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From: Paul McMahan <>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 1995 17:16:56 -0400
Subject: NA-Net White Pages

The WWW NA-Net White Pages Database now offers a "Home Page URL"
field which will allow the members of the Na-Net community to
conveniently exchange and browse home page URLs.

If you have access to a web browser, then you can access the NA-Net
home page at:

Feedback is most welcome. Email forms are provided online.

Paul McMahan
Netlib Development Group


From: George Anastassiou <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 10:11:43 CDT
Subject: Oved Shisha Injury

Dear Colleaques
Professor Oved Shisha of the University of Rhode Island was injured
in a traffic accident very seriously last Friday evening March 31-95
in Providence.As he was getting off the bus he was struck by a car.
Since then he is unconcious in a coma in the in
Providence R.I.His situation is listed as very critical.

Let us everybody pray for him to survive. Oved had another bad accident
30 something years ago in Dayton Ohio and that time survived. I pray
that this happens again.

Professor Shisha is the main organiser of "Approximation Theory"in
the west as a separate field with his creation of "J.Approx.Th."
in 1968. He was also the founder of several subareas of A.T such as
"monotone approximation","Korovkin inequalities" etc,also he did
important work in integration theory.

If I have more news I let you know.

Sincerely yours
George Anastassiou
Professor of Mathematics


From: Henry Wolkowicz <>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 17:25:48 -0400
Subject: Svata Poljak

This message is to inform the community of the very sad news that Svata
Poljak was involved in a fatal car accident.
This occurred near Prague on Sunday April 2, 1995.

Svata recently relocated to University of Passau, in Passau, Germany.
(URL: )
His main contributions are in combinatorics and combinatorial optimization.
He has important contributions in many areas including:
theory of matroids, matching theory, the max-cut and stable set problem;
spectral approaches to graph problems;
convex and polyhedral relaxations; semidefinite programming;
and various other integer programming related problems.
His early important work was related to systems in neural networks.

He has collaborated with many people. In particular, we can state from
personal experience that he was a rare person to collaborate
with, because of his exceptional
mathematical ability as well as his warm friendship.
The upcoming special issue in Mathematical Programming on Semidefinite
Programming will be devoted to his memory.

He is survived by his wife and two sons.
The funeral is in Prague this coming Monday.
Those wishing to send condolences to his wife Jana can do so at the
address in Prague:
Manesova 94
12000 Praha 2
tel: 42 2 627 27 77

Monique Laurent
Martin Loebl
Franz Rendl
Henry Wolkowicz


From: Nick Trefethen <lnt@CS.Cornell.EDU>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 14:34:57 -0400
Subject: Bau & Trefethen Linear Algebra Book


We are in the process of completing a graduate textbook on
Numerical Linear Algebra. Our aims are beauty, depth of insight,
and brevity. The book is split into about 36 lectures, each
about 6 pages long. It is based on the course Trefethen has
taught repeatedly at MIT and Cornell during the past ten years.

We expect that it is likely the book will be published by SIAM
in 1996. Meanwhile, a preliminary version (not yet including
exercises) may be made available in summer 1995 for a few
people who wish to use the book in a course in fall 1995.
If you might be interested in this possibility, please take a
look at the table of contents and sample chapters available at Then please
contact us if you need further information.

David Bau, Microsoft Corp.
Nick Trefethen, Cornell University


From: Biswa Datta <>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 16:39:51 CDT
Subject: Datta Numerical Linear Algebra Book

Announcement of a New Book

ISBN 0-534-17466-3
Author : Biswa Nath Datta (

Publisher : Brooks/Cole Publishing Company , 511 Forest Lodge
Road, Pacific Grove, California 93950, USA.

Tel : 1-800-423-0563 ( for review), Fax : (415) 592-3342 ( for
review). Tel : 1-800-354-9706 ( for purchasing), Fax : ( 606)
525-0978 ( for purchasing).

