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From: NA Digest <>
Date: Sun Apr 2 22:19:37 EDT 1995
Subject: NA Digest Calendar

NA Digest Calendar
Date Topic Place NA Digest #

Apr. 2- 7 Multigrid Methods Copper Mountain, CO 07
Apr. 3- 5 Applied Mathematical Programming London, England 41
Apr. 3- 6 Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics Oxford, England 08
Apr. 4- 6 Real Numbers and Computers Saint-Etienne, France 10
Apr. 7 Carl Discrete Math Day Ottawa, Ontario 08
Apr. 8 Carl Analysis Day Ottawa, Ontario 08
Apr. 8 East Coast Computer Algebra Day Newark, DE 10
Apr. 10-12 Parameter Identification Karlsruhe, Germany 46
Apr. 17-18 Symposium in Memory of John A. Gregory Nicosia, Cyprus 06
Apr. 20-22 Computational and Applied Mathematics Austin, TX 09
Apr. 23-26 IBM High Performance Computing Tucson, AZ 12
Apr. 24-26 Boundary Element Technology Honolulu, Hawaii 06
Apr. 24-28 3rd INRIA-SIAM Wave Propagation Conf. Juan-les-Pins, France 19
Apr. 24-28 Multigrid Course Bad Honnef, Germany 03
Apr. 26-30 Numerical Analysis & Applied Math. Constanza,Romania 26
Apr. 27-29 Control and Its Applications St. Louis, MO 36
Apr. 28-30 Global Optimization Princeton, NJ 47
Apr. 29 Midwest NA Day Iowa City, Iowa 05

May 9-12 Agriculture & Bio-Industries Brussels, Belgium 42
May 14-17 Homogenization Theories Mierki, Poland 05
May 15-19 Graphics Interface '95 Quebec City, Canada 36
May 16-20 Domain Decomposition Methods Beijing, China 45
May 16-20 Applied Computer Algebra Albuquerque, NM 46
May 21-24 Object-Oriented Numerics Conference Jackson Lake, WY 32
May 21-26 Centenial Hurwitz on Stability Theory MonteVerita,Switzerland49
May 22-26 Flow through Porous Media Saint-Etienne, France 48
May 29... Haifa Matrix Theory Conference Haifa, Israel 05
May 29-31 Diffraction St.Petersburg, Russia 04
May 31... Method of Lines Workshop Lexington, KY 12

June 1- 3 ABS Methods Beijing, China 04
June 5- 9 Spectral And High Order Methods Houston, TX 44
June 5- 9 Control and Information Shatin NT, Hong Kong 33
June 6-10 Inertial Manifolds Xi'an, China 21
June 12-16 Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra San Francisco, CA 11
June 13-21 Nonlinear Optimization Erice, Sicily, Italy 11
June 17-20 IMACS Symposium on Iterative Methods Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 46
June 17-20 Iterative Methods in Linear Algebra Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 39
June 19-22 Intertial Manifolds Xi'an, China 04
June 19-20 Symposium in Honor of Herb Keller Pasadena, CA 04
June 20-24 Honoring G. I. Marchuk Novosibirsk, Russia 28
June 21-24 Interface Computing and Statistics Pittsburgh, PA 50
June 22-23 Nonlinear Optimization Capri 09
June 22-29 Finite Element Approximations St.-Petersburg, Russia 46
June 26-27 Stockholm Optimization Days Stockholm, Sweden 06
June 26-30 Systems Analysis and Simulation Berlin, Germany 50
June 26... Mechanics of Continuous Media St.Peterbourg, Russia 01
June 27-30 Numerical Analysis Dundee, Scotland 37
June 28-30 DSS/2 User Group Mons, Belgium 09

July 3- 7 Computational Techniques Melbourne, Australia 10
July 3- 7 ICIAM, Int'l Cong. Indust. Appl. Math. Hamburg, Germany 23
July 3- 7 Mathematics of Neural Networks Oxford, UK 48
July 9-12 Error Bounds for Numerical Algorithms Oldenburg, Germany 05
July 9-13 Conjugate Gradient Methods Seattle, WA 10
July 9-14 Ill-posed Inverse Problems San Diego, CA 48
July 9-14 Math Methods in Geophysical Imaging San Diego, CA 51
July 10-12 Linear Algebra and Its Applications Manchester, UK 11
July 10-12 South African N.A. Symposium Scottburgh, So. Africa 52
July 10-14 Computational Mathematics Shushenskoe, Siberia 11
July 15-16 Matrix Methods for Statistics Montreal, Quebec 09
July 10-21 Nonlinear Waves Sapporo, Japan 43
July 16... Mathematics of Numerical Analysis Park City, UT 11
July 17-18 Identification and Optimization Prague, Czech. 12
July 17-19 Boundary Element Techniques Madison, WI 04
July 17-21 Distributed Parameter Systems Warsaw, Poland 25
July 17-21 Modelling and Optimization Warsaw, Poland 32
July 31... Rocky Mountain Numerical Analysis Salt Lake City, UT 32
July 31... Summer School Jyvaskyla, Finland 11

