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IP Array

The parameters marked ``u'' should be supplied by the user.

I IP(I) u definition
1 NTF u number of triangles / regions
2 NVF u number of vertices
3 NCF u number of circle centers
4 NBF u number of edges
5 NDF u number of degrees of freedom
6 IFIRST u initialization switch
7 IPROB u problem type
8 ISPD u symmetric / nonsymmetric switch
9 ITASK u problem task
10 MXCG u maximum conjugate gradient iterations
11 MXNWTT u maximum damped Newton iterations
12 ISING u switch for singular Neumann problem
16 NEVP u number of evaluation points
19 IERRSW u error recovery switch
20 IADAPT u mesh generation option switch
21 IREFN u uniform refinement control
22 NVTRGT u target value for number of vertices
23 NRGN u number of contour lines for skeleton
24 MFLAG   parallel error flag
25 IFLAG   error flag
26 IORD   order of finite element space
27 NEWNTF   number of elements owned by processor
28 NEWNVF   number of vertices owned by processor
29 NEWNBF   number of edges owned by processor
30 NEWNDF   number of degrees of freedom owned by processor
31 NVV   number of interface vertices
32 NBB   number of interface edges
33 NDD   number of interface degrees of freedom
34 NVI   number of coarse interface vertices
35 NBI   number of coarse interface edges
36 NDI   number of coarse degrees of freedom
37 NTG   global number of elements
38 NVG   global number of vertices
39 NBG   global number of edges
40 NBG   global number of degrees of freedom
41 IUSRSW u USRCMD switch
42 MODE u ATEST mode switch
43 NGRAPH u number of graphics windows
44 FDEVCE u TRIPLT graphics device
45 GDEVCE u GPHPLT graphics device
46 JDEVCE u INPLT graphics device
47 MDEVCE u MTXPLT graphics device
48 MPISW u MPI switch
49 NPROC   number of processes
50 IRGN   individual process number
51 MXCOLR u maximum number of colors
52 IFUN u alternate function switch for TRIPLT
53 INPLSW u alternate graph switch for INPLT
54 IGRSW u alternate graph switch for GPHPLT
55 IMTXSW u alternate matrix switch for MTXPLT
56 NCON u number of contours
57 ICONT u continuity switch
58 ISCALE u scale option switch
59 LINES u line drawing option switch
60 NUMBRS u numbering option switch
61 NX u  
62 NY u (NX,NY,NZ)
63 NZ u is the viewing perspective for TRIPLT
64 MX u (MX,MY,MZ)
65 MY u is the viewing perspective for GPHPLT
66 MZ u and MTXPLT
67 LEVEL u matrix level
68 ICRSN u graphics coarsening switch
69 ITRGT u target size of graphics mesh
70 IBASE   MPI internal edge base number
71 NVDD   total number of interface vertices
72 LIPATH   length of IPATH array
73 LENJA   used locations in JA array
74 LENA   used locations in A array
75 LVL   number of multigraph levels
76 NEF   number of error functions
77 NGF   number of grid functions
78 NDL   order of error recovery systems
79 IEVALS   number of function evaluations on last call
80 ITNUM   number of Newton iterations on last call
81 MAXPTH   maximum size for IPATH array
82 LENW u length of the work array W
83 MAXT u number of columns in the array ITNODE
84 MAXV u length of the arrays VX and VY
85 MAXC u length of the arrays XM and YM
86 MAXB u number of columns in the array IBNDRY
87 MAXJA u length of JA array
88 MAXA u length of A array
89 MAXD   length of grid function arrays
90 IUU   pointer to grid function arrays
91 ITDOF   pointer to degrees of freedom mapping array
92 JTIME   pointer to timing array
93 JHIST   pointer to convergence history array
94 JPATH   pointer to continuation path history array
95 KA   pointer to multigraph pointer array
96 JSTAT   pointer to parallel statistics array
97 IEE   pointer to local error estimates array
98 IPATH   pointer to IPATH array
99 IZ   pointer to temporary workspace

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