Chapter 0 : Numerical Linear Algebra Problems : Their Importance
and Computational Difficulties.
Chapter 1 : A Review of Required Linear Algebra Concepts
Chapter 2 : Floating Point Numbers and Errors in Computations
Chapter 3 : Stability of Algorithms and Conditioning of Problems
Chapter 4 : Numerically Effective Algorithms and Mathematical
Chapter 5 : Some Useful Transformations in Numerical Linear
Algebra and Their Applications
Chapter 6 : Numerical Solutions of Linear Systems
Chapter 7 : Least-Squares Solutions to Linear Systems
Chapter 8 : Numerical Matrix Eigenvalue Problems
Chapter 9 : The Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
Chapter 10 : The Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
Chapter 11 : A Taste of Roundoff Error Analysis
Appendices : A Brief Introduction to MATLAB ; MATCOM and Selected
MATLAB Programs from MATCOM ; A List of Commonly Used LAPACK
Routines ; Key Terms in Numerical Linear Algebra
and Partial Solutions and Answer to Some Selected Problems.

Chapters 6 through 10 contain applications and case studies
showing how linear algebra problems arise in engineering
and other applied sciences.
There are statements on " Required Background Material " at the
beginning and " Summary and Review " at the end of each Chapter.

The book is intended for use in both undergraduate and
beginning level graduate courses in numerical linear algebra,
numerical analysis, and applied linear algebra, as well as
by scientists and engineers for self-study and reference.


From: Andy Cleary <>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 16:19:49 -0400
Subject: Change of Address for Andy Cleary

Dear Colleagues,

Please note my new address:

Andy Cleary
Department of Computer Science
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-1301
W: (615)-974-8298


From: Sharon Henderson <insmath@cc.UManitoba.CA>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 13:43:43 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Sign Pattern in a Matrix

In solving boundary value problems for Laplace's equation
in doubly connected regions, we get an nxn matrix with
the following sign pattern (for a 4x4 matrix)

+  +  +  +
- + + +
+ - + +
- + - +

We would appreciate hearing by e-mail or fax from anyone
who has come across such pattern in theory or applications.

P. N. Shivakumar
Institute of Industrial Mathematical Sciences (IIMS),
420 Machray Hall,
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2, Canada
Telephone: (204) 474-6724
Fax: (204) 275-0019


From: Dante Pingenot <>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 95 15:31:00 T6C
Subject: IMSL C Numerical Libraries

Attention all mathematics, statistics, engineering, and science professors
at certified U.S. or Canadian colleges, universities, or institutions of
higher education.

Visual Numerics, Inc., is offering 100 free IMSL C Numerical Libraries
including one year of support for use in a teaching environment.
These libraries are valued from $600.00 to $3,000.00 per
license depending on platform.

To apply for your free license, including one year of support, send a
description of 75 words or less on how you intend to use the IMSL C
Numerical Libraries in your class. Your description must be received by
April 30, 1995. Your only obligation is to provide an article that may
be used in the Visual Numerics newsletter," New Directions".

Details of the offer and an online form to submit your entry are
available in our home page:

Dante Pingenot

9990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 400
Houston, TX 77042


From: Tjalling Ypma (
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 1995 12:20:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Pacific NorthWest Numerical Analysis Seminar


The 9th annual PNWNAS will take place at Western Washington
University, Bellingham, Washington State, USA on Saturday 23
September 1995. Scheduled speakers and their topics are:

John Betts (Boeing): Interplanetary Trajectory Optimization
Alan Genz (Washington State): Stochastic Multiple Integration
Mary Kropinski (Simon Fraser): Integral Equation Methods for PDEs
Dale Olesky (Victoria): Sparse QR Factorization
Frank Stenger (Utah): Sinc Methods for Differential Equations
Andrew Stuart (Stanford): Numerical Analysis / Dynamical Systems

Further information may be obtained from the e-mail address above or by
writing to: PNWNAS; Math.; Western Washington Univ.; Bellingham WA 98225


From: Gerardo Toraldo <>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 1995 15:46:40 -0600
Subject: Nonlinear Optimization Conference in Capri

Final Announcement and Call for Papers
Short Conference on
STATUS AND PERSPECTIVES. Capri, Italy 22-23 June 1995

