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From: NA Digest <>
Date: Sun Jan 1 11:15:22 EST 1995
Subject: NA Digest Calendar

NA Digest Calendar
Date Topic Place NA Digest #

Jan 3- 6 Computational Computer Design Maui, Hawaii 17
Jan. 9 Bristol-Bath Numerical Analysis Day Bristol, UK 50
Jan. 9-10 Conference Honoring Ake Bjorck Linkoping, Sweden 37
Jan. 13-16 Wavelets and Filter Banks San Jose, CA 47
Jan. 15-18 Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation Las Vegas, NV 4
Jan. 16-18 Markov Chains Raleigh, NC 7
Jan. 16-18 Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation Las Vegas, NV 47
Jan. 16-18 Workshop on Markov Chains Raleigh, NC 45
Jan. 20-22 Numerical Treatment of Coupled Systems Kiel, Germany 44
Jan. 22-24 Symposium on Discrete Algorithms San Francisco, CA 51
Jan. 23-27 Optimal Design and Control Short Course Newport News, VA 45
Jan. 23-27 Optimal Design and Control Newport News, VA 31

Feb. 6- 9 Massively Parallel Computation McLean, VA 26
Feb. 8-10 Computational Issues in the Geosciences San Antonio, TX 27
Feb. 8-10 Mathematical and Comp. Geoscience San Antonio, TX 51
Feb. 14-16 Numerical Methods for PDE Torino, Italy 48
Feb. 15-17 Parallel Processing San Francisco, CA 51
Feb. 15-17 SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing San Francisco, CA
Feb. 19-25 Applications of Interval Computations El Paso, TX 16
Feb. 20-24 Multiscale Phenomena Eilat, Israel 51

Mar. 2- 8 Scattered Data Fitting Cancun, Mexico 39
Mar. 13-16 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Hampton, VA 46
Mar. 17-18 Krylov Subspace Methods Raleigh, NC 29
Mar. 20-21 Nonconvex Energy Functions Rutgers, NJ 20
Mar. 20-22 Steltjes Conference Toulouse, France 39
Mar. 22-24 Nonlinear Partial Differential Eqns. Knoxville, TN 41
Mar. 24-25 SIAM Southeastern-Atlantic Section Charleston, SC (1)
Mar. 28... Sci. Computation & Diff. Eqns. Stanford, CA 50
Mar. 29-31 Systems and Control Houthalen, Belgium 43

Apr. 2- 7 Multigrid Methods Copper Mountain, CO 30
Apr. 3- 5 Applied Mathematical Programming London, England 41
Apr. 3- 6 Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics Oxford, England 43
Apr. 4- 6 Real Numbers and Computers Saint-Etienne, France 47
Apr. 10-12 Parameter Identification Karlsruhe, Germany 46
Apr. 20-22 Computational and Applied Mathematics Austin, TX 49
Apr. 20-22 Computational and Applied Mathematics Austin, TX 42
Apr. 24-28 3rd INRIA-SIAM Wave Propagation Conf. Juan-les-Pins, France 19
Apr. 26-30 Numerical Analysis & Applied Math. Constanza,Romania 26
Apr. 27-29 Control and Its Applications St. Louis, MO 36
Apr. 28-30 Global Optimization Princeton, NJ 47

May 9-12 Agriculture & Bio-Industries Brussels, Belgium 42
May 15-19 Graphics Interface '95 Quebec City, Canada 36
May 16-20 Domain Decomposition Methods Beijing, China 45
May 16-20 Applied Computer Algebra Albuquerque, NM 46
May 21-24 Object-Oriented Numerics Conference Jackson Lake, WY 32
May 21-26 Centenial Hurwitz on Stability Theory Monte Verita, CH 49
May 22-26 Flow through Porous Media Saint-Etienne, France 48

