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From: Cleve Moler <>
Date: Sun Aug 8 14:12:24 EDT 1999
Subject: NA Digest Summer Vacation

NA Digest Summer Vacation

I will be taking a two week trip with no email or Internet access,
so please do not expect another issue of NA Digest until after August 22.

-- Cleve


From: Michael Berry <>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 09:40:00 -0400
Subject: New Book, Understanding Search Engines

Murray Browne and I are please to announce the availability of our
new book entitled "Understanding Search Engines: Mathematical Modeling and
Text Retrieval" which is the 8th book published in SIAM's Software,
Environments, and Tools Book Series.


"Understanding Search Engines" discusses many of the key design issues for
building search engines and emphasizes the important roles that applied
mathematics can play in improving information retrieval. The authors discuss
not only important data structures, algorithms, and software but also
user-centered issues such as interfaces, manual indexing, and document

The authors bridge the gap between applied mathematics and information
retrieval. They discuss some of the current problems in information retrieval
that may not be familiar to applied mathematicians and computer scientists and
present some of the driving computational methods (SVD, SDD) for automated
conceptual indexing.

This book uses a new approach to the subject by introducing topics in a
nontechnical way and provides insights into common problems found in
information retrieval. The more mathematical details are provided in sidebars
or are offset from the regular text.


Prerequisites include a year of undergraduate mathematics (calculus) and an
introductory level course in linear algebra. The information science aspects
do not necessarily require formal coursework in information retrieval, but some
internet knowledge and experience is necessary. The book serves as an excellent
companion text for courses in information retrieval, applied linear algebra,
and scientific computing. Database managers wishing to redesign a company's
information retrieval system and scientists wanting to build intelligent
indexing systems for large text collections will find this volume essential.


Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Document File Preparation;
Chapter 3: Vector Space Models; Chapter 4: Matrix Decompositions;
Chapter 5: Query Management; Chapter 6: Ranking and Relevance Feedback;
Chapter 7: User Interface Considerations; Chapter 8: A Course Project;
Chapter 9: Further Reading; Bibliography; Index.

Ordering Information

1999 / xiv + 116 pages / Softcover / ISBN 0-89871-437-0
List Price $32.00 / SIAM Member Price $25.60 / Order Code SE08
Order Form at

Mike B.


From: Michael Shub <>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 19:17:59 -0400
Subject: New Journal, Foundations of Computational Mathematics

First Announcement and Call for Papers

Foundations of Computational Mathematics
The Journal of the Society for the Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Editorial Board:
Philippe Ciarlet (Universite de Paris)
Wolfgang Dahmen (RWTH Aachen)
Nick Higham (University of Manchester)
Arieh Iserles (Cambridge University)
Hendrik Lenstra (University of California, Berkeley)
Pierre-Louis Lions (Universite de Paris)
Peter Olver (University of Minnesota)
Ed Saff (University of South Florida)
Michael Shub, Managing Editor (IBM Research)
Steve Smale (City University, Hong Kong)
Michael Todd (Cornell University)
Shmuel Winograd (IBM Research)

Advisory Board:
Felipe Cucker (City University, Hong Kong)
Ron DeVore (University of South Carolina)
David Epstein (Warwick University)
Mike Freedman (Microsoft Corporation)
Gene Golub (Stanford University)
Joos Heintz (Universidad Buenos Aires and Universidad Santander)
Jerry Marsden (California Institute of Technology)
Andrew Odlyzko (AT&T Research)
Rolf Rannacher (Universitat Heidelberg)
Marie-Francoise Roy (Universite Rennes)
Eitan Tadmor (UCLA)
Henryk Wozniakowski (University of Warsaw and Columbia University)

Going Online LINK

Forthcoming in 2001

Foundations of Computational Mathematics

The primary aim of the new journal Foundations of Computational
Mathematics is to further the understanding of the deep relationships
between mathematical theory: analysis, topology, geometry and algebra,
and the computational process as they are evolving in tandem with the
modern computer. Many of the intellectual stimuli for Foundations of
Computational Mathematics are to be found in numerical analysis and the
complexity theory of computer science. A unifying theme it is that the
mathematical algorithm itself is the primary object of study, either via
the analysis of a particular algorithm, the comparison of classes of
algorithms or the discovery of an appropriate class of algorithms for the
solution of problems of practical or mathematical origin.

