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From: NA Digest <>
Date: Sun Sep. 1 10:25:33 EDT 1996
Subject: NA Digest Calendar

The Netlib Conferences Database is on the Web at:

NA Digest Calendar
Date Topic Place NA Digest #

Sep. 1- 5 Numerical Solution of ODEs Halle, Germany 13
Sep. 2- 5 Nonlinear Programming Beijing, China 04
Sep. 4- 6 Multidisciplinary Analysis Bellevue, WA 05
Sep. 4- 6 Operations Research Braunschweig, Germany 26
Sep. 8-11 Computing in Europe on IBM Platforms Krakow, Poland 14
Sep. 9-13 "Diskrete Optimierung" Hamburg, Germany 18
Sep. 9-13 Computational Methods Applied Sciences Paris, France 15
Sep. 9-14 Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems Moscow, Russia 01
Sep. 9-27 Numerical Simulation of PDEs Trieste, Italy 04
Sep. 15-17 Control System Design Dearborn, MI 43
Sep. 16-18 Multivalued Eikonal Solvers Rocquencourt, France 06
Sep. 16-18 Modern Software Tools Oslo, Norway 24
Sep. 16-21 Computational Modelling Dubna, Russia 07
Sep. 17-20 Italian Operational Research Society Perguia, Italy 05
Sep. 18-20 Virtual Systems and Multimedia Gifu, Japan 14
Sep. 19-29 High Performance Optimization Techniques Delft, Netherlands 22
Sep. 19 Workshop on Scalable Computing Oxford, England 31
Sep. 21 Pacific Northwest NA Seminar Vancouver, B. Columbia 26
Sep. 23 Computational Mathematics Glasgow, Scotland 18
Sep. 23-27 Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation Aix les Bains, France 03
Sep. 24-26 Boundary Element Method Braga, Portugal 03
Sep. 24-27 Modeling Issues for Environment Albuquerque, NM 07
Sep. 25-27 Vector and Parallel Processing Porto, Portugal 51
Sep. 25-27 Dutch Numerical Mathematics Zeist, Netherlands 19
Sep. 25-28 Mathematical Tools in Metrology Berlin, Germany 25
Sep. 26-27 Air Pollution in Europe Copenhagen, Denmark 28
Sep. 26-28 Computer Mathematics Athens, Greece 09
Sep. 29... IBM Parallel Programming Ithaca, NY 25
Sep. 30... Interval Methods Wuerzburg, Germany 13

Oct. 1- 4 European Multigrid Conference Stuttgart, Germany 20
Oct. 3- 4 Parallel Computing Minneapolis, MN 29
Oct. 7- 9 ICASE/LaRC Industry Roundtable Williamsburg, VA 27
Oct. 9-11 Workshop on Scientific Computing Braunschweig, Germany 24
Oct. 9-11 SIAM Conference on Sparse Matrices Coeur d'Alene, ID 16
Oct. 10-11 International Meshing Roundtable Pittsburgh, PA 32
Oct. 11-12 Modeling in Biochemical Engineering Minneapolis, MN 32
Oct. 11-12 Department Chairs Colloquium Washington, DC 32
Oct. 20-23 High Performance Computing Tempe, AZ 01
Oct. 21-22 Computational Science and Engineering Purdue, IN 24
Oct. 21-25 Evolutionary Algorithms Minneapolis, MN 29
Oct. 24-26 Materials Studies Workshop University Park, PA 27
Oct. 31... Innovative Time Integrators Amsterdam, Netherlands 40

Nov. 18-21 Overset Grids Symposium Los Alamos, NM 27

Dec. 11-13 Carleman Estimate and Inverse Problems Kyoto, Japan 30
Dec. 17-19 Mathematics in Signal Processing Warwick, England 48


Jan. 5- 7 Discrete Algorithms New Orleans, LA 15
Jan. 5-12 Computational Mathematics Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 08
Jan. 5-12 Numerical Linear Algebra Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 13
Jan. 8-10 Numerical and Mathematical Elasticity Kyoto, Japan 30
Jan. 24-26 Multi-Scale Problems Kiel, Germany 21
Jan. 27-31 Maths-in-Industy Study Group Melbourne, Australia 11