June 5- 9 Spectral And High Order Methods Houston, TX 44
June 5- 9 Control and Information Shatin NT, Hong Kong 33
June 6-10 Inertial Manifolds Xi'an, China 21
June 13-21 Nonlinear Optimization Erice, Sicily, Italy 44
June 17-20 IMACS Symposium on Iterative Methods Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 46
June 17-20 Iterative Methods in Linear Algebra Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 39
June 19-22 Inertial Manifolds Date Change Xian, China 46
June 20-24 Honoring G. I. Marchuk Novosibirsk, Russia 28
June 21-24 Interface Computing and Statistics Pittsburgh, PA 50
June 22-29 Finite Element Approximations St.-Petersburg, Russia 46
June 26-30 Systems Analysis and Simulation Berlin, Germany 50
June 26... Mechanics of Continuous Media St.Peterbourg, Russia (1)
June 27-30 Numerical Analysis Dundee, Scotland 37

July 3- 7 ICIAM, Int'l Cong. Indust. Appl. Math. Hamburg, Germany 23
July 3- 7 Mathematics of Neural Networks Oxford, UK 48
July 9-14 Ill-posed Inverse Problems San Diego, CA 48
July 9-14 Math Methods in Geophysical Imaging San Diego, CA 51
July 10-12 Linear Algebra and Its Applications Manchester, England 39
July 10-21 Nonlinear Waves Sapporo, Japan 43
July 10-12 South African N.A. Symposium Scottburgh, So. Africa 52
July 16... Mathematics of Numerical Analysis Park City, UT 48
July 17-21 Distributed Parameter Systems Warsaw, Poland 25
July 17-21 Modelling and Optimization Warsaw, Poland 32
July 31... Rocky Mountain Numerical Analysis Salt Lake City, UT 32

Aug. 2- 4 Computer Methods in Water Resources Beirut, Lebanon 50
Aug. 21-23 Workshop on Conservation Laws Trondheim, Norway 44
Aug. 27-31 Circuit Theory and Design Istanbul, Turkey 42
Aug. 29... Parallel Statistics and Economics Trier-Mainz, Germany 41

Sep. 12-15 Parallel Computing in Russia St.-Petersburg, Russia 45
Sep. 17-21 Acoustics of Submerged Structures Boston, MA 22
Sep. 26-29 Validated Numerics Wuppertal, Germany 37
Sep. 27-30 Mathematical Tools in Metrology Oxford, UK 51

Oct. 15-19 Parallel Algorithms Wuhan, China 52

Nov. 15-17 Simulation of Devices and Technologies Kruger, So. Africa (1)
Nov. 19-22 Pure and Applied Mathematics Isa Town, Bahrain 38

Dec. 14-16 Dynamical Systems/Numerical Analysis Atlanta, GA 49

Feb. 12-14 Network Optimization Problems Gainesville, FL 47
July 27-30 Conference Honoring Mike Powell Cambridge, England 48
Aug. 25-31 Congress Theor. & Appl. Mechanics Kyoto, Japan 46


From: Paul Nevai <>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 1994 10:20:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: WWW Server for Journal of Approximation Theory

It is our pleasure to announce the establishment of a WWW server for Journal
of Approximation Theory at:

This home page for JAT, still in development, contains large, easily usable
address and e-mail lists of people in Approximation Theory, as well as tables
of contents and additional information for authors and readers of JAT.

Paul Nevai and Allan Pinkus
J. Approx. Theory

Paul Nevai
Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University nevai@ohstpy.bitnet
231 West Eighteenth Avenue 1-614-292-3317 (Office)
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1174 1-614-292-5310 (Answering Machine)
The United States of America 1-614-292-1479 (Math Dept Fax)


From: Jon Claerbout <>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 94 13:45:42 -0800
Subject: Re: Charta of Free Electronic Access to Publications

> From: R. Jeltsch <>
> Date: Mon, 19 Dec 94 15:32:35 +0100
> Subject:
> Charta of free electronic access to publications:

> 4. Everybody who uses the right of electronic access to a paper is
> entitled to print freely one copy of this for personal or restricted
> use. He is not entitled to sell copies of this paper at profit.

There are many "nonprofit" publishing houses that compete with commercial
publishers. I recommend dropping the words, "at profit".

BTW, check out my free books.