By the establishment of this journal with its distinguished editorial
board selecting papers of the highest quality and interest from the
international community, the Society hopes to influence both mathematics
and computation, especially as related to real number computation.
Applications will not constitute a requirement for the publication of
articles. It is the Society's belief that, ultimately, a better
understanding of the foundations of mathematical computation will
facilitate major new applications.

For more information please visit
Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM) website at

Send your paper to the Managing Editor:
Michael Shub
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598-0218

Papers should be in English. Electronic submission is encouraged. Please
submit abstract with paper. The editors are committed to a thorough but
Speedy refereeing process.


From: Angela Kunoth <kunoth@IGPM.Rwth-Aachen.DE>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 14:38:16 -0600
Subject: Workshop in Germany on Adaptive Methods

GAMM Workshop Kiel on
Adaptive Methods - Error Estimators

January 21-23, 2000

Carsten Carstensen (Kiel)
Wolfgang Hackbusch (Kiel & Leipzig)
Angela Kunoth (Aachen)

The aim of the workshop is to present and discuss the state
of the art of error estimators for partial differential
and integral operators to be used within adaptive strategies
and related topics.
While error estimators for finite element methods are established
in the literature, adaptively generated wavelet spaces have been
introduced very recently.
Possible topics of the workshop include reliability, efficiency,
(Besov) regularity, saturation assumptions, and approximation
properties of exact and discrete solutions to elliptic partial
differential equations.
We particulary intend to discuss parallel developments in both
the finite element and the wavelet areas.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, the following:

o A-posteriori error estimators for partial differential
operators based on
o finite elements
o wavelets

o A-posteriori error estimators for integral operators based on
o finite elements
o wavelets

o Adaptive boundary element methods
o Adaptive multigrid methods

Invited Speakers (Confirmed):
Ronald A. DeVore (South Carolina)
Willy Doerfler (Freiburg)
Rolf Rannacher (Heidelberg)

Everybody interested is warmly invited to attend.
A second announcement with further information will be distributed
in October 1999.

Location: Mathematisches Seminar und Institut fuer Informatik und
Praktische Mathematik, Universitaet Kiel, Germany

Conference fee: DM 70.- (to be paid after arrival)

Call for papers: Participants wanting to give a talk (30 min)
should submit an abstract (10-20 lines) before November 30, 1999.
Notification of acceptance will be given by December 15, 1999.

Local organization: Angela Kunoth, Tel.: ++49-241-80-6578
Fax: ++49-241-8888-317

All correspondence in connection with the workshop, including
registration and submission of abstracts, is to be made via
e-mail on address:

Visit the homepage on
for further upcoming information.


From: Gerald Warnecke <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 10:12:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Conference in Germany on Hyperbolic Problems

February 28 through March 3, 2000,
Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany

Theory, Numerics and Applications of Hyperbolic
Conservation Laws and related fields.

Scientific Committee:

J. Ballmann, A. Bressan, C. Dafermos, B. Engquist, M. Feistauer,
H. Freistuehler, J. Glimm, L. Hsiao, R. Jeltsch, P. Lax, T.-P. Liu,
P. Marcati, D. Marchesin, K. W. Morton, B. Perthame, D. Serre,
E. Tadmor, A. Tveito, and G. Warnecke. The meeting is organized
by G. Warnecke and H. Freistue=FChler.

