
K. Hawick, K. Kennedy, J. Pool, & R. Stevens, National HPCC Software
Exchange, CS-95-272, January 1995.

J. J. Dongarra, S. W. Otto, M. Snir, & D. Walker, An Introduction to
the MPI Standard, CS-95-274, January 1995.

H. Casanova, J. Dongarra, & P. Mucci, A Test Suite for PVM,
CS-95-276, June 1995.

P. J. Mucci & J. Dongarra, Possibilities for Active Messaging in PVM,
CS-95-277, February 1995.

S. Browne, J. Dongarra, S. Green, K. Moore, T. Pepin, T. Rowan,
R. Wade, & E. Grosse, Location-Independent Naming for Virtual
Distributed Software Repositories, CS-95-278, February 1995.

R. Boisvert, S. Browne, J. Dongarra, & E. Grosse, Digital Software
and Data Repositories for Support of Scientific Computing, CS-95-279,
February 1995.

S. Browne, J. Dongarra, G. C. Fox, K. Hawick, K. Kennedy, R. Stevens,
R. Olson, & T. Rowan, Distributed Information Management in the
National HPCC Software Exchange, CS-95-288, April 1995.

S. Browne, J. Dongarra, K. Kennedy, & T. Rowan, Management of the
NHSE - A Virtual Distributed Digital Library, CS-95-287, April 1995.

J. J. Dongarra, B. Straughan, & D. W. Walker, Chebyshev tau - QZ
Algorithm Methods for Calculating Spectra of Hydrodynamic Stability
Problems, CS-95-294, June 1995.

J. J. Dongarra, H. W. Meuer, & E. Strohmaier, TOP500 Supercomputer
Sites, CS-95-297, July 1995.

J. J. Dongarra & T. Dunigan, Message-Passing Performance of Various
Computers, CS-95-299, July 1995.

H. Casanova, J. Dongarra, & W. Jiang, The Performance of PVM on MPP
Systems, CS-95-301, August 1995.