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From: Robert van de Geijn <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 09:25:43 -0600
Subject: Computational and Applied Mathematics at UT-Austin

The Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) program is an
interdisciplinary graduate program at the University of Texas at
Austin. This exciting program draws from the strengths of the various
departments and colleges on campus. Associated with CAM is the Texas
Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (TICAM).


Graduate study in Computational And Applied Mathematics embraces three
component areas: applicable mathematics, numerical analysis and
scientific computations, and mathematical modeling and applications
chosen from an approved area in engineering or science. Graduate
study opportunities are offered in numerical analysis and scientific
computing, applicable mathematics, computational mechanics and
physics, parallel computing and computer architecture, mathematical
modeling, and in supporting areas in engineering and science which
involve mathematical modeling of physical phenomena and engineering


TICAM offices and labs cover 10,000 square feet of newly renovated
office space centrally located on campus. Extensive computing
facilities are available for research by faculty members and graduate
students in CAM, including a scientific visualization lab, a network
of 18 RS6000s networked by optic fiber, and many XTERMs. Also
available to researchers and graduate students are a 45 node Intel
Paragon and 32 node Cray J90, administered by the UT-Austin
Computation Center High Performance Computing Facility. This facility
will soon acquire a medium-size massively parallel processing
computer, vendor to be determined.


As part of this rapidly expanding program, several internationally
renowned researchers were added to an already first class group of
faculty drawn from the Colleges of Engineering and Natural Sciences.
These newcomers include Ivo Babuska (formerly with the University of
Maryland), Jerry Bona (formerly with Penn State), and Mary F. Wheeler
(formerly with Rice University).


For more information, see our web page:

call (512) 471-7386, or contact our Graduate Coordinator, Nita Cooke


From: Raghavendra K. Madyastha <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 02:36:17 CST
Subject: Help with Matrix Algebra Proof

I am a grad student in the department Electrical and Computer
Engineering at Rice. In the course of my research, I came across
a proposition in matrix algebra that I need to prove and I've spent 3 days
on it with no success. Everyone I've asked in my department seem to
be stumped too. If someone knows the proof or has seen a similar
problem, could you please email me your ideas. Thank you very

Given: R -- a symmetric positive definite matrix and
P -- a diagonal matrix with entries of form exp(j*phi_m), where
j = sqrt(-1) and all phi_m's aren't equal

To prove:
i) k^th diagonal element of inv(R + P'RP) <= (1/2)*(k^th diagonal element
of inv(R)) ..... where P' denotes Hermitian transpose of P

ii) And in general, to prove that
k^th diagonal element of inv(R + P'RP + (P^2)'R(P^2) + ... +
(P^M)'R(P^M)) <= (1/(M+1))*(k^th diagonal element of inv(R))

Thanks again for your audience.

Raghu Madyastha


From: Herman Alder <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 11:53:53 -0600
Subject: Fourth French-Latinamerican Congress on Applied Mathematics

December 11-15,1995
University of Concepcion

The deadline for submission of a contributed presentation
for the conference is MONDAY,NOVEMBER 20,1995

TOPICS OF THE MEETING include,but are not limited to:

-Mathematical Modelling
-Fluid Mechanics
-Vibration Problems
-Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
-Finite Element Methods and Boundary Element Methods
-Flow in Porous Media
-Solid and Structural Mechanics
-Stiff Mechanical Systems
-Catalytic Chemical Reactor Model Problems
-Domain Decomposition Methods
-Finite Element Analysis in Elasto-plastic Problems
-Transonic and Supersonic Flows
-Adaptive Techniques

Claude CARASSO,France
Carlos CONCA,Chile
Gabriel GATICA,Chile
Vivette GIRAULT,France
Sergio IDELSOHN,Argentina
Jean-Claude NEDELEC,France
Olivier PIRONNEAU,France
Jean-Marie THOMAS,France

The purpose of the Conference is to provide a forum for the presentation
and the discussion of recent progress in the field of Numerical Analysis
in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Sciences.


Gabriel GATICA
Universidad de Concepcion
Departamento de Ingenieria Matematica
Casilla 4009,Concepcion,Chile

Universite Jean-Monnet
Analyse Numerique
23 rue Dr.Paul Michelon
42023 Saint-Etienne Cedex2,France


From: Jose D. P. Rolim <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 14:56:27 +0100
Subject: Call for Papers for Irregular 96



Santa Barbara, August 19--21, 1996

Efficient parallel solutions have been found to many problems. Some of
these solutions can be automatically obtained from sequential programs
using compilers. However, there still exist a large class of problems,
known as irregularly structured problems, that lack efficient solutions.

