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From: NA Digest <>
Date: Sun 01/03/1999, 15:52:12
Subject: NA Digest Calendar

The Netlib Conferences Database is on the Web at:

NA Digest Calendar
Date Topic Place NA Digest #

Jan. 8 One Day SIAM Meeting London, England 46
Jan. 8- 9 Conference Honoring Bob Plemmons Winston-Salem, NC 42
Jan. 11-16 PDE Novosibirsk, Russia 43
Jan. 11-15 Independent Component Signal Analysis Aussois, France 16
Jan. 13 Optimisation in CFD Oxford, England 47
Jan. 21-23 Applied Linear Algebra Bielefeld, Germany 23
Jan. 22-24 Composite Materials Kiel, Germany 40
Jan. 21-23 Conferernce Honoring Ludwig Elsner Bielefeld, Germany 48

Feb. 6 Anniversary of Stanford SCCM Program Stanford, CA 44
Feb. 12-13 Applied Mathematics Edmond, OK 39
Feb. 15-18 Surface Approximation and Visualisation Christchurch, NZ 33
Feb. 15-19 Petaflops Computing Santa Barbara, CA 36
Feb. 20-22 Stochastic Optimization Gainesville, FL 40
Feb. 20-25 Parallel Numerical Computations Annapolis, MD 36
Feb. 24-26 Interval Analysis Girona, Spain 34
Feb. 28-Mar. 2 Approximation and Complexity University of Florida 23

Mar. 15-17 Scientific Computations Beirut, Lebanon 48
Mar. 22-24 Optimization Trier, Germany 38
Mar. 22-26 Numerical Analysis Workshop Havana, Cuba 27
Mar. 25-27 Conference Honoring Richard Varga Kent, OH 48

Apr. 10-11 Numerical Analysis at AMS Meeting Las Vegas, NV 46
Apr. 11-13 Financial Planning Naples, Italy 47
Apr. 11-16 Multigrid Methods Copper Mountain, CO 48
Apr. 12-14 High Performance Numerical Methods Amsterdam, Netherlands 44
Apr. 15-20 Scattered Data Fitting Puerto Vallarta, Mex. 06
Apr. 16 Irreguarly Sturctured Problems San Juan, Puerto Rico 35

May 7- 9 Optimization in Computational Chemistry Princeton, NJ 27
May 10-14 Theoretical and Computational Acoustics Trieste, Italy 34
May 19-22 Mathematics from Physics Urbana, IL 44
May 21-22 Differential Equations Mississippi State, MS 43
May 23-26 Parallel CFD Williamsburg, VA 43
May 24-26 Discontinuous Galerkin Methods Newport, RI 39
May 24-28 Applications of Dynamical Systems Snowbird, UT 23
May 24-31 Environmental Modeling Rostov-on-Don, Russia 43

June 2- 6 Large-Scale Scientific Computation Sozopol, Bulgaria 37
June 2- 6 Matrices with Sparsity Structure Sozopol, Bulgaria 45
June 3- 4 Mathematical Modelling and Analysis Vilnius, Lithuania 48
June 6-11 Rational Approximation Antwerp, Belgium 46
June 6-11 Rational Approximation Antwerp, Belgium 31
June 7- 9 Operational Research In Motion Windsor, Ontario 29
June 7-11 Monte Carlo Methods Varna, Bulgaria 22
June 10-12 Preconditioning Techniques Minneapolis, MN 42
June 12-14 Java Grande Conference Palo Alto, CA 46
June 13-16 Computational Geometry Miami Beach, FL 44
June 14-18 Householder Numerical Algebra Symposium Whistler B.C., Canada 42
June 15-20 Computational Physics Dubna, Russia 45
June 20-24 Number Theory Winnipeg, Canada 40
June 21-26 Continuous Optimization Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 33
June 21-27 Industrial Applications Apulia, Italy 35
June 27-July 1 AMS/IMS/SIAM Summer Conference Boulder, CO 47
June 28-July 1 Parallel Processing and Imaging Las Vegas, NV 49
June 28-July 2 Numerical Analysis Dundee, Scotland 36

