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From: Lothar Reichel <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 22:25:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Change of Status for Gene Golub

Congratulations to

Gene Golub & Barbara Morris

on their marriage on November 15, 1996.

Daniela Calvetti Lothar Reichel

[See -- Cleve ]


From: Steve Huss-Lederman <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 15:15:47 -0600
Subject: Release of Serial Strassen Code

As part of the PRISM project, we have produced a portable, serial
version of Strassen's algorithm. We believe its speed, memory use and
other properties give it desirable features over other available
routines. It is plug-n-play with the BLAS 3 DGEMM routine and is
faster (except for small matrices where it is the same speed). The
code is freely available from by selecting
strassen.tar. The User's Guide, which is included with the software,
can be obtained separately by clicking on DGEFMM at the top of the
page. It gives more details about the nature and advantages of our
implementation. Our papers on this subject are also available at They can be
easily found by choosing the button to search on Strassen's algorithm.

We welcome any comments or suggestions.

Steven Huss-Lederman
Elaine Jacobson
Jeremy Johnson
Anna Tsao
Tom Turnbull


From: Jack Dongarra <>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 09:49:22 -0500
Subject: ScaLAPACK Software Update

ScaLAPACK software update

ScaLAPACK is a collection of software for performing dense and band linear
algebra computations on distributed-memory parallel computers. ScaLAPACK,
version 1.4, includes routines for the solution of:
* Dense, band, triangular, and tridiagonal linear systems of equations,
* Condition estimation and iterative refinement for LU and Cholesky
* Matrix inversion,
* Full-rank linear least squares problems,
* Orthogonal and generalized orthogonal factorizations,
* Orthogonal transformation routines,
* Reductions to upper Hessenberg, bidiagonal and tridiagonal form,
* Reduction of a symmetric-definite/Hermitian-definite generalized
eigenproblem to standard form,
* Symmetric/Hermitian eigenproblem,
* Generalized symmetric/Hermitian eigenproblem, and
* Nonsymmetric eigenproblem.

Most routines are available in four data types: single precision real,
double precision real, single precision complex, and double precision complex.

In addition, we have provided prototype software to handle the following areas:
* Singular value decomposition,
* Out-of-core linear solvers for LU, Cholesky, and QR,
* HPF wrappers for a subset of ScaLAPACK routines, and
* The matrix sign function for eigenproblems.

Our software has been written to be portable across a wide range of
distributed-memory environments such as the Cray T3, IBM SP, Intel series,
TM CM-5, clusters of workstations, and any system for which PVM or MPI
is available. A draft ScaLAPACK Users' Guide and a comprehensive
Installation Guide is provided, as well as test suites for the collection.

The ScaLAPACK software is or will be part of the following vendor's
provided numerical software libraries: IBM, SGI/Cray, Fujitsu, NAG,
and Visual Numerics(IMSL).

For more information on the availability of each of these packages and
their documentation, consult the scalapack index on netlib. The URL is:
Comments/suggestions may be sent to

This software was developed in collaboration between researchers at the
Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of California, Berkeley, and Oak Ridge National Lab.
ScaLAPACK is part of a larger project called the Scalable Libraries Project.
The Scalable Libraries project is made up of 4 components:
dense matrix software (ScaLAPACK)
large sparse eigenvalue software (PARPACK)
sparse direct systems software (CAPSS)
preconditioners for large sparse iterative solvers (PARPRE)
and is a collaborative effort between:
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Rice University
Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville Univ. of California, Berkeley
Univ. of California, Los Angeles Univ. of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Funding for this effort comes in part from DARPA, DOE, NSF, and CRPC.

Jack Dongarra


From: Eduardo Sontag <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 10:30:56 -0500
Subject: Errata for "Mathematical Control Theory"

I have prepared a list of errata, typos, and miscellaneous stylistic changes
for my textbook:

Mathematical Control Theory: Deterministic Finite Dimensional Systems,
Springer, New York, 1990.

(Textbooks in Applied Mathematics, Number 6; ISBN 0-387-97366-4; 3-540-97366-4)

The materials are available online, starting from the following URL:

They can also be obtained by FTP anonymous from [pub/sontag]
(read "CONTENTS" file first), but Web access if strongly encouraged.

I plan to keep updating the information until a second edition appears.
Readers aware of additional errata are encouraged to let me know by email.