The workshop on Parallel Algorithms for Irregularly Structured Problems
- IRREGULAR 96 - is the third in the series, after Geneva and Lyon,
that addresses issues related to deriving efficient solutions to
irregularly structured problems. It will be held at the University of
California, Santa Barbara, on August 19--21, 1996.

Scope : IRREGULAR 96 aims at fostering the cooperation among
practitioners and theoreticians of the field. Papers for oral
presentation are solicited in all research areas related to the
parallelism of irregular problems, as listed below.

Topics : (non exhaustive) applications, approximating and randomized methods,
automatic synthesis, branch and bound, combinatorial optimization, compiling,
computer vision, load balancing, parallel data structures, scheduling
and mapping, sparse matrix and symbolic computation.

Publication : Proceedings are planned to be published in the Springer-Verlag
Lecture Notes in Computer Science series and shall be available at the
workshop. The Proccedings of IRREGULAR'95 have been published as volume 980
of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlarg.

Submission guidelines : To submit a contribution, send 6 copies
of an extended abstract describing original research
in no more than 15 pages to

Yousef Saad, IRREGULAR'96 chair
Computer Science Dept.
University of Minnesota
4-192 EE/CSci Building
200 Union Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Papers simultaneously submitted to other conferences with published
proceedings will not be considered.

Hard copy contributions must be in Minneapolis and
e-mail (post-script file) contributions must be at
no later than March 15, 1996.

A cover page should contain the author's full name, address, a 100-word
abstract and keywords. If the paper is submitted electronically, the
cover page in the form of an ascii-only e-mail must contain the
same information.

Venue : Santa Barbara is situated on the Pacific coast, ninety miles north of
Los Angeles and a one-day trip from the wine country and horse ranches of
neighboring Santa Ynez Valley. Santa Barbara's Spanish heritage is reflected
in its architectural style, fiesta celebrations and historical landmarks, and
its mild climate promotes an environment rich in outdoor activities.

Workshop Chairs

Afonso Ferreira, ENS Lyon
Jose Rolim, U. of Geneva

Program Committee

Y. Saad, chair, U. of Minnesota
P. Banerjee, U. of Illinois
V. Barbosa, U. of Rio de Janeiro
R. Cypher, Johns Hopkins U.
J. Fitch, U. of Bath
T. Leighton, MIT
J. van Leeuwen, U. of Utrecht
E. Mayr, U. of Munich
R. Meyer, U. of Wisconsin
Y. Notay, U. of Brussels
V. Prasanna, USC, Los Angeles
Y. Robert, ENS Lyon
S. Sahni, U. of Florida
P. Widmayer, ETH Zurich
T. Yang, UC Santa Barbara

Invited Speakers

T. Hagerup, Max-Planck I.
R. Schreiber, NASA Ames
H. Simon, Silicon Graphics

Local Organizers

T. Yang, UC Santa Barbara


March 15, 1996
May 19, 1996
Camera Ready:
June 1, 1996

This workshop is sponsored by the IFIP WG 10.3, the EATCS, the Laboratoire de
l'Informatique du Parallelisme de l'ENS Lyon, the University of Geneva
and the University of California at Santa Barbara.


From: Yifan Hu <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 16:37:20 GMT
Subject: Meeting Announcement for Dynamic Load Balancing on MPP Systems

Dynamic Load Balancing on MPP Systems:
Progress, Challenge and Issues
(Second Announcment)

Monday, 27th November, 1995


This 1-day meeting, organised by CCP12 and the ERCOFTAC special
interest group for Parallel Computing in CFD with support
from the DL HPCI Centre, will focus on dynamic load balancing
topics of concern in the parallel computation of fluid dynamics,
electromagnetics and many other science and engineering areas.


``Can Static Load Balancing Algorithms Be Appropriate in a Dynamic
Setting?" Bruce Hendrickson (Sandia National Laboratory)

``Dynamic Mesh Partitioning" Chris Walshaw (University of Greenwich)

``Long range forces AND hydrodynamics" Frazer Pearce (University of Sussex)

``Dynamic Load Balancing in the UKMO's Operational Weather Forecasting
and Climate Prediction Model" Rupter Ford (CNC. Manchester)

``Dynamic Load Balancing Issues in the MPP Version of Long-Range
Forcasting System" Fritz Wollenweber (ECMWF)

``Perspectives on Dynamic Load Balancing on Parallel Tasks on
Workstation Clusters" Bill McMillan (University of Glaskow)