July 1- 7 Curves and Surfaces Saint-Malo, France 15
July 5- 9 ICIAM Edinburgh, Scotland 47
July 12-16 System Modelling and Optimization Cambridge, England 44
July 16-18 Algorithms Prague, Czech Republic 40
July 18-28 Foundations of Computational Mathematics Oxford, U.K. 44
July 19-22 International Linear Algebra Society Barcelona, Spain 36
July 26-30 Numerical Mathematics Jyvaskyla, Finland 42

Aug. 9-13 SciCADE99 Queensland, Australia 47
Aug. 21-25 IMACS Congress 2000 Lausanne, Switzerland 46
Aug. 25-28 Conference Honoring Sergei Godunov Novosibirsk, Russia 47
Aug. 25-28 Viscoelastic Flows Vaals, Netherlands 42
Aug. 31-Sep. 3 Euro-Par'99 Toulouse, France 48

Sep. 6-10 Numerical Solution of Markov Chains Zaragoza, Spain 38
Sep. 6-10 Parallel Computing Technologies St.-Petersburg, Russia 41
Sep. 20-24 Computational Techniques Canberra, Australia 42
Sep. 20-23 Transport-Dominated Problems Magdeburg, Germany 48
Sep. 27-Oct. 1 Boundary Integral Methods Sydney, Australia 49

Oct. 4- 8 Parametric Optimization Dubrovnik, Croatia 45
Oct. 4- 8 Complexity of Multivariate Problems Hong Kong 42

Nov. 14-19 Parallel Computing Methods Nashville, TN 01


From: Bret Watson <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 22:55:49
Subject: Seeking a Collaborator

I'm seeking a collaborator for a paper I'm working on.

I work in the field of Security and this paper is on analysing firewall
ruleset for problems.

So far I've developed a method where I can display the rules the form as a
digraph (though in reality it really should be a directional hypergraph).
The graph has provided several useful insights.
So far so good, however I've noted that the graph can be taken further to
analyse the ease whereby an intruder can exploit the ruleset to extract
information from within - using adjacency and closed walks - this is where
I start to become unstuck - my math background stops about there...

So I'm looking for a collaborator who is interested in developing that part
of the paper and possibly working towards taking it further (though
developing the closed walks part will probably be enough for this paper)..

Not sure where the paper will be published at this stage I'll probably
submit it to some of the IT Security journals - but we'll see :}


Bret Watson
Technical Incursion Countermeasures
ph: (+61)(041) 4411 149(UTC+8 hrs) fax: (+61)(08) 9454 6042

The Insider - a e'zine on Computer security - Call for papers


From: Christopher Freitas <>
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 98 10:48:40 CST
Subject: Forum on Parallel Computing Methods

FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS - Forum on Parallel Computing Methods IV

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is holding its 1999
International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) on
November 14-19, 1999 in Nashville, Tennessee. As part of this Congress,
the Fluids Engineering Division is organizing the Forum on Parallel
Computing Methods IV (the fourth annual forum). Papers are solicited on all
aspects of parallel computing methodology, including new and innovative
methods. Papers on parallel strategies for shared and distributed memory
architectures, heterogeneous clusters of workstations (NOW), and Pile-of-PCs
are sought. Of particular interest are papers discussing applications of
parallel algorithms and the effective use of parallel computing methods
in industrial applications.

Paper abstracts are due to the organizers by March 12, 1999 and may be
submitted digitally or by hardcopy format. Notification of abstract
acceptance is by April 2, 1999, and the final paper is due to the organizers
by August 13, 1999. Please submit your abstract to or for further information
contact either:

Dr. Christopher J. Freitas
Principal Engineer - Computational Mechanics
Southwest Research Institute
6220 Culebra Road
San Antonio, Tx 78238-5166
Voice: 210-522-2137, Fax: 210-522-3042

Dr. Evangelos Hytopoulos
SiliconGraphics Computer Systems
39001 West Twelve Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
Voice: 810-576-4036, Fax: 810-848-5600


From: Jun Zhang <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 18:25:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: High Performance Scientific Computation