From: Jean-Philippe Vial <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 15:01:59 +0200 (MET-DST)
Subject: Tucker Prize


The Mathematical Programming Society invites nominations for the A.W.
Tucker Prize for an outstanding paper authored by a student. The award will
be presented at the International Symposium on Mathematical Programming in
Lausanne (August 24-29, 1997). All students, graduate and undergraduate,
are eligible. Nominations of students who have not yet received the first
university degree are especially welcome. In advance of the Symposium an
award committee will screen the nominations and select at most three
finalists. The finalists will be invited, but not required, to give oral
presentations at a special session of the Symposium. The award committee
will select the winner and present the award prior to the conclusion of the
Symposium. The members of the committee for the 1997 A.W. Tucker Prize are
Kurt Anstreicher, Department of Management Sciences, University of Iowa;
Rolf Mohring, Fachbereich Mathematik, Technical University of Berlin; Jorge
Nocedal, EECS Department, Northwestern University; Jean-philippe Vial
(Chairman), HEC/Management Studies, University of Geneva; David
Williamson, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights.


The paper may concern any aspect of mathematical programming; it may be
original research, an exposition or survey, a report on computer routines
and computing experiments, or a presentation of a new and interesting
application. The paper must be solely authored, and completed after January
1994. The paper and the work on which it is based should have been
undertaken and completed in conjunction with a degree program.


Nominations must be made in writing to the chairman of the award committee

Jean-Philippe Vial
HEC/Management Studies
University of Geneva
102, Bd Carl-Vogt
CH-1211 Geneva 4
Fax: 41 22 705 81 04

by a faculty member at the institution where the nominee was studying for a
degree when the paper was completed. Letters of nomination must be
accompanied by a statement that each member of the committee (including the
chairman) was sent the following documents: the student's paper; a separate
summary of the paper's contributions, written by the nominee, and no more
than two pages in length; and a brief biographical sketch of the nominee.


Nominations must be sent to the chairman no later than February 15, 1997.
(Postmark on recommended letter).

Addresses of the members of the committee

Prof. Kurt M. Anstreicher
Department of Management Sciences
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

Prof. Dr. Rolf H. M=F6hring
Fachbereich Mathematik, Sekr. 6-1
Technische Universit=E4t Berlin
Stra=DFe des 17. Juni 136
10623 Berlin
Fax: 49 30 314-25191

Prof. Jorge Nocedal
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL 60208-3118
Fax: (847) 467-4144
E-mail address:

Dr. David P. Williamson
IBM T.J. Watson Research Labs
P.O. Box 218
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Fax: (914) 945-3434

The above information is reproduced on the web at the address


From: Michele Ciavarella <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 12:55:24 +0001 (GMT)
Subject: Hypergeometric Series

I would appreciate any suggestion regarding the analytical (!) or
numerical calculation of the gauss hypergeometric series


for n integer, and in particular equal to 3,4,5,6,.....
I tryed with Mathematica v.2.2 and I had no result

Michele Ciavarella email:
University of Oxford
University Technology Centre (UTC) Tel: 01865 273171
Engineering & Technology Building, Tel: 01865 283230
Parks Road, Tel: 01865 273800
Oxford. OX1 3PJ Fax: 01865 273906


From: Jack Dongarra <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 20:23:05 -0500
Subject: ParkBenchmark Meeting at SC96

The ParkBench (PARallel Kernels and BENCHmarks) committee has
organized a BOF session at the Supercomputing'96 in Pittsburgh.

Room: Doubletree Hotel, Washington Room
Time: Tuesday 1:30-3:30pm

We will talk about the latest release, results available and plans
for the coming releases.

The initial 'Call for Papers' for our new journal will also be available:

Electronic Journal of Performance Evaluation and Modeling
for Computer Systems

Tentative Agenda of the BOF
- Introduction, background, WWW-Server
- Current Release of ParkBench
- Low Level Performance Evaluation Tools
- LinAlg Kernel Benchmarks
- NAS Parallel Benchmarks, including latest results
- Plans for the next Release
- Electronic Journal of Performance Evaluation and Modeling
for Computer Systems
- Questions from the floor / discussion

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Jack Dongarra, Tony Hey, and Erich Strohmaier


From: Greg Ammar <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 00:31:59 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Special Issue of JCAM Dedicated to W. B. Gragg



