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BI_SringBR.c File Reference
#include "Bdef.h"
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void BI_SringBR (BLACSCONTEXT *ctxt, BLACBUFF *bp, SDRVPTR send, int src)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

void BI_SringBR ( BLACSCONTEXT *  ctxt,
SDRVPTR  send,
int  src 

Definition at line 3 of file BI_SringBR.c.

   void BI_Srecv(BLACSCONTEXT *, int, int, BLACBUFF *);

   int mydist;          /* my distance from source */
   int Np, Iam, msgid, rightedge;

   Np = ctxt->scp->Np;
   Iam = ctxt->scp->Iam;
   msgid = Mscopeid(ctxt);

   mydist = (Np + Iam - src) % Np;
   rightedge = Np/2;
   BI_Srecv(ctxt, BANYNODE, msgid, bp);

 * If I'm between source & right edge of split ring, send to right
   if (mydist < rightedge)
      send(ctxt, (Iam+1)%Np, msgid, bp);
 * If I'm between source and left edge of split ring, send to left
   else if (mydist > rightedge+1)
      send(ctxt, (Np+Iam-1)%Np, msgid, bp);

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