The Centro di ricerche per il calcolo Parallelo e i Supercal-
colatori (CPS), a research center joint of the CNR (Consiglio
Nazionale delle Ricerche) and of the University of Naples
``Federico II'', will host a short conference entitled ``High
Performance Software for Nonlinear Optimization: Status and
Perspectives'' on 22-23 June 1995 in Capri, Italy.
The Conference will follow the Workshop on Nonlinear Optimization
and Applications in Erice, Italy.
The focus of the conference is the current state-of-the-art in
optimization software and, in particular, optimization
software for high performance computers. The conference will
provide an authoritative overview of the nonlinear optimization
field, including algorithms, software evaluation, implementation
issues, applications and future areas of research.
TOPICS OF INTEREST include: (Parallel) Computational experiments,
Large-Scale Constrained and Unconstrained Problems, Global Optimi-
zation, Quadratic Programming, Automatic Differentiation, Linear
and Nonlinear Least Squares, Numerical Linear Algebra problems
arising in Optimization, Solution of Large Nonlinear Systems
Nonsmooth Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Applications in
Sciences , Managements and Engineering.

Walter Murray (Stanford University, USA)
`Sequential Quadratic Programming Methods'
Pontus Matstoms Linkoping University, SWEDEN
`Direct Methods for the Sparse Least Squares Problem'
Jorge J. More' (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
`Environments for Large-Scale optimization'
Panos Pardalos (Florida University, Gainesville, USA)
`Parallel and Serial Algorithms and Software
for Global Optimization Problems'
Mauricio G.C. Resende (AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, USA)
`Solving large-scale network flow problems
with interior point algorithms'
Philippe L.Toint (Universite' Notre Dame de La Paix, Namur, BELGIUM)
`A short history of CUTE and testing in nonlinear optimization'
Stavros A. Zenios (University of Cyprus, Nicosia, CYPRUS).
`High-Performance Computing for Planning Under Uncertainty:
Algorithms and Applications'

The CONFERENCE COMMITTEE includes Prof. Jorge J. More', Prof. Al-
merico Murli and Prof. Panos Pardalos.
For INFORMATION or for hotel and registration forms, send an e-mail
message to or send a fax to +39-81-7662106
(Prof. A.Murli) or send a letter to:
Prof. Almerico Murli or to Prof. Gerardo Toraldo
Universita` di Napoli "Federico II", Dip. di Matematica e Appl.,
Complesso Monte S.Angelo, Via Cintia 80126, Napoli - ITALY.


From: Iain Duff <>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 95 17:31:20 BST
Subject: Cerfacs International Linear Algebra Year


First, please accept our apologies if you have been waiting for further
information about the International Linear Algebra at CERFACS.
The reason for this delay is that we wanted to ensure that our funding was
secure before sending this broadcast.

The good news is that it is. The bad news is that in order to secure funding
we have had to move the Linear Algebra Year by about six months. The new
dates for Workshops are:

September 26-29 Direct methods
October 17-20 Eigenvalues and beyond

April 22-25 Optimization and linear algebra
June 11-14 Iterative methods

The two workshops in 1995 will be held at the UNESCO Centre in Toulouse.

Each three-day workshop will be preceded by a tutorial or industrially
oriented first day. Because of support, we are able to keep
the cost to 1500 FFR (for registration, documentation, lunches, teas and
coffees) for the three-day workshop and tutorial, with a reduction to
1000 FFR for full-time students, and a fee of 3000 FFR for non-academics.
Living costs in the Toulouse region are quite low, normally about
250FFR per day for bed, breakfast and evening meal. Reduced price
accommodation is available at UNESCO.

A list of speakers for the first two workshops is appended.

We are still planning a visitor programme during the year, both for people
who want to extend their workshop stay and for those who want to spend
a longer time with us during the year. Unfortunately, we have a finite
amount of space for visitors so there may be some competition for
spaces. It would help therefore if you could let us know as soon as
possible when you would like to come, for how long, and what kind of work you
hope to pursue during your visit to CERFACS.

