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From: NA Digest <>
Date: Sun Feb 5 18:12:53 EST 1995
Subject: NA Digest Calendar

NA Digest Calendar
Date Topic Place NA Digest #

Feb. 6- 9 Massively Parallel Computation McLean, VA 26
Feb. 8-10 Computational Issues in the Geosciences San Antonio, TX 27
Feb. 8-10 Mathematical and Comp. Geoscience San Antonio, TX 51
Feb. 14-16 Numerical Methods for PDE Torino, Italy 48
Feb. 15-17 SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing San Francisco, CA 51
Feb. 19-25 Applications of Interval Computations El Paso, TX 16
Feb. 20-24 Multiscale Phenomena Eilat, Israel 51

Mar. 2- 8 Scattered Data Fitting Cancun, Mexico 39
Mar. 13-16 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Hampton, VA 46
Mar. 16-17 High Performance Computing Lugano, Switzerland 04
Mar. 17-18 Krylov Subspace Methods Raleigh, NC 29
Mar. 20-21 Nonconvex Energy Functions Rutgers, NJ 20
Mar. 20-22 Steltjes Conference Toulouse, France 39
Mar. 22-24 Nonlinear Partial Differential Eqns. Knoxville, TN 41
Mar. 24-25 SIAM Southeastern-Atlantic Section Charleston, SC 06
Mar. 29-31 Systems and Control Houthalen, Belgium 05
Mar. 28... Sci. Computation & Diff. Eqns. Stanford, CA 50
Mar. 29-31 Systems and Control Houthalen, Belgium 43

Apr. 2- 7 Multigrid Methods Copper Mountain, CO 30
Apr. 3- 5 Applied Mathematical Programming London, England 41
Apr. 3- 6 Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics Oxford, England 43
Apr. 4- 6 Real Numbers and Computers Saint-Etienne, France 47
Apr. 10-12 Parameter Identification Karlsruhe, Germany 46
Apr. 17-18 Symposium in Memory of John A. Gregory Nicosia, Cyprus 06
Apr. 20-22 Computational and Applied Mathematics Austin, TX 49
Apr. 20-22 Computational and Applied Mathematics Austin, TX 42
Apr. 24-26 Boundary Element Technology Honolulu, Hawaii 06
Apr. 24-28 3rd INRIA-SIAM Wave Propagation Conf. Juan-les-Pins, France 19
Apr. 24-28 Multigrid Course Bad Honnef, Germany 03
Apr. 26-30 Numerical Analysis & Applied Math. Constanza,Romania 26
Apr. 27-29 Control and Its Applications St. Louis, MO 36
Apr. 28-30 Global Optimization Princeton, NJ 47
Apr. 29 Midwest NA Day Iowa City, Iowa 05

May 9-12 Agriculture & Bio-Industries Brussels, Belgium 42
May 14-17 Homogenization Theories Mierki, Poland 05
May 15-19 Graphics Interface '95 Quebec City, Canada 36
May 16-20 Domain Decomposition Methods Beijing, China 45
May 16-20 Applied Computer Algebra Albuquerque, NM 46
May 21-24 Object-Oriented Numerics Conference Jackson Lake, WY 32
May 21-26 Centenial Hurwitz on Stability Theory MonteVerita,Switzerland49
May 22-26 Flow through Porous Media Saint-Etienne, France 48
May 29... Haifa Matrix Theory Conference Haifa, Israel 05
May 29-31 Diffraction St.Petersburg, Russia 04

June 1- 3 ABS Methods Beijing, China 04
June 5- 9 Spectral And High Order Methods Houston, TX 44
June 5- 9 Control and Information Shatin NT, Hong Kong 33
June 6-10 Inertial Manifolds Xi'an, China 21
June 13-21 Nonlinear Optimization Erice, Sicily, Italy 44
June 17-20 IMACS Symposium on Iterative Methods Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 46
June 17-20 Iterative Methods in Linear Algebra Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 39
June 19-22 Intertial Manifolds Xi'an, China 04
June 19-20 Symposium in Honor of Herb Keller Pasadena, CA 04
June 20-24 Honoring G. I. Marchuk Novosibirsk, Russia 28
June 21-24 Interface Computing and Statistics Pittsburgh, PA 50
June 26-27 Stockholm Optimization Days Stockholm, Sweden 06
June 22-29 Finite Element Approximations St.-Petersburg, Russia 46
June 26-30 Systems Analysis and Simulation Berlin, Germany 50
June 26... Mechanics of Continuous Media St.Peterbourg, Russia 01
June 27-30 Numerical Analysis Dundee, Scotland 37