A special issue of the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
will be dedicated to Bill Gragg on the occasion of his 60th birthday.
Please submit papers for this issue to Greg Ammar, Daniela Calvetti or
Lothar Reichel at your earliest convenience and no later than
JANUARY 1, 1997. Papers may be submitted electronically or by regular
mail. The papers submitted for this issue will undergo the usual refereeing

Addresses of the editors:

Greg Ammar Daniela Calvetti
Department of Mathematical Sciences Department of Mathematical Sciences
Northern Illinois University Stevens Institute of Technology
De Kalb, IL 60115 Hoboken, NJ 07030

Lothar Reichel
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Kent State University
Kent, OH 44242


From: Bette Byrne <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 96 15:31:11 GMT
Subject: Computational Fluid Dynamics Workshop


One-Day Workshop on Software Engineering in CFD

Tuesday, 17th December, 1996

University of Oxford


An important issue in CFD is the suitability of codes used to program up
algorithms devised for the computational modelling of fluid flows. In particular
object-orientated programming is seen by some as the dominant language
type for the future. Both C++ and Fortran 90 have their champions but
whether there is a 'natural' programming language suitable for CFD remains a
matter for debate. In this workshop we seek to open up this debate and
provide a forum for speakers to bring out the benefits and disadvantages of
different programming techniques with a view to assisting CFD workers in
selecting an appropriate programming language.

The meeting will take place in the Computing Laboratory and is planned to
begin at 10.30 a.m. with coffee.

Speakers will include:

Dr C Farmer (GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies)
Dr R Lonsdale (AEA Technology)
Dr J T Hare (AWE)
Dr G J Shaw (NAG Limited)
Dr P I Crumpton (Oxford University)


From: Wolfgang Genzsch <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 96 15:51 MET
Subject: EuroPar'97 Workshop

Dear Colleague,

if you are working in High Performance Computing with special emphasis on
industrial applications, perhaps together with an industrial partner, you
will be cordially invited to submit a paper to our EuroPar Workshop.

Kind Regards, Wolfgang Gentzsch


Workshop 12: Applications of High-Performance Computing
August 26 - 29 1997 in Passau, Bavaria, Germany

Program Committee: John Murphy, British Aerospace, UK (Chair),
Wolfgang Gentzsch, GENIAS Software, Germany (Local Chair),
Frederic Desprez, ENS Lyon & INRIA Rhone-Alpes, France (Vice-Chair),
Walter Tichy, University of Karlsruhe, Germany (Vice-Chair)

Deadline: 20 January 1997 (paper), 1 February 1997 (electronic)

Euro-Par is the annual European conference in Parallel Processing. It will
consist of a number of highly focussed workshops on all aspects of parallel
processing. In addition, there will be a number of high-level tutorials of
general interest plus a series of invited talks. All accepted papers will
appear in the proceedings published by Springer-Verlag in the LNCS Series.

Workshop #12: Applications of High-Performance Computing

This workshop aims at the development, implementation and experience of
industrial applications on parallel systems. Today, especially in industry,
software and algorithms still have to be improved or new ones developed,
and the unique chance exists to take the new target parallel computers into
account, already in the early design phase of industrial applications.

Topics of interest for this workshop include: existing industrial
in CFD, FE, chemistry, and others, and new applications like multimedia
support, data compression, geographical information systems, cognitive
recognition, embedded systems, parallel design and implementation, dynamic
distribution, computational steering, and others.

Further information for paper submission and official address:
Euro-Par'97, Universitaet Passau, D-94030 Passau, Germany
Phone: (+49) (851) 509-3071; Fax: (+49) (851) 509-3092

Wolfgang Gentzsch GENIAS Software GmbH
Erzgebirgstr. 2; D-93073 Neutraubling; Germany
Phone: +49 9401 9200-0 | FAX: +920092 | e-mail


From: Martin Peters <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 18:02:05 +0100
Subject: New Book Series, Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics


Editorial board:

Eberhard Becker (University of Dortmund, Germany),
Manuel Bronstein (ETH Z}rich, Switzerland),
Henri Cohen (University of Bordeaux, France),
David Eisenbud (Brandeis University, USA),
Robert Gilman (Stevens Inst. of Technology, Hoboken, NJ)

Aims and Scope

This series is intended to further the development of
computational and algorithmic mathematics. In particular, it
emphasises the computational aspects of algebraic geometry,
number theory, combinatorics, commutative a non-commutative
algebra, differential algebra, algebraic and geometric
topology, group theory, optimisation, dynamical systems and
Lie theory.

Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics, Vol.1:

M.Bronstein: Symbolic Integration I: Transcendental Functions
ISBN 3-540-60521-5, DM 78.-, due November 1996

Table of Contents:

1. Algebraic Preliminaries
2. Integration of Rational Functions
3. Differential Fields
4. The Order Function
5. Integration of Transcendental Functions
6. The Risch Differential Equations
7. Parametric Problems
8. The Coupled Differential System
9. Structure Theorems

Contact Person at Springer-Verlag:

Martin Peters
Mathematics Editor
Tiergartenstr. 17 69121 Heidelberg, Germany

e-mail: peters
tel.: +49 6221 487 409
fax: +49 6221 487 355


From: Seth Hogan <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 13:02:45 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Workshop on Mathematical and Computational Issues in Drug Design

IMA-MSI Workshop
on Mathematical and
Computational Issues in Drug Design

Conference dates:
April 7-11, 1997

Organizing committe:

W. Jeffrey Howe, Upjohn Laboratories, chair
Jeffrey M. Blaney, Chiron Corporation
Richard Damkoehler, Washington University
Anton J. Hopfinger, University of Illinois at Chicago
Donald G. Truhlar, University of Minnesota


This spring, the University of Minnesota Supercomputer Institute and the
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications at the University of
Minnesota are sponsoring the Workshop on Mathematical and Computational
Issues in Drug Design. Please note that the dates for this conference
have been changed to April 7-11, 1997.

This workshop will bring together top researchers in computer-aided drug
discovery, computational chemistry, mathematics, and computer science to
present state-of-the-art research in both the science and the underlying
mathematics, and to identify new problems for possible collaborations.
General subject areas of the workshop will include receptor-based
applications such as binding energy approximations, molecular docking,
and de novo design; non-receptor-based applications such as molecular
similarity, conformational analysis, and structural diversity; molecular
dynamics simulations and protein folding simulations; plus related issues
such as drug delivery modelling and scientific visualization. The overall
goal of this workshop is to bring together scientists and mathematicians
to examine the current state of this very broad and interdisciplinary
field of research, and to identify the areas where cross-fertilization of
ideas and collaborative research might most effectively advance the

Further information about this conference will be available at

For information on how to register, contact the IMA at:

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
514 Vincent Hall
206 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


From: Cliff Addison <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 19:58:42 GMT
Subject: Positions at Fujitsu European Centre for Information Technology

The Fujitsu European Centre for Information Technology (FECIT) has 2
positions available in the area of computational science and 3 in related
computer science areas.

Details of these positions are available at our web site

FECIT is a multidisciplinary centre devoted to the development of information
technology on the latest high performance parallel computers. This presently
includes a VX-4 vector parallel system (peak performance 8.8 Gflop/s, total
memory 8 GBytes) and a 16 processor AP3000 (based on 64-bit UltraSPARC

Further particulars about the positions or about FECIT can also be obtained
by contacting me.

Cliff Addison
Research Manager
Fujitsu European Centre for
Information Technology Ltd.
2 Longwalk Road
Stockley Park, Uxbridge
Middlesex, England UB11 1AB

TEL: +44 (0)181 606 4518
FAX: +44 (0)181 606 4422



From: Iain Duff <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 96 15:02:10 GMT
Subject: Position at CERFACS

Senior Scientist Position at CERFACS

A vacancy exists for a Senior Scientist within the Parallel Algorithm Project
at CERFACS in Toulouse, France.

The candidate should have a PhD in Numerical Analysis or similar field and
should have at least 2-3 years post-doctoral experience. The
research area of the candidate should match with one of the areas listed
below. The successful candidate will be expected to pursue his or her
own research, to help in the supervision of post-graduate researchers, to
participate in training courses run by the Team, and to
assist the Project Leader, Iain Duff, and the other senior scientists in the
running of the Project. There are about twenty scientists working in the Team
representing twelve countries in Europe and elsewhere. The working
language of the Group and of CERFACS is English.

