SPEC Benchmark CINT92 Homogeneous Capacity Summary

SPECrate_int92 (Volume 5, Issue 4, December 1993)

Hewlett-Packard Company

HP 9000 Model T500

       Benchmark name of copies Time(Sec) SPEC rate 
       -------------- --------- --------- --------- 
       008.espresso           1        26      2071 
       022.li                 1        56      2630 
       023.eqntott            1         8      3261 
       026.compress           1        33      2009 
       072.sc                 2        99      2171 
       085.gcc                2       132      1962 

Geometric Mean (SPECrate_int92): 2310

Model Number: T500
CPU: 90MHz PA-RISC 7100
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPUs: 1
Primary Cache: 1MBI+1MBD off chip
Secondary Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 1024MB
Disk Subsystem: 5 HP22540A (6.3GB)
Other Hardware: None
O/S & Version: HP-UX 9.04
Compilers & Version: X.10.03 HP C Compiler
Other Software: None
File System Type: HP-UX
System State: Multi-user

Hardware Availability: Nov-93
Software Availability: May-94

License #: 3
Tested : Oct-93
By: Hewlett-Packard
Of: Cupertino, CA

Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
All Benchmarks: EXTRA_LDFLAGS=-Wl,-aarchive
All Benchmarks: The flag '+P' signifies feedback directed compilation.
008:OPT=+O2 +Ofastaccess +P; EXTRA_CFLAGS=+Olibcalls -Dlongjmp=_longjmp -Dsetjmp=_setjmp; EXTRA_LIBS=/usr/old/malloc3c.o
022: OPT=+O4 +P; EXTRA_CFLAGS=+Olibcalls +ESfic -Dlongjmp=_longjmp -Dsetjmp=_setjmp
023: OPT=+O3 +Ofastaccess; EXTRA_CFLAGS=+Olibcalls +Onoinline +Oregionsched +ESfic
026: OPT=+O3 +Ofastaccess +P; EXTRA_CFLAGS=+ESlit +ESfic +Olibcalls +Aa +Oinline=output +Oinline=getcode
072: OPT=+O3 +Ofastaccess +P; EXTRA_CFLAGS=+Olibcalls -Dlongjmp=_longjmp -Dsetjmp=_setjmp; EXTRA_LIBS=-lcurses -lm
085: OPT=+O3 +Ofastaccess +P; EXTRA_CFLAGS=+Onolimit +ESlit +Olibcalls; EXTRA_LIBS=/usr/old/malloc3c.o

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