July 3- 7 ICIAM, Int'l Cong. Indust. Appl. Math. Hamburg, Germany 23
July 3- 7 Mathematics of Neural Networks Oxford, UK 48
July 9-12 Error Bounds for Numerical Algorithms Oldenburg, Germany 05
July 9-14 Ill-posed Inverse Problems San Diego, CA 48
July 9-14 Math Methods in Geophysical Imaging San Diego, CA 51
July 10-12 Linear Algebra and Its Applications Manchester, England 39
July 10-21 Nonlinear Waves Sapporo, Japan 43
July 10-12 South African N.A. Symposium Scottburgh, So. Africa 52
July 16... Mathematics of Numerical Analysis Park City, UT 48
July 17-19 Boundary Element Techniques Madison, WI 04
July 17-21 Distributed Parameter Systems Warsaw, Poland 25
July 17-21 Modelling and Optimization Warsaw, Poland 32
July 31... Rocky Mountain Numerical Analysis Salt Lake City, UT 32

Aug. 2- 4 Computer Methods in Water Resources Beirut, Lebanon 50
Aug. 19-22 Operations Research Beijing, China 05
Aug. 21-23 Workshop on Conservation Laws Trondheim, Norway 44
Aug. 24-29 Differential Equations Rousse, Bulgaria 06
Aug. 27-31 Circuit Theory and Design Istanbul, Turkey 42
Aug. 28... Computational and Applied Mathematics Curitiba, Brazil 03
Aug. 29... Parallel Statistics and Economics Trier-Mainz, Germany 41

Sep. 12-15 Parallel Computing in Russia St.-Petersburg, Russia 45
Sep. 17-21 Acoustics of Submerged Structures Boston, MA 22
Sep. 26-29 Computer Arithmetic Wuppertal, Germany 04
Sep. 27-30 Mathematical Tools in Metrology Oxford, UK 51

Oct. 15-19 Parallel Algorithms Wuhan, China 52
Oct. 23-26 SIAM Annual Meeting Charlotte, NC 05

Nov. 1- 4 Complementarity Problems Baltimore, MD 05
Nov. 6- 9 Geometric Design Nashville, TN 04
Nov. 15-17 Simulation of Devices and Technologies Kruger, South Africa 01
Nov. 19-22 Pure and Applied Mathematics Isa Town, Bahrain 38

Dec. 14-16 Dynamical Systems/Numerical Analysis Atlanta, GA 49


Feb. 12-14 Network Optimization Problems Gainesville, FL 47
Apr. 1- 4 State of the Art in Numerical Analysis York, England 06
June 17-21 Householder XIII Symposium Pontresina,Switzerland 38
July 8-12 Prague Mathematical Conference Prague, Czech Rep. 03
July 27-30 Conference Honoring Mike Powell Cambridge, England 48
Aug. 25-31 Congress Theor. & Appl. Mechanics Kyoto, Japan 46


From: Jack Dongarra <>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 16:31:37 -0500
Subject: Header of the NA Digest

In the header for the NA Digest, you can add the following lines

URL for the World Wide Web:



From: Gene Golub <golub@sccm.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 15:12:17 PST
Subject: Happy Birthday, Bill

February 1 is Bill Gear's 60th birthday though we will be observing it
on April 1 (no foolin') at Stanford. I've been fortunate to know Bill
40 years. Not only has he worked on a wide range of scientific problems
but he has shown unusual leadership qualities in many capacities So
many happy returns, Bill. Thanks for everything and I hope you can
continue for many years. We'll have a blast in April!



From: Joseph Traub <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 95 10:18:56 EST
Subject: Numerical Computation in CS Departments

In the NA Digest of January 29, Michael Overton writes
"Years ago many Computer Science Departments had a required numerical
computing class. NYU and McGill still do but many other Departments
have long dropped the requirement." Michael Overton then tells what
he does to interest computer scientists in numerical computation.

