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From: Jorge More' <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 12:12:51 -0500
Subject: Wilkinson Prize to Chris Bischof and Alan Carle

The 1995 Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software has been awarded to
Chris Bischof and Alan Carle for ADIFOR 2.
The award presentation took place July 3 at the International Conference
in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 95) in Hamburg.

ADIFOR, which stands for the automatic differentiation of Fortran,
is a system for the computation of derivatives of functions defined
by Fortran 77 programs. The ADIFOR project was started in 1991,
in collaboration with Andreas Griewank and George Corliss.
The present version of the system, ADIFOR 2, provides a new level of
ease of use, flexibility, and computational capability. ADIFOR 2
supports all features of Fortran 77, including complex arithmetic.
ADIFOR 2 was cited as being a significant advance on the state-of-the-art
in numerical software.

The Wilkinson Prize is awarded in honor of the outstanding contributions
of James Hardy Wilkinson to the field of numerical software.
The award is presented to the entry that best addresses all phases of the
preparation of high quality numerical software. The prize is sponsored
by Argonne National Laboratory, The National Physical Laboratory and the
Numerical Algorithms Group.

The 1999 Wilkinson prize will be awarded at ICIAM in Edinburgh.

Jorge More'


From: John Pryce <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 17:33:13 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Continuing Fatunla's work in Nigeria

Continuing Fatunla's work in Nigeria

Following Prof Simeon Fatunla's death in a car accident reported in
na-digest in May, a large number of messages of support came in from all
over the world leaving no doubt of the regard in which Fatunla's tireless
work was held by many colleagues in the computational mathematics

A 'committee of friends' has been formed to support the continuation of his
work developing computational and industrial mathematics at the University
of Benin and elsewhere in Nigeria. The group comprises four UK attenders at
the 1994 conference:
Dr Marco Marletta, Univ Leicester
Dr Chris Phillips, Univ Newcastle upon Tyne
Dr John Pryce, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham (chair)
Prof Alastair Spence, Univ Bath
together with
Prof Rolf Jeltsch (Zurich, Switzerland)
Prof Bob Russell (Simon Fraser, Canada)
as representatives for Europe and N. America, and
Prof S. Ahonkhai, Head of Chemistry
Prof A. Odebunmi, Head of Psychology
Prof E.A.C. Nwanze, Dean of Science
as local coordinators at University of Benin.

Arrangements are in hand for a Workshop Jan/Feb 1996 at both Uniben and the
National Mathematical Centre (NMC) on the lines of that run at NMC early
this year by Rolf Jeltsch.

John Pryce and his Nigerian wife Kate went over for the funeral ceremonies
15-17 June. Amidst the grief (some 2000 people attended a moving
Commendation Service in the main university auditorium on 16 June) there
was no doubt about the commitment of his colleagues to continue his work.
The presence of an overseas colleague was clearly a great encouragement.


From: Kelly Black <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 08:44:34 -0400
Subject: Graduate and Professional Resources on the WWW

We are looking for WWW resources about grad school and other professional
opportunities for young mathematicians and would like to include a list of
these resources on SIAM's undergraduate WWW pages. If you know the address
of anything that might be of interest to students preparing to graduate next
spring, could you please send them to us at The
list will be kept on the SIAM undergraduate pages, located at

Also, if you would like to share any experiences or advice for young
mathematicians, please see our essay and opinion section on how to do

Kelly Black

Department of Mathematics
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824 (USA)
Phone: (603) 862-3587 FAX: (603) 862-4096
e-mail: WWW:


From: Luis Almeida <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 15:32:11 +0200
Subject: E-mail List and FTP Site for Fractional Transforms

Dear Colleague,

In contacts with some colleagues, the idea of creating a mailing list related
to fractional transforms (the fractional Fourier transform and other
fractional transforms) was raised. This message is to announce the creation of
such a mailing list.

The list will be physically located at INESC (Instituto de Engenharia de
Sistemas e Computadores - systems and computer engineering institute, Lisbon,

To request to be included in the list, please send an e-mail message to
"", indicating your name, e-mail address, regular-mail
address and the reasons for your interest to be included. I will send you, as
soon as possible, a confirmation message, with instructions for using the list.

