Mail Forwarding via NA-Net

A message sent to:

will be forwarded to that person's real electronic mail address. If you don't know how to spell someone's first or last name, you can also use one of:

In each case, if there is more than one NA-Net member with the name or names you give in the address, your message will be returned along with a list of NA-Net members whose names match your request and their keys.

Each NA-Net user is assigned a unique "key" which can be used to send mail to that person even if his or her name is not unique. The key is usually (first initial) + (last name) of the user, but sometimes additional initials or even digits are added to prevent conflicts.

If you know a NA-Net user's key, you may also reach them with:

NOTE: The "na." prefix is still accepted, but no longer necessary. Sending mail to "" has the same effect as sending it to "".

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