In the Computer Science Department at Columbia University,
numerical computaion is required for undegraduate majors and for all
PhD students. A substantial portion of the graduate course is devoted
to continuous computational complexity, that is to computational
complexity over the reals. Another portion of the course is devoted
to implications of finite precision floating point arithmetic.

Course evaluations indicate that students like the course.

I use my own class notes and selected readings for the course. My
colleagues and I have written a number of recent expository papers
on continuous computational complexity which I would be pleased to
mail to those indicating interest.


From: Mark Reichelt <>
Date: 03 Feb 1995 15:21:33 GMT
Subject: Introducing the MATLAB ODE Suite

The MathWorks is pleased to announce the availability of a preliminary
version of the MATLAB ODE Suite, a collection of M-files developed by
Lawrence F. Shampine and Mark W. Reichelt for solving ordinary
differential equations.


- non-stiff system solvers (ODE45, ODE23, ODE113)
(ODE45 and ODE23 are completely new codes)

- stiff system solvers (ODE15S, ODE23S)
(with support for sparse systems and mass matrices)

- a powerful new solver syntax

- control of integration options (ODESET, ODEGET)

- optional specification of output points

- optional integration backwards in time

- installable output functions

- a graphical demo (ODEDEMO)

- interfaces to SIMULINK integrators and systems

- 20 example ydot files


The ODE Suite is available by ftp from in the
/pub/mathworks/toolbox/matlab/funfun directory. The directory also
contains a README file with more information on the ODE Suite M-files,
and, the postscript version of a technical report
describing the algorithms in detail.

Software Requirements

The ODE Suite requires MATLAB 4.2c.

Mark Reichelt
The MathWorks, Inc.
24 Prime Park Way
Natick, MA 01760-1500
Tel: 508-653-1415 Fax: 508-653-2997


From: Danny Hershkowitz <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 08:42:27 +0200 (EET)
Subject: International Linear Algebra Society Information Center


There are three ways to use the services of IIC:

MOSAIC, XMOSAIC, NETSCAPE or LYNX - by issuing the command
"command" where command stands for
mosaic, xmosaic, netscape or lynx.

FTP - by anonymous FTP to "" (for the IIC
database change directory to "iic").

E-mail - by including the command
"SEND" (where "filename" is
the file you request) in the mail body of a message sent to .

The list of files that can be obtained from IIC is included in the
file index.html . Detailed instructions as to how to use IIC are
included in the file IIC.GUIDE.

The IIC Database contains information about 141 conferences.

The information available from our JOURNALS Section covers:

Linear Algebra and its Applications (LAA)
Linear and Multilinear Algebra (LAMA)
Journal of Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications (JNLAA)
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications (SIMAX)
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA)
Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems (MCSS)
Elsevier Journals

-- Danny Hershkowitz


From: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 11:56:09 +0100
Subject: New Telephone Numbers for K.U.L.-SISTA

New telephone numbers for :

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT)
Research Group SISTA
(Signals, Identification, Systems Theory and Automation)
Kardinaal Mercierlaan 94
B-3001 Leuven

General :

Tel. : 32-(0)16- 321111
Fax. : 32-(0)16- 321986

SISTA staff members :

Joos Vandewalle : 32-(0)16- 321052
Bart De Moor : 32-(0)16- 321715
Andre Barbe : 32-(0)16- 321053
Sabine Van Huffel : 32-(0)16- 321703
Marc Moonen : 32-(0)16- 321060

Secretary :

Ingrid Tokka : 32-(0)16- 321709


From: Sabine Van Huffel <>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 15:35:45 +0100
Subject: Total Least Squares Book by Van Huffel and Vandewalle

Dear Colleague:

SIAM is planning a second printing of the 1991 edition of our book entitled
``The total least squares problem: computational aspects and analysis'',
which appeared in their Frontiers in Applied Mathematics series (Volume 9).
We want to make the new edition as error-free as possible. If you have noted
any errors, inconsistencies, or ambiguities, either technical or grammatical,
would you kindly convey them to us. Any constructive remarks would also
valuable. Please send your comments to us by mail, fax (32-16-32 19 86) or
by e-mail (
We would greatly appreciate receiving these, and thank you for your
willingness to help us.

