Latest clinpack.c DP UNROLL'd MFLOPS results are included below.

The program (clinpack.c) and latest Double Precision (DP) table of results (clinpack.dpr for 'ROLL' option and clinpack.dpu for 'UNROLL' option) are available via anonymous ftp from '' in directory 'pub/aburto'. The 'marlin' host number is:

I'd appreciate any new results of any kind (new machines, compilers, compiler options). I will also periodically post results to 'comp.benchmarks'. Send results to: .

Results as of 18 May 1993.

NOTES: ----- 001 GEM C, gemcc -DUNIX -DO4 002 cc -dalign -O4 -Bstatic -Qoption iropt -l9 -lm 003 Watcom C32 9.5 LA, wcl386 -4r -fpi87 -oneatx -zp4 -dUNROLL -dDP -dMSC

REF: --- 1 Andres Kruse,, 03 Dec 1992 2 Jeff Ungar, ungar@embezzle.Stanford.EDU, 22 Mar 1993 3 Tim Pointing,, 23 Mar 1993 4 Michael Fingerhut,, 23 Mar 1993 5 Burkhard Neidecker-Lutz,, 18 May 1993