Registrations forms, requests for visits, up-to-date information
on the Workshops and the Year can be found on the WWW page:

For those of you who have trouble accessing WWW, requests for further
information should be made to

DIRECT METHODS, September 26-29, 1995

P. Amestoy (ENSEEIHT,France)
F. Alvarado (Wisconsin, USA)
P. Bjorstad (Bergen, Norway)
R. Bisseling (Utrecht, Netherlands)
J. Barlow (Pennsylvania, USA)
T. Davis (Florida, USA)
J. Dongarra (UT and ORNL, USA)
I. Duff (CERFACS, France and RAL, UK)
A. George (Waterloo, Canada)
J. Gilbert (Xerox, USA)
S. Gupta (Minneapolis, USA)
B. Lucas (SRC, USA)
J. Liu (York University, Canada)
D. Pierce (Boeing, USA)
A. Pothen (Old Dominion, USA)
J. Reid (RAL, United Kingdom)
E. Rothberg (SGI, USA)
R. Schreiber (RIACS, USA)
H. Simon (SGI, USA)
Z. Zlatev (Riso, Denmark)

EIGENVALUES AND BEYOND, October 17-20, 1995

F. Chaitin-Chatelin (Paris IX and CERFACS, France)
J. Cullum (IBM, USA)
J. Demmel (Berkeley, USA)
J.-C. Dunyach (Aerospatiale, France)
A. Edelman (MIT, USA)
N. Higham (Manchester, United Kingdom)
I. Ipsen (Raleigh, USA)
J. Lewis (Boeing, USA)
C. Meyer (Raleigh, USA)
B. Parlett (Berkeley, USA)
Y. Saad (Minneapolis, USA)
G. Sleijpen (Utrecht, Netherlands)
J. Scott (RAL, United Kingdom)
D. Sorensen (Houston, USA)
Z. Strakos (Prague, Czech Republic)
G. Strang (MIT, USA)
V. Toumazou (CERFACS, France)
N. Trefethen (Cornell, USA)
P. Trouv\'e (Thomson, France)


From: Farid Alizadeh <>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 17:57:22 -0400
Subject: Combinatorial Optimization Day at Rutgers

Combinatorial Optimization Day at RUTCOR

Applications of Semidefinite Programming
in Combinatorial Optimization
22 April, 1995
10:30am- 6:30pm

RUTCOR Bldg, Rutgers University,
Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ

David Williamson (I.B.M T. J. Watson Lab):
Approximation Algorithms for Maximum Cut and Satisfiability Problems
Michel Goemans (MIT Math. Dept.):
Semidefinite Programming Relaxations for the Vertex Cover Problem
Laszlo Lovasz (Yale CS Dept.):
Mixing Rank and Semidefiniteness: Colin de Verdiere's Invariant
Madhu Sudan (I.B.M T. J. Watson Lab):
Algorithms for Coloring and Clique Approximation
Mario Szegedy (AT&T Bell Labs):
Negative Results
Discussion session on research directions and open problems
chaired by Farid Alizadeh.

There are no fees, however because of space limitations PREREGISTRATION
by e-mail or FAX is strongly recommended.
REGISTRATION BY FAX: send fax to 908-445-5472
Updates of this document and a map of Busch campus of Rutgers University
can be obtained from www cite:


From: Adam Beguelin <>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 11:09:03 -0400
Subject: Abstract Deadline for PVM'95

We are extending the abstract deadline for the PVM Users' Group meeting
until April 14th. We will try to accomodate all appropriate presentations.
We encourage those interested in presenting to submit abstracts via email

This year we are also including introductory and advanced tutorials on
Sunday, May 7th.

The early registration deadline for the meeting is also April 14.

See for more information.


Adam Beguelin,,


From: Jerzy Wasniewski <>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 14:49:30 +0200
Subject: Applied Parallel Computing Workshop


Organized by:
UNI*C (The Danish Computing Centre for Research and Education) and
IMM (The Institute for Mathematical Modelling of the Technical
University of Denmark) in collaboration with
Professor Jack Dongarra from the University of Tennessee and Oak
Ridge National Laboratory.

Dates: August 21, 1995 - Tutorial: ScaLAPACK and Parallel NAG Library
on IBM SP2 and SGI Power Challenge
in Multiprocessing Environment
August 22 - 24, 1994 - Workshop sessions
Place: UNI*C, The Danish Computing Centre for Research and Education,
The Technical University of Denmark, 2800 Lyngby, DENMARK