In principle, only people who actively work on or with fractional transforms
and related techniques (e.g. time-frequency analysis) will be accepted in the
list. This is a normal policy in this kind of lists. Its intended to avoid
having a lot of messages like "can you explain what are fractional

The list will be administrated by myself, for the time being (see my
coordinates below). The list will be unmoderated, meaning that messages
sent to the list will be immediately distributed to everyone, without any
filtering. Moderation of the list is not envisaged unless the kind of traffic
appearing in the list shows moderation to be absolutely necessary -
something that I wouldn't expect to happen for a long time.

An ftp-accessible archive has been created at INESC (Instituto de Engenharia
de Sistemas e Computadores - systems and computer engineering institute,
Lisbon, Portugal), for acting as a repository of articles, technical reports
and other manuscripts on fractional transforms (both the fractional Fourier
transform and other fractional transforms).

The ftp site's address is "", and the directory is
If you wish to use this repository, please first download and read the file
00README.TXT. This file contains instructions for downloading and uploading
files. For the time being, this repository only contains the readme file,
the "" file, and an index. But feel free to upload your papers. The
users are who make such a service useful.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to others.

Yours sincerely,
Luis B. Almeida

INESC Phone: +351-1-544607, +351-1-3100246
R. Alves Redol, 9 Fax: +351-1-525843
P-1000 Lisboa

e-mail: or


From: Petter Bjorstad <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 15:14:56 +0200
Subject: Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods


When: 3rd - 8th June 1996
Where: By the Hardanger Fjord, near Bergen, NORWAY.


Domain Decomposition (DD) has received significant attention in scientific
and engineering computing because it is not only a computing strategy suitable
to high performance computing systems, but also refers to a broad class
of effective numerical methods for solving large scale mathematical-
physical problems from sciences and engineering. The conference will feature
invited lectures, selected contributed papers, and poster presentations.

We invite contributions on all aspects of DD-methods, including numerical
analysis of DD methods, block and substructuring methods, multigrid and
multilevel methods, fictitious domain methods, DD methods for high order
and spectral methods, DD methods for nonlinear and time dependent problems,
DD methods in computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics,
graph decomposition, general iterative and preconditioning methods,
strategies and technologies of high performance computing, parallel
implementations, software developments, and industrial applications.

Abstracts: 26. January 1996 (1 page abstract)

The conference is organized by the University of Bergen.

Petter E. Bj{\o}rstad, Magne Espedal, Merete Sofie
Eikemo, Randi Moe and Synn{\o}ve S. Palmstr{\o}m.

Petter E. Bj{\o}rstad (Bergen), James Bramble (Ithaca), Tony Chan (Los Angeles),
Peter Deuflhard (Berlin), Roland Glowinski (Houston), David Keyes (Virginia),
Yuri Kuznetsov (Moscow), Jacques Periaux (St Cloud), Oli vier Pirronneau
(Paris), Alfio Quarteroni (Milano), Zhongci Shi (Beijing), Wolfgang Wendland
(Stuttgart), Olof Widlund (New York), Jinchao Xu (Pennsylvania).


Mrs Synn{\o}ve S. Palmstr{\o}m Tel.: +47 55 54 41 70
DDM9 Conference secretary Fax.: +47 55 54 41 99
Department of Informatics/Parallab Email:
Hxyteknologisenteret WWW:
N-5020 Bergen, Norway


From: Judy Currie <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 12:06:34 -0700
Subject: Position at Simon Fraser University



The Department of Mathematics and Statistics of Simon Fraser University
invites applications for a tenure-track position in Applied and
Computational Mathematics at the Assistant Professor level starting
September 1st, 1996. At this time our emphasis is on complementing current
strengths in mechanics (fluids and solids) and scientific computing, and
developing new expertise in industrial and environmental modelling.
Applicants are expected to have completed a PhD degree at the time of
appointment, have post-doctoral experience or a proven research record, and
be able to demonstrate strong potential in both research and teaching.