Aug. 2- 4 Computer Methods in Water Resources Beirut, Lebanon 50
Aug. 7-16 Industrial Mathematics Modeling Raleigh, NC 12
Aug. 16-19 International Linear Algebra Society Atlanta, GA 07
Aug. 19-22 Operations Research Beijing, China 05
Aug. 21-23 Workshop on Conservation Laws Trondheim, Norway 44
Aug. 21-24 Applied Parallel Computing Lyngby, Denmark 12
Aug. 23-27 Biology, Ecology and Medicine Sofia, Bulgaria 09
Aug. 24-29 Differential Equations Rousse, Bulgaria 06
Aug. 27-31 Circuit Theory and Design Istanbul, Turkey 42
Aug. 28-30 European Simulation Meeting Gyor, Hungary 07
Aug. 28... Computational and Applied Mathematics Curitiba, Brazil 03
Aug. 29... Parallel Statistics and Economics Trier-Mainz, Germany 41

Sep. 5-14 Computing Techniques in Physics Skalsky dvur, Czech. 08
Sep. 12-15 Parallel Computing in Russia St.-Petersburg, Russia 45
Sep. 17-21 Acoustics of Submerged Structures Boston, MA 22
Sep. 26-29 Computer Arithmetic Wuppertal, Germany 04
Sep. 27-30 Mathematical Tools in Metrology Oxford, UK 51

Oct. 9-15 Cubature Formulae Krasnoyarsk, Russia 08
Oct. 13-14 Differential Equations Raleigh, NC 08
Oct. 15-19 Parallel Algorithms Wuhan, China 08
Oct. 16-18 1995 MATLAB Conference Cambridge, MA 12
Oct. 23-26 SIAM Annual Meeting Charlotte, NC 05

Nov. 1- 4 Complementarity Problems Baltimore, MD 05
Nov. 6- 9 Geometric Design Nashville, TN 04
Nov. 15-17 Simulation of Devices and Technologies Kruger, South Africa 01
Nov. 19-22 Pure and Applied Mathematics Isa Town, Bahrain 38

Dec. 10-14 Global Optimization Szeged, Hungary 10
Dec. 14-16 Dynamical Systems/Numerical Analysis Atlanta, GA 49
Dec. 14-20 Winter School on Iterative Methods Hong Kong 09

Jan. 28-30 Discrete Algorithms Atlanta, GA 10
Feb. 12-14 Network Optimization Problems Gainesville, FL 47
Apr. 1- 4 State of the Art in Numerical Analysis York, England 06
June 13-15 Algebraic Multilevel Iteration Methods Nijmegen, Netherlands 11
June 17-21 Householder XIII Symposium Pontresina,Switzerland 44
July 8-12 Prague Mathematical Conference Prague, Czech Rep. 03
July 15-19 Computational Mechanics Miskolc, Hungary 10
July 27-30 Conference Honoring Mike Powell Cambridge, England 48
Aug. 25-31 Congress Theor. & Appl. Mechanics Kyoto, Japan 46


From: Marcel Mongeau <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 1995 13:51:32 +0200 (MET)
Subject: Global Optimization Software

We are interested in obtaining any software (either of public domain
or commercial) for global optimization. Any related documentation would be

Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty Marcel Mongeau

Laboratoire Approximation & Optimisation
Universite Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III)
118, route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse cedex



From: David E. Cawlfield <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 1995 22:06:59 -0800
Subject: Looking for Spherical Bessel Function Evaluator

We are looking for an evaluator for the Spherical Bessel
functions of the first kind (aka half-order Bessel functions).
This could be either be in the form of computer code(s)
or pointers to a continued fraction approximation to the SBF.