Some of the key speakers are: Jack Dongarra, Tennessee
University & Oak Ridge Nat. Lab., USA; Martyn F. Guest, DRAL
Daresbury Laboratory, UK; Antonio Lagana, University of
Perugia, Italy; Peter Lomdahl, Los Alamos National Lab., USA;
Ken McDonald, Numerical Algorithms Group, UK; AAke Nordlund,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Ahmed Sameh, University of
Minnesota, USA; Paul Woodward, University of Minnesota, USA;
Takahiro Yamasaki, Joint Research Center for Atom Technology
(JRCAT) in Tsukuba, Japan.
A limited number of contributed 20 or 30 min. talks will be
selected for the workshop. Poster sessions will also be
organized. Potential contributors should notice the following
Deadlines: Abstracts no more than one A4 page (talks and
posters) by June 15, 1995. Papers between 5 and 10 pages for
conference proceedings by July 31, 1995. All the conference
papers will be published by Springer-Verlag as one of the
Computer Science Lecture Notes.
The PARA95 workshop information are available by anonymous
ftp (or
<your email address>
cd uni-c/unijw/para95
Some of the PARA95 information is also distributed by the
mailing list
To subscribe send a message to
sub para95-l yourname

Registration fees: Early before June 15, 1995 otherwise late
registration fee will be charged.
University: DKK 700 tutorial and 1600 workshop before June 15
DKK 1100 tutorial and 2300 workshop after June 15
Industry: DKK 1100 tutorial and 2400 workshop before June 15
DKK 1700 tutorial and 3000 workshop after June 15
The fee covers attendance at the workshop or/and tutorial,
lunch, copy materials, reception before the conference,
conference proceedings, and coffee breaks. The Conference
dinner will be charged separately.

For more PARA95 information contact:
PARA95, UNI*C, DTU, Bldg. 304, 2800 Lyngby, Denmark
Attn: Jerzy Wasniewski
Email: Fax: (+45) 45 93 02 20
Tel: (+45) 45 88 39 99 after the tone 2426


From: Philippe Toint <>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 95 16:14:56 +0200
Subject: Position in Namur, Belgium

Le Conseil d'Administration des Facultes Universitaires Notre-Dame de la
Paix - Namur annonce la vacance du poste suivant :

Faculte des Sciences
Departement de Mathematique

Charge de Cours temps plein (m/f)

Le Departement de Mathematique des Facultes Universitaires Notre-Dame de la
Paix est oriente vers differents domaines de mathematiques appliquees et
participe a des programmes de recherche interdisciplinaires,
interuniversitaires et internationaux. Son enseignement (en langue
francaise) comporte notamment les specialites suivantes : optimisation,
mecanique et equations differentielles, statistique, analyse numerique,
ainsi que des domaines connexes.

Le poste de charge de cours sera attribue a un docteur, mathematicien
applique, avec une tendance fondamentale. Il devra renforcer une des lignes
de recherches menees actuellement par le departement. Le choix portera
egalement sur sa capacite a contribuer a la realisation d'un des deux
projets que le departement souhaite developper : prise en charge des
problemes pedagogiques rencontres par les etudiants abordant la premiere
candidature ou mise en oeuvre d'un diplome d'etudes approfondies en
collaboration avec d'autres universites de la Communaute Francaise de

Les formulaires de candidature peuvent etre obtenus aupres de la Direction
du Personnel des Facultes Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, rue de
Bruxelles, 61 - B-5000 Namur, Belgique et doivent etre renvoyes au R.P. M.
Gilbert, Recteur, a la meme adresse, au plus tard pour le 15 mai 1995.


From: John Mason <>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 15:49:20 +0000
Subject: Research Assistantships at University of Hudderfield


Two 3-year research studentships are available to good graduates
in numerate degrees, preferably with relevant MSc degree or
experience starting September/October 1995 :

1) CASE Studentship (UK/EC only) on "Approximation by Neural Networks
in Hydraulics" with Hydraulics Research Ltd Wallingford - EPSRC grant
+2250pds - involving NNs, approximation, parallel algorithms.

2) Postgraduate bursary (about EPSRC basic rate +UK/EC PhD fees) on
"Approximation by Wavelets", with requirement to provide some
programming support to MSc course - involving approximation,
numerical analysis and applications.