Technical Session on
High Performance Scientific Computation with Applications

The above technical session is organized in "The 1999 International
Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and
Applications (PDPTA'99)", June 28 - July 1, 1999 Monte Carlo Resort,
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (See NA-Digest, V. 98, #49)

Today's scientific and engineering problems demand computational
power which is far beyond that can be provided by conventional
computers. Scientific computations has been one of the most
important components of high performance computation. It is
the initial and continuous driving force behind the development
of high performance computers. The goal of this session is to
bring together researchers in various areas of high performance
scientific computation and applications to exchange ideas and
communicate new developments.

The HPSCA session focuses on the high performance numerical
computation techniques and applications. Anything that is
related to this topic is welcome. Please e-mail Jun Zhang
at if you are interested in presenting a
paper. A web page for this technical session has been created at

where various deadlines and a tentative speaker list can
also be found.

The HPSCA technical session is organized by:

Jun Zhang
Department of Computer Science
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0046


From: Don Heller <>
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 12:39:20 -0600
Subject: Research Position at Ames Laboratory


The Applied Mathematical Sciences Program of the Ames Laboratory - USDOE is
seeking a computational scientist with a strong record of achievement in
the development and application of highly parallel computational methods.
The successful applicant will have the opportunity to conceive, organize
and conduct a research program in the broad area of scalable computations,
and to interact with scientists and engineers in the Ames Laboratory and
Iowa State University. Priority consideration will be given to
computational scientists whose interests and experience complement the
current programs in the Ames Laboratory Scalable Computing Group and whose
abilities and research interests are likely to lead to collaborations with
other mathematical and physical scientists and engineers.

A Ph.D. in mathematical, physical or computer science, or an appropriate
engineering discipline, and two-three years of experience beyond the Ph.D.
is required.

The salary will be commensurate with experience. Applicants should send a
cover letter outlining their research interests and experience, along with
their resume and arrange to have three recommendation letters sent to: Ames
Laboratory Human Resources Office, 105 TASF, Iowa State University, Ames,
IA 50011. Application deadline is February 15, 1999, or until position is
filled. For further information, see and An EEO/AA employer.


From: Hershkowitz Daniel <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 12:52:36 +0200 (IST)
Subject: Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra

We are happy to announce the completion of Volume 4 (1998) of ELA - The
ELECTRONIC Journal of LINEAR ALGEBRA. This is the second of two volumes
published in 1998.

Table of Contents:

1.Gwang-Yeon Lee and Bryan L. Shader, Sign-consistency and Solvability of
Constrained Linear Systems, pp. 1-18.

2.Susana Furtado and Fernando C. Silva, On the Characteristic Polynomial
of Matrices with Prescribed Columns and the Stabilization and
Observability of Linear Systems, pp. 19-31.

3.Judith J. McDonald, Dale D. Olesky, Hans Schneider, Michael J.
Tsatsomeros and Pauline van den Driessche, Z-Pencils, pp. 32-38.

4.Daniel Hershkowitz and Nira Mashal, P^alpha-matrices and Lyapunov scalar
stability, pp. 39-47.

5.Michael G. Neubauer, William Watkins and Joel Zeitlin, D-optimal
weighing designs for four and five objects, pp. 48-73.


From: Wesley Doggett <>
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 21:13:47 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Collected Papers of Cornelius Lanczos

Announcing the


Published by
North Carolina State University
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and
Department of Physics
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-8202 USA [1998]

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 98-67928
ISBN (for the Collection of Volumes I-VI): 0-929493-00-3
Copyright (c) 1997 and 1999 North Carolina State University
Printed by the OOK Press, Veszprem, Hungary

Published in cooperation with and support from the Eotvos
Physical Society, Hungary, and with printing support from the
Swiss Academy of Sciences SAS and the Swiss National Science

General editor: William R. Davis; editors: Moody T. Chu,
Patrick Dolan, James R. McConnell, Larry K. Norris, Eduardo
Ortiz, Robert J. Plemmons, Don Ridgeway, B. K. P. Scaife,
William J. Stewart, James W. York, Jr.; associate editors:
Wesley O. Doggett, Barbara M. Gellai, Andre A. Gsponer;
consulting editor: Carmine A. Prioli; translators: Jozsef
Illy, Laurent Choquet, Don Ridgeway, Judith Kontsag Mesko;
with Foreword by George Marx, president of the Eotvos Physical
Society of Hungary.

