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From: NA Digest <>
Date: Sun Dec 31 08:39:19 EST 1995
Subject: NA Digest Calendar

The Netlib Conferences Database is on the Web at:

NA Digest Calendar
Date Topic Place NA Digest #

Jan. 5 Bath-Bristol NA Day Bath, England 50
Jan. 9 CFD Careers Symposium Oxford, England 50
Jan. 13-15 Course on Wavelets and Filter Banks Tampa, FL 42
Jan. 19-21 Boundary Elements Kiel, Germany 41
Jan. 28-30 Discrete Algorithms Atlanta, GA 25

Feb. 12-14 Network Optimization Problems Gainesville, FL 94:47
Feb. 12-15 Computational Differentiation Santa Fe, NM 29
Feb. 25-27 PVM User Group Meeting Sante Fe, NM 46
Feb. 29 Conference Honouring John Pollard Sydney, Australia 44

Mar. 4- 6 Numerical Combustion New Orleans, LA 37
Mar. 11-13 Structural Mechanics Dortmund, Germany 40
Mar. 21 Cambridge Approximation Day Cambridge, England 49
Mar. 21-24 Conference Honoring Ivo Babuska College Park, MD 45
Mar. 23 South Eastern Linear Algebra Meeting Williamsburg, VA 46
Mar. 27-29 Object-Oriented Numerics Mississippi State, MS 51

Apr. 1- 4 State of the Art in Numerical Analysis York, England 41
Apr. 9-11 Real Numbers and Computers Marseille, France 26
Apr. 9-13 Short Course in Optimization Hampton, VA 42
Apr. 9-13 Copper Mountain Conference Copper Mountain, CO 40
Apr. 11-13 Applied and Computational Mathematics Pittsburgh, PA 48
Apr. 12-24 Supercomputing on IBM Systems Ames, Iowa 51
Apr. 13 Discrete Mathematics Day Ottawa, Canada 48
Apr. 14-16 Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Tuscaloosa, AL 35
Apr. 19-21 Directions in Applied Mathematics Notre Dame, IN 49
Apr. 22-25 Linear Algebra in Optimization Albi, France 48
Apr. 25-26 Fortran Futures London, England 48
Apr. 27 Midwest Numerical Analysis Day Milwaukee WI 50

May 13-17 Simulation of Devices Obninsk, Russia 51
May 19-23 Computational Fluid Dynamics Freiburg, Germany 30
May 20-22 SIAM Conference on Optimization Victoria, BC, Canada 26
May 20-23 Parallel CFD Capri, Italy 34
May 21-24 Graphics Interface Conference Toronto, Canada 18
May 27-30 Volterra Centannial Tempe, AZ 42

June 3- 8 Domain Decomposition Bergen, Norway 28
June 10-13 Iterative Methods Toulouse, France 47
June 10-15 Honor Lax and Nirenberg Venice, Italy 29
June 11-14 Numerical Fluid Flow Breckenridge, CO 37
June 13-15 Algebraic Multilevel Iteration Methods Nijmegen, Netherlands 42
June 15-19 Hyperbolic Problems Hong Kong 36
June 17-20 Integral Methods in Science and Engin. Oulu, Finland 24
June 17-21 Householder XIII Symposium Pontresina,Switzerland 31
June 20-21 Mitrinovic Memorial Conference Belgrade, Serbia 26
June 24-26 CFD Short Course Ruston, LA 45
June 24-27 Numerical Analysis Russe, Bulgaria 45
June 24-28 Networks and Systems Saint Louis, MO 52
June 26-28 Time-Frequency Methods for Finance Geneva, Switzerland 47
June 26-28 Images, Wavelets and PDE's Paris, France 41

July 1- 2 MPI Users Group Notre Dame, IN 52
July 1- 4 Finite Element Methods Jyvaskyla, Finland 44
July 1- 5 Grid Adaptation in Computational PDEs Edinburgh, Scotland 50
July 7-11 ASME Fluids Engineering Division San Diego, CA 35
July 8-12 Prague Mathematical Conference Prague, Czech Rep. 03
July 8-12 Quality of Numerical Software Oxford, England 19
July 8-19 Numerical Analysis Summer School Leicester, England 41
July 9-12 Monte Carlo Methods Salzburg, Austria 45
July 11-17 Numerical Linear Algebria Split, Croatia 51
July 15-19 Computational Mechanics Miskolc, Hungary 48
July 21-26 Computational and Applied Mathematics Leuven, Belgium 51
July 22-27 Canadian Mathematical Society Quebec, Canada 44
July 24-26 Symbolic and Algebraic Computation Zurich, Switzerland 42
July 27-30 Conference Honoring Mike Powell Cambridge, England 45