Plenary Speakers:

Yann BRENIER (Paris)
Thomas HOU (Pasadena)
Shuichi KAWASHIMA (Fukuoka)
Ingo MUELLER (Berlin)
Alfio QUARTERONI (Lausanne)
Phil ROE (Ann Arbor)
Giovanni RUSSO (L'Aquila)
Steve SCHOCHET (Tel Aviv)
Joel SMOLLER (Ann Arbor)
Michael STRUWE (Zuerich)
Kevin ZUMBRUN (Bloomington)

Invited Speakers:

Francois BOUCHUT (Orleans)
Suncica CANIC (Houston)
Pierre DEGOND (Toulouse)
Eduard FEIREISL (Prague)
Emmanuel GRENIER (Lyon)
David HOFF(Bloomington)
Shi JIN (Atlanta)
Kenneth H. KARLSEN (Bergen)
Smadar KARNI (New York)
Claus-Dieter MUNZ (Stuttgart)
Benedetto PICCOLI (Salerno)
Bradley PLOHR (Stony Brook)
Ed SEIDEL (Potsdam)
Tao TANG (Hong Kong)
Eleuterio TORO (Manchester)
Cheng-Chin WU (Los Angeles)
Tong YANG (Hong Kong)
Shi-Hsien YU (Osaka)

Invites registration and immediate submission of abstracts
for contributed papers

Detailed information can be found at the conference web page:

Alternatively, send an e-mail to:

or a fax to HYP-2000 at +49-391-67-18073,

or a letter to:

c/o Institut fuer Analysis und Numerik
Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg
PSF 4120
D-39016 Magdeburg

in order to have all information sent to you by e-mail, fax, or
regular mail.


From: David Harrar <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 13:32:55 +1000 (EST)
Subject: CTAC99 Conference in Australia

CTAC99 - Final announcement and call for papers

The conference program for CTAC99 is filling rapidly. However,
there is still space available; please submit abstracts as early as
possible. Details on the conference appear below and on the conference
webpages (address below).

The 9th Biennial
Computational Techniques and Applications
Conference and Workshops

20-24 September 1999
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT, Australia

Submissions are currently being solicited for contributed papers
in the areas of computational mathematics; scientific, technical and
industrial applications; high performance computing; and other aspects
of the computational sciences for presentation at:

Sponsored by: Centre for Mathematics and its Applications (CMA), ANU;
Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Computational Systems (ACSys),
ANU; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO);
ANU Supercomputer Facility (ANUSF); Australian Partnership for Advanced
Computing (APAC); Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI); NEC Corporation;
Fujitsu Australia; IBM Australia; Sun Microsystems Australia; Analytica
Australia Pty. Ltd.; and Qantas Airlines.

The conference program will include keynote addresses from the
following Invited Speakers:

Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Markus Hegland, Australian National University

Rainer Kress, University of Goettingen

John Lewis, Boeing Corporation

Terry Speed, University of California at Berkeley

Grant Steven, University of Sydney

Alistair Watson, University of Dundee

As part of the CTAC99 program there will also be a Public Lecture.
This will take place at the Australian Academy of Sciences on Monday
20 September and will be delivered by Prof. Jack Dongarra.

Immediately following the three days (20-22 September) of invited and
contributed presentations there will be two days of workshops. The topics
for the CTAC99 Workshops and contact information for their respective
organisers are:

Data mining (

High performance computing (

Advances in differential equations (

Scientific visualisation and virtual environments (

A (refereed) proceedings for CTAC99 will be published in a special
issue of the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, Series B
(Applied Mathematics), electronic version.

There will be a welcome reception on the evening of Sunday 19 September.
The conference dinner will take place on Tuesday 21 September and will be
held at The Boat House on the Lake, one of Canberra's premier restaurants.

The CTAC99 Organising Committee is:

Mike Osborne (Director), Bob Gingold (Associate Director),
David Harrar II (Secretary), Thanh Tran (Secretary),
Steve Roberts (Treasurer), Bob Anderssen, Henry Gardner,
Lutz Grosz, and Markus Hegland.