Sabine Van Huffel
Joos Vandewalle

Department of Electrical Engineering
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Kardinaal Mercierlaan 94
3001 Leuven-Heverlee


From: Lester Ingber <>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 1995 10:42:19 -0800
Subject: Adaptive Simulated Annealing Research Project

An approach to using ASA_SAMPLE to perform integrals was added to the
Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) code. This is in a crude form now,
but I have put it into the latest ASA version to promote some interest
in further developing such code. As is evident by some recent files in
my archive, I have developed a path-integral code, PATHINT, which I
have used for several publications. Such code is extremely useful for
nonlinear Fokker-Planck systems, which arise in many disciplines, e.g.,
many fields of physics, chemistry, biology, finance, chaos + noise,
neuroscience (as in my SMNI papers, my primary motivation for
developing the ASA and PATHINT codes).

The latest Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) code and some related
(p)reprints can be retrieved via anonymous ftp from [] in the /pub/ingber directory.
This archive also can be accessed via WWW path or

Prof. Lester Ingber
Lester Ingber Research E-Mail:
P.O. Box 857 WWW:
McLean, VA 22101 Archive:


From: Randy Leveque <>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 95 15:47:36 -0800
Subject: Revision of CLAWPACK

Revision of CLAWPACK (Conservation LAWs software PACKage)

I am in the process of making some substantial changes to clawpack, which
includes some restructuring as well as improvement and extension of some of the
routines. The new version will be more flexible and allow the solution of
certain hyperbolic systems that are not in conservation form, for example.
In the process of doing this, I would like to consider
any suggestions or complaints that current users of clawpack
might have. Please send comments or suggestions to

As an indication of what changes I currently have in mind, I have created a
new version of a limited set of routines and applications. This is
available for testing by anonymous ftp from
in the file pub/rjl/programs/newclaw.tar.Z, or you can browse through it
with a web browser from the URL
In particular, see the file newclaw/Changes.

If you are using this package or interested in receiving mail about it,
please take a moment to
subscribe clawpack
This will add your name to an address list for future mailings.
The address list can be retrieved (by anybody) via
send .list from clawpack
Future announcements, as well as bug fixes, etc., will be sent to this list.


From: Iain Duff <>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 95 10:53:07 GMT
Subject: IMANA Newsletter

IMANA Newsletter Volume 19(2). January 1995.

The part of the January issue of the IMANA Newsletter that I have available
electronically can be accessed through anonymous ftp to RAL. The details
of how to access it are given below.

If readers wish to receive complete paper copies on a regular basis they
should write to:

Karen Jenkins
Catherine Richards House
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
16 Nelson Street
Essex SS1 1EF

who will supply further information and subscription rates.

To get a copy


When prompted for a userid, reply with


and give your email address as a password.

Then directory to pub/imana (cd pub/imana)

Set mode to binary (bin)

Copy is in file jan95.gz (get jan95.gz)

Such machine readable information as I have for the conference section can be
found in file jan95.conf.gz.

Both files should be gunzipped whence they should be found to be in plain ASCII


From: Chenyi Hu <ams17@Menudo.UH.EDU>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 09:38:07 -0600
Subject: South-Central Computational Science Consortium

South-Central Computational Science
Consortium of Minority Colleges and Universities

To promote computational science education and research at minority
colleges and universities, community colleges, and local school districts
in the South-Central U. S., the South-Central Computational Science
in Minority Institutions Consortium (SC-COSMIC)has been formally established
at the University of Houston-Downtown recently.

Minority institutions in South-Central United States are welcome to become
members of the consortium.

Other institutions, organizations, agencies, and industries interested
in promoting computational science and engineering at minority institutions
are welcome to become Affiliates of the Consortium. The Center of Research
on Parallel Computation (CRPC) at Rice University is an Academic Affiliate
of the Consortium. The Director of CRPC, Professor Ken Kennedy, has agreed
to serve on the Advisory Board of the Consortium.