``Variants of the Spectral Bisection Technique Suited for Dynamic
Load Balancing" Dirk Roose and Raf Van Driessche (KU Leuven, Belgium)

``Current and Future Requirements in Distributed Crash Worthiness
Simulation`` Guy Lonsdale (ESI, GmbH)

"Some Algorithms for Dynamic Load Balancing`` Yifan Hu (Daresbury

``Towards Parallel Dynamic Load Balancing for Adaptive PDE solvers"
Peter Jimack (University of Leeds)

It is also hoped to have speakers from industries. Additional
contributions, particularly in the form of posters, are welcome.
The workshop will seek to identify the current status of dynamic
load balancing on parallel systems. It will focus on MPP systems
such as the Cray T3D, Intel Paragon and IBM SP2, although some
attention is also paid to to workstation clusters. It will
establish current practice and illustrate the challenges facing
both academic and industrial researchers. The workshop will
also seek to identify the issues involved in achieving efficient
dynamic load balancing strategies on existing or future machines.

For further information concerning registration, transport,
accomodation etc., please contact:

Dr. D. R. Emerson or Dr. Y. F. Hu
Theory and Computational Science
Daresbury Laboratory
Keckwick Lane
Warrington WA4 4AD
United Kingdom
email or
Tel. +44 (0)1925 603221
Fax +44 (0)1925 603634
URL for the meeting:


From: Jerard Barry <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 13:33:23 +1100 (EST)
Subject: Conference in Honour of John Pollard

February 29 1996
Sydney, Australia.

A one day conference to celebrate forty years of the many and varied
contributions to computation made by John Pollard. John hangs up his
slide rule and switches off his computers - at least in an employed
capacity - on February 29.

The conference will be held at the Lucas Heights Research Laboratories
of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation on leap day;
the day being specifically selected so that any regrets subsequent to
retirement occur with less frequency!

Keynote speakers include:

Dr Bob Anderssen, CSIRO, Division of Maths/Stats,
Professor Clive Fletcher, University of New South Wales,
Professor Mike Osborne, Australian National Laboratory,
Professor Bernard Pailthorpe, University of Sydney.

In addition short contributed presentations are invited. Please contact
Jerard Barry with the title of the proposed talk and a short abstract
(e.g. 100-200 words) by November 21.

For further details contact
Jerard Barry phone 61 2 717 3317
ANSTO Fax 61 2 717 9275
Private Mail Bag 1 mail
Menai NSW
Australia 2234


From: Michael Pernice <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 07:39:04 -0700
Subject: URL for Proceedings of The Workshop on Iterative Methods

The Workshop on Iterative Methods for Large Scale Nonlinear Problems
was held September 14-16, 1995 on the campus of Utah State University,
Logan, Utah. The aim of the workshop was to bring together researchers
working on large scale applications with numerical specialists of
various kinds. An on-line proceedings, which provides links to
talks and papers presented at the workshop, is available at the URL


From: Petr Prikryl <>
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 95 13:39:03 MET
Subject: Conference on Finite Element Methods

An International Conference on

Finite Element Methods: Superconvergence,
Post-processing and A Posteriori Estimates
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, July 1-4, 1996


During the development of the finite element method it has been
found that at some exceptional points the rate of convergence of
FE-approximations exceeds the optimal global rate. This phenomenon has
come to be known as ``superconvergence''. The rate of local or global
convergence con be improved also by various post-processing techniques.

The aim of the conference is to bring together people who work on
superconvergence phenomena and a posteriori estimates in the numerical
solution of differential and integral equation, variational inequa-
lities and other problems of mathematical physics. The organizers
intend to publish the conference proceedings. Thus, all participants
are kindly asked to prepare survey papers of their own results.
Articles with new superconvergence results are welcome as well. The
length of any contribution should not exceed 15 pages in TEX.

Scientific Committee: I. Babuska (USA), C. M. Chen (China),
I. Hlavacek (Czech Republic), R. D. Lazarov
(Bulgaria), Q. Lin (China), T.Reginska (Poland),
T. Strouboulis (USA), M.Stynes (Ireland),
A. Zhou (China), M. Zlamal (Czech Republic).

Organizing Committee: Pekka Neittaanmaki (chairman),
Michal Krizek (Czech Republic),
Rolf Stenberg (Finland).

