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From: Thomas Huckle <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 12:18:09 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Web Site on Software Bugs

I have collected information and WWW pages on various Software bugs
(Ariane, Pentium, Mars Orbiter, Exocet, Aviation, Banking, SDI, NORAD,...)
that might be entertaining, instructive, and helpful to wake up students
during lessons:

Thomas Huckle
Institut f"ur Informatik
TU M"unchen, Germany


From: Nick Trefethen <>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 18:00:35 GMT
Subject: PDE Coffee Table Book

NA-Net colleagues,

We seek advice and contributions for an ongoing collaborative project,
the "PDE Coffee Table Book".

This book, which we hope to complete next year, is distantly inspired
by Van Dyke's classic, "An Album of Fluid Motion." Our plan is to
publish a colorful volume consisting of about 75 two-page spreads, each
about a different PDE. In each case we will hold to exactly two pages
that tell the reader as interestingly and as accurately as possible
what the behavior of this PDE is, where it arises, what interesting
mathematical features it possesses, and some of the key references.
Every page contains a figure, usually of a solution computed
numerically or photographed in the laboratory, and most of them are in
color. Our hope is that this book will help promote enthusiasm for
this beautiful and important subject among students and mathematicians
and scientists and engineers around the world, and help us all to see
connections between diverse topics.

This is a collaborative project coordinated by the Numerical Analysis
and Applied Mathematics groups at Oxford. So far, about fifty people
at Oxford and elsewhere have contributed draft pages. We ask:

(1) Would you be willing to serve as an "expert reader" to improve our
current draft of one of the equations in the attached list?

(2) Would you like to volunteer to draft a page on a PDE not in the list?

(3) Can you point us to any great images of solutions of particular
PDEs (or other sources, or other equations) that we may have missed?

All contributions will be acknowledged in the published book. We are
enjoying the process as well as the product! -- and are happy to hear
from any new colleagues who may wish to participate.

Please send responses to with a copy to With thanks,

Kristine Embree and Nick Trefethen (editors)
on behalf of the PDE Coffee Table Book project

Laplace eq... the basis of potential theory
Laplace eq in 2D... harmonic functions from analytic functions
Eigenfunctions of the Laplace eq...can one hear the shape of a drum?
Linear eqs with constant coefficients...Fourier analysis and boundedness
Biharmonic eq... solid mechanics and creeping flow
Minimal surface eq... mathematisation of a soap film
Wave eq... propagation of light and sound
Wave eq in 1D... left-going and right-going characteristics
Helmholtz eq... waveguides and scattering
Klein-Gordon eq... an equation both hyperbolic and dispersive
Beam eq... waves in an elastic rod
One-way wave eqs... pseudodifferential operators and absorbing boundaries
KdV eq... solitons and inverse scattering
Sine-Gordon eq... wave propagation with nonlinear forcing
Kuramoto-Sivashinsky eq...a PDE with chaotic solutions
Compacton eqs... approximate solitons with compact support
Boussinesq eq... can an ill-posed equation be physical?
Heat eq... diffusion and smoothing
1D nonlinear heat eq... blow-up in finite time
advection-diffusion eq...asymmetry and boundary layers
Gray-Scott eqs... stripes and spots, waves and rolls
Fisher eq... nonlinear traveling waves
Allen-Cahn or bistable eq...exponential transients and metastability
Complex Ginzburg-Landau eq...a laboratory for turbulence
Perona-Malik eq... image sharpening by anisotropic diffusion
Inviscid Burgers eq... shocks and rarefactions
Euler eqs in 1D... a hyperbolic system of conservation laws
Lewy eq... a smooth PDE with no solution


From: David Kincaid <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 14:35:46 -0600 (CST)
Subject: New Book, Iterative Methods in Scientific Computation IV

New Book Available from IMACS:


(Edited by David H. Kincaid and Anne C. Elster)
(Volume 5 in the IMACS Series in Computational and Applied Mathematics)

Proceeding of the Fourth IMACS International Symposium on
Iterative methods in Scientific Computation
Austin, Texas, USA, October 18-20, 1999
Honoring David M. Young, Jr.
For pioneering work in Scientific Computation and
fundamental contributions to Applied Mathematics
ISSN: 1098-870X