For further information to become a member or an affiliate, you may
contact the elected officers of the organization:

Chairman, Dr. Richard Alo'
Professor and Chairman
Dept. of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
University of Houston-Downtown
Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713) 221-8012

Vice Chairman, Dr. Muddapu Balaram,
Professor and Chairman
Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science
Grambling State University
Grambling, LA 71245

Phone: (318) 274-2420/2232

Secretary, Dr. J. D. Oliver
Professor and Head
Dept. of Computer Science
Prairie View A & M University
Prairie View, TX 77446

Phone: (409) 857-2715

Members of the Steering Committee are
M. Balaram, Chairman, MCS Dept., Grambling State U.;
Pearl Brazier, Chairman, CS Department, UT-Pan American;
J. D. Oliver, Head, CS Dept., Prairie View, A&M U.;
Vladik Kreinovich, UT-El Paso;
Wendy Chang, Southern U. at New Orleans;
Arthur Howard, Aldine Independent School District;
Bart Scheinberg, Houston Community College; and
Richard Alo' (Chairman), Elias Deeba, Ongard Sirisaengtaksin, Ananda
Gunawardena, and Chenyi Hu from the University of Houston-Downtown.


From: Ulf Brannlund (Braennlund) <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 09:34:07 +0100
Subject: 6th Stockholm Optimization Days


We welcome theoretical, computational and applied papers for the 6th
Stockholm Optimization Days, a two-day conference on optimization, to
be held at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm, Sweden,
June 26-27, 1995. We plan to have sessions on various aspects of
optimization, including nonsmooth optimization, linear and nonlinear

Invited speakers include:

Ben-Tal A., Technion, Haifa, Israel
Bixby R.E., Rice University, Houston, TX, USA
Desrosiers J., GERAD, Montreal, Canada
Gill P.E., UC San Diego, CA, USA
Gonzaga C.C., Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Griewank A., Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany
Hearn D.W., U. Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA
Lemarechal C., INRIA, Rocquencourt, France
Mifflin R., Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA
Murray W., Stanford University, CA, USA
Nemirovskii A., Technion, Haifa, Israel
Nesterov Yu., CORE, Belgium
Overton M.L., Courant Institute, NY, USA
Sagastizabal C., INRIA, Rocquencourt, France
Sartenaer A., FUNDP, Namur, Belgium
Steihaug T., University of Bergen, Norway
Toint Ph., FUNDP, Namur, Belgium
Vanderbei R., Princeton University, NJ, USA

Abstracts (maximum 200 words) should be sent by May 1
(preferably by e-mail) to

or by mail to

Optimization Days
Division of Optimization and Systems Theory
S-100 44 Stockholm
Fax: +46 8 - 22 53 20.

Further information can be obtained from the same addresses.

The conference is financially supported by the Goran Gustafsson
Foundation and the Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical
Development (NUTEK). Organizers are Ulf Brannlund (head), Anders
Forsgren, Per Olov Lindberg and Krister Svanberg from the Division of
Optimization and Systems Theory, Department of Mathematics, Royal
Institute of Technology (KTH).


From: S. Amini <>
Date: 30 Jan 95 24:32
Subject: Conference on Boundary Element Technology

The 11th International Conference on Boundary Element Technology
is to be held in Hawaii, 24-26th April 1996.

Some of the topics covered in the conference will be

. Aerodynamics
. Fluid Flow
. Heat Transfer
. Inverse Problems
. Stress Analysis
. Acoustics
. Structure-Fluid Interaction
. Vibrations and Dynamics
. etc

The conference will be held in Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, a short distance from
Honolulu international Airport.

For further informations please contact:

The Conference Secretariat
Liz Kerr
Wessex Institute of Technology
Ashurst Lodge
Southampton SO40 7AA
Tel: +44 1703 293223
Fax: +44 1703 292853

S Amini
University of Salford


From: Alistair Watson <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 13:14:32 GMT
Subject: Conference at University of York on Numerical Analysis

A Conference on the State of the Art in Numerical Analysis,
sponsored by the UK Institute of Mathematics and its Applications,
will be held in the University of York, England, from Monday
April 1 to Thursday April 4, 1996. The Conference Comittee is
Alistair Watson (Chair), Christopher Baker, Iain Duff, Arieh Iserles,
Bill Morton and Mike Powell.
Further details will be available in due course.