If you wish to take part in the conference, please, write to:

Prof. Pekka Neittaanmaki, Department of Mathematics, University of
Jyvaskyla, P.O.Box 35, FIN-40351 Jyvaskyla, Finland,
FAX: (+358 41) 602731


From: Michel Fortin <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 95 13:44:36 EST
Subject: Call for Papers for Summer Seminar 96 of Canadian Mathematical Society

Call for Papers
Plates and shells: from mathematical theory to engineering practice.
Summer Seminar 96 of the Canadian Mathematical Society.
Laval University, Quebec city, July 22-27 1996.

The Seminar will present about ten invited speakers and contributed papers sessions.
Information can be obtained at
or from


From: Jeff McGough <>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 16:50:56 -0700
Subject: Position at University of Nevada - Reno

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Nevada, Reno
anticipates two tenure track positions at the assistant professor level.
Minimum qualifications include a Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences, strong
potential for significant research, and demonstrated excellence in
teaching. Outstanding candidates in any field are encouraged to apply.
However, the department is particularly interested in Operations Research,
Partial Differential Equations, Information Sciences, Numerical Analysis,
Optimization, Mathematical Physics, and Scientific Computation.

Send a vita and at least three letters of recommendation to: Search
Committee; Department of Mathematics/084; University of Nevada; Reno, NV
89557. (At least one letter should address teaching experience.)
Please include the Academic Employment in Mathematics APPLICATION COVER
SHEET which can be photocopied from the September issue of the AMS Notices,
Vol. 42, No. 9, page 1063 or downloaded from the e-MATH gopher.

Review of applications will begin on December 1, 1995. To receive full
consideration applications must be received by January 15, 1996. Women and
Minorities are especially encouraged to apply. AA/EEO.


From: Dr K. Chen <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 11:31:47 GMT
Subject: Position at University of Liverpool

Postdoctoral Post (CFD) at Liverpool University

University of Liverpool
Dept of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position funded
by EPSRC (UK) and available for a fixed period of up to three years.

The project is on a CFD application to arc modelling in switchgear
power systems. Among other things, it will involve the use of finite
volume methods and body-fitted coordinates for complex domains.

Further details can be obtained from (Ref Number: A\922)

URL: file://

or emails to


From: Dugald Duncan <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 16:24:54 GMT
Subject: Position at Heriot-Watt University



Applications are invited for a Lectureship in Mathematics, starting on
1 February 1995, or on a date to be agreed. Candidates would normally
be expected to have a PhD and a strong research record. Preference
may be given to candidates with expertise in the areas of Numerical
Analysis, Scientific Computing or Computer Algebra, but well-qualified
candidates in all areas of Mathematics are encouraged to apply.

Salary will be at an appropriate point on the Lecturer Grade A scale
(\pounds 15,154-19,326).

Further particulars may be obtained through the Departmental World Wide
Web pages (, by ftp (file
/ftp/pub/dept/furtherp.txt from, or by writing (not
telephoning) to the Personnel Office, Heriot-Watt University,
Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, from where application forms may also be
obtained (please quote reference number 143/95).

Overseas candidates may apply by submitting a CV and the names of three
referees, and may submit this material by email to

Closing date for receipt of applications is 30 November 1995.


From: Eamonn Cahill <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 09:55:13 GMT
Subject: Positions at Hitachi Dublin Laboratory

Hitachi Dublin Laboratory

The Hitachi Dublin Laboratory was founded in 1989 as part of Hitachi's world-
wide diversification of research. Created as a research laboratory within
Trinity College, University of Dublin, basic and applied research is carried
out in the area of Advanced Computing. Collaborative projects are ongoing
with a variety of institutions as well as Hitachi's research laboratories
worldwide. Due to continued expansion, the following vacancies now exist in
the Parallel Computing Group:-


Working as part of a small team you will implement key message-passing
paradigms on Hitachi's parallel architectures. You will be based in one
of the companies development divisions in Japan for an initial period of
up to one year before returning to Dublin to play a key role in the team
there. You will ideally possess:-

* Highly developed skills in C and UNIX particularly in a systems
networking and communications context.
* A strong academic background in computer science, mathematics or
a numerate discipline.
* Experience with message-passing software such as MPI and PVM.


Based in Dublin you will be part of a team developing software to solve
fluid dynamics problems. We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate
the following attributes:-

* An outstanding academic background preferably with a PhD or MSc in
Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Physics or Engineering.
* A sound knowledge of the mathematics of fluid dynamics and of
computational approaches such as the finite element method.
* An interest in or experience of parallel algorithm development for
computational fluid dynamics.