Apply to Prof J.C.Mason, School of Computing and Mathematics,
University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 3DH
enclosing 3 copies of c.v. and names of two referees by 5 May 1995.
Phone enquiries:01484-472680 (Mason) or 01484-472616 (Anderson),


From: Richard Brualdi <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 18:24:37 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and its Applications

Contents Volume 219

Carsten W. Scherer (Delft, the Netherlands)
The General Nonstrict Algebraic Riccati Inequality 1

Dragomir Z. Dokovic (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) and
Leonardo Legorreta (Ogden, Utah)
Congruence of Hermitian Matrices Over Some Localizations of C[z,"z_1] 35

Ali H. Sayed (Santa Barbara, California) and Thomas Kailath
(Stanford, California)
Fast Algorithms for Generalized Displacement Structures and Lossless
Systems 49

Darko Veljan (Zagreb, Croatia)
The Sine Theorem and Inequalities for Volumes of Simplices and Determinants 79

Chi-Kwong Li (Williamsburg, Virginia) and Paras P. Mehta
(Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Permutation Invariant Norms 93

Zuzana Nagyova (Kosice, Czechoslovakia)
On Classes of Normalized Matrices 111

Takayuki Furuta (Tokyo, Japan)
Extension of the Furuta Inequality and Ando-Hiai Log-Majorization 139

Miguel Lacruz (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan)
Norms of Schur Multipliers 157

Hiroyuki Ishibashi (Saitama, Japan)
Involuntary Expressions for Elements in GLn(Z) and SLn(Z) 165

C. Burgueno (Temuco, Chile) and C. Mallol
(Montpellier, France)
Morphismes de Peirce et Orthogonalite Dans les Algebres de Bernstein 179

Jan Hauke and Augustyn Markiewicz (Poznan, Poland)
On Partial Orderings on the Set of Rectangular Matrices 187

Suk-Geun Hwang (Taegu, Republic of Korea)
Minimizing the Permanent over Some Faces of the Polytope of Doubly Stochastic
Matrices 195

Isabel Cabral (Monte da Caparica, Portugal)
Matrices With Prescribed Submatrices and Number of Invariant Polynomials 207

P. Enflo, V. I. Gurarii, V. Lomonosov (Kent, Ohio) and Yu I. Lyubich (Haifa,
Exponential Numbers of Linear Operators in Normed Spaces 225

A. J. Duran (Sevilla, Spain) and W. Van Assche
(Heverlee, Belgium)
Orthogonal Matrix Polynomials and Higher-Order Recurrence Relations 261

Author Index 281


From: SIAM <>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 95 10:03:09 EST
Subject: Contents, SIAM Appliced Mathematics

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics
JUNE 1995 Volume 55, Number 3


On the Oseen Drag on a Sphere
A. J. Weisenborn and B. I. M. ten Bosch

Expansions in Terms of Moments of Time-Dependent, Moving Charges
and Currents
Marijan Ribaric and Luka Sustersic

Convergence of the 2x2 Godunov Method for a General Resonant
Nonlinear Balance Law
Eli Isaacson and Blake Temple

The Broadwell Model in a Box: Strong L^1-Convergence to Equilibrium
Leif Arkeryd and Reinhard Illner

Maximum Principles for a Class of Conservation Laws
Helge Holden, Nils Henrik Risebro, and Aslak Tveito

A Unusual Moving Boundary Condition Arising in Anomalous Diffusion
D. A. Edwards and D. S. Cohen

Identification of a Core from Boundary Data
Wolfgang Ring

On Emission Tomography of Inhomogeneous Media
Vladimir A. Sharafutdinov

A Note on the Differential Inversion Method of Hohlfeld et al.
A. S. Vasudeva Murthy

The Continuation Approach: A General Framework for the Analysis and
Evaluation of Singular and Near-singular Integrals
Dan Rosen and Donald E. Cormack

Global Stability for a Class of Predator-Prey Systems
Sze-Bi Hsu and Tzy-Wei Huang

Time-Dependent Behavior of Fluid Buffer Models with Markov Input
and Constant Output Rates
Thomas M. Chen and Vijay K. Samalam

On the Effect of Measuring a Self-similar Process
Peter Hall

Asymptotic Distribution of Exit Times for Small-Noise Diffusions
Alain Simonian

Image Segmentation by Variational Methods: Mumford and Shah
Functional and the Discrete Approximations
Antonin Chambolle

Erratum to the Paper: First-Order Corrections to the Homogenized
Eigenvalues of a Periodic Composite Medium [SIAM J. Appl. Math., 53
(1993), pp. 1636-1668]
Fadil Santosa and Michael Vogelius


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