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From: Ron Boisvert <>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 96 09:47:53 EDT
Subject: HotGAMS, A Java Browser for NIST's Math Software Guide


HotGAMS (revised)

A Java(tm) powered frontend to the
NIST Guide to Available Mathematical Software

A revised HotGAMS, a Java powered client of the NIST Guide to Available
Mathematical Software server, is now available for public use on the
Internet on an experimental basis.

The Guide to Available Mathematical Software is an on-line cross-index of
mathematical and statistical software in use at the National Institute of
Standards and Technology (NIST). HotGAMS allows interactive exploration of the
problem taxonomy, various search operations, and enhanced `refinement' of
search results.

Java is still evolving; The previous version suffered a number of problems
particularly with the user-interface on Windows 95 & Windows NT systems. This
revision fixes or works around all such known problems. It also takes
advantage of the new `archive' feature in Netscape 3.0 (beta 6 and later ?) to
dramatically speed up the downloading of the program (it is still usable in
other browsers, however). If you tried out HotGAMS before, and had problems
with it, please give it another try.

For more information, contact Bruce R. Miller (


From: Humberto Madrid de la Vega <>
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1996 16:17:09 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Computing Just One Component of the Solution to a Linear System

We have the following problem: to compute just an entry of the solution
of a Ax=b. That is, to compute x(i)=ei'*x where Ax=b, and ei is the
vector with a 1 on place i and 0 on every other place. In other
words, recalling Cramer's rule we want to compute x(i)=di/d, d=det(A).

A is large, symmetric positive definite, block tridiagonal.

Our simplest problem has a rhs=ej=vector with a 1 in place j on every
other place.

We will appreciate any information about this or a related problem.

Humberto Madrid
Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas Aplicadas.
Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila. Tel (84) 10 12 42
Saltillo, Coah. MEXICO Fax (84) 10 12 42


From: Joaquin Hernandez Perez <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 18:03:10 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Question about Numerical ODE Solvers

I was wondering in the opinion of the numerical math community,
which is the most efficient and accurate algorithm in this moment for
solving boundary value Ode's.

Joaquin Hernandez #: (5)-622-8582 fax: 622-8540


From: MathTools Info <>
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 09:34:51 +0100
Subject: MATCOM, Matlab to C++ Compiler and Math Library, Available

MathTools Ltd. is pleased to announce MATCOM V2, a Matlab to C++
compiler and Math Library). MATCOM creates MEX files and standalone C++
applications, with royalty free distribution.

Fully functional, time limited evaluation version of MATCOM V2 can be
downloaded freely from the MathTools web site,

MATCOM is based on the MATCOM MATH LIBRARY, A C++ Matrix library
consisting of over 300 mathematical function. Functions supplied include
basic unary and binary operations, powerful indexing capabilities,
signal processing, file i/o, linear algebra, string operations and
graphics. The Linear Algebra functions are based on the well known
LINPACK and EISPACK. Complex matrices are fully supported. The library
is built on the target system, enabling the selection of compiler
optimization flags and local BLAS libraries.

MATCOM supports matrices of doubles, floats, ints and chars mixed in the
program. On many applications, where 8 digits of precision are sufficient,
float matrices can save half the memory usage.

2D and 3D Graphics is supported in standalone applications using the
freely available graphics package, Gnuplot.

MATCOM/UNIX supports Linux, SunOS, Solaris, Irix, AIX, HPUX, OSF1 and
Ultrix. gcc or the vendor supplied C++ compiler can be used. MATCOM/PC
supports Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2. Visual C++,
Borland C++, Watcom C++ and DJGPP can be used.

Visit our homepage - - for further details.