You will be a member of a group researching mathematical models and numerical
algorithms for engineering and scientific computation on massively parallel
computer architectures. You will be involved in the numerical simulation of
both the reactive chemistry and the fluid dynamics of combustion on state of
the art hardware. We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate strong
research abilities together with the following qualifications:-

* An outstanding academic background preferably with a PhD or MSc in
Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Physics or Engineering.
* A sound knowledge of the mathematics of fluid dynamics and of
computational approaches such as the finite element method.
* Preferably experience of computational chemistry, combustion modelling
and/or parallel algorithm development in a message-passing environment.
* Good implementation skills in C and Fortran.

Should you wish to apply for any of the positions above, please write/fax or
email your CV to the address/numbers below quoting the relevant reference

Dr. M. Abe,
Laboratory Manager,
Hitachi Dublin Laboratory,
16 Westland Row,
Dublin 2,
Rep. of Ireland.
Fax: +353-1-679-8926


From: Jeff Cash <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 95 17:34:02 GMT
Subject: Position at Imperial College


A Postdoctoral Research Assistant is required to work with
Jeff Cash ( for 9 months on an EEC funded
project involving the parallel solution of two point boundary
value problems. A knowledge of numerical methods for differential
equations is desirable but the main skills required are in
parallel computing.

The starting salary is 1510 pounds sterling
(inclusive of London Weighting).
The applicant must be from an EEC country other than the United

Applicants should send a CV and the name of two referees to

Prof. Jeff Cash,
Department of Mathematics,
Imperial College Of Science, Technology and Medicine,
180 Queens Gate,
London SW7 2BZ,

Closing date for applications is 31st December 1995.

Starting date before 1 April 1996.


From: Ken Atkinson <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 15:19:57 -0600
Subject: Positions at the University of Iowa

The Department of Mathematics of The University of Iowa invites
applications for the following positions:

1. Tenure-track beginning or early assistant professorship, starting in
August 1996, in the broadly interpreted area of partial differential
equations and related areas. Extraordinary candidates at higher rank
may be considered. Selection will be based on evidence of outstanding
research accomplishments or potential, and teaching ability. A Ph.D. or
equivalent training is required.

2. Pending availability of funds, one or more visiting positions for all or
part of the 1996-97 academic year. Selection will be based on research
expertise and teaching ability. Preference will be given to applicants
whose scholarly activity is of particular interest to members of the
current faculty.

Women and minority candidates are especially urged to apply for the
above positions. The University of Iowa welcomes the employment of
professional couples on its faculty and staff, permits the appointment of
faculty couples within the same department, and permits the sharing of a
single appointment by a faculty couple.

Formal screening will begin December 15, 1995; applications will be
accepted until the positions are filled. To apply, send a complete vita
and have three letters of recommendation sent to:

Professor Bor-Luh Lin, Chair
Department of Mathematics
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242

The University of Iowa is an Equal Employment Opportunity and
Affirmative Action Employer.


Date: Wed, 1 Nov 95 09:22:07 GMT
Subject: Positions at the University of Leeds



These posts are available immediately on a rolling contract basis for a period
of one year in the first instance. The appointees will work in the newly-formed
Computational PDEs Software Unit which will undertake industrial and academic
research over the next five years.

The Manager

The appointee will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Unit which
undertakes a variety of contract research in the development and application of
software for the solution of partial differential equations. This will involve
the supervision of research contracts and staff, contributing to the mainten-
ance and development of the current library of software tools and the generat-
ion of new business in the form of both short and long term industrial academic
research contracts.

Salary will be on the scale for Computer Staff Grade 2 (16 628--21 519 pounds
p.a.) or Grade 3 within the range 22 374--25 035 pounds p.a. according to
qualifications and relevant experience. Ref. no. 48/121

The Software Engineer

The appointee will be expected to work on a variety of industrial research
contracts such as those with Shell Research and EPSRC requiring Computational
methods for PDEs. This will include some mathematical modelling and the devel-
opment, application and maintenance of the Unit's software library.

Salary will be on the scale for Computer Staff Grade 1 (14 317--15 986 pounds
p.a.) or Grade 2 within the range 16 628--18 985 pounds p.a. according to
qualifications and relevant experience. Ref. no. 48/122

Applicants for both posts should have good honours and postgraduate degrees in
a scientific or engineering discipline, with practical experience of mathemat-
ical software and modelling, C and/or Fortran programming and experience of
applying computational techniques to industrial problems.

Informal enquiries may be made to Judi Thursby, Secretary to the Unit, tel.
0113 233 5432 or e-mail The School's World Wide Web
home page is at:

Application forms and further particulars for both posts may be obtained from
the Personnel Office (Academic Section), The University of Leeds, Leeds,
LS2 9JT, tel. 0113 233 5771, e-mail:, World Wide
Web Address, quoting the
appropriate reference number.