482 pages - Price $55.00 + $6.00 shipping and handling - $61.00. (This
includes surface mailing outside of North America. For Air Mail outside of
North America, add $7.00 for a total of $68.00)

List of topics and authors:

ITERATIVE METHODS: Owe Axelsson, Jing Chen, Jingfang Huang, Xiaowu Lu,
Tsun-Zee Mai, Xuming Chen, David Halpern, Kengo Nakajima, Hiroshi Okuda,
Takashi Nodera, Naoto Tsuno, Eugene L. Wachspress, Ganquan Xie, Jianhua Li,
Susumu Yamada, Kazufumi Ozawa, Ikuo Yoshihara, Ken-ichi Abe

PRECONDITIONERS: Michele Benzi, Wayne Joubert, Gabriel Mateescu, Jose
Marin, Miroslav Tuma, Daniele Bertaccini, Francesca Mazzia, R. Alan McCoy,
Esmond G. Ng, Barry W. Peyton, Padma Raghavan, Walter B. Richardson, Jr.

GENERAL ISSUES: Daniela Calvetti, Lothar Reichel, Anne C. Elster, Axel
Facius, Kang C. Jea, Mulder Yu, Daniel Lee

EIGENVALUE PROBLEMS: Yasuhiko Ikebe, Y. Kikuchi, Y. Miyazaki, D. S. Cai,
Andreas Stathopoulos, Eric de Sturler, Chao Yang

APPLICATIONS: Peter N. Brown, Britton Chang, Frank Graziani, Carol S.
Woodward, Weizhong Dai, Raja Nassar, Yusheng Feng, J. Vernon Cole, Daniel G.
Coronell, Xiaobing Feng, Donald Hixon, Richard J. Hanson, Michael
Holzrichter, Suely Oliveira, Lev. A. Krukier, T.S. Martynova, Anand L.
Pardhanani, Graham F. Carey, Waldemar Rachowicz, Leszek Demkowicz, Andrzrej
Bajer, Timothy Walsh, Yousef Saad, Jun Zhang, Valeria Simoncini

Send orders to:
IMACS Secretariat
Dept. of Computer Science
Rutgers University
New Brunswick NJ 08903
Checks made payable to "IMACS". (Orders by Individuals should include

"Iterative Methods in Scientific Computation (Volume 4) - 1997
"Iterative Methods in Linear Algebra, II" (Volume 3) - 1996
SALE PRICE EACH: $25.00 + $6.00 shipping and handling ($13.00 for Air Mail
outside of North America)


From: Lester Ingber <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 15:09:16 -0600
Subject: MATLAB Interface to Adaptive Simulated Annealing

I received the email below from Shinichi Sakata, informing me that he
has developed a gateway to Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA), available
from; this has been requested by many users over
the past few years.


> To:
> From: Shinichi Sakata <>
> Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 14:25:51 -0500
> Subject: MATLAB gateway routine to ASA

Dear Lester,

Asamin provides an interface (mex file) for using ASA within
MATLAB. With asamin, you call ASA from MATLAB to search the minimum
of an objective function coded in the MATLAB language. Asamin also
offers a way to change many of ASA's run-time options. You would not
need much knowledge about the C language to use asamin, unless you
want to use an array of compilation-time options available for ASA.

Asamin is written for and tested with MATLAB 5.3 on Solaris
2.5.1. In order to run it with other versions of MATLAB or on other
platforms, you may need to make some changes to its source code.

Asamin is available from


From: Richard Barr <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:08:41 -0600 (CST)
Subject: INFORMS Computing Society Prize Nominations

Nomination Deadline: February 15, 2000

Nominations are invited for the INFORMS Computing Society (ICS) Prize for
the best English-language paper or book on the Operations Research/Computer
Science interface. The objectives of the prize are to:

* Promote the development of high-quality work advancing the
state of the art in the operations research/computer science

* Publicize and reward the contributions of those authors/researchers
who have advanced the state of the art, and

* Increase the visibility of excellent work in the field.

To be eligible, a nominated work must be:

* Published in the open literature,

* Pertinent to the operations research/computer science interface, and

* Written in English.

