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From: Klaus Iglberger <>
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 00:31:24 -0400
Subject: Blaze 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of the Blaze library, one of the fastest high-performance
C++ math libraries, has been released. Next to myriads of small
changes and improvements, this version introduces a very powerful and
flexible feature: views. Blaze 1.2 ships with row and column views
that enable computations with and assignments to specific rows and
columns of dense and sparse matrices.

Blaze 1.2 is now available for download at


From: "Chetan Jhurani" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 11:25:13 -0700
Subject: TxSSA: A matrix sparsification algorithm and library, v1.0

We announce the release of TxSSA library, version 1.0. TxSSA is an
acronym for Tech-X Corporation Sparse Spectral Approximation. The
library has interfaces in C++, C, and MATLAB, and is an implementation
of a newly designed matrix sparsification algorithm. It takes a
general real or complex matrix as input and produces a sparse output
matrix of the same size. The non-zero entries are chosen to minimize
changes to the singular values and singular vectors corresponding to
the near null-space. The output matrix is constrained to preserve
left and right null-spaces exactly. The sparsity pattern of the
output matrix is automatically determined or can be given as input.
The library is intended for sparsifying dense matrices of size up to a
few thousands.

If the input matrix belongs to a common matrix subspace, the generated
sparse matrix belongs to the same subspace automatically. This holds
for matrices that are Hermitian, complex-symmetric, skew-Hermitian,
and for a some other less common ones.

The source code and a few precompiled binaries are available at
Two relevant preprints and a publication are kept here

The development was partially supported by US Department of Energy
SBIR Grant DE-FG02-08ER85154. Comments and contributions are welcome.

Two relevant preprints and a publication are kept here

The development was partially supported by US Department of Energy
SBIR Grant DE-FG02-08ER85154. Comments and contributions are welcome.


From: Carlos Antonio de Moura <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 12:05:58 -0300
Subject: New Book, The Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy (CFL) Condition

The Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy (CFL) Condition: 80 Years After Its

Hardcover: 249 pages
Publisher: Birkhäuser; 2013 edition (October 29, 2012)

Carlos A. de Moura, Carlos S. Kubrusly (Editors)

A collection of articles from the 2010 CFL-80 conference in Rio de
Janeiro, celebrating the Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy (CFL) condition 80th
anniversary. Contributors: U. Ascher, B. Cockburn, E. Deriaz, M.O.
Domingues, S.M. Gomes, R. Hersh, R. Jeltsch, D. Kolomenskiy, H. Kumar,
L.C. Lax, P. Lax, P. LeFloch, A. Marica, O. Roussel, K. Schneider,
J. Teixeira Cal Neto, C. Tomei, K. van den Doel, E. Zuazua.

It features a historical musical piece authored by Hans Lewy and
originally presented at R. Courant´s Göttingen home.


From: Emmanuel Lorin <>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 10:45:07 -0400
Subject: Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics, Canada, Aug 2013

Workshop on Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics, sponsored by the
Fields, Ottawa, August 19-22, 2013

This workshop is mainly addressed to graduate students and post-docs
and proposes to bring together researchers with expertise in numerical
methods for fluid dynamics and provide opportunity for students and
other researchers to share in the latest developments in these areas.

Four mini-courses will be offered by
F. Dias (University College Dublin)
P. Minev (University of Alberta)
H. De Sterck (University of Waterloo)
O. Vasilyev (University of Colorado)

We also intend to organize a session of short talks, in which students
and other researchers can present their research on topics related to
the workshop theme.

Some travel support is available for students and postdocs; the
deadline to apply is June 1st.

For registration, application for travel support, and more
information, please see:

If you are interested in presenting a short talk, please state this on
the online registration form.

If you require addition information, do not hesitate to contact us:
Dave Amundsen <>
Lucy Campbell <>
Emmanuel Lorin <>


From: Jaroslaw Glowacki <>
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 06:41:36 -0400
Subject: Mathematical Modelling, JBK@90, Switzerland, Aug 2013

A Conference to Celebrate Mathematical Modelling on the occasion of
the 90th Birthday of Joseph B. Keller

August 30 & 31, 2013, at the EPF Lausanne, Switzerland

Attendance open to all, advance registration is free, but obligatory
Further details at


From: Anders Logg <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 07:00:14 -0400
Subject: NSCM 26, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway, Oct 2013

The 26th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics
Hosted by Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo
October 23-25 2013

The Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics (NSCM) is organized
annually by the Nordic Association for Computational Mechanics
(NoACM), which represents the Nordic and the Baltic countries in the
International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM).

Plenary speakers:

- Erik Burman
- Elena Celledoni
- Jakob Søndergaard Jensen
- Juho Könnö
- Garth N. Wells

On behalf of the local organizing committee
Anders Logg


From: Kirsten Wilden <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 12:39:11 +0000
Subject: Deadline, SIAM Geometric and Physical Modeling, USA, Nov 2013

SIAM Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling (GD/SPM13)
The Curtis, A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA
November 11-14, 2013

The Call for Presentations for this conference is available at:

Twitter hashtag: #GDSPM13

Due date for minisymposium proposals: June 3, 2013
Due date for abstracts of all contributed and minisymposium
presentations: July 1, 2013
Please visit for
detailed submission information.

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conference Department


From: Kirsten Wilden <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 08:59:07 -0400
Subject: SIAM Uncertainty Quantification, USA, Mar-Apr 2014

SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ14)
Hyatt Regency Savannah, Savannah, Georgia, USA
March 31-April 3, 2014