Closing date for applications 17th November 1995.

The University of Leeds promotes an Equal Opportunities Policy Promoting
Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Research


From: Dan Sorensen <>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 15:57:41 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Positions at Rice University

Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics

The Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics invites
applications for one senior and two junior level tenure track
positions at competitive salaries commencing in the fall of 1996.

The senior position will be at the associate or full professor level
depending on experience and qualifications. A candidate for this position
must have established an exceptional research record in the formulation,
analysis and implementation of computational methods for partial differential
equations. In addition to a strong commitment to research, there
should be a demonstrated commitment to teaching at the undergraduate
and the graduate level and a desire to direct Ph.D. Theses.

The junior positions will be at the assistant professor level.
Applications are welcome from all areas of computational and applied
mathematics. However, preference will be given to applicants who work
in partial differential equations or in nonlinear optimization.
Also, preference will be given to those who demonstrate ability and desire
to conduct interdisciplinary research with the current faculty.
Candidates must have a Ph.D., a demonstrated potential for excellence
in research and a strong commitment to teaching. One of the junior
positions may be upgraded to the associate level in case of an
exceptional candidate.

Rice University is a private research university with a long tradition of
excellence in undergraduate science and engineering education. The
Computational & Applied Mathematics Department hosts research programs in
Linear and Integer Programming, Numerical Optimization, Numerical Linear
Algebra, Parallel Computing, Optimal Design and Inverse Problems for
Partial Differential Equations.

Applicants should send a letter of application, a brief statement
of research accomplishments interests and goals, a curriculum vitae
and selected reprints and have three letters of recommendations sent

Chair, Staffing Committee
Computational & Applied Mathematics Department-MS 134
Rice University
6100 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005-1892

Review of applications will begin on 10 Jan 96 and continue until
the positions are filled.

Rice University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.


From: Manfred Trummer <>
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 1995 14:26:48 PST
Subject: Position at Simon Fraser University

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Vancouver, British Columbia

Applications are invited for a two-year Research Associateship in the
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, to commence January 1, 1996, or as
soon as possible thereafter. The salary will be in the $25,000 to
$30,000 range.

Applicants must have completed a Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis. Experience
with large scale computation in a Unix environment, preferably with Silicon
Graphics equipment, is necessary. The successful applicant must have
research experience in numerical PDEs, in areas which specifically include
adaptive grid generation, spectral and finite element type methods, and
computational fluid mechanics, so that they will be involved at the outset
in research projects with Drs. R. D. Russell and M. R. Trummer.

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and the the names, addresses,
facsimile numbers/E-mail addresses only of three persons to whom confidential
reference may be made by the University. Applications should be
sent by December 1, 1995 directly to

Dr Manfred R. Trummer
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6 Canada
FAX: (604)291-4947

Further information on the department, the university and the Vancouver area
is available on the world wide web site

Simon Fraser University is committed to the principle of equity in employment
and offers equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants.
In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, this advertisement
is directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.
Under the Canada -- United States Free Trade Agreement US citizens
are eligible to apply.


From: Francoise Chatelin
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 09:52:30 +0100
Subject: Position at CERFACS

We are looking for someone at post-doc level with experience, interest,
and background (with publications) in both mathematics and computer
The position is open in the framework of an ESPRIT contract in connection
with European reseach centres and industrial partners. For this project
we want someone with experience both in parallel computing and numerical
software techniques.
The heart of the activity concerns the numerical reliability of software.
There exist methods for analysing models and algorithms that give an
indication of the confidence to be placed in the accuracy of simulation
results. The task to be completed at CERFACS consists mainly in developing
a tool which employs these methods, called PRECISE, that will be used in the
project for confidence testing of algorithms and applications. A prototype
tool already exists so the consortium can begin testing internally early in
the project. The prototype version is written for Matlab and one of the aims
of this workpackage is to improve its capabilities.
Some of the work will be in translating PRECISE to Fortran to allow
larger (and more realistic) problems to be handled and in the production of
commercial quality documentation for the tool.

The position is in the Qualitative Computing Group at CERFACS, whose main
research activities are
- study of the stability and the reliability of numerical methods,
specifically in the neighbourhood of singularities,
- design of robust codes for computing some eigenelements of very large
and nonnormal matrices (Arnoldi Tchebycheff method),
- influence of high nonnormality on the reliability of
iterative methods in linear algebra,
- identification of physical applications giving birth to highly
nonnormal matrices, in CFD in particular,
- software tools for assessing the quality (reliability, robustness) of
numerical methods.