The prize committee consists of Richard Barr (Chair, SMU), John Hooker
(Carnegie Mellon), Robert Vanderbei (Princeton), and David Woodruff (UC-Davis).
This prize will be awarded May 8, 2000, at the INFORMS Spring Meeting in
Salt Lake City, Utah. The award is accompanied by a certificate and a
$1,000 honorarium.

Nominations must include: the title, author's name, place and date of
publication, and a copy of each nominated work (in quadruplicate, please,
if it is not both easy and legal to photocopy). If you wish the nomination
materials to be returned after the review process, so indicate.

Nominations must be received by February 15, 2000, and should be sent to
the following address, with a cover letter justifying the nomination.

Professor Richard Barr
Chair, INFORMS Computing Society Prize Committee
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Science Information Center, Room 306
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX 75275 USA
(214) 768-2605

For further information regarding the INFORMS Computing Society Prize,
see the ICS home page at:


From: Wen Chen <>
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 21:12:56 +0900
Subject: New Journal, Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation

Dear colleagues:

A new "international journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation"
will being launched very soon. This journal will publish original papers on
all subjects relevant to nonlinear sciences and
numerical simulation. The highest priority will be given to those
contributions concerned with a discussion of the background of a practical
problem, the establishment of an appropriate nonlinear model, the
determination of a solution, approximate or exact, analytical or numerical,
and a discussion of the relevance of the results when applied to the
real-life problem. For more information, please visit the journal homepage:

The submissions are now solicited for publication in this journal. Also
please recommend your library to subscribe the journal. The annual
subscription price is $250, and the ISSN number is: 1565-1339.
The interested people may contact the editor-in-chief Ji-Huan He
<> for more details.

Yours sincerely,

Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
500 Wakasato, Nagano 380-8553, Japan


From: Marcin Paprzycki <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 23:23:54 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Conference on Distributed Systems

Applications -- call for papers


An International Conference on DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS:
Optimization and Economic-Environmental Applications
Ekaterinburg, Russia
23-26 May, 2000

Organized by:
Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (Ekaterinburg)
Ural State Technical University (Ekaterinburg)
Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow)

Sponsored by: IFIP, IIASA, WSES, Finance Group "Severnaya Kazna"


- Dynamics and control of systems with distributed parameters
- Theory and methods of mathematical programming
- Inverse problems for distributed and high-dimensional systems
- Distributed systems in economic and financial areas
- Distributed systems in geophysics and environment
- Parallel computations and optimization

International Program Committee:

G.I.Marchuk, Russia (Chair), I. Lasiecka, USA (Co-Chair)
H. Akca, Turkey, V. Barbu, Romania, F.L. Chernousko, Russia, I.I. Eremin,
Russia, Yu.M. Ermoliev, Ukraine, K.-H. Hoffmann, Germany, F. Kappel,
Austria, J. Korbicz, Poland, A.B. Kurzhanskii, Russia, N. Mastorakis,
Greece, B. Mordukhovich, USA, L. Pandolfi, Italy, M. Paprzycki, USA,
S. Saitoh, Japan, F. Troltzsch, Germany, V.V. Vasin, Russia

National Organizing Committee:
I.I. Eremin (Chair), V.N. Frolov, N.L. Grigorenko, G.F. Kornilova,
A.V. Kryazhimskii (Co-Chair), V.I. Maksimov (Co-Chair), O.I. Nikonov,
M.S. Nikolskii, V.D. Skarin, B.V. Digas (Secretariat)


January 1, 2000 Submission of Abstracts
January 31, 2000 Notification of Acceptance
April 1, 2000 Final Manuscripts
April 1, 2000 Registration Fee
May 23-26, 2000 Conference


Please send all correspondence to:

DSO'2000 Secretariat
Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
S.Kovalevskoi Str., 16
620219 Ekaterinburg, Russia

Phone: +7 3432 493229
Fax: +7 3432 742581

Conference WWW site:


From: Bette Byrne <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 10:49:40 +0000
Subject: Workshop at Oxford on Computational Fluid Dynamics

One-Day Workshop on Numerical Simulation of
Free Surface Flows and Interfaces

Wednesday, 15th December, 1999
Oxford University Computing Laboratory

This one-day workshop will discuss recent advances in numerical simulation
of free surface flows and interfaces and their applications in hydrodynamics,
hydraulics and fluid codes.