We know that we can obtain the SBFs from a standard
"J sub(N+ALPHA) (X)" evaluator, and we have previously used
Cody's RJBESL function from netlib, with good results. We also
have looked at the series approximation in Abramowitz & Stegun.

The problem that we are currently faced with is having to do
"a bit of algebra" when evaluating the kernel of an integral equation
in the vicinity of a singularity. An alternative approximation series
might help us do the math.

D. E. Cawlfield
Las Vegas, NV


From: Mark Hanisch <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 95 16:03:46 EST
Subject: Generalized Eigenvalues, Maximum Real Part

Dear Colleagues,

We are looking for algorithms for the generalized eigenvalue problem
Ax = cBx
which find the maximum of Re(c) (the real part), where c ranges through the
set of generalized eigenvalues. In our application the matrices A and B
are large, complex, and square, but not necessarily Hermitian. It is not
feasible for us to compute all of the generalized eigenvalues. Your
suggestions for or directions to such algorithms would be greatly appreciated.

(We are aware of a method employing matrix exponentials and a power

Please direct responses to .

Thanks for your help,

Mark Hanisch Vivek Saxena
Math & CS BEAM Technologies
Hobart & William Smith Colleges 110 N Cayuga St.
Geneva, NY 14456 Ithaca, NY 14850


From: Trini Flores <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 95 12:26:12 EST
Subject: SIAM Meeting Dates


APRIL 14, 1995 - Deadline for submission of minisymposium
proposals to 1995 SIAM Annual Meeting,
Charlotte, NC, October 23-26.

APRIL 14, 1995 - Deadline for advance registration to
attend 1995 SIAM Conference on Control
and Its Applications, St. Louis, MO
April 27-29.

MAY 8, 1995 - Deadline for submission of abstracts to
1995 SIAM Conference on Geometric Design,
Nashville, TN, November 6-9.

MAY 15, 1995 - Deadline for submission of abstracts to
1995 SIAM Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC
October 23-26.

MAY 19, 1995 - Deadline for submission of abstracts to
1995 Symposium on Inverse Problems:
Geophysical Applications, Yosemite, CA
December 16-19.

To receive your copy of the calls for papers, either the electronic or
hard copy versions; to obtain the macros for submitting abstracts
electronically; to obtain minisymposium proposal forms; to register or
obtain more information about SIAM conferences, contact SIAM now.
Telephone: 215-382-9800; Fax: 215-386-7999; E-mail:
Gopher: World Wide Web:


From: W. van Eimeren <>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 95 16:47:38 +6816
Subject: Director Position at GSF, Bavaria

The GSF is a non-profit research centre funded by the Federal Government of
Germany and the State of Bavaria with approximately 1700 employees. Research
is focused on activities related to the protection of man and his environment
from harmful effects resulting from radiation or chemicals, and using
scientific and technical knowledge to improve the provision of health care.

We hope to fill the position of the

des GSF-Instituts fuer Biometrie

as soon as possible.

The nomination will be jointly carried out in co-operation with the faculty of
mathematics of the Technical University of Munich. The director of the newly
founded Institut fuer Biometrie will also hold the chair (C4) of Angewandte
Mathematik in Oekologie und Medizin at the Technical University of Munich.
Please take notice of the announcement in the Deutsche Universitaetszeitung.

The applicant is expected to introduce new mathematical results and methods
into the disciplines of Medicine, Biology and Ecology. The institute,
with 14 permanent staff members, has the task of developing mathematical
methods modelling biological, ecological and medical processes, structures
and mechanisms on a co-operative basis. This includes for example the three-
dimensional modelling of the different environmental compartments as well
as developing simulation models for various ecological, medical and biological

Applicants should have excellent scientific qualifications and proven
management capabilities. He/she should be interested in internal and external
co-operation, both on a national and an international level. Salary level
corresponds to that of a full university professorship (C4). Applications
with curriculum vitae, list of publications, references and certificates
should be sent no later than April 30, 1995, to the scientific director
of the GSF:

Prof. Dr. J. Klein
Postfach 11 29,
85758 Oberschleissheim

and also to the dekan of the mathematical faculty Technical University of

Dekan der Fakultaet fuer Mathematik der TU Muenchen
Arcisstrasse 21
D - 80333 Muenchen

GSF - Forschungszentrum
fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit


From: Ian Sloan <sloan@solution.maths.unsw.EDU.AU>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 14:22:40 +1000
Subject: Postdoc Position at University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia


This is a preliminary draft of a probable forthcoming advertisement for
a post-doc position suitable for a young researcher with good numerical
analysis and math training. We hope to fill the position quickly.
The position could be suitable, for instance, for an Australian resident
who now wants to return to Australia, but all applicants will be considered.
Please contact me if you might be interested.