Some of the main current research areas in the Parallel Algorithm Project are:

- Large sparse matrix calculations:
- direct linear solvers
- iterative linear solvers, preconditioning
- eigensolvers
- Domain decomposition
- Large scale nonlinear systems and optimization
- Reliability of numerical software
- Heterogeneous computing

The post is available now and applications should be sent to Dominique
Rault ( by Friday 29th of November 1996.
It is hoped that the candidate could take up the post on January 6th, 1997.
The salary will depend on qualifications and level of expertise
but will be between 13,000 and 15,000 FF per month after social security but
before taxes.


CERFACS is one of the world's leading research institutes working on
efficient algorithms for solving large-scale scientific problems.
This involves the evaluation of existing, and the development of new,
tools which exploit high-performance serial, vector and parallel
computers. CERFACS is also heavily involved in advanced training in
scientific computation. Based in Toulouse, France, CERFACS has
researchers and engineers from many countries in Europe and elsewhere.
The research themes at the Centre include: parallel algorithms and numerical
computation, computational fluid dynamics, climate modelling, computational
electromagnetism, signal processing, shape optimization, and computational

For detailed information about CERFACS
URL address :

For more information about Toulouse, the city where CERFACS is located
URL address :


From: Daniel Szyld <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 15:19:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Position at Temple University

Department of Mathematics

The Temple University Department of Mathematics invites
applications for three tenure-track positions at the assistant
professor level. Applicants must have a Ph.D. and a solid record of
accomplishment or outstanding promise in research.
Priority will be given to those areas in which the
department has existing strength: algebra and number theory,
analysis, and applied mathematics.

Temple has made a strong commitment to excellence in
undergraduate education. Candidates should have a strong record
of effectiveness in teaching mathematics at all levels.

The positions will start in the fall of 1997. Salary is competitive.
Research achievements and teaching together with significant
contributions to our undergraduate programs will be the primary
criteria for advancement.

Women and minorities are particularly invited to apply.

We request that applicants send the AMS Application Cover Sheet
along with their vita and at least three letters of recommendation to:

Search Committee
Department of Mathematics
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122

The vita should include a description of the applicant's teaching
experience and evidence of teaching ability, and a statement
of professional goals.

The application deadline is February 1, 1997, or until positions
are filled thereafter. Applications after February 28, 1997,
will not be guaranteed consideration.

For further information, see


From: Bruce Hendrickson <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 96 16:23:21 MST
Subject: Research Fellowship at Sandia Labs

Applied Mathematical Sciences
Research Fellowship
Sandia National Laboratories

The Computational Sciences, Computer Sciences and Mathematics Center
at Sandia National Laboratories invites outstanding candidates to
apply for the 1997 Applied Mathematical Sciences (AMS) Research Fellowship.
The Fellowship is supported by the Mathematical, Information, and
Computational Sciences Division at the U.S. Department of Energy. AMS
Fellowships at Sandia provide an exceptional opportunity for innovative
research in scientific computing on advanced architectures. Candidates must
have recently earned a Ph.D. degree or the equivalent and have a strong
interest in advanced computing research.

The Center maintains strong research programs in a variety of areas,
including analytical and computational mathematics, discrete
mathematics and algorithms, computational physics and engineering, and
advanced systems software and tools. Sandia maintains a unique parallel
computing environment which includes a 1024 processor nCUBE 2, an
1840 node Paragon, and the 4500 node Intel Teraflops machine, the
fastest general purpose computer in the world.

Although applicants from a broad range of disciplines will be considered,
preference will be given to those in the fields of numerical analysis,
computational science and parallel algorithm development.

The fellowship appointment is for a period of one year with a likely
renewal for a second year. It includes a highly competitive salary,
moving expenses, and a generous professional travel allowance.
Applicants should send a resume, a statement of research goals, and
three letters of recommendation to: Richard Allen, Org. 9205, Sandia
National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM 87185-1110. The closing date for
applications is January 17, 1997. The position will commence during 1997.

For further information contact Richard C. Allen at 505-845-7825
or by e-mail,

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/H. US Citizenship required.