Alistair Watson.


From: Tom Kunkle <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 11:16:43 -0500
Subject: SIAM Southeastern-Atlantic Section

The Last Announcement and Call for Papers
The 19th Annual Meeting of SIAM Southeastern-Atlantic Section
March 24-25, 1995
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, The Citadel
Charleston, South Carolina, 29409-0255
Department of Mathematics, College of Charleston
Charleston, South Carolina, 29424

Invited Speakers:

Carl de Boor, University of Wisconsin at Madison
James Epperson, University of Alabama at Huntsville
Robert Plemmons, Wake Forest University
Margaret Wright, AT&T Bell Laboratory, President of SIAM

Mini Symposia:

Applied Linear Algebra
Michael Berry (organizer), University of Tennessee
Randy Bramley, University of Indiana at Bloomington
Padma Raghavan, University of Tennessee
Dave Semeraro, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Noel Nachtigal, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Approximation Theory and Applications
Tom Kunkle (organizer), College of Charleston
Yingkang Hu, Georgia Southern University
Mike Neamtu, Vanderbilt University
Jorg Peters, Purdue University
Peter Schroder, University of South Carolina
N. Sivakumar, Texas A \& M University

Applications of Numerical Optimization
Jon Tolle (organizer), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Paul Gilmore, Florida State University
Carroll Nunn, Texas Tech University
Anthony Kearsley, Rice University
Sung Kwon and Kim-Fai Hung, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Short Courses:
Bjorn Jawerth, University of South Carolina "Wavelets"
Alan Lazer, University of Miami
Joseph McKenna, University of Connecticut, Storrs
"Large-scale Nonlinear Oscillations in Asymmetric Systems"

Sessions of 20 minute presentations, including student sessions.
Registration and Abstract Deadline: February 15.
For further details and registration forms,
write to


From: Technical University, Rousse <bterer@BGCICT.BITNET>
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 1995 08:33:57 +0200
Subject: Conference in Bulgaria on Differential Equations



The Conference follows the pattern of the first four
conferences held in Rousse respectively in 1975,1981,1985 &
1989 of bringing together mathematicians, physicists and
engineers with common interests in the field of Differential
Equations and to discuss the theory and applications of the various
techniques in the broad sense. The purpose of the Conference is to
make available new methods and applications of Differential Equations
in the following topics:

1. Ordinary Differential Equations
2. Partial Differential Equations
3. Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
4. Applications of Differential Equations

The conference will be held in the period of August 24-29,1995.
The scientific programme will consist of invited lectures (45 min).
and contributed communications (20 and 30 min).

Some of the Key Lectures who have confirmed their participation are:
Ovide Arino (France), Sergej Bolotin (Russia),
Myron Grammatikopoulos (Greece), Alois Kufner (Czech Republic),
Yurii A. Kuznetsov (Russia), Stanislav Pohozaev (Russia),
Edward H. Twizell (U.K.), Peter Vabishchevich (Russia), Pietro Zecca
(Italy), Zahari Zlatev(Denmark).

The Registration fee is $150 until April 30, 1995, and $180

The deadline for submission of papers is April 30, 1995.

For more information, please, write to:

CDE ' V ,
Centre of Mathematics and Informatics
Technical University
7017 Rousse, Bulgaria
fax:(+35982) 444-794,


From: Nikolaos Stylianopoulos <>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 17:50:57 +0200
Subject: Symposium in Memory of John A. Gregory

Symposium on Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis
A Two-Day Meeting Dedicated to the Memory
John A. Gregory
University of Cyprus - Nicosia
April 17-18, 1995

The meeting is organized by John Gregory's friends, colleagues and former
students from the Universities of Cyprus and Tel Aviv and falls within the
framework of the agreement of cooperation between the Department of
Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Cyprus and the School of
Mathematical Sciences of Tel Aviv University. The topics of the meeting
will cover those areas of Approximation Theory and Numerical Analysis that
played a significant role in John's research and teaching career.

