These are the results of the "New" CERN Benchmark tests. For more information you should ftp anonymous to ( Then a cd /pub; cd /benchmarks; will give you access to full information about the tests, the results, and the tests themselves. In particular the subdirectory cern32/doc contains all the documentation and results.

A brief description of each file in doc follows; all the .lis files are column 1 carriage control printable files and is postscript.

aqbench.lis The instructions for running the tests etc.

aqold.lis A summary of the old tests.

aqorep.lis The detailed reports of the old tests.

aqprof.lis The execution time profiles of the production codes.

aqrep.lis The detailed reports of the tests summarised in aqall.lis. The draft paper about the tests as presented at the CERN School of Computing 1992 at L'Aquila, Italy.

aquila.tex The LaTeX file of the paper.

aqsum.lis This message and a summary of the new test results.

Nota Bene: Performance of a given application on a given computer system is highly application dependent (as well as on the environment including compiler, compiler options, operating system, system load etc.).

While these tests and results are made freely available, CERN does not guarantee them, or accept responsibility for any conclusions you draw from them.

The following results all refer to single CPU performance, exclude system overhead, and were often obtained on an otherwise idle system. Nonetheless careful examination of ALL the results will give an indication of the range of performance to be expected on FORTRAN HEP applications.

Results are ordered by Geometric Mean of four production codes.