From: Liz Bradley <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 96 10:53:56 -0700
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at University of Colorado

There is an announcement for a two- or three-year postdoctoral
position in fluid mechanics, chaotic mixing, and
microelectromechanical control posted on my web page (see

Liz Bradley Assistant Professor/Chaos Hacker
Department of Computer Science
Voice: (303) 492-5355/ Fax: (303) 492-2844
USMail: University of Colorado Campus Box 430
Boulder CO 80309-0430


From: Heinz W. Engl <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 11:48:49 EST
Subject: Position at Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz

Tenured Position of a Full Professor for Symbolic Computation at the
Johannes Kepler University in Linz (Austria) (Research Institute for
Symbolic Computation)

Applicants are invited for a tenured position of a full professor at the
School of Technical Sciences, Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.
Candidates should have an outstanding research record in at least one of the
main areas of Symbolic Computation (Computer Algebra, Computer Analysis,
Computational Geometry, Computational Logic, Automatic Programming etc.).
Special emphasis is being put on the connection between the mathematical
foundations and the algorithmic and software-technological aspects of the
area. Applicants should also be ambitious and qualified for teaching Ph.D.
and diploma students; interest in industrial applications is desirable.
Applicants from foreign countries are very welcome. The working language at
RISC-Linz is English. The degree of habilitation acquired at an Austrian
university or an equivalent degree from a foreign university as well as the
proof of pedagogical qualification is necessary.

The School of Technical Sciences has installed an independent institute for
symbolic computation (RISC-Linz, Research Institute for Symbolic Computation),
with currently a 15 member faculty, 25 PhD and 20 diploma students, under the
direction of Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. Bruno Buchberger. RISC-Linz cooperates in close
interaction with the departments of Computer Science, Mathematics and

The site of RISC-Linz in a medieval castle 15 minutes from Linz combines the
advantages of city life with the pleasures of a rural environment in one of
the most beautiful landscapes and in the cultural heart of Austria.
RISC-Linz is also the center of the Softwarepark Hagenberg, founded and managed
by RISC.

Applicants should send their CV (including the publication list and a few
important publications) to the Dean of the School of Technical Sciences,
Prof.Dr. Heinz Engl, Johannes Kepler University, A-4040 Linz, Austria.
(Tel.: Austria 732/2468-312) by Jan. 7th, 1997. Further information can also
be obtained from the Chairman of RISC-LINZ, Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. Bruno Buchberger,
Johannes Kepler University, A-4040 Linz (Tel.: Austria 7236/32 31 41,

The Johannes Kepler University Linz wants to increase the percentage of women
within the scientific staff and therefore explicitly asks qualified women to
apply. At equal qualification women are preferred.

Prof.Dr.Heinz W. Engl E-Mail:
Institut fuer Industriemathematik
Johannes-Kepler-Universitaet Phone:+43-(0)732-2468...,ext.9219 or 693,
Altenbergerstrasse 69 secretary: ext.9220; as Dean: ext.312
A-4040 Linz Fax:ext. 855, in Dean's affairs:ext.396
Oesterreich / Austria home phone: +43-(0)732-245518
World Wide Web:


From: Heinz W. Engl <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 23:43:22 EST
Subject: Position at Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz

Tenured Position of Full Professor for Mathematics at
the Johannes Kepler Universtaet in Linz (Austria)

At the Johannes Kepler Universtaet in Linz (Austria),
the tenured position of a Full Professor for Mathematics is to be filled.
The Search Committee is looking for an established researcher in a modern
branch of Analysis, for example constructive approximation theory,
dynamical systems, function theory, non-linear analysis or partial
differential equations. The candidate will be expected to
participate in the basic training of mathematicians, natural scientists
and teacher trainees, to supervise dissertations and high quality research
in his own area and should be willing and qualified
to participate in joint research projects with
colleagues in mathematics and related areas of research.

The legal requirements for an appointment are:

a doctorate in a field relevant to the position,

a qualification in research equivalent to the Austrian "venia
docendi" ("habilitation"),

evidence of a strong teaching background.

The University of Linz encourages applications from women. Female applicants
will be preferred over male candidates with equivalent qualifications.
Applications should include a list of publications and curriculum vitae and
should be addressed to o.Univ.-Prof.Dr. Heinz Engl, Dekan der
Technisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultdt der Johannes Kepler Universitaet
Linz, Altenbergerstr. 69, A-4040 Linz (fax: (0043) (0) 7322468 396).
Preference will be given to applications completed by January 10, 1997.