Ian Sloan





Applications are invited for a Research Associate position on the project
"Computable error bounds for the Finite Element Method",
funded by the Australian Research Council, and held by Professors
I.H.Sloan (Math.) and D.W.Kelly (Mech. Eng.). The project extends previous
techniques for obtaining useful and reliable pointwise error
in the finite-element method. The extensions in the present project
are particularly focussed on non-linear problems. The successful
applicant will have a PhD in relevant discipline, strong research experience,
involving scientific computing, and a good knowledge of mathematical
analysis. A knowledge of the following areas would be desirable:
PDE, FEM, BEM, numerical analysis, nonlinear analysis. He or she will be
located in the Mathematics School, and have
access to a range of modern computing equipment, Appointment on a fractional
or full-time basis will be considered.

Apppointment will be initially for one year, with the possibility of renewal
for up to two further years. The salary will be in the range $A37,345 to
$A40,087, depending on age and experience. For further information contact
Professor Ian Sloan on


From: Paul Messina <>
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 09:08:02 -0800
Subject: Position at Caltech

Position Available:

Manager of Computing Systems for
Caltech's Center for Advanced Computing Research (CACR)

The CACR seeks to fill the position of Manager of CACR Computing Facilities.
This new position encompasses the following responsibilities:

overseeing all aspects of operation of a large, cutting-edge
computing and networking facility that supports large-scale
computational science and engineering research projects.

supervising a staff of approximately 12 that provides system
support, user services, hardware and software maintenance, and
general facility support

interfacing with vendors and maintenance providers, including acting
as technical point of contact for collaborative evaluation and
development projects, such as the Scalable I/O Initiative

taking the leadership role in formulating operating policies for
the CACR computing environments

This person must have substantial experience in managing advanced
technical computing facilities and be capable of providing leadership
in identifying and implementing solutions to systems problems or

This position reports directly to Paul Messina, the Director of CACR.

Educational Background

Masters or Ph.D. in a technical field (computer science, a physical science,
or mathematics) or equivalent experience


The CACR is a multidisciplinary computational science research
organization. The CACR operates large-scale computing and networking
facilities that support the research projects. Most of the activities
of the Center are supported through grants from federal agencies.
There is also substantial support from Caltech and industry. The CACR
also provides computing resources for the Concurrent Supercomputing
Consortium and thus supports users located nationwide.

The CACR computing environment

The CACR computing environment is heavily oriented towards large
parallel computer systems. Current equipment includes

512 processor Intel Paragon
512 processor Intel Delta
several smaller Intel and nCUBE parallel computers
a Convex C210 that runs Unitree for archival storage

A variety of local and wide-area networks (ethernet, HIPPI, ISDN, and ATM),
including the CASA gigabit network testbed

Approximately 50 scientific workstations
supported by several servers

a graphics and video production facility

Caltech is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, Minorities,
Veterans, and Disabled Persons are encouraged to apply.

Please send your resume to:

Mary Maloney
CACR 158-79
1201 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91125

Or send email to:


From: Joseph Traub <>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 95 6:26:47 EST
Subject: Contents, Journal of Complexity

Journal of Complexity -- March, 1995


Explicit Cost Bounds of Algorithms for Multivariate Tensor
Product Problems
G. W. Wasilkowski and H. Wozniakowski

The Real Number Model in Numerical Analysis
E. Novak

Average Error Bounds of Best Approximation of Continuous
Functions on the Wiener Space
Y. Sun and C. Wang

Termination Criteria for Linear Problems
S. Paskov


On the Complexity of Approximating Extremal Determinants in Matrices
L. Khachiyan

The Complexity of Multivariate Elliptic Problems with
Analytic Data
A. Werschulz

Complexity of Finding Irreducible Components of a
Semialgebraic Set
A. Galligo and N. Vorobjov


From: Richard Brualdi <>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 16:50:23 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and its Applications

Contents Volume 218

Kazuo Murota (Kyoto, Japan)
An Identity for Matching and Skew-Symmetric Determinant 1

Jose A. Hermida-Alonso, M. Pilar Perez, and
Tomas Sanchez-Giralda (Valladolid, Spain)
Feedback Invariants for Linear Dynamical Systems Over a
Principal Ideal Domain 29