Applications, including curriculum vitae, descriptive statements on
research plans and teaching activities should be sent, by 15 December 1995,

Dr. Katherine Heinrich, Chair
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

Further information on the department and the university can be found on
the WWW site

Simon Fraser University is committed to the principle of equity in
employment and offers equal employment opportunities to all qualified
applicants. In accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, this
advertisement is directed to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of


From: Univeristy of Strathclyde <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 16:52:35 +0000
Subject: Position at University of Strathclyde


Applications are invited for a Professorship in the Department of
Mathematics, for appointment from 1 January 1996 or sooner.
Salary will be on the professorial scale.

The University seeks to appoint an active researcher with an
internationally recognised record in nonlinear and computational
mathematics. The successful candidate will be encouraged to participate
in the research of an active departmental group in non-Newtonian fluids.

For application form and further particulars (Ref 53/95) contact the
Personnel Office, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G1 1XQ.

Applications closing date: 11 August 1995.

Personnel fax number: +44 141 553 2447


From: Bill Dold <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 15:59:47 +0000
Subject: Positions at University of Manchester

Two lecturships at UMIST:


University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology

Applications are invited for two new lectureships. We are seeking
candidates who are able to make a strong contribution to the research
activities of applied mathematics at UMIST. Interests in fluid
mechanics, combustion theory, dynamical systems, time-series analysis,
industrial problems or related areas of research will be particularly
welcome. Informal enquiries may be made to Prof. D.J. Bell (Telephone
+44-161-200-3682 or e-mail

Commencing salary will be within the Lecturer A/B scale: #15,154 to
#26,430 (where # = British Pounds) per annum, starting date: as soon
as possible.

Requests for application forms and further details, quoting reference:
MAT/A/92, should be sent to: The Personnel Office, UMIST, P.O. Box 88,
Manchester M60 1QD. The closing date for receipt of completed
applications is 7th August 1995.

UMIST is centre of excellence in education and research and an
equal opportunities employer.


From: Bill Dold <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 16:18:27 +0000
Subject: PhD Studentship at University of Manchester

PhD Studentship at UMIST:

I have a PhD studentship, funded by EPSRC, to offer to someone
interested in working on a problem of propagating fluid dynamical
boundaries (as are found in flames or some phase transitions).
The project title is:

"Evolution Equation for a Flame-Front with Memory"

The studentship is to be held in the mathematics department at
UMIST, beginning in September or October 1995 and is only open
to those considered eligible for EPSRC studentships. That is,
EPSRC must approve any candidate for the studentship and this may
mean that the candidate would need to be British (in some sense).

The EPSRC have given me very little notice of this studentship
and I must find a suitable candidate by about the end of July.
If you are interested, please let me know as quickly as possible
sending me relevant details about yourself. My current address
and other co-ordinates are as follows:

Dr. J. W. Dold
School of Mathematics Tel: (+44-117)-928-7979, or 928-9000 x 7979
University of Bristol FAX: (+44-117)-928-7999
Bristol BS8 1TW E-mail:


From: Angelika Binding <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 17:24:44 +0000 (N)
Subject: Contents, Numerische Mathematik

Numerische Mathematik
Volume 71 Number 02 (1995)

Barrett-J-W. Wood-P-A.
The finite element approximation of a coupled reaction-diffusion
problem with non-Lipschitz nonlinearities.
P 135.

Gautschi-W. Zhang-M.
Computing orthogonal polynomials in Sobolev spaces.
P 159.

Halpern-L. Rauch-J.
Absorbing boundary conditions for diffusion equations.
P 185.

Marini-D. Pietra-P.
Mixed finite element approximation of a degenerate elliptic
P 225.

Schmidt-J-W. Hess-W.
An always successful method in univariate convex C^2 interpolation.
P 237.

Vanmaele-M. Zenisek-A.
The combined effect of numerical integration and approximation of
the boundary in the finite element method for eigenvalue problems.
P 253.