Aug. 7- 8 Workshop on Interval Arithmetic Recife, Brazil 48
Aug. 14-17 International Linear Algebra Society Chemnitz 48
Aug. 18-21 Parallel Computing Lyngby, Denmark 38
Aug. 19-21 Parallel Irregular Problems Santa Barbara, CA 44
Aug. 21-24 Total Least Squares Leuven, Belgium 38
Aug. 25-31 Congress Theor. & Appl. Mechanics Kyoto, Japan 94:46
Aug. 27-29 Parallel Processing Lyon, France 47

Sep. 2- 5 Nonlinear Programming Beijing, China 18
Sep. 9-13 "ECCOMAS 96" Paris, France 23
Sep. 9-14 Ill-Posed Problems Moscow, Russia 23
Sep. 15-17 Control System Design Dearborn, MI 43
Sep. 25-27 Vector and Parallel Processing Porto, Portugal 51
Sep. 30 Interval Methods Wuerzburg, Germany 43

Oct. 9-11 SIAM Conference on Sparse Matrices Coeur d'Alene, ID 48

Nov. 6- 8 Innovative Time Integrators Amsterdam, Netherlands 40

Dec. 17-19 Mathematics in Signal Processing Warwick, England 48


Sep. 15-19 Scientific Computing & Diff. Eqns. Grado, Italy 49
Sep. 29-.. ENUMATH-97 Heidelberg, Germany 50


From: Donglei Chen <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 22:22:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Need Help With a PDE

Hi, everybody,

I encountered a partial differential equation,

       Dq       Dk
      ---- = - ----
       Dz       Dt
in which "D" means partial derivatives and

q = -------------------------
1 + b(z) + c(z)*k^2

This differential equation actually stands for kinematic wave in general.

Could anyone please tell me where I can find a solver (subroutine) to
solve this partial differential equation?

Thanks a lot.

Donglei Chen
Dept of Physics
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 3K7



From: Biswa Datta <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 95 09:24:28 CST
Subject: Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems

The Ritz Carlton Hotel,
St.Louis, Missouri June 24-28, 1996
Call for papers and second announcement

MTNS - 96 will be held from June 24 to 28, 1996, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Contributed papers and invited sessions for MTNS - 96 are hereby solicited in
all traditional areas involving mathematics of networks and systems as well
as emerging fields in engineering and mathematics with potential impact in
circuits, automatic control, and signal processing.
We also encourage contributions in the application areas of: - Aerospace -
Biomedical Engineering Sciences - Communication - Manufacturing - Materials
Science and Engineering - Process Control - Transportation ; and in
Computational Methods.

Papers: Submit an extended abstract (4-5 pages) in duplicate by January 15,1996.
to: Prof. Biswa Datta Department of Mathematical
Sciences Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL 60115 tel.: (815) 753-6759
E-mail :, Fax : ( 815)753-1112.
Special Sessions: Submit proposals for special sessions, containing the title
of the session and the names and affiliations of the speakers by January 15,
1996 to Prof. Clyde F. Martin Department of Mathematics Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409 tel.: (806) 742-1511
Fax :(806) 742-1112, email:


Submission Deadline January 15, 1996
Acceptance Notification March 1, 1996
Early Registration April 15, 1996
Conference June 24-28, 1996

Symposium Chairs: Christopher I. Byrnes, St. Louis, Biswa Nath Datta, DeKalb,
Clyde F. Martin, Lubbock.
For further in formation contact: Christopher I. Byrnes, Dean School of
Engineering and Applied
Science Washington University Campus Box 1163 St. Louis, MO 63130-4899


From: Andrew Lumsdaine <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 23:43:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: MPI Developers Conference and Users Group Meeting

MPI Developers Conference
Users Group Meeting

July 1-2, 1996
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

The MPI Developers Conference and Users Group Meeting is a conference
for all users of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard and is
intended to support the continued development and use of MPI and its
extensions. The conference will provide a forum for users from
industry, national laboratories, and academia who are using MPI to
present their ideas about, and experiences with, MPI.