Mar. 10-12 Scientific Computing Hong Kong 25
Mar. 12-14 Algorithms and Complexity Rome, Italy 24
Mar. 14-17 SIAM Parallel Processing Minneapolis, MN 32
Mar. 16-21 Approximation and Optimization Caracas, Venezuela 21
Mar. 21-22 AMS Session on Approximation Theory Memphis, TN 11

Apr. 1- 3 Monte Carlo Methods Brussels, Belgium 16
Apr. 9-13 Copper Mt. Multigrid Copper Mountain, CO 33
Apr. 14-18 Computational Issues in Drug Design Minneapolis, MN 32
Apr. 17-18 Meeting Honoring Bill Morton Oxford, England 26

May 12-14 Materials Science Philadelphia, PA 32
May 19-21 Applications of Dynamical Systems Snowbird, UT 27
May 21-24 Macromolecular Modelling Berlin, Germany 31
May 26-30 Computational Heat Transfer Cesme, Turkey 05

June 16-18 Mathematical Issues in Geosciences Albuquerque, NM 18
June 18-21 Principles + Practice of Parallel Prog. Las Vegas, NV 27
June 24-27 Dundee NA Conference Dundee, Scotland 13

July 3- 4 CFD in Minerals, Metal & Power Melbourne, Australia 33
July 4- 5 Honor Lothar Collatz Hamburg, Germany 32
July 14-18 Theoretical and Computational Acoustics New York, NY 14

Aug. 18... Radial Basis Functions Asilomar, CA 32
Aug. 24-29 IMACS World Congress Berlin, Germany 07

Sep. 15-18 Boundary Integral Methods Manchester, England 27
Sep. 15-19 Scientific Computing & Diff. Eqns. Grado, Italy 26
Sep. 29-.. ENUMATH-97 Heidelberg, Germany 50


From: Wei Cai <>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 09:36:34 -0400
Subject: Change of Address for Wei Cai

I have moved from University of California at Santa Barbara to
University of North Carolina at Charlotte starting from this fall,
and my new address will be

Wei Cai
Department of Mathematics
UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28223


wei cai


From: David Bond <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 11:11:52 -0300 (ADT)
Subject: Change of Address for Dave Bond

Change of Address for Dave M. Bond

I have taken a leave of absence from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology to
pursue a research position in data compression. You can now reach me at the
following location :

Alliance for Marine Remote Sensing
Suite 620, Sun Tower
Bedford, Nova Scotia
B4A 1E6

Email :
Phone : (902) 835 - 2209
Fax : (902) 835 - 2070


From: Elgamal Mahmoud <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 96 22:04:40 JST
Subject: Sine-Gordon Equation

I'm studying Applied Mathematics and I am doing calculation on Sine-Gordon
wave eqn. I'm looking for any code program related to the subject;
So if you have any information or code please let me know;

Yours sincerly;

kobe uni. - J A P A N.


From: SIAM <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 96 10:45:26 EST
Subject: New Class of Membership at SIAM

SIAM is pleased to announce that a new class of membership will be
offered in 1997 to new as well as current members who are recent
graduates. "Postgraduate memberships" are available to individuals for up
to three consecutive years immediately after they receive their highest

Postgraduate members have the same benefits as regular members.
Postgraduate membership is available on a one time basis to individuals. It
is offered for the first time in 1997 and is not retroactive.
Dues for 1997 for Postgraduate members are $45.

If you are a current student member for 1996 and cannot claim student
status for 1997, please consider the Postgraduate membership category when
you receive your renewal notice for 1997. Simply note on your renewal what
degree you have earned and where and remit the $45.00 Postgraduate
Membership dues.

SIAM reminds current students that a discounted membership class is
available to them as well - $20 for the calendar year 1997. Student
Members receive membership in one SIAM activity group at no charge, and
have all the benefits of regular members.

Please contact SIAM Customer Service for more information:

3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104
fax 215-386-7999


From: Susanne Brenner <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 17:31:09 -0400
Subject: Availability of Brenner and Scott Book

Our book

by Susanne C. Brenner and L. Ridgway Scott
Springer-Verlag, 1994

is currently unfortunately out of stock. The second printing
will be available in October.

Anyone who planned to use our book for a course this semester and
did not obtain copies should contact Ian Gross at Springer-Verlag,
e-mail:, with a copy to
to make arrangements to get some chapters in advance of the arrival
of the books themselves.