List of Contributors

William K. Atkins* Andre A. Gsponer* Don Ridgeway*
William M. Baker* Kevin S. Hammon* T. J. Rivlin*
R. N. Bracewell* Nick Higham* Vladimir Rosenhaus*
J. David Brown* Jean-Pierre Hurni* Axel Ruhe*
John Butcher* Kang C. Jea* Youcef Saad*
P. Choudhury* David W. Kammler* B. K. P. Scaife
Moody T. Chu Gerald H. Katzin* L. F. Shampine*
C. W. Clenshaw* H. G. Khajah* G. W. Stewart*
James W. Cooley* Arkady Kheyfets* William J. Stewart
William R. Davis* George Marx* Peter Szekeres*
P. Deuflhard* James R. McConnell* John Todd*
Ranier Dick* Larry K. Norris* B. L. van der Waerden*
Wesley O. Doggett Robert L. Nowack* D. S. Watkins*
Patrick Dolan* Dianne P. O'Leary* R. A. Willoughby*
Ronald O. Fulp* Eduardo L. Ortiz* James W. York, Jr.*
Barbara M. Gellai* Chris C. Paige* David M. Young*
Ian Gladwell* B. N. Parlett* Joseph D. Zund*
Gene Golub* Robert J. Plemmons
David Greene* Carmine A. Prioli*

* Contributed one or more of the 69 introductions,
commentaries and foreword.

Cornelius Lanczos (1893-1974) was one of the twentieth
century's most versatile and innovative physicists and
mathematicians. His papers cover a vast array of disciplines,
including general relativity, quantum mechanics, scientific
computation, applied mathematics and numerical analysis. The
Cornelius Lanczos Collected Published Papers with Commentaries
(CLCPPC) represents the second part of a two-part celebration
of the life and work of Cornelius Lanczos. The first phase of
this celebration occurred in December 1993 when North Carolina
State University's College of Physical and Mathematical
Sciences hosted the Cornelius Lanczos International Centenary
Conference. [See the Proceedings of the Cornelius Lanczos
International Conference, J. D. Brown, M. T. Chu, D. C.
Ellison, and R. J. Plemmons, eds. (Philadelphia, PA: Society
for Industrial and Applied Mathematics [SIAM], 1994).]

This Collection is the culmination of an eight-year effort
involving 15 editors, 4 translators and 40 other contributors
from departments of physics, mathematics, mathematical
sciences, computer science, electrical engineering,
statistics, multidisciplinary studies and English at
universities and research institutes and centers in the United
States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, New
Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This 6-
volume, over 3,200-page library edition is in B/5 format (168
mm x 238 mm) with acid-free paper and handsome hard covers
with gold-stamped letters. The Collection features:

Professional and biographical information about Cornelius
Lanczos (1893-1974)
Excerpts of the Lanczos-Einstein correspondence (1919-1955)
A complete list of Lanczos's publications including his 8
books and their translations
Copies of Lanczos's published papers covering the period
1919-1975 (more than 110 publications including his
dissertation and 47 translations with each page facing the
original language page)
17 introductions to 3 of the 4 Parts and 14 of the 19
Sections in the Collection
Many new and previously unpublished commentaries (including
a foreword) on specific papers of Lanczos and his
contributions to various disciplines.