The meeting affords an opportunity for researchers in different communities
to pool experiences from a number of relevant areas.

The workshop will take place at Oxford University Computing Laboratory,
Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford,
and is planned to begin at 10.30 a.m. with coffee.

Speakers will include:

Prof D H Peregrine (Bristol)
Evolution of irregular water wave fields.

Dr M E Hubbard (Cambridge)
Roe's scheme with adaptive mesh refinement applied
to coastal engineering problems.

Dr A Borthwick (Oxford)
Localised adaptive grid modelling of shallow/coastal

Dr S Watson (DERA Haslar)
Prediction of marine vehicle performance.

Dr P Chamberlain (Reading)
Wave scattering.

Dr N Wright (Nottingham)
Practical applications for modelling rivers.

Dr R Giddings (AWE Aldermaston)
Interface reconstruction.

If you require any further information please contact:

Mrs B C Byrne
Oxford University Computing Laboratory,
Wolfson Building, Parks Road,
Oxford OX1 3QD.
Tel: (01865) 273883
Fax: (01865) 273839


From: Marcel Mongeau <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 11:51:52 +0100 (MET)
Subject: French Optimization and Decision Sciences Conference

Forthcoming French Optimization and Decision Sciences Conference
in South-West France:

23-25 March 2000 in Toulouse
The annual JOURNEES MODE (MathM-imatiques de l'Optimisation et de la DEcision)

Pleanary speakers:
J.-M. Coron (Paris-Sud)
B. De Meyer (Nancy)
J.-P. Dussault (Sherbrooke)
M. Habib (Montpellier)
S. J. Wright (Argonne).

The main language of the conference is French.
For more information (in French) see:


From: Andre Weideman <weideman@ING.SUN.AC.ZA>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 16:47:12 +0200
Subject: South African Symposium on Numerical and Applied Mathematics

This is a call for papers for the 24th annual South African
Symposium on Numerical and Applied Mathematics that will be
held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, April 3-5, 2000.

Numerical analysts, applied mathematicians and engineers
are invited to attend and present twenty minute talks
on their work. All contributions in the areas of computational,
applied, or engineering mathematics will be suitable.

We are happy to announce that Dave Sloan (Strathclyde),
Jens Gravesen (Technical University of Denmark),
Dirk Laurie (Potchefstroom), Pierre Malraison (Spatial Technology),
and Daya Reddy (Cape Town) will present lectures, while we are awaiting
confirmation from several other well-known local and international

Details related to registration, accommodation, transport,
tourist attractions, and speakers may be found on the recently
updated web page

E-mail can also be sent to members of the organizing committee:

Ben Herbst (
Andre Weideman (
Karin Goosen (


From: Jesus Vigo-Aguiar <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 19:39:28 +0100
Subject: Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing


The 2000 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed
Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'2000),
June 26 - 29, 2000, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Session Title: Parallel and Sequential Algorithms for Numerical Solution of
Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations.

Aim and Scope:
The past years have witnessed the rapid development of Numerical Solution
of ODEs and PDEs. The present section of PDPTA'2000 is devoted to
researchers and developers interested in the following aspects of the subject:

1) Numerical methods for special types of equations (e.g. molecular
dynamics, celestial mechanics, quamtum mechanics) whose demands cannot be
satisfactorily provided by standard numerical solvers.
Experimental fitting tecniques and methods based on Difference equations
are especially welcome.

2) Higher order accurate numerical methods and methods with
minimum computational cost and Numerical methods preserving qualitative
features of the flow ( e.g. symplecticity, unitaryness, isospectrality,
phase, etc).Development of new techniques that allow insight into
the behaviour of numerical methods.

3) Finite Difference and Finite Element Methods for the Numerical
Solution of Partial Differential Equations. Adaptive
strategies and solution of nonlinear equations.

4) Domain Decomposition Methods for Partial Differential Equations.
New algorithms and theory for domain decomposition methods for
parallel computing.