MathTools Ltd. Web:
P.O.Box 855 Email:
Horsham, Pennsylvania Fax: 1-888-MATHTOOLS (toll free)
USA 19044-0855 1-215-957-1719


From: D. Sloan <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 11:23:48 +0100
Subject: Scottish Computational Mathematics Symposium

Scottish Computational Mathematics Symposium
One day conference on
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Monday 23 September 1996

Registration of SCMS is 20 pounds (15 pounds for postgraduate students)
Cheques payable to UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE to be sent to

Dr Philip Knight
Department of Mathematics
University of Strathclyde
Glasgow, G1 1XH

For details/programme etc contact


From: Nikos Stylianopoulos <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 18:10:03 +0300
Subject: Conference in Cyprus on Computational Methods and Function Theory

First announcement of the International Conference
Computational Methods and Function Theory '97
( C M F T 9 7 )
Nicosia, Cyprus October 13-18, 1997

N. Papamichael (Nicosia), St. Ruscheweyh (Wurzburg), E.B. Saff (Tampa)

The University of Cyprus at Nicosia will be hosting the third international
conference on Computational Methods and Function Theory (CMFT '97) to be
held October 13-18, 1997. The general theme of the meeting concerns the
various aspects of interaction of complex variables and scientific
computation, but other areas from function theory, approximation theory
and numerical analysis are also covered. Another important aim of the CMFT
meetings is to assist in the creation and maintenance of contacts with
scientists from diverse cultures. This is also reflected in the location
of the meeting: Cyprus is an ideal place, traditionally serving as a bridge
between the East and the West.

Because of limited space, participation is by invitation only. Those who
are interested in being invited or need additional information should
write (before March 15, 1997) to:

Professor N. Papamichael,
University of Cyprus (CMFT'97),
P.O. Box 537, CY 1678 Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone : +357-2-476313
Fax : +357-2-360438
e-mail :

There will be several invited one-hour lectures as well as contributed
25 minute talks. The conference proceedings will be published; manuscripts
submitted by participants will be carefully refereed to determine their
suitability for publication.

Limited funds are expected to be available to partially support travel/local
expenses for participants, in particular those from developing countries.
Those in need of such support are requested to indicate this at an early stage.
Documentation such as a CV and publications list should accompany these requests.

For additional and updated conference information, please visit the
World Wide Web home page


From: Jinyun Yuan <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 02:28:49 -0400
Subject: Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization

Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization

Jan. 15 -- 18, 1997
Universidade Federal do Parana, Curitiba, BRAZIL

This Workshop will deal with the theoretical and computational aspects of
Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization including linear. nonlinear and non-
differentiable optimization. We intend to publish a proceeding for the workshop.
There will be no registration fee.

Invited speakers:

Tony Chan (UCLA, USA):(no title)
A. Edelman (MIT, USA): The geometry of eigenvalue algorithms.
C. Gonzaga (UFSC, BR): (no title)
A. Iusem (IMPA, BR): Convergence of projected gradient method in Hilbert space.
J.M. Martinez (UNICAMP, BR: Restoration algorithms for constrained minimization.
J.S. Pang (JHU, USA): (no title)
R.J. Plemmons (WFU, USA): A matrix optimization problem in Adative-Optics.
Y. Yuan (CAS, CHN): Minimization of non-convex quadratic
function subject two quadratic constraints.
R. Burachik (PUC-Rio, BR): Proximal point method in Banach spaces for
nonsmooth convex optimization problems.
F.F. Campos (UFMG, BR): The controlled Cholesky conjugate gradient
method for solution of linear systems.
C. Carnieri (UFPR, BR): (no title)
M.H.C.Jardim (UnB, BR): One approach to partial inverse method for convex
I. Litvinchev (UNESP, BR): Interior point approach from feasible
directions point of view.
M.D.V. de Resende (CNPF, BR): Numerical algebra linear problem in
computational forest genetics.
R.J.B. Sampaio (UFPR, BR): Trust region method for LC$^1$ and
DC optimization problems.
R.J. Santos (UFMG, BR): uncomfirmed
S. Scheimberg (UFRJ, BR): Two level mathematical programming.
W. Sun (NU, CHN): Non-quadratic model for nonsmooth optimization.
B. Svaiter (IMPA, BR): (no title)
J. Yuan (UFPR, BR): Asymptotically optimal row-action methods
for generalized least squares problems.

Scientific Committee

J.M. Martinez (UNICAMP, BR)
J.S. Pang (J. Hopkins University, USA)
R. Plemmons (West forest University, USA)
W.Y. Sun (Nanjing University, CHN)
J. Yuan (UFPR, BR)

Local Commitee

Celso Carnieri (UFPR, BR)
R.J.B. de Sampaio (UFPR, BR)
J. Yuan (UFPR, BR)

Important Date

Anyone who wants to present his (or her) work in the workshop should
submit a summary with references and information about the authors in
English or Portuguese to the following address before November 30, 1996.

