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SIM.c results.

SIM.c, a program for local similarities with affine weights, finds k best non-intersecting local alignments and corresponding similarity scores between two sequences or sub-sequences of DNA.

The sim.c program is copyright (c) 1990 by Xiaoqiu Huang and Webb Miller.

The sim.c program, data, and documentation files are archived in sim.shar. The latest table of results (sim.tbl) are available via anonymous ftp from 'ftp.nosc.mil' in directory 'pub/aburto'. The ftp.nosc.mil IP address is: . Please send new results (systems, machines, compilers, compiler options) to 'aburto@nosc.mil'. I will keep results updated, and periodically post to 'comp.benchmarks'.

Results as of 02 Aug 1997: