Installing The NetBuild Client

The NetBuild client is currently usable on the following platforms: ia32-linux, ia32-netbsd, powerpc-darwin. It builds on other platforms also but there may not be any pre-built libraries for these platforms, and the data model that describes most other platforms is still subject to change.

1. Check for gpg. Make sure an appropriate version of Gnu Privacy Guard (gpg) is installed on your system. Type:

gpg --version
If gpg responds and says that its version is 1.2.2 or newer, you may skip step 2. If you don't have gpg installed or you have an older version, you need to build gpg before trying to build netbuild.

2. Download, build, and install gpg if necessary. (See install-gpg.html for instructions) After you build gpg, make sure that the directory where you installed gpg is in your PATH. Repeat the test in step 1 to make sure that gpg is in your path, and (if you already have an old version of gpg installed) that typing gpg --version shows version 1.2.2 or newer.

3. Download netbuild source code. Download the nb2.tar file from

4. Extract. Extract the tar file into an empty directory. For example, if you downloaded netbuild.tar into your home directory and you wished to build netbuild in $HOME/src/netbuild, you might type:

mkdir $HOME/src/
cd $HOME/src/
tar xfp - $HOME/nb2.tar

5. Configure. This builds a Makefile and parameter files for your particular platform.

cd netbuild/nb2

6. Build. Type make. This should compile zlib and then build the nb client.

6. Install. Typing make install will install nb2 in $HOME/NetBuild2/. You'll also want to create a symlink from some directory in your PATH (e.g. $HOME/bin) to the nb2 shell script in $HOME/NetBuild2/bin.

ln -s $HOME/NetBuild2/bin $HOME/bin
(don't do this unless you have a $HOME/bin directory that's in your PATH!)

7. Test. Change directory to netbuild/nb-demos/dgesv and type nb2 make. nb2 should then compile, link, and run a test program that uses LAPACK, by downloading a version of LAPACK from the network. (Note that if you already have LAPACK installed nb2 may use your locally installed library if the download fails.)

Last Change: 6 July 2004