Dr. Wenyu Sun or Prof. J. Yuan
Comiss\~ao Cient\`{\i}fica de Workshop
Departamento de Matem\'atica - UFPR
Centro Polit\'ecnico, CP: 19.081
CEP: 81531-990, CUritiba, PR, BRAZIL

or by e-mail: in LaTeX file or PS file.

The summary of work to be published in the proceedings must be sent to
the address above until November 20, 1996, with complete information
about author(s), references, in at most four pages (A4) in English
or Portuguese.

Information on Hotel

Paran\'a Suite (****):
Double US\$ 70.00 and Single US\$ 55.00 per night

Tel: 0055-41-322-4242; Fax: 0055-41-225-7778.


From: Marney Smyth <>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 21:14:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Tutorials on Advanced Learning Methods

Learning Methods for Prediction, Classification
Novelty Detection and Time Series Analysis

Cambridge, MA, September 20-21, 1996
Los Angeles, CA, December 14-15, 1996

Geoffrey Hinton, University of Toronto
Michael Jordan, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.

A two-day intensive Tutorial on Advanced Learning Methods will be held
on September 20 and 21, 1996, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA,
and on December 14 and 15, 1996, at Loews Hotel, Santa Monica, CA.
Space is available for up to 50 participants for each course.

The course will provide an in-depth discussion of the large collection
of new tools that have become available in recent years for developing
autonomous learning systems and for aiding in the analysis of complex
multivariate data. These tools include neural networks, hidden Markov
models, belief networks, decision trees, memory-based methods, as well
as increasingly sophisticated combinations of these architectures.
Applications include prediction, classification, fault detection,
time series analysis, diagnosis, optimization, system identification
and control, exploratory data analysis and many other problems in
statistics, machine learning and data mining.

The course will be devoted equally to the conceptual foundations of
recent developments in machine learning and to the deployment of these
tools in applied settings. Case studies will be described to show how
learning systems can be developed in real-world settings. Architectures
and algorithms will be presented in some detail, but with a minimum of
mathematical formalism and with a focus on intuitive understanding.
Emphasis will be placed on using machine methods as tools that can
be combined to solve the problem at hand.


For further information contact: Marney Smyth
Phone: 617 258-8928
Fax: 617 258-6779


From: Venkat Sastry <>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 15:20:19 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Two/Three Day Short Courses at RMCS, Shrivenham

Places on the following 2/3 day short courses are available.

21 - 22 October 1996 GUIs for Fortran Programs

11 - 13 November 1996 FORTRAN90

18 - 19 November 1996 Matlab: a tutorial introduction

9 - 10 December 1996 Mathematica : a tutorial introduction

For further details contact:

Mrs. Claire Lankester,
Department of Applied Mathematics and Operational Research,
Cranfield University, RMCS, Shrivenham,
Swindon, Wilts. SN6 8LA.
Tel: 01793 785316


From: Markus HEGLAND <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 12:51:56 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Australian National University

Postdoctoral/Research Fellow Position at ANU/ACSys CRC, Canberra.

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral or research fellow
position at the ANU for the project "Computational and Statistical
Methods for Data Mining". Applicants should have a strong research
record in one or more of the following areas: computational
statistics, statistical methods for large data sets, parallel
numerical algorithms for linear systems and optimisation and data
mining algorithms.

The post is funded by the "Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced
Computational Systems" with ANU and CSIRO as institutional and Digital
Equipment Corporation, Fujitsu Australia Ltd and Sun Microsystems
Australia as principal commerical participants.

Appointment will be for a fixed period of up to two years with the
possibility of extension. Secondments will be considered.

Contact: Dr Markus Hegland, phone (06) 249 3011, fax (06) 249 4812,

Further particulars and selection criteria must be obtained before
applying from Ms Amanda Erbacher or Mr Tim Surendonk, phone (06) 249
2035, fax (06) 249 0747.