Speakers: Nira Dyn (Tel Aviv), Georgios Georgiou (Nicosia),
Andreas Karageorghis (Nicosia), Christos Kokkinos (Athens),
George Kyriazis (Nicosia), Dany Leviatan (Tel Aviv), David Levin (Tel Aviv),
Nicolas Papamichael (Nicosia), Allan Pinkus (Haifa), Yiorgos Smyrlis (Nicosia),
Nikolaos Stylianopoulos (Nicosia).

The meeting is open to all who are interested and there is no registration
fee. For further details, including information of how to get to Nicosia,
hotel accommodation, e.t.c., please contact:

Dr N.S. Stylianopoulos
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Cyprus
P.O. Box 537
Tel: +357-2-360419 (dept), +357-2-368951 (direct), Fax: +357-2-367713


From: Rene M. Rehmann <>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 16:18:40 +0100
Subject: Summer Internship in Parallel Processing


This year, the Swiss Scientific Computing Center CSCS-ETH, in
collaboration with other Swiss academic institutions, will organize the
third summer course for undergraduate students in Manno (TI), Switzerland.
CSCS' Summer Student Internship Program (SSIP) is embedded in the
Education Laboratory (EdLab), part of CSCS' Section of Research and
Development (SeRD).

CSCS will provide all technical infrastructure, e.g., office space,
state-of-the art workstations, and parallel distributed development
platforms, including a 128-node Cenju-3 system made available by NEC
Corporation as part of the Joint CSCS-ETH/NEC Collaboration in Parallel
Processing, an 8-node Meiko CS-1/860, an 8-node Sun SPARCcenter 1000, and
a large Sun SPARCstation cluster.

with SUBJECT LINE "SSIP'95 application request". A message body is not
required. Complete instructions will be returned promptly via e-mail to
for consideration.

Dr. Rene M. Rehmann phone: +41 (91) 50 8355
Section of Research and Development (SeRD) fax : +41 (91) 50 8383
Swiss Scientific Computing Center CSCS email:
Via Cantonale, CH-6928 Manno, Switzerland


From: Uri Ascher <>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 5:03:06 UTC-0800
Subject: Position at University of British Columbia


The Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia
is recuiting for a tenure track position at the rank of Assistant
Professor. The Department will consider outstanding applicants over a
wide range of areas of Computer Science research. At the same time, the
Department has particular interest in recruiting in the areas of
databases, software engineering, systems, computer graphics, programming
languages and scientific computation.

One of the University's highest academic priorities is to continue to
build a leading centre in Computer Science and outstanding candidates
are sought to participate in this effort. Applicants must demonstrate
exceptional research potential and teaching ability. The successful
candidate is expected to pursue an active research program, perform both
graduate and undergraduate teaching, and supervise graduate students. A
Ph.D. or equivalent in Computer Science or related area is required.
The position is available as of July 1, 1995, and salary will be
commensurate with experience.

The University of British Columbia is situated on the tip of a
peninsula, is surrounded by beaches, lush green forests, and spectacular
views of ocean, mountains and downtown Vancouver. Just 20 minutes away
from both downtown and the airport, this location enjoys a unique
combination of unsurpassed opportunities for outdoor recreation and easy
access to an exciting cosmopolitan city.

Applicants should submit their resume and the names of at least three
references to Dr. R.J. Woodham, Recruiting Co-ordinator, Department of
Computer Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. V6T
1Z4. Applications will be accepted until April 30/95. In accordance
with Canadian Immigration requirements, priority will be given to
Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. UBC welcomes all
qualified applicants, especially women, aboriginal people, visible
minorities and persons with disabilities


From: Bill Morton <>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 95 11:00:28 GMT
Subject: Position at Oxford University

University Lecturership in Numerical Analysis
(in association with New College)

Applications are invited for the above post, tenable from 1
October 1995. Stipend will be according to age, on the scale
L14,756 - L27,473 per annum. In the first instance the
College will elect the successful candidate to a Supernumerary
Fellowship, with no tutorial duties or stipend; on the
retirement of Dr. D.F. Mayers (not later than September 1998)
the Supernumerary Fellow will be elected to an Official
Fellowship with tutorial duties and a stipend on the scale
L2,845-L5,406 per annum.