This group is part of the Parallel Algorithms Project lead by Iain Duff.

For detailed information about CERFACS
URL address :
For detailed information about the Qualitative Computing Group
URL address :

For more information about Toulouse, the city where CERFACS is located
URL address :

Please send email to


From: Emanuel Knill <>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 1995 11:18:02 -0700
Subject: Position at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Position opening: CIC-3 group leader in the Computing, Information and
Communications Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Job Number: 951219
Series: TSM MGT
Organization: CIC-3
Date Posted: 10/11/95
Availability: This job is open to all applicants
Job Status: Open
No. Openings: 1
Clearance: Q (Position will be cleared to this level)
(Regular Full-Time)

To apply: Submit cover letter and CV to

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Human Resources Division - Staffing Group, MS P286
P.O. Box 1663
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545

Phone: (505) 667-8622
Fax: (505) 665-1079

Further information about job openings and procedures at LANL
is available at


Provide management and technical leadership for the Computer Research
and Applications Group (CIC-3). The primary focus of CIC-3 is
research in information science and its applications to problem
solving. Current efforts include applied computational mathematics,
algorithms design and analysis, fraud detection and prevention,
computer security, learning and statistical inference, signal
processing, speech recognition, image processing and navigational
tools. Collaboration with universities, other labs, and industrial
partners is an important aspect of group activities.

More information about the Computer Research and Applications Group
can be found on the web at

The group leader is responsible for group management, including
recruiting and evaluating personnel, salary administration, budgeting
and affirmative action planning. Must communicate and interact
effectively with management and staff throughout the Lab, DOE and
other government agencies, and academia.

Required Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

Proven research record in a relevant area of information theory,
applied mathematics, computational science, or the application of
computers to problem solving. Extensive experience in leading
technical research efforts. Demonstrated excellence in leadership with
the ability to achieve a common understanding of technical directions
and goals; cultivation of innovation and risk taking; personal
commitment to constructive change and improvement; organizational and
analytic skills; successful negotiation/conflict resolution
skills. Demonstrated experience interacting effectively with funding
agencies, other research efforts, potential users of research results,
and management.

Desired Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

Formal management/leadership training. L-clearance.

Education, Training, or Licensing:

Ph.D. in applied math, computer science, or equivalent combination of
education and experience.


From: Colin Wright <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 10:48:44 GMT+0200
Subject: Positions at the University of the Witwatersrand

Department of Computational & Applied Mathematics

Applications are invited for tenure track positions at the level of
lecturer in Computational and Applied Mathematics, to begin
January 1996 or as soon thereafter as possible. Requirements include a
PhD, demonstrated research ability and some teaching experience.
Preference will be given to candidates working in the areas of
Optimization, Numerical Analysis and Advanced Mathematics of Finance.

Successful candidates will be expected to contribute towards the
supervision of Masters and Doctoral students as well as to the
Department's undergraduate teaching programme. Besides a mainstream
programme in Computational and Applied Mathematics, the Department also
has challenging service teaching commitments.

Applications, including a detailed CV with names and addresses of three
professional referees, should be sent to Colin J Wright, Head,
Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics,
University of the Witwatersrand, Private Bag 3, Wits, 2050, South Africa
or E-mail Evaluation of applications will
commence on 16 November 1995, however applications will be accepted
until the positions are filled.


From: Dr. George F. Corliss <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 95 15:57 CST
Subject: Positions at Marquette University

Industrial-Based Graduate Research Assistantships
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The Marquette University Department of Mathematics, Statistics,
and Computer Science has openings for two Industrial-Based
Graduate Research Assistantships in industrial and applied
mathematics. Students will pursue a Master of Science degree
while working closely with industrial sponsors Johnson Controls
and SC Johnson Wax. One assistantship requires skills in
operations research, the other in statistics and database

Number of openings: two
Start date: January 1, 1996
Annual stipend: $12,000 + tuition,
jointly funded by NSF and industrial partners
Students from groups traditionally underrepresented in the field
are especially sought.

The NSF funding requires students to be citizens of the USA
or lawfully admitted permanent resident aliens.

For information: To apply:
Dr. George Corliss The Graduate School Marquette University
(414) 288-6599 PO Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
(414) 288-7137 Fax: 414) 288-1902

For further information:
cd pub/corliss
get indust_gra Text
get Postscript


From: Brent Lindquist <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 95 17:15:41 EST
Subject: Position at Stony Brook

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The department expects to have postdoctoral positions in computational
applied mathematics available for the 1996-97 academic year.
Qualified candidates should have computational experience in one
or more areas of: fluid dynamics, parallel computing, hyperbolic
conservation laws, flows in elastic and plastic media, and flows in
porous media.