From: Heinz W. Engl <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 17:57:22 EDT
Subject: Contents, Surveys on Mathematics for Industry

Surveys on Mathematics for Industry (Springer, Vienna/New York)
Table of Contents, Vol.5 No.1

W.Schmid, M.Paffrath, R.Hoppe, Application of iterative methods for
solving nonsymmetric linear systems in the simulation of semiconductor

M.Abt, F.Pukelsheim, Improving manufacturing quality through planned
experiments: statistical methodology

M.Abt, R.Mayer, F.Pukelsheim, Improving manufacturing quality through
planned experiments: pressure governor case study

C.Weihs, Y.Berres, Y.-L.Grize, Statistical design of experiments in
industrial practice

Information on this journal on the WWW:
This page also contains information about the work of the Chair for
Industrial Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz (Austria)
in Inverse Problems and in Industrial Mathematics.

Heinz W. Engl


From: Ake Bjorck <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 15:57:36 +0200
Subject: Contents, BIT

BIT Numerical Mathematics
ISSN 0006-3835
Volume 35, No. 3 (1995)

Improving the accuracy of BDF methods for index-3 differential algebraic
Carmen Ar\'evalo and Per L\"otstedt, pp. 297--308

Numerical stability of GMRES
Jitka Drko\v{s}ov\'a, Anne Greenbaum, Zden\v{e}k Strako\v{s}, and
Miroslav Rozlo\v{z}nik, pp. 309--330

Testing linear operators
David Lee and Henryk Wo\'zniakowski, pp. 331--351

Highly accurate tables for elementary functions
Wohlfram Luther, pp. 352--360

Least squares approximation by splines with free knots
Hubert Schwetlick and Torsten Sch\"utze, pp. 361--384

A note on backward perturbation for the eigenvalue problem
Ji-guang Sun, pp. 385--393

A note on high order schemes for the one dimensional wave equation
Jukka Tuomela, pp. 394--405

The orders of embedded continuous explicit Runge-Kutta methods
James H. Verner and M. Zennaro, pp. 406--416

Entrywise relative perturbation theory for nonsingular $M$-matrices
and applications
Xue Jungong and Jiang Erxiong, pp. 417--427

On the forward stability of a modification of the cyclic reduction for
uniformly diagonally dominant matrices
Plamen Yalamov, pp. 428--447


A note on constructing a symmetric matrix with specified diagonal
entries and eigenvalues
Hongyuan Zha and Zhenyue Zhang, pp. 448--452

Contributions in LaTeX are preferred. Information for subscription and authors
files are available from the Editor or from the WWW server for BIT at:
{\AA}ke Bj\"orck
Department of Mathematics
Link\"oping University
S-581 83 Link\"oping, Sweden


From: SIAM <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 10:06:23 EST
Subject: Contents, SIAM Control and Optimization

SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization
SEPTEMBER 1995 Volume 33, Number 5

Toward a Geometric Theory in the Time-Minimal Control of Chemical
Batch Reactors
B. Bonnard and J. de Morant

Neumann Boundary Value Problems for Second-Order Ordinary
Differential Equations Across Resonance
Wang Huaizhong and Li Yong

Equivalent Conditions for the Solvability of the Nonstandard LQ-
Problem for Pritchard-Salamon Systems
Bert Van Keulen

Exact Controllability and Stabilization of a Vibrating String with
an Interior Point Mass
Scott Hansen and Enrique Zuazua

Optimal Stopping of a Discrete Markov Process by Two Decision
Krzysztof Szajowski

On Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints
Monica Motta

The Linear-Quadratic Control Problem Revisited
Tomasz Bielecki

Tools for Semiglobal Stabilization by Partial State and Output
Andrew Teel and Laurent Praly

Consistency of Primal-Dual Approximations for Convex Optimal
Control Problems
Stephen E. Wright

Error Bounds for Piecewise Convex Quadratic Programs and
Wu Li

A Perspective Theory of Motion and Shape Estimation in Machine
B. K. Ghosh and E. P. Loucks

Uniqueness for Viscosity Solutions of Nonstationary Hamilton-
Jacobi-Bellman Equations Under Some A Priori Conditions (with
William M. McEneaney

Control Time for Gravity-Capillary Waves on Water
Russell M. Reid

An Embedding of Domains Approach in Free Boundary Problems and
Optimal Design
P. Neittaanmaki and D. Tiba

Second-Order Optimality Conditions in Sets of L^infinity Functions with
Range in a Polyhedron
Joseph C. Dunn


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