How to submit an article to the NA Digest

How much does it cost to submit an advertisement to NA Digest?

Submitting an announcement (including job advertisements) is free.

How do I submit an announcement to NA Digest?

Go to and complete the web form.

Why was my announcement edited?

All submissions are edited for appearance and length. We try to edit announcement to around 30 lines, but it is often guesswork as to what can be trimmed. You can help by sending as short an announcement as possible. We recommend including in your submission a pointer to a web page with more complete information.

Why didn't my announcement appear?

Rarely, it happens that a message is submitted but somehow gets lost in the system. If you have submitted your message at least twice and it still hasn't appeared, please contact the editor ( for guidance on how to proceed.

How will I know if my submission has appeared in NA Digest?

You should see your announcement in the next digest. If you don't subscribe to NA Digest, visit the archives to see if your message has appeared.

Can I submit my announcement by email?

If possible, use the web form submission at because it avoids problems with formatting and attachments.

How can I make the editor happy?

  1. Check the FAQ before asking us questions.
  2. Use the web submission form at and keep your message short because then the editor has less editing to do!
  3. When including URLs in submission, please include the http:// prefix and use the shortest URL possible to obtain the additional information. Longer URLs are often split into two lines in some email systems.
  4. If you have an assistant submit your announcement, please route all questions about the submission through yourself.

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