The full text of the advertisement and further information including
the selection criteria is available by anonymous ftp from

Closing Date: 27 September 1996.

Ref: ACS 28.8.1

Markus Hegland
Computer Sci. Lab., RSISE Phone: + 61 (0)6 249 3011
and Centre Math. Appl., SMS Phone: + 61 (0)6 249 4405
Australian National University Fax: + 61 (0)6 249 4812
CANBERRA ACT 0200 Email:
Australia WWW:


From: Jesse de Does <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 11:12:05 +0100
Subject: Contents, Advances in Computational Mathematics

Advances in Computational Mathematics
Volume 5, No II, 1996

Hybrid misclassification minimization
C. Chen and O.L. Mangasarian 127
Chebyshev approximation by discrete superposition. Application to neural
M. Nees 137
Networks and closed balls
J.L. Noakes 153
Hyperbolic sigma-pi neural network operators for compactly supported
continuous functions
B. Lenze 163
Some remarks on greedy algorithms
R.A. DeVore and V.N. Temlyakov 173
Nonlinearity creates linear independence
Y. Ito 189
Solvable models of layered neural networks based on their differential structure
S. Watanabe 205
Limitations of the approximation capabilities of neural networks with one
hidden layer
C.K. Chui, X. Li and H.N. Mhaskar 233
Critical points for least-squares problems involving certain analytic functions,
with applications to sigmoidal nets
E.D. Sontag 245
Linear unlearning for cross-validation
L.K. Hansen and J. Larsen 269


From: Panos Pardalos <>
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1996 23:09:07 -0400
Subject: Contents, Journal of Global Optimization


Table of Contents

SONJA BERNER / Parallel Methods for Verified Global Optimization:
Practice and Theory 1--22

Underestimators for General Twice-Differentiable Problems 23--40

Tracking Elementary Particles Near Their Primary Vertex: A Combinatorial
Approach 41--64

MICHAEL NAST / Subdivision of Simplices Relative to a Cutting Plane and
Finite Concave Minimization 65--93

M. LOCATELLI and F. SCHOEN / Simple Linkage: Analysis of a
Threshold-Accepting Global Optimization Method 95--111

Information on all issues of the Journal of Global Optimization is
available via the World Wide Web at the following URL:
JOGO is published by Kluwer Academic Publishers:


From: Technical Group <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 17:24:59 +0400 (MSD)
Subject: Contents, East-West Journal of Numerical Mathematics


Volume 3, Nomber 3, 163-235 (September 1995)

Some theoretical estimates of the convergence rate in multigrid methods

Adaptive multilevel iterative techniques for nonconforming finite element
R.H.W.Hoppe and B.Wohlmuth

Parallel implementation of the fast multipole method with periodic
boundary conditions

Local pointwise error estimates for the streamline diffusion method
applied to nonstationary hyperbolic problems

Volume 3, Number 4, 237-316 (December 1995)

Connection between finite volume and mixed finite element methods
for a diffusion problem with nonconstant coefficients.
Application to a convection diffusion problem
A.Agouzal, J.Baranger, J.-F.Maitre and F.Oudin

Finite element approximation of elastodynamic problems
in unbounded domains

Special integration formulae for a convection-diffusion problem
V.Shaidurov and L.Tobiska

A fast and parallel inertia finder for Toeplitz expanded matrices

Volume 4, Number 1, 1-82 (March 1996)

Equivalence between and multigrid algorithms for nonconforming
and mixed methods for second-order elliptic problems
Zhangxin Chen

Discrete Friedrichs' and Korn's inequalities in two and three dimensions

Fast direct method for solving algebraic systems with separable
symmetric band matrices
Yu.A.Kuznetsov and T.Rossi

On the convergence of block relaxation methods for algebraic obstacle
problems with M-matrices


East-West Journal of Numerical Mathematics solicits contributions of
both review and original types, in accordance with its Aims and Scope.