Jon Claerbout,, Stanford Exploration Project
<a> HREF=""> Jon Claerbout </a>


From: Magolu monga-Made <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 1994 12:45:07 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Change of Address for Magolu monga-Made

Here are my new co-ordinates

MAGOLU monga-Made

42, avenue Gustave Coriolis
31057 TOULOUSE Cedex

tel : (33) 61 19 3032
fax : (33) 61 19 3030

email :


From: Mei Chen <>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 1994 13:10:28 -0500
Subject: SIAM Southeastern-Atlantic Section

The Second Announcement and Call for Papers
The 19th Annual Meeting of SIAM Southeastern-Atlantic Section
March 24-25, 1995
Charleston, South Carolina

Invited Speakers:
Carl de Boor, University of Wisconsin at Madison
"Multivariate Polynomial Interpolation"

James Epperson, University of Alabama at Huntsville
"A Kernel-based Method for the Numerical Solution of Backward
Parabolic Problems"

Robert Plemmons, Wake Forest University
"Survey of Mathematics in Image Restoration"

Margaret Wright, AT\&T Bell Laboratory, President of SIAM
"Linear Algebra Needs and Issues in Numerical Optimization"

Mini Symposia:
Applied Linear Algebra
Michael Berry (organizer), University of Tennessee
Randy Bramley, University of Indiana at Bloomington
Padma Raghavan, University of Tennessee
Dave Semeraro, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Noel Nachtigal, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Approximation Theory and Applications
Tom Kunkle (organizer), College of Charleston
Jorg Peters, Purdue University
Mike Neamtu, Vanderbilt University

Applications of Numerical Optimization
Jon Tolle (organizer), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Paul Gilmore, Florida State University
Carroll Nunn, Texas Tech University
Anthony Kearsley, Rice University
Sung Kwon and Kim-Fai Hung, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Short Courses:
Bjorn Jawerth, University of South Carolina

Alan Lazer, University of Miami
Joseph McKenna, University of Connecticut, Storrs
"Large-scale Nonlinear Oscillations in Asymmetric Systems"

Contributed Papers: Several sessions of 20 minute presentations of
contributed papers will be held. Papers in all areas of applied
mathematics are welcome. To contribute a paper send a title and
abstract of no more than 100 words by {\bf February 15, 1995}, to or to Mei Chen, Department of Math/CS, The Citadel,
Charleston, SC 29409. Abstracts should contain the title, author(s),
affiliation(s) and body of abstract.

Student Papers: Sessions of 20 minute presentations of student
papers will be held, and cash prizes will be given for the best student
papers. Students who desire to contribute a paper should send a title
and abstract under the same guidelines as in the previous paragraph
and should clearly mark on the abstract that the contribution is a
student paper.

Meeting Details: The meeting will be held on the campus of The Citadel
in Charleston, South Carolina, on Friday and Saturday, March 24-25, 1995.
It will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, March 24 and end at around 1:00 p.m.
on Saturday, March 25.

Information: E-mail to or call at (803) 953-7896 for
further information.


From: Grigorii V. Gadiyak <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 1994 13:53:01 +0700
Subject: Seminar on Simulation of Devices and Technologies

First Announcement
The Fourth International Seminar on Simulation
of Devices and Technologies
15-17 November 1995
South Africa
Presented by
Carl and Emily Funchs Institute for Microelectronics ( CEFIM)
University of Pretoria
The Institute of Computational Technologies
Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Division
Target dates
28 February 1995 Preliminary registration
31 May 1995 Last date for receiving abstracts
31 July 1995 Notification of acceptance of papers
30 September 1995 Last date for receiving papers
Seminar Secretariat
Mrs. T.C.Botha
Techno Scene
The Willows, 0041
South Africa
Tel.: +27 12 807 0869
Fax: +27 12 807 1699
e-mail: simdev @


From: Grigorii V. Gadiyak <>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 1994 13:52:42 +0700
Subject: Conference on Modeling in Mechanics of Continuous Media