Further information, including deadlines, registration information
and electronic registration form, further contact information for workshop
organisers, and information on submitting abstracts (electronically), etc.,
is available from the conference website:

This site will be updated continuously as further information on CTAC99
becomes available.

If you have any questions regarding CTAC99 please feel free to contact
one of the organisers via the conference webpages.

David Harrar II
Centre for Mathematics and its Applications
Australian National University


From: David Harrar <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 13:34:19 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Symposium Honoring Mike Osborne

Symposium program (tentative) can now be viewed

Symposium Honoring the Contributions of
Mike Osborne
to Computational Mathematics
(and his 65th birthday)

17-18 September 1999
Australian National University
Canberra, ACT, Australia

This Symposium is in honor of Prof. Mike Osborne's ubiquitous
contributions to diverse areas of computational mathematics including
(but not limited to!) differential equations, approximation theory,
integral equations, statistical computing, linear and nonlinear
optimisation, and high performance computing.

The Symposium program will comprise a day and a half of talks,
both technical and anecdotal, of 30-45 minutes duration. The Symposium
will commence on Friday 17 September and end around lunchtime on Saturday
18 September. It is expected that some sort of bush outing will be
organized for Sunday. There will be a Symposium Dinner on Friday evening.
(For all of those ex-students, ex-post-docs, colleagues, as well as friends
out there here's your chance to get that elusive "last word" with Mike!)

The following have agreed to make presentations:

Kevin Burrage Univ. QLD
John Butcher Univ. Auckland
Frank De Hoog CSIRO
Andreas Griewank Tech Univ Dresden
Markus Hegland ANU
Les Jennings Univ. Western Australia
Tania Prvan Univ. Canberra
Liqun Qi Univ. NSW
David Ryan Univ. Auckland
Ian Sloan Univ. NSW
Weiwei Sun City Univ. Hong Kong
Alistair Watson Univ. Dundee
Rob Wolmersley Univ. NSW

The Symposium program can now be viewed at:

The dates for the Symposium have been chosen so as to enable
delegates also to attend The 9th Biennial Computational Techniques
and Applications Conference and Workshops (CTAC99) to be held 20-24
September 1999 also at the Australian National University. Attendees
of the Symposium are encouraged to consider attending the conference
and/or the workshops. For further information, see the CTAC99
webpages at:

For further information check out the Symposium webpages:

A nominal registration fee of $50 AUD is requested to cover the
costs for morning/afternoon tea/coffee/biscuits and the Symposium
Dinner. For instructions on lodging your registration fee please
consult the Symposium webpages.

The Organising Committee members and their e-mail addresses are:

David Harrar II (ANU) (
David Ryan (U Auckland) (
Rod Weber (ADFA) (

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact one
of the above. (However, note: David Harrar is answering e-mail only
sporadically from August 4 through September 2.)

Sponsored by: The Centre for Mathematics and its Applications and
the School of Mathematical Sciences at the Australian National University
and the ACT Branch of ANZIAM (Australia and New Zealand Industrial and
Applied Mathematics society).


From: E. M. Daoudi <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 09:16:23 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Ecole d Automne sur le Calcul Parallele

Ecole d Automne sur le Calcul Parallele
Oujda, Maroc, 26-30 Octobre 1999

Dans le cadre du projet DAPPI (Development of Parallel Algorithms for
Irregular Problems), finance par le programme europeen INCO-DC (DGIII
Industry), le Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique de l Universite
Mohamed 1erd Oujda organise une Ecole de 3e cycle en Informatique
Parallele et Distribue (ParDi99). Cette Ecole se deroulera du 27 au 30
octobre 1999, et comportera un ensemble de mini-cours de 3h chacun.
Le nombre de participants est limite a 30 maximum.

Themes de l Ecole
- Algebre lineaire parallele
- Optimisation combinatoire parallele
- Ordonnancement et partitionnement
- Regulation de charge
- Environnements de programmation parallele
- Multithreading.