The interested authors should submit two copies of the manuscript to
one of the numbers of the Editorial Board

P.Bjorstad Bergen, Norway
M.Dryja Warsaw, Poland
M.Feistauer Prague, Czech Republic
R.Glowinskl Houston, TX, USA
G.Golub Stanford, CA, USA
W.Hackbusch Kiel, Germany
H.Kawarada Chiba, Japan
Yu.A.Kuznetsov Moscow, Russia

R.Lazarov College Station, TX, USA
P.Neittaanmaki Jyvaskyla, Finland
O.Pironneau Paris, France
A.Quarteroni Milano, Italy
R.Rannacher Heidelberg, Germany
Z.Shi Bejing, China
O.Widlund New York, NY, USA

or to the technical group

Prof. Yuri A.Kuznetsov
Institute of Numerical Mathematics,
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Leninskii prospect 32-a,
117334 Moscow, Russia,


Ms.Anna A.Zagumennykh,
Institute of Numerical Mathematics,
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Leninskii prospect 32-a,
117334 Moscow, Russia,


All the reviewing procedures will be hopefully finished
within 4 months, and publication will be completed, if the
things go smoothly, within 8 months.

East-West Journal of Numerical Mathematics is published
in 4 issues per year.

For further inquiry and subscription order, please contact to:

Dr J. Groesbeek
VSP BV, P.O. Box 346, 3700 AH Zeist; The Netherlands
Tel: +31 30 692 5790
Fax: +31 30 693 2081


From: SIAM <>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 96 13:55:53 EST
Subject: Contents, SIAM Control and Optimization

Control and Optimization
NOVEMBER 1996 Volume 34, Number 6

Infinite-Dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Dirichlet Boundary Control
Problems of Parabolic Type
Piermarco Cannarsa and Maria Elisabetta Tessitore

Value Iteration in a Class of Communicating Markov Decision Chains with the
Average Cost Criterion
Rolando Cavazos-Cadena

Causal Feedback Optimal Control for Volterra Integral Equations
A. J. Pritchard and Y. You

On the Use of Consistent Approximations for the Optimal Design of Beams
C. Kirjner Neto and E. Polak

Classification of Generic Singularities for the Planar Time-Optimal Synthesis
B. Piccoli

Bifurcation Problems for Some Parametric Nonlinear Programs in Banach Spaces
Aubrey B. Poore

Stability Radii of Systems with Stochastic Uncertainty and Their Optimization by
Output Feedback
D. Hinrichsen and A. J. Pritchard

Linearization of Discrete-Time Systems
E. Aranda-Bricaire, U. Kotta, and C. H. Moog

Numerical Stabilization of Bilinear Control Systems
Lars Grune

Convergence of the BFGS Method for LC1 Convex Constrained Optimization
Xiaojun Chen

Existence Results for Noncoercive Variational Problems
Graziano Crasta and Annalisa Malusa

Relaxation of Constrained Control Problems
E. N. Barron and R. Jensen

Solvability and Right-Inversion of Implicit Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
T. Fliegner, U. Kotta, and H. Nijmeijer

A Target Recognition Problem: Sequential Analysis and Optimal Control
Mark H. A. Davis and Mohammad Farid

Heavy Traffic Convergence of a Controlled, Multiclass Queueing System
L. F. Martins, S. E. Shreve, and H. M. Soner

On the Lavrentiev Phenomenon for Optimal Control Problems with Second-Order
Chih-Wen Cheng and Victor J. Mizel

Author Index


From: Iain Duff <>
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 96 15:45:35 BST
Subject: Contents, IMA Numerical Analysis


Chang X-W, Paige C C, and Stewart G W
New perturbation analyses for the Cholesky factorization.
pp 457-484

Wang X
Convergence of parallel AOR and GAOR methods applied to H-matrices.
pp 485-499

Kunkel P
A tree-based analysis of a family of augmented systems for the computation
of singular points.
pp 501-527

Roos H-G
A note on the conditioning of upwind schemes on Shishkin meshes.
pp 529-538

Zhang P
Convergence of vortex methods in a bounded domain using linear finite elements.
pp 539-548

Sonar T
Optimal recovery using thin plate splines in finite volume methods for the
numerical solution of hyperbolic conservation laws.
pp 549-581

Wesseling P
Von Neumann stability conditions for the convection-diffusion equation.
pp 583-598

List of Referees for Volume 16.

Index to Volume 16.


End of NA Digest