The emphasis in points 1)-4) is on techniques that aid in parallel solution
of problems.


February 28, 2000 (Monday): Draft papers (about 4 pages) due
April 3, 2000 (Monday): Notification of acceptance
May 1, 2000 (Monday): Camera-Ready papers & Prereg. due
June 26 - 29, 2000: PDPTA + CISST + IC-AI Conferences

To submit please send the copy of the draft paper to:

Dr. Bruce Wade or Dr. Jesus Vigo-Aguiar
Dpt. Mathematical Sciences Dpt. Applied Mathematics
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Faculty of Science
PO Box 413 University of Salamanca
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-0413 E37008 Salamanca

For information regarding the five most recent PDPTA conferences (PDPTA'95,
PDPTA'96, PDPTA'97, PDPTA'98, & PDPTA'99), refer to:


From: Erricos John Kontoghiorghes <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 07:26:21 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications

18-20 August 2000, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Organized in co-operation with the Society for Industrial and Applied
Mathematics (SIAM) Activity Group on Linear Algebra (SIAGLA) and
endorsed by the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS).

This international workshop is aims to be a forum for the exchange of
ideas and competence for specialists in those areas of parallel
computing that are based on matrix algorithms. Emphasis will be on:

1. Implementation and performance issues on various types of parallel

2. Parallel algorithms for dense, structured and sparse matrices.

3. Algorithmic engineering & complexity (matrix algorithms based on
parallel models of computation such as pram, systolic arrays, etc.)

4. Applications with emphasis on parallel matrix computations
(applications from diverse fields such as fluid dynamics,
econometrics and financial optimization).

The keynote speakers are

o Ahmed Sameh (Purdue University, USA): Parallel Algorithms for
Solving Indefinite Systems.

o Anna Nagurney (University of Massachusetts, USA): Parallel
Computation of Financial Equilibria as Variational Inequalities.

There will be two days of tutorials before the workshop. A small fee
will be charged for attendance at tutorials:

o Yousef Saad, University of Minnesota, USA
o Steve Barnard, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
o Maurice Clint, Queens University of Belfast, UK
o Marcin Paprzycki, University of Southern Mississippi, USA
o Anna Nagurney, University of Massachusetts, USA
o Berc Rustem, Imperial College, UK
o Stavros Siokos, Salomon Smith Barney, UK

International Program Committee:

S. Barnard (USA) C. Brezinski (France), M. Clint (UK), J. Dongarra
(USA), N. Emad (France), J. Erhel-Chaux (France), S. Gallopoulos
(Greece), M. Hegland (Australia), A. Kiper (Turkey), G. Megson (UK),
H. Park (USA), B. Philippe (France) Y. Saad (USA), A. Sameh (USA),
G.W. Stewart (USA), D. Trystram (France), M. Vajtersic (Slovakia),
P. Yalamov (Bulgaria), Z. Zlatev (Denmark).

Organizing committee:

E. Kontoghiorghes, University of Neuchatel (chair)
P. Arbenz, ETH Zurich
O. Besson, University of Neuchatel
M. Paprzycki, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg
P. Foschi, University of Neuchatel (local arrangements)

The workshop will take place the weekend just before IMACS2000 in
Lausanne, Switzerland, and a week before the Euro-Par 2000, Munich,
Germany. Neuchatel is 40 mins by train from Lausanne.

For further information please send a message at, contact a member of the organizing
committee or consult the WWW pages at:

Erricos John Kontoghiorghes
Institut d'informatique
Universite de Neuchatel
Rue Emile-Argand 11
CH-2007 Neuchatel


From: Vadim Olshevsky <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 18:55:43 -0500
Subject: Faculty Positions at Georgia State University

Three anticipated tenure-track assistant professorships beginning August,
2000 in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Georgia State University.
Two positions are in mathematics with a preference for the areas of scientific
computing, applied mathematics, differential equations, and dynamical systems.
The other position is for applied statistics with a preference for
biostatistics. Ph.D. and an excellent record in publications are required,
with a preference for extramural funding.