Additional information concerning the department and its activities
is available from the WWW home page

Applicants should send vita, descriptions of research interests, and
three recommendation letters to: James Glimm, Chair, Department of
Applied Mathematics and Statistics, SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook,
NY 11794-3600.

SUNY at Stony Brook is an equal opportunity/affirmative action
employer and educator and encourages applications from women and


From: J P Lambert <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 12:49:34 -0900 (AKST)
Subject: Position at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Position Announcement

The Department of Mathematical Sciences invites applications
for one or more tenure-track openings or possible visiting
positions for the fall of 1996, at the assistant professor
level. Strong preference will be given to candidates in
applied, computational, and interdisciplinary areas such as
numerical analysis (including numerical methods for differential
equations), modeling, dynamical systems, stochastic processes,
discrete mathematics, mathematical biology, and mathematical
physics. The Department has some 24 faculty members and is
comprised of units in mathematics, statistics, and computer
science. Possibilities exist for interaction with well-established
research units on the UAF campus.

A PhD in mathematics or a closely related field is required.
A commitment to quality teaching and an ability to teach a broad
spectrum of undergraduate mathematics are essential. We seek
candidates with research potential who will strengthen our
small graduate programs (MAT, MS, PhD), and those who will
appreciate the unique geography of interior Alaska.

Applicants should send a resume and three letters of recom-
mendation to: Pat Lambert, Department of Mathematical Sciences,
University of Alaska Fairbanks, PO Box 756660, Fairbanks, AK

For further information contact
Application files will be reviewed beginning January 22, 1996.
UAF is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and
encourages women and minorities to apply.


From: Art Werschulz <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 09:48:34 -0500
Subject: Contents, Journal of Complexity Contents, December, 1995

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Journal of Complexity -- December, 1995
Volume 11, Number 4



TITLE: The Optimal Error of Monte Carlo Integration
AUTHOR: P. Mathe

TITLE: Complexity of Local Solution of Multivariate Integral Equations
AUTHOR: K. Frank


TITLE: Complexities of Winning Strategies in Diophantine Games@*
AUTHOR: J.P. Jones and A.S. Fraenkel

TITLE: The Fine Structure of the $n$-Widths of $H^p$-Spaces in $L_q(-1,1)$
AUTHOR: K. Wilderotter

TITLE: Average Widths of $W^r H^\omega$ in $C(R)$
AUTHOR: F. Gensun

TITLE: Ismagilov Type Theorems for Linear, Gel'fand and Bernstein $n$-Widths
AUTHOR: K. Osipenko and O. Parfenov

TITLE: What is the Complexity of Solution-Restricted Operator Equations?
AUTHOR: A. Werschulz


From: SIAM
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 95 11:32:12 EST
Subject: Contents, SINUM 32-6 December 1995

SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
December 1995, Volume 32, Number 6

Stability and Convergence of a Class of Enhanced Strain Methods
B. D. Reddy and J. C. Simo

Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Problems IV:
Nonlinear Problems
Kenneth Eriksson and Claes Johnson

Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Problems V: Long-Time
Kenneth Eriksson and Claes Johnson

A Spectral Method for the Fluid Flow with Low Mach Number on the
Spherical Surface
Guo Benyu and Cao Weiming

On the Finite Element Method for Mixed Variational Inequalities
Arising in Elastoplasticity
Weimin Han and B. Daya Reddy

A Domain Decomposition Method for the Polar Factorization of
Vector-Valued Mappings
J.-D. Benamou

Finite Difference Calculus Invariant Structure of a Class of
Algorithms for the Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation
Shaofan Li and Loc Vu-Quoc

Operator Splitting Methods Applied to Spectral Discretizations of
Quantum Transport Equations
Anton Arnold and Christian Ringhofer

A Morphological Scheme for Mean Curvature Motion and Applications
to Anisotropic Diffusion and Motion of Level Sets
Francine Catte, Francoise Dibos, and Georges Koepfler

Approximation Methods for Singular Integral Equations with
Conjugation on Curves with Corners
V. D. Didenko, S. Roch, and B. Silbermann

The Essential Stability of Local Error Control for Dynamical
A. M. Stuart and A. R. Humphries

Relative Perturbation Techniques for Singular Value Problems
Stanley C. Eisenstat and Ilse C. F. Ipsen

A New Recurrence for Computing Runge-Kutta Truncation Error
M. E. Hosea

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