Prof.Dr.Heinz W. Engl E-Mail:
Institut fuer Industriemathematik
Johannes-Kepler-Universitaet Phone:+43-(0)732-2468...,ext.9219 or 693,
Altenbergerstrasse 69 secretary: ext.9220; as Dean: ext.312
A-4040 Linz Fax:ext. 855, in Dean's affairs:ext.396
Oesterreich / Austria home phone: +43-(0)732-245518
World Wide Web:


From: Michael Todd <miketodd@CS.Cornell.EDU>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 10:33:02 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Positions at Cornell University

Two positions are anticipated at Cornell University's
School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering
(for more information on the school see

Tenure-track Faculty Position

Cornell University's School of Operations Research and Industrial
Engineering is seeking candidates for an anticipated tenure-track faculty
opening. The appointment is expected to be at the rank of assistant
professor; however, exceptional scholars at any rank are encouraged to
apply. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in Operations Research, Industrial
Engineering, or a related discipline and demonstrable excellence in
teaching and research. Industrial experience and broad computer competency
are desirable as is an interest in a variety of application areas.
Specialization in discrete-event simulation, industrial statistics,
information technology, logistics, or manufacturing systems is of
particular interest. Applicants should send a c.v. along with a list of
four references and supporting material to Faculty Search Committee,
School of ORIE, Rhodes Hall, Cornell University,
Ithaca, NY 14853.

Cornell University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

Lecturer/ Assistant Director

The School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering at Cornell
University invites applications for an anticipated position as Lecturer/
Assistant Director for a three-year term appointment beginning in the
spring term of 1997, with the possibility of renewal. This position will
include substantive responsibilities for administering our professional
master of engineering program, as well as teaching, supervision of students
and technical staff, and coordination of instructional computing.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. in operations research, industrial engineering,
or a related field, a minimum of two years of university-level teaching and
advising experience, industrial experience, and expertise in: modeling,
network-based computing, applications of operations research, at least one
of probability, statistics or optimization. Preference will be given to
candidates with research and teaching credentials in information technology
or simulation.

Applicants should send a cover letter, current c.v., and a list of four
references prior to January 15, 1997 to Search Committee, Operations Research
& Industrial Engineering, Cornell University, Rhodes Hall, Ithaca, New York

Cornell is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.


From: Christoph Borgers <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 12:36:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Position at Tufts University

Tufts University
Department of Mathematics
Medford, MA 02155

Applications are invited for one Assistant Professorship to begin
September 1, 1997. Initial one-year contract, renewable to a
maximum of three years. Ph.D., promise of strong research and
evidence of strong teaching ability required. Research interests
preferred: numerical linear algebra or numerical elliptic PDE's
or mathematical biology. Candidates with the ability to be successful
at teaching students from underrepresented groups are encouraged
to apply. Send application and three letters of recommendation to
Christoph Borgers, Hiring Committee Chair. Review of applications
will begin January 31, 1997 and continue until the position is

Tufts University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.
Members of underrepresented groups (including people of color,
persons with disabilities, Vietnam veterans and women) are strongly
encouraged to apply.


From: Jennifer Zhao <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 15:52:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Position at University of Michigan-Dearborn

Applied Mathematics Position

The University of Michigan-Dearborn plans to fill a tenure-track
position starting in Sept., 1997, at the Asst. or Assoc. Prof. level. The
position requires a Ph.D in an area of applied mathematics. A research
area of computational mathematics is prefered. Teaching capability in
applied mathematics is required. Interest in developing undergraduate and
master's curricula in applied mathematics, especially computational
mathematics is desired. The teaching load is 18 credit hours per academic
year. Assistant professors receive one course released time per year for
each of the first three years. To apply, send vita, transcript and have 3
letters of recommendation set to: Dr. Ronald P. Morash, Chair, Department
of Mathematics and Statisitcs, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn,
MI 48128-1491. To ensure full consideration, all application materials
must be received by Jan. 20, 1997. The committee will continue to accept
application materials until the position is filled. The University of
Michigan-Dearborn is dedicated to the goal of building a culturally
diverse and pluralistic faculty committed to teaching and working in a
multicultural enviroment, and strongly encourages applications from
minorties and women. The university of Michigan-Dearborn is an equal
opportunity/affirmative action emplyer.