Applications should include a letter of application, a vita without
birthdate, but including citizenship status, three letters of reference, and
transcripts of all graduate work. Applicants should have letters of
reference and other materials sent to: Chair, Department of Mathematics &
Statistics, Georgia State University, 100 University Plaza, Atlanta, GA
30303-3083. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, but
should be postmarked by January 28, 2000 for first round consideration.

Georgia State University, a unit of the University System of Georgia, is an
equal opportunity educational institution, and an EEO/AA employer.

Deadline for Applications: January 28, 2000
Web :


From: S. M. Verduyn Lunel <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 12:49:16 +0100
Subject: Faculty Position at Leiden University, Netherlands

Mathematical Institute
Leiden University, Netherlands

The mathematical institute in Leiden has an opening (possibly
at the tenure-track level) in the area of applied, computational
and interdisciplinair mathematics. Applicants should have a
Ph.D. in mathematics or a related discipline and should show
outstanding promise (and/or accomplishment in reseach and
teaching). Areas of special interest include: approximation
of infinite dimensional systems, computational dynamics,
mathematics of life sciences and stochastic computation.

Applicants should send a cv, bibliography, and description
of research and have three letters of recommendations (upon request).

Further information about this position can be obtained from
prof. dr. S.M. Verduyn Lunel at


From: Rodolfo Rodriguez <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 09:37:26 -0800
Subject: Faculty Position at Universidad de Concepcion, Chile.

Departamento de Ingenieria Matematica

Faculty Position in Applied Mathematics

The Department of Mathematical Engineering at the University of Concepcion
(Chile) seeks applicants for tenure or tenure track positions to begin
April 2000.

The positions are expected to be at the assistant or associate professor
level, but exceptional applicants for a higher rank may also be considered.

A good record in research and teaching is required, and experience beyond
the Ph.D. is desirable.

The positions are targeted on the following areas (in order of preference):

Numerical Optimization
Stochastic Analysis
Partial Differential Equations
Control Theory
Numerical Analysis
other areas of Applied Mathematics

The applicants must submit a vita and two letters of recommendation before
February 28, 2000 to the following address:

Departamento de Ingenieria Matematica
Universidad de Concepcion
Casilla 160-C, Concepcion, CHILE

Fax: (56) 41-251529


From: Nikolay Mirenkov <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 11:17:16 +0900
Subject: Faculty Position at University of Aizu

Distributed Parallel Processing Laboratory
A position of Associate Professor (Ref. CS99014)

Requirements: an excellent research record in the field of Distributed
Processing Systems and Parallel Processing Systems, and commitment
to good teaching.

Responsibilities include: conducting research; advising undergraduate,
M.S. and Ph.D. students; teaching undergraduate and graduate classes.
Classes may be conducted either in English or in Japanese.
Applicants should hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Computer
Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or closely related area.
Term of employment: a 3-year contract followed by evaluation and
tenure until mandatory retirement age if qualified.
Earliest possible date of employment: April 1, 2000
Please send the following:
1. a cover letter with the job reference number, CS99014;
2. a complete resume;
3. the names, positions, affiliations of 3 references and their addresses
where they can be reached;
4. copies of three journal or major conference papers, published during
last 5 years or currently in press. (Note: Journal papers are preferred.)
Applications should be addressed to: Personnel Affairs Section
The University of Aizu
Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima 965-8580
Alternatively, you may submit your application electronically to:
Application deadline: January 31, 2000
All communications should be directed to the same address as above.


From: David Keyes <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 19:04:29 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Postdoctoral Fellowships at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Computer science, broadly interpreted to include scientific computing,
computational science, and computational mathematics, is a tenable area
for the Lawrence Livermore Fellowship Program, a distinguished
postdoctoral program in its second year at Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory, described at

Fellows reading NA-Digest would likely become members of the Center for
Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) during their three years at LLNL. In
fact, CASC is home to one of the first LLNL Fellows presently. See

Fellows may begin their tenure at a flexible time, but applications for
FY 2000 fellowships close on December 30, 1999.