From: Martin Peters <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 13:11:26 +0100
Subject: New Book Series, Computational Science and Engineering

New book series information


"This series will cover monographs, lecture course material, and
high-quality proceedings on topics from all subspecialties described
by the term "computational science and engineering". This includes the
theoretical aspects of scientific computing like mathematical modeling,
discretization techniques, fast solution algorithms, parallelization
and visualization methods as well as the application of these
approaches throughout the quantitative sciences: biology, chemistry,
physics, engineering, and economics.

Monographs focusing on computational methods and techniques which
encompass several application areas are also appropriate. Some
examples of computational methods include multiscaling approaches,
discretization schemes, and linear and nonlinear optimization."


Michael Griebel (University of Bonn, Institute for Applied

David Keyes (Old Dominion University, Norfolk and NASA Langley
Research Center)

Risto Nieminen (Helsinki University of Technology and Center for
Scientific Computing, Espoo, Finland),

Dirk Roose (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

Tamar Schlick (Courant Institute, New York and Howard Hughes Medical

Contact Person at Springer-Verlag:

Martin Peters
Mathematics Editor
Tiergartenstr.17 69121 Heidelberg, Germany

tel: + 49 6221 487 409
fax: + 49 6221 487 355


From: Phil Schwarz <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 19:26:07 +1000
Subject: Conference in Australia on Applications of CFD

CSIRO is pleased to announce an International Conference on the application of
CFD in the Mineral and Metal processing and Power Generation Industries.

International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics in Mineral &
Metal Processing and Power Generation.
3-4 July 1997
Melbourne, Australia.

Abstract deadline: Oct 31 1996.

Further information from Dr Phil Schwarz or Prof John Perry,
CSIRO Division of Minerals, PO Box 312 Clayton South, Vic 3169,
Tel: +61 3 9545 8500
Fax: +61 3 9562 8919


From: Steve Mccormick <>
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 08:04:58 -0600
Subject: 8th Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods

The 8th Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods is to be held at
Copper Mountain, Colorado, April 9-13, 1997.

We are seeking funds to support perhaps 10 or more students to attend the
Conference and present their papers. The deadline for submission of student
papers is December 15, 1996.

The deadline for regular submission of author abstracts is January 15, 1997.

Information is available on the web at:

Steve McCormick: Appl. Math, C.B. 526, U. of CO, Boulder, CO 80309-0526
-4066 fax


From: Jerzy Wasniewski <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 13:44:00 +0200 (METDST)
Subject: Report from Workshop on Applied Parallel Computing (PARA96)

Denmark Hosts Workshop on Applied Parallel Computing (PARA96)
Jack Dongarra & Jerzy Wa\'sniewski

The Third International Workshop on Applied Parallel Computing in
Industrial Problems and Optimization (PARA96) were held in Lyngby,
Denmark August 18-21, 1996. The Conference was organized and sponsored
by the Danish Computing Centre for Research and Education (UNI\bullet\C)
and the Department of Mathematical Modelling (IMM) of the Technical
University of Denmark (DTU). Support was also received from the Danish
Natural Science Research Council through a grant for the EPOS project
(Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Optimization and Simulation) and from
the DEC, IBM and SGI computing organisations.

The Workshop was preceded on Sunday, August 18th, by two Tutorials on
Wavelets/Signal and Image Processing, and Programming Parallel
Computers. The tutorial, attended by more than 40 participants, included
practical exercises on the IBM SP2 and the SGI Power Challenge Computers.

The workshop itself attracted about 100 participants. 31 speakers from
several countries for the Workshop and Tutorial were invited. 45
contributed talks from 20 countries in 15 parallel sessions were
presented. Several experts from the computer manufactures were invited.

Opening remarks on Monday, August 19, were made by Dorte Olesen
(UNI\bullet\C). Among the highlights of the first day were invited
presentations by Gene Golub (Stanford University), "Approximating
Dominant Singular Triplets of Large Sparse Matrices via Modified
Moments"; Stig Skelboe (Copenhagen University), "Integration of
Partitioned Stiff Systems of ODEs"; Jesper Larsen (Math-Tech ApS,
Denmark), "Parallelising Large Applications (Industrial collaboration
with several European counties)"; Fred Gustavson (IBM T. J. Watson
Research Center), "The Design Implementation, and Evaluation of a Banded
Linear Solver for Distributed Memory Parallel Computers"; Per Grove
Thomsen (Technical University of Denmark), "Dynamic Systems Analysis
Software"; Danny C. Sorensen (Rice University), "Parallel ARPACK:
Portable Software for the Solution of Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems on
Distributed Memory Architectures" and Jens N. S\o{}rensenr, (Technical
University of Denmark), "Direct and Large Eddy Simulations of
Thermo-Convective Flows". On Monday evening the PARA'96 reception was held.