From: Ake Bjorck <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 09:15:21 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Contents, BIT

CONTENTS BIT Volume 36, No. 4 (1996)
ISSN 0006-3835

Extending convergence theory for nonlinear stiff problems, part I
W. Auzinger, R. Frank, and G. Kirlinger, pp. 635--652

On the construction of stiffly accurate and B-stable Runge-Kutta
C. Bendtsen, pp. 653--663

GMRES and the minimal polynomial
S. L. Campbell, I. C. F. Ipsen, C. T. Kelley, and C. D. Meyer,
pp. 664--675

Asymptotic expansion and extrapolation for Bernstein polynomials
with applications
F. Costabile, M. I. Gualtieri, and S. Serra, pp. 676--687

General linear methods with external stages of different orders
Z. Jackiewicz and R. Vermiglio, pp. 688--712

An analysis of the order of Runge-Kutta methods that use an iterative
scheme to compute their internal stage values
K. R. Jackson, A. Kv\ae rn\o, and S. P. N\o rsett, pp. 713--765

A note on the summation of slowly convergent alternating series.
D. A. MacDonald, pp. 766--774

Convergence of Krylov methods for sums of two operators
O. Nevanlinna, pp. 775--785

A system of conservation laws including a stiff relaxation term;
the 2D case.
W. Shen, A. Tveito, and R. Winther, pp. 786--813

On the numerical solution of $AX-XB=C$
V. Simoncini, pp. 814--830

Fourier-Laplace analysis of the multigrid waveform relaxation method
for hyperbolic equations
S. Ta'asan and H. Zhang, pp. 831--841

Least squares data fitting with implicit functions
J. M. Varah, pp. 842--854


A stability property of $A$-stable collocation-based Runge-Kutta
methods for neutral delay differential equations
T. Koto, pp. 855--859

Summation of double series using the Euler-MacLaurin sum formula.
H. Riesel, pp. 860--862

Acknowledgements, p. 863

Index, pp. 864--867

Contributions in LaTeX are preferred. Information for subscription and style
files are available from the Editor or from the WWW server for BIT at:


From: Hans Schneider <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 09:41:34 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and Its Applications

CONTENTS: Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Volume Number : 248
Issue Number : 1 - 3
Year : 1996

Page 1
Companion Based Matrix Functions: Description and Minimal
H. Bart, L. G. Kroon

Page 47
Some Convex and Monotone Matrix Functions
J. S. Aujla, H. L. Vasudeva

Page 61
A Supplement to the Von Neumann Trace Inequality for Singular Values
H. F. Miranda, R. C. Thompson

Page 67
The Constrained Newton Method on a Lie-Group and the Symmetric
Eigenvalue Problem
R. E. Mahony

Page 91
Rank Inequalities for Postivie Semidefinite Matrices
M. Lunquist, W. Barrett

Page 101
An Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Symmetric and Normal Matrices
N. Radwan

Page 111
Factorization and Job Scheduling: A Connection Via Companion Based
Matrix Functions
H. Bart, L. G. Kroon

Page 137
Condition Number of the Krylov Bases and Subspaces
J. Carpraux, S. K. Godunov, S. V. Kuznetsov

Page 161
Block Pivoting and Shortcut Strategies for Detecting Copositivity
I. M. Bomze

Page 185
Band-Diagonal Operators
C. K. Fong, Y. Wu

Page 205
Elliptic Dichotomy of a Matrix Spectrum
S. K. Godunov, M. Sadkane

Page 233
A Note on the Sequence of Brualdi-LI Matrices
S. J. Kirkland

Page 241
On Algebras of Symmetric Loewner Matrices
R. Bevilacqua, E. Bozzo

Page 253
Classes of Sign Nonsingular Matrices with a Specified Number of Zero
B. C. Green, D. D. Olesky, P. van den Driessche

Page 277
Some Notes on Multisplitting Methods and M-Step Preconditioners for
Linear Systems
A. Hadjidimos, A. K. Yeyios

Page 303
Minimum Rank Matrices with Prescribed Graph
P. M. Nylen

Page 317
On the Ranks of Skew Centrosymmetric Matrices over Finite Fields
K. W. Culler, G. L. Price

Page 327
Additive Operators Preserving Idempotent Matrices over Fields and
C. Chongguang, Z. Xian

Page 339
Criteria for Generalized Diagonal Dominant Matrices and M-Matrices
Y. Gao, X. Wang

Page 355
On the Indices of Convergence of Reducible Boolean Matrices with the
Generalized Period fo (Equal to or Greater than) 2
J. Zhi-Ming

Page 375


End of NA Digest