Liste des conferenciers
Frederic Desprez (INRIA Rhone-Alpes), Pierre Manneback (FPMs, Mons),
Jean Francois Mehaut (LIP, ENS, Lyon), Nathalie Revol (LANO, Lille),
Jean Roman (Labri, Bordeaux), Jean-Louis Roch (LMC-IMAG).

Session communications
Une session est prevue pour la presentation des travaux de recherche des
participants (le nombre de communications est tres limite).

La journee du 26 Octobre est reservee pour une Formation en Linux et
Reseaux (Erick Gallesio, Sophia Antipolis France et Mohammed Erramdani,

Comite d organisation
El Mostafa Daoudi, Univ. Mohamed 1er, Pierre Manneback, FPMs, Mons,
Nathalie Revol, LANO, Lille

E.M. Daoudi
Faculte des Sciences
Dept. de Mathematiques et d Informatique
60 000, Oujda
Fax : (+212) 6 50 06 03
e-mail :

Pierre Manneback
Faculte Polytechnique de Mons
Laboratoire PIP, Rue de Houdain, 9
7 000, Mons Belgique
Fax : (+32) 65 37 42 00
e-mail :

Site web:


From: Heinz Engl <>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 09:26:38 +0200
Subject: Position at Johannes Kepler University


The Faculty for Science and Engineering of the Johannes Kepler University
in Linz, Austria invites applications for a newly created position at the
level of Full Professor in Mathematical Finance, to commence as soon after
the first of March, 2000, as possible. We are looking for a mathematician
with a Ph.D., scientific qualifications equivalent to a European habilitation
and a distinguished research reputation in the field of mathematical finance.
The appointee should be willing to establish collaboration with the financial
industry in joint research projects (for example in the fields of
derivative products or risk management).

The Johannes Kepler University specifically encourages female candidates to
apply, with a view to increasing the proportion of female professors. Women
candidates will be given preference over equally qualified male applicants.

Applications should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, list of publications,
teaching record, a brief research prospectus and copies of three of
the candidate's most important and relevant publications and should be
submitted to Dean Prof. Dr. Heinz W. ENGL, Dekanat der TNF, Johannes Kepler
Universit=E4t Linz, Altenbergerstrasze 69, A-4040 Linz, Austria, no later
than Sept. 30, 1999.


From: Jim Ellison <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 10:57:14 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Fermilab and University of New Mexico


A major program is in place for the analysis and numerical study of the
Vlasov equation as it arises in beam dynamics. We are looking for a
Postdoc with scientific computing experience and interest in nonlinear
dynamics to collaborate on the development and implementation of parallel
algorithms for the numerical study of these nonlinear, partial-differential,
integral equations over long times - a very challenging computational
problem. The Postdoc's time will be divided between Fermilab and UNM.
Fermilab is a premier particle physics laboratory and is home to the
Tevatron, the world's highest energy accelerator. UNM has a first rate
high performance computing center and its applied mathematics group is
strong in scientific computing. We anticipate DOE funding for three years.

More details and application proceedures can be found at
or obtained from Professor James Ellison at or Dr.
Tanaji Sen at


From: Vladik Kreinovich <>
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 12:44:44 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Contents, Reliable Computing

Reliable Computing
issue 4, volume 5, 1999

Mathematical Research

On the Componentwise Krawczyk-Moore Iteration
Kong Min, Liu Qi, Shen Zuhe

On Discrete Minimax Problems in R Using Interval Arithmetic
Michael A. Wolfe

Only Intervals Preserve the Invertibility of Arithmetic Operations
Olga Kosheleva, Vladik Kreinovich

Solving Nonlinear Constrained Minimization Problems with a New Interval
Valued Function
Ferenc Kalovics


Synthesis of Robustly Stabilizing General Order Compensators for
Interval Plants Using Interval Analysis
Paluri S. V. Nataraj, Suresh Srivastava

Reminiscences "Back in the Good Old Days..."
column edited by George F. Corliss

The Dawning
Ramon Moore



End of NA Digest