SPEC Benchmark CINT92 Summary

SPECint92 (Volume 5, Issue 4, December 1993)

IBM Corporation

RISC System/6000 POWERserver 990

       Benchmark name Time(Sec) Time(Sec) SPEC ratio 
       -------------- --------- --------- ---------- 
       008.espresso        2270      24.2       93.8 
       022.li              6210      47.6      130.5 
       023.eqntott         1100       6.7      164.2 
       026.compress        2770      24.6      112.6 
       072.sc              4530      26.3      172.2 
       085.gcc             5460      53.3      102.4 

Geometric Mean (SPECint92): 125.9

Model Number: POWERserver 990
CPU: 71.5 MHz POWER2
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPUs: 1
Primary Cache: 32KBI on chip + 256KBD off chip
Secondary Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 128MB(4 x 32MB)
Disk Subsystem: 4 x 1.0 GB
Other Hardware: Ethernet
O/S & Version: AIX Version 3.2.5 Beta
Compilers & Version: IBM C Set++ Ver. 2.1 Beta
Other Software: KAP for IBM C Ver. 1.3,AIX Binder(PRPQ# P91128)
File System Type: AIX/JFS
System State: Multi-user

Hardware Availability: Oct-93
Software Availability: Dec-93

License #: 11
Tested : Sep-93
Of: Austin,TX

Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
All used -bnso -bI:/lib/syscalls.exp All except gcc used -O3 -qansialias -qmaxmem=9999999 -qansialias;all except gcc & li -qarch=pwrx
li,sc and gcc used -Dsetjmp=_setjmp -Dlongjmp=_longjmp espresso:-qro -Q=1000 -qproclocal /usr/ccs/lib/bmalloc.o
li:-qarch=pwr -Q -qlibansi -qro -qdatalocal +Kargs=-inll=4:-ind=10:-inline=newnode,xlgetvalue,xlygetvalue,xlobjgetvalue,
getvcnt,consa,evform,xlevlist,mark,sweep:-inff=slobj.i,xlsym.i,xldmem.i -s eqntott=-qassert=typeptr +K4 +Kargs=-ur2=1
compress:-Q -qro -qlibansi -qassert=addr -qassert=typeptr sc:-DSYSV3 -DSIGVOID -DSIMPLE -qdatalocal -qdataimported=
stdscr:COLS:LINES:errno -qproclocal -qunroll=2 -qassert=typeptr -lm -lPW -lcurses gcc:-O -ma -qro -qassert=addr
-qassert=lm -lPW -lcurses gcc:-O -ma=qro -qassert-addr +K4=Kargs=-ur2=1 -lm-s
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