Technical talks on Tuesday included invited presentations by Jack
Dongarra (Tennessee University & Oak Ridge National Laboratory), "Providing
Access to High Performance Computing Technologies"; John Perram
(University of Odense), "AMROSE Robot System as a Parallel Application";
S\o{}ren Toxv\ae{}rd (University of Copenhagen), "Computer Engineering
of Complex Physical and Chemical Systems by Parallel Molecular Dynamics
Computations"; Henk Van der Vorst (University of Utrecht), "A
Parallelizable and Fast Algorithm for Very Large Eigenproblems"; Gert
Due Billing (University of Copenhagen), "From First Principles to
Industrial Applications"; Petter E. Bj\o{}rstad, University of Bergen),
Parallel Algorithms with Application to Oil Reservoir Simulation" and
Bengt Fornberg (University of Colorado), "The Prospect for Parallel
Computing in the Oil Industry". On Tuesday night, workshop participants
met at the "Nimb" restaurant in Copenhagen Tivoli for an excellent
dinner followed by an entertaining speech by Peter Naur (Copenhagen

The final day of the workshop was the optimization day. Opening remarks
were made by Kaj Madsen (IMM). This day featured invited talks by Panos
Pardalos (University of Florida), "A Parallel GRASP for MAX-SAT
Problems"; Iain Duff (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and CERFACS),
"Frontal Software for the Solution of Sparse Linear Equations"; Zahari
Zlatev (Environmental Research Institute), "Parallel Solution of Sparse
Linear Least Squares Problems by Using a Sequence of Large Dense
Blocks"; Jens Clausen (Copenhagen University), "Parallel Search-Based
Methods in Optimization" and Sean McKee (University of Strathclyde),
"Optimal Scheduling, Decomposition and Parallelization". The PARA96
meeting was followed by a Linear Programming Workshop, August 21-24,
1996, organized by the Department of Mathematical Modelling. Wednesday,
August 21 was the common day for both workshops, PARA'96 and LP'96.

Thanks to the excellent work of the organizing committee, PARA'96
proceeded smoothly; the informality of the workshop gave the participants
time to converse with new and old colleagues. Both invited and contributed
papers from PARA'96 will be published by Springer-Verlag in its Lecture
Notes in Computer Science series.

Jack Dongarra is a distinguished scientist in the Department of Computer
Science at the University of Tennessee and at Oak Ridge National
Laboratory. Jerzy Wasniewski is a senior researcher at the Danish Computing
Centre for Research and Education (UNI\bullet\C).


From: Panos Pardalos <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 96 15:53:13 EDT
Subject: Position at ISE, University of Florida


The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering invites
applications for a tenure track position at the rank of Associate
Professor or Professor. Applications are sought with research and
teaching interests in operations analysis and manufacturing management,
including production planning, inventory control and scheduling.

The Department offers the B.S. degree in Industrial and Systems
Engineering and the Master of Science and Master of Engineering
degrees with various options. The Department has a strong Ph.D.
program with a large number of specialty areas.

Applicants should have a doctorate in industrial engineering,
operations research, or a related field. Applicants for the position
should have experience beyond the Ph.D. degree and a record of proven
research ability. The individual selected for this position will be
expected to teach existing courses and to develop additional courses
in his/her area of expertise, to direct research projects and to
supervise graduate students. The position is available starting Fall
Semester 1997. The anticipated starting date is August 8, 1997.

Send detailed resume, with names and address (including telephone
numbers and e-mail addresses) of at least four references, to:
Dr. Panos M. Pardalos, Chair, Faculty Search Committee,
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
P.O. Box 116595, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-6595.
The application deadline is January 15, 1997.

The University of Florida is an Affirmative Action/Equal
Opportunity Employer.


End of NA Digest