A detailed description of the organization and contents of the
Lanczos Collection and an order form suitable for printing
with ordering instructions are available on our web page at

In addition to very substantial Institutional support for this
nonprofit project, a considerable volunteer effort was made to
bring it to completion. North Carolina State University (a)
is having the Lanczos Collection printed by a Hungarian
printer, (b) is directly advertising the Collection via email,
fax and mail, and (c) will be distributing it using a local
order fulfillment company. As a consequence, the six-volume
set is very economically priced at only $120 plus shipping and
handling charges of $19 (USA) to encourage widespread
distribution of this important work. Only 500 copies are
being printed to meet the anticipated demand by the world's
largest university research libraries, national research
laboratory libraries and national libraries, by the
contributors, and by many of the 600 participants of the 1993
Cornelius Lanczos International Centenary Conference held at
NCSU. The first three copies will be distributed to the
Library of Congress, The Swiss National Library in Berne, and
the Albert Einstein Archives in the The Jewish National and
University Library at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

The major research libraries, the contributors, and the
participants of the 1993 Centennial conference were offered
the opportunity to order the Lanczos Collection last week.
This announcement in the NA Digest offers the Lanczos
Collection to numerical analysts throughout the world and is
the only advertisement that you will receive. An order form
and ordering instructions appear at the end of this

Printing and binding of the 500 sets of the Lanczos Collection
will be completed by the end of January, 1999 and will be
surface shipped from Budapest to Raleigh NC in early February.
North Carolina State University has contracted with the order
fulfillment company, CES Mail Communications of Raleigh, NC
to mail out fliers and to take all orders and receive all
payments for the Collection. Distribution to European
customers will be made from Budapest (beginning in February,
1999) by the Eotvos Physical Society, Hungary, to reduce
shipping costs. Distribution to all other customers will be
made by CES Mail Communications from Raleigh beginning in
April, 1999.

* We must determine by January 18 the expected number of *
* customers in Europe so that we can leave this number of *
* sets in Budapest when we ship the rest of the sets to *
* Raleigh, NC. We are asking all European customers to *
* notify us of your intentions to make a purchase (prior to*
* your actual order) via email to before *
* January 18. Please include in your number of sets any *
* sets that you think your library is likely to purchase *
* and send us the name and fax number of your library(ies).*

The following accents were omitted in this email:
acute accents on: the e in Andre, the second e in Vesprem,
the o in Jozsef, the o in Mesko, and the a in Kontsag; and
umlauts on the two o

Wesley O. Doggett
Professor Emeritus of Physics and
Associate Editor of the Lanczos Collection
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-8202 USA fax: (919) 515 6538


Orders can be placed by mail to CES Mail Communications,
Attn: Lanczos Collection, PO Box 11263, 2319 Atlantic
Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604 USA or by fax to (919)
833-4649 or by email to NC residents
will be billed 6% sales tax. Order early before all 500 six-
volume sets are purchased. Mail or fax is recommended when
ordering with credit card. This is a limited time offer.
USA deliveries will begin in April, 1999.
Please send me ___ six-volume sets of the Lanczos Collection.
(Make a possibly income-tax deductible donation of sets to
your departmental, school, college and University libraries.)
Cost, @ only $120.00 (USD) per set . . . . . . . . $_________
Shipping and handling costs*, @ $_____ per set . . $_________
(*S & H costs: USA $19, Europe $___** USD) Total . $_________
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Attn: _______________________ Institution ___________________
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Street ______________________________ City __________________
State ___ Zip _______ Country __________ Telephone __________

Signature ___________________________________________________
Please send a copy of this form with the announcement to the
Collections Manager(s) for theoretical physics, applied math-
ematics, scientific computation and numerical analysis of
your library with a recommendation to purchase or provide CES
Mail Communications (fax (919) 833 4649) with the name,
address and fax number of your library(ies) and CES Mail Com-
muncations will mail or fax them a flier and order form.

Library/Name _______________ Institution ____________________
PO Box and/or Address _______________________________________
City ________________ State ____ Zip _______ Country ________
Fax (Library 1) ____________ Fax (Library 2) ________________
Wesley O. Doggett, Professor Emeritus of Physics, NCSU, and
Associate Editor of the Cornelius Lanczos Collected Published
Papers with Commentaries (, 29 December 1998.
See the web page for a detailed
description and order form for the Lanczos Collection.
**We are now determining the shipping and handling cost for
our European customers. When available, the cost will be
shown in our order form posted on our web page at


End of NA Digest