Candidates should have a broad range of interests and teaching
ability in numerical analysis; research interest and
experience in areas such as numerical linear algebra,
optimisation and parallel algorithms would be an advantage.

The successful candidate will join an active research group
whose interests cover the whole range of numerical analysis:
the main thrust at present is in the numerical solution of
partial differential equations by finite element, finite
volume, finite difference and spectral methods, together with
applications in computational fluid dynamics and
electromagnetics; and it is out of this that the research in
linear algebra (especially on multigrid and conjugate gradient
methods), optimisation, approximation, domain decomposition
and parallel algorithms largely springs.

Further particulars, containing details of the duties and full
range of emoluments and allowances attaching to both the
university and the college posts, may be obtained from the
Director of the Computing Laboratory, Wolfson Building, Parks
Road, Oxford OX1 3QD (telephone: Oxford (01865) 273885; fax
01865 273839; e-mail to whom
applications (9 copies or one only from overseas candidates)
should be sent by 28 February 1995.


From: N. J. Ford <>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 16:24:00 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Position at Chester College

Position at Chester College (UK)
(A College affiliated to the University of Liverpool)

Lecturer in Mathematics (Research) 2 Year contract

An additional lecturer is required by the department which
offers Bachelor and Masters degrees in Mathematics. Members
of the Department have research interests in Mathematical
Modelling, Mathematical Biology, Integral and Differential Equations
Computational Mathematics and Statistics. The Department also has
a recognised expertise in the application of computer software tools
throughout the Mathematics curriculum.

This is an ideal position for a Mathematician seeking their first
appointment after obtaining or about to be awarded a PhD. The person
appointed will have a good current research record with research interests
in the field of Numerical Analysis and its applications to Differential and/or
Integral Equation or a related area. They will be expected to make a significant
contribution to the research activities as a member of the Applied Mathematics
Research Group as well as making a limited contribution to teaching on our
undergraduate and MSc programmes.

The appointment will be from 1st April 1995 or an alternative agreed starting
Closing date: 23rd February 1995, 10am GMT

Application form and further particulars from:

Personnel Section, Chester College, Cheyney Road, Chester, CH1 4BJ, UK

Tel: -44-1244-375444, Fax -44-1244-373379



From: Bruce Hendrickson <>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 95 15:56:02 MST
Subject: Fellowship at Sandia Labs

Applied Mathematical Sciences
Research Fellowship
Sandia National Laboratories

The Computational Sciences, Computer Sciences and Mathematics Center
at Sandia National Laboratories invites outstanding candidates to
apply for the 1995 Applied Mathematical Sciences (AMS) Research
Fellowship. The Fellowship is supported by the Officer of Scientific
Computing of the U.S. Department of Energy. AMS Fellowships at Sandia
provide an exceptional opportunity for innovative research in
scientific computing on advanced architectures. Candidates must be
U.S. citizens, have recently earned a Ph.D. degree or the equivalent,
and have a strong interest in advanced computing research.

The Center maintains strong research programs in a variety of areas,
including analytical and computational mathematics, discrete
mathematics and algorithms, computational physics and engineering, and
advanced systems software and tools. A unique parallel computing
environment is supported which includes a 1,872-processor Intel
Paragon, a 1024-processor nCUBE 2, and a 64-processor Intel iPSC.

This year preference will be given to candidates applying in the
fields of numerical analysis, computational science and parallel
algorithm development. Specific application areas of interest include
seismic processing (including inverse problems), numerical partial
differential equations, and optimal parallel I/O.

The fellowship appointment is for a period of one year and may be
renewed for a second year. It includes a highly competitive salary,
moving expenses, and a generous professional travel allowance.
Applicants should send a resume, a statement of research goals, and
three letters of recommendation to: Robert H. Banks, Dept. 3531-AMS,
M/S 1023, Sandia National Laboratories, PO Box 5800, Albuquerque,
NM 87185. The closing date for applications is February 26, 1995,
although applications will be considered until the fellowship is
awarded. The position will commence during 1995.

For further information contact Richard C. Allen, Jr., at
(505) 845-7825 or by e-mail,

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/V/H. U.S. Citizenship is Required.


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