C. Turke and M. Weber (Dresden, Germany)
On a Maximum Principle for Inverse Monotone Matrices 47

Georg Heinig (Safat, Kuwait) and
Karla Rost (Chemnitz, Germany)
Recursive Solution of Cauchy-Vandermonde Systems of Equations 59

Roy Meshulam (Haifa, Israel)
Spaces of Hankel Matrices Over Finite Fields 73

Artibano Micali (Montpellier, France)
and Moussa Ouattara (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)
Structures des Algebres de Bernstein 77

Jean-Claude Evard (Charleston, Illinois)
Invariance and Commutativity Properties of Some Classes of
Solutions of the Matrix Differential Equation
X(t)X*b7(t)=X*b7(t)X(t) 89

David C. Fisher (Denver, Colorado)
Characteristic Polynomials of Straffin Digraphs 103

G. P. A. Thijsse (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
Symmetry Properties of and Reduction Principles for Divisibility
Relations Between the Invariant Factors of Products of
Holomorphic Matrix Functions 113

David Chillag (Haifa, Israel)
Regular Representations of Semisimple Algebras, Separable Field
Extensions, Group Characters, Generalized Circulants, and
Generalized Cyclic Codes 147

B. Monson (Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada) and
Asia Ivic Weiss (North York, Ontario, Canada)
Polytopes Related to the Picard Group 185

Raymond H. Chan and C. K. Wong (Hong Kong)
Best-Conditioned Circulant Preconditioners 205

Jerrold W. Grossman, Devadatta, M. Kulkarni, and
Irwin E. Schochetman (Rochester, Michigan)
On the Minors of an Incidence Matrix and Its Smith Normal Form 213

Thomas Garrity and Robert Mizner (Williamstown, Massachusetts)
Invariants of Vector-Valued Bilinear and Sesquilinear Forms 225

Carl C. Cowen (West Lafayette, Indiana),
Kelly E. Debro (Atlanta, Georgia), and
Peter D. Sepanski (West Lafayatte, Indiana)
Geometry and the Norms of Hadamard Multipliers 239

Paul Binding (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and
Qiang Ye (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Variational Principles for Indefinite Eigenvalue Problems 251

Gregory S. Ammar (DeKalb, Illinois) and
Chunyang He (Chemnitz, Germany)
On an Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Unitary Hessenberg Matrices 263

Ivan Slapnicar (Split, Croatia) and
Kresimir Veselic (Hagen, Germany)
Perturbations of the Eigenprojections of a Factorized Hermitian Matrix 273

Author Index 281


From: Grant Guevremont <grantg@CERCA.UMontreal.CA>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 19:05:30 -0500
Subject: Contents, Intl. J. Computational Fluid Dynamics


Vol. 3, No. 3-4, 1994

Near-Wake Flow Calculations by an Implicit 2D
Navier-Stokes Roe Riemann Solver.
F. Angrand and F. C. Lafon

A Spectral Method for Unsteady Flow and Heat Transfer Past a Spherical
Droplet: Primitive Variable Formulation
S. Paik, H. D. Nguyen and J. N. Chung

Laminar Convection in a Uniformly Heated Horizontal Pipe
Using Symbolic Computation
I. Guiasu, H. Raszillier and K. Nandakumar

Integration of 2-D Fluid/Structure Coupled System for Calculations of
Turbomachinery Aerodynamic/Aeroelastic Instabilities
L. He

A Finite Volume Solver for the Shallow Water
Equations in Varying Bed Environments
H. Zhang and M. Reggio

A Numerical Study of Optimal Drag Reduction for Turbulent Transonic
Projectiles Using a Passive Control
J.-K. Fu and S.-M. Liang

Linear Instability of the Annular Hagen-Poiseuille Flow with Small Inner
Radius by a Chebyshev Pseudospectral Method
D. Chen and G. H. Jirka

Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Natural Convection In a Square Cavity by
the Third-Order Upwind Finite Element Method
N. Kondo


Steady-State Calculations Using Compact Upwind Schemes for the Inviscid
and Viscous Burgers Equation
K. S. Ravichandran

The Effect of Choice of Inlet Boundary Conditions
for the k-e Turbulence Model
C. E. I. Byrne and A. E. Holdo

Grant Guevremont
CERCA Tel. (514) 369-5273
email :


End of NA Digest