From: ETH SAM <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 13:27:42 +0100
Subject: Graduate and Postdoctoral Postions at ETH, Zurich

At the Seminar for Applied Mathematics (SAM) of the
ETH Zurich, several positions are available for
Ph.D. studies and Postdoctoral researach in scientific
computing and numerical analysis. The positions are full
time, three-year renewable and offer competitive salaries.
We require an above average Degree (Diploma or Ph.D.)
in either mathematics, physics, computer science or an
engineering discipline.

The SAM is part of the department of mathematics of
ETH Zurich and in close collaboration with several engineering
and industrial partners.

For current activities and more information, please see

Please send applications to

Mrs. M. Pfister
Seminar fuer Angewandte Mathematik
ETH Zuerich, HG G58.1
Raemistrasse 101
CH-8092 Zuerich


From: Folkert Tangerman <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 12:22:35 -0500
Subject: Postdoctoral Positions at SUNY, Stony Brook

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The department anticipates one or more postdoctoral research positions
in computational applied mathematics starting in September 2000.
Qualified candidates must have computational experience in one
or more areas of fluid dynamics, parallel computing, hyperbolic
conservation laws, deformation of elastic and plastic media, and flow in
porous media.
Research of the candidates should mesh with that of the current faculty.
Information concerning the department and its research activities
is available from the AMS home page
The department has a large research program ($3.0M annually) and one
of the mathematical science community's top computing facilities.

Applicants should send a vita, description of research interests, and
three letters of reference to: James Glimm, Chair and Distinguished
Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics,
SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3600.
Applicants whose completed dossiers are received by Feb. 1, 2000 are
assured of full consideration.

SUNY -- Stony Brook is an equal opportunity employer and educator.


From: Aubrey Poore <>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 18:23:19 -0700
Subject: Positions at Numerica, Fort Collins

Numerica, Inc. of Fort Collins, Colorado seeks highly motivated
engineers, scientists, and applied mathematicians to work in
areas of discrete optimization, estimation theory, or modeling
of physical systems as it relates to data fusion and surveillance.
Software engineering and design are also of interest.
We are looking for truly outstanding individuals who will
strive for excellence in a team oriented approach to the solution
of engineering and scientific problems. Scientific computing
experience with an object-oriented computer language and
with Matlab are highly desirable. Salary is commensurate with
experience and education. All of our technical staff positions
require US government security clearances, which in turn require
US citizenship.

To apply, send a cover letter, a resume including a list of
references with addresses, and a statement of research
interests and experience to the address below.

For more information, please contact

Aubrey B. Poore
Numerica, Inc.
252 East Mountain Ave., Suite D,
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone Number 970-419-8343

Numerica is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


From: Ake Bjorck <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 15:31:45 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Contents, BIT Numerical Mathematics

CONTENTS BIT Numerical Mathematics
Volume 40, Issue 1 (March 2000)
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BIT---a Nordic computer related journal
Carl-Erik Fr{\"o}berg, i--iv

Analysis of discretizations of parabolic problems in pairs
of spaces
N. Yu. Bakaev, 1--23

Fast construction of optimal circulant preconditioners for
matrices from the fast dense matrix method
R. H. Chan, W.-F. Ng, and H.-W. Sun, 24--40

On the construction of geometric integrators in the RKMK class
K. Eng{\o}, 41--61

On the robustness of Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting
P. Favati, M. Leoncini, and A. Mart\'{\i}nez, 62--73

Structured backward error and condition number for linear
systems of the type $A^*Ax=b$
V. Frayss\'e, S. Gratton, and V. Toumazou, 74--83

Adaptive quadrature---revisited
W. Gander and W. Gautschi, 84--101

Newton's method in shape optimization: A three-dimensional case
A. Novruzi and J. R. Roche, 102--120

The Newton iteration on Lie groups
B. Owren and B. Welfert, 121--145

Implicit scaling of linear least squares problems
J. K. Reid, 146--157

Efficient sparse LU factorization with left--right looking
strategy on shared memory multiprocessors,
O. Schenk, K. G\"artner, and W. Fichtner, 158--176


On roots and error constants of optimal stability polynomials
A. Abdulle, 177--182

A QR decomposition for matrix pencils
P. Spellucci and W. M. Hartmann, 183--190

Author Index BIT Numerical Mathematics,
Vol. 30--39 (1990--1999) 191--214


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