First Announcement
MMCM - 95

26 June - 1 July, 1995, St.Peterbourg (Peterhof), Russia.

The 13th Session of the International Workshop on Modeling in
Mechanics of Continuous Media will be held in St.Peterbourg
MMCM-95 will be 13th Workshop in a series which began in 1971. The
main task of the workshop traditionally consists in comparative
discussion of various simulation methods for physical phenomena in
continue. The Scientific Program includes invited lectures and
contributed papers on different science areas.
Conference Topics will include:
Dynamic instability of non-linear systems,Theory of turbulent and
breaking flow ,Non-linear waves in liquids and solids, Strength and
destruction theory of solid state, Statistical foundations of the
mechanics of continue, Rarefied gas dynamics, Theory of inhomogeneous
multiphase systems, Modeling and optimization of modern technologies,
Mathematical modeling in ecology and biology, Equation state of media
Simulation of Devices .
* Authors should submit 2 copies of 300 words summery to one of the
following Program Committee members: Vice-Chairman prof.Grigirii
Gadiyak (Novosibirsk), Dr. A.Volkov (St.Peterbourg)
Schedule for paper Submission
Abstract deadline April 2 1995
Notification of Acceptance April 15 1995
Photo-ready copies June 26 1995
Conference Vice-Chair
Professor G.Gadiyak Institute of Computational Technologies
Prospect Lavrentiev 6, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
tel: 3832 350280 ,fax: 3832 351242 telex: 133122 sovet su
e-mail: gadiyak@
To Secretariat of MMCM-95
Dr. A.Volkov, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics
State St.Peterbourg University Bibliotechnaya pl.2
St-Peterbourg-Petrodvoretz 198904, Russia
tel (007812) 4284147 ,fax:(007812) 428 6649
e-mail: vaa@


From: ETNA <>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 1994 15:14:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis


Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA) is an electronic journal
for the publication of significant new and important developments in numerical
analysis and scientific computing. In addition to the rapid publication of
scholarly work, ETNA permits the publication of manuscripts containing
COLOR figures, diagrams, or photographs.

An individual who wishes to obtain a copy of a current or back manuscript can
get a copy through World Wide Web (URL browser such
as Mosaic or Lynx. ETNA's WWW server also provides a KEYWORD search facility
for all of ETNA's publications. To use this facility connect to ETNA's
WWW server and click on "Keyword Index" in the "ETNA Publications" section
of the home page. Using the "Keyword Index" an individual can find and display
any of ETNA's published manuscripts which contain a specified set of keywords.

ETNA is also available through Gopher (,
anonymous ftp (, or through e-mail (send e-mail to containing the phrase: send index).

To register to receive ETNA's quarterly list of titles and abstracts, please
send an e-mail message to The subject of the message
should be: ETNA registration. Titles and abstracts of papers published in
ETNA will be e-mailed quarterly to the return addresses of all such requests.
Inquiries for further information should be e-mailed to

The contents of the December issue of ETNA is
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis
Volume 2, 1994

Fast iterative methods for solving Toeplitz-plus-Hankel least squares.
Michael K. Ng.

Domain decomposition and multigrid algorithms for elliptic problems on
unstructured meshes. Tony F. Chan and Barry F. Smith.

Convergence of infinite products of matrices and inner--outer iteration
schemes. Rafael Bru, L. Elsner, and M. Neumann.

Reducibility and characterization of symplectic Runge-Kutta methods.
Peter Goertz and Rudolf Scherer.

Arden Ruttan, Managing Editor, ETNA
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Kent State University, Kent Ohio
tel 216-672-4004x270
fax 216-672-7824

From: E. B. Saff <>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 1994 15:38:11 -0500
Subject: Contents, Constructive Approximation

Volume 10 Number 4 1994

439 Ying Guang Shi
A Theorem of Grunwald-Type for Hermite-Fejer
Interpolation of Higher Order

451 B. J. C. Baxter, N. Sivakumar, and J. D. Ward
Regarding the p-Norms of Radial Basis
Interpolation Matrices

469 H. Stahl
Poles and Zeros of Best Rational Approximants of |x|

523 R. Laugesen
Conformal Mapping of Long Quadrilaterals and Thick
Doubly Connected Domains


End of NA Digest