Examples of appropriate topics for this conference include:
o) Applications using MPI
o) Implementations of MPI
o) Experiences with MPI
o) Extensions to MPI
o) Why MPI is better/worse than other message passing systems
o) Message passing versus shared memory
o) The future of message passing
o) Software issues
o) Anything else about MPI, message passing, or parallel computing


Abstracts are solicited for:
1) Papers
2) Posters
3) Panel discussions
4) Software demonstrations


Two pre-conference tutorials on MPI will be offered on June 29 and 30,
1996. The first tutorial, on June 29, will cover the basics of MPI
including point-to-point and collective communication operations, and
communicators. The second tutorial, on June 30, will pick up where
the first tutorial left off and will cover data types, topologies, and
intercommunicators. Attendees may take either or both of the

Both tutorials will be conducted in one of Notre Dame's SPARC-based
instructional clusters where each attendee will have use of a
workstation throughout the tutorial. The tutorial lectures will be
interspersed with a series of exercises requiring each tutorial
attendee to write, debug, and run MPI-based programs using C or


for papers: April 26, 1996
for posters: May 24, 1996
for panel discussions: May 24, 1996
for software demonstrations: May 24, 1996
Papers for proceedings: May 31, 1996
Lodging reservations: June 10, 1996
Early registration: June 10, 1996


Complete and up-to-the-minute information about the conference can be
found on the Web at

or contact

Andrew Lumsdaine Internet:
Computer Science & Engineering Phone: (219) 631-8716
University of Notre Dame Fax: (219) 631-9260
Notre Dame, IN 46556


From: National Semiconductor <peteh@Silvaco.COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 09:26:36 -0800
Subject: Positions at Numerical Semiconductor

Two positions available in Numerical Semiconductor Device Simulation

Two positions relate both to software development engineering in the cases of
two distinct simulators.
1. A current generation 2D Trianglular and 3D prismatic, Fortran and C package.
2. A next generation 1D, 2D, 3D C++ Tetrahedral simulator.

Simulator 2 currently includes a lot less physics that simulator 1.

The position is available immediately and is located in Santa Clara,
in the center of Silicon valley, California.

A description of this post is available on

Experience of both numerics and device physics is required.


From: Richard Brualdi <>
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 11:56:02 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and its Applications

Contents Volume 234, February 1996

Michael H. Freedman (La Jolla, California) and
William H. Press (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Truncation of Wavelet Matrices: Edge Effects and the Reduction
of Topological Control 1

C. Brezinski (Villeneuve d'Ascq, France)
The Methods of Vorobyev and Lanczos 21

Gustaf Gripenberg (Helsinki, Finland)
Computing the Joint Spectral Radius 43

Yi-Jia Tan (Fuzhou, People's Republic of China) and
Mou-Cheng Zhang (Guangzhou, People's Republic of China)
Primitivity of Generalized Circulant Boolean Matrices 61

Ricardo D. Fierro (San Marcos, California) and
James R. Bunch (La Jolla, California)
Perturbation Theory for Orthogonal Projection
Methods With Applications to Least Squares
and Total Least Squares 71

Ying Huang (Briarcliff Manor, New York)
A Canonical Form for Pencils of Matrices With
Applications to Asymptotic Linear Programs 97

Hong Goo Park (Jeonju, Korea)
p-Groups in the Betti-Mathieu Group 125

Andrew A. Anda and Haesun Park (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Self-Scaling Fast Rotations for Stiff and
Equality-Constrained Linear Least Squares Problems 137

G. A. Watson (Dundee, Scotland)
Computing the Numerical Radius 163

Leonid Khachiyan (New Brunswick, New Jersey)
Diagonal Matrix Scaling is NP-Hard 173

M. Domokos (Budapest, Hungary)
Criteria for Vanishing of Eulerian Polynomials on *in*bx*in Matrices 181

Huang Liping (Xiangtan, People's Republic of China)
The Matrix Equation AXB-GXD=E Over the Quaternion Field 197

Krzysztof Galkowski (Wroclaw, Poland)
Matrix Description of Multivariable Polynomials 209

Caixing Gu (Bloomington, Indiana), Onur Toker, and$L
Hitay Ozbay (Columbus, Ohio)
On the Two-Block H infinity Problem for a Class of Unstable
Distributed Systems 227

K. Manjunatha Prasad and K. P. S. Bhaskara Rao (Bangalore, India)
On Bordering of Regular Matrices 245

Jean-Daniel Rolle (Geneva, Switzerland)
Optimization of Functions of Matrices With an
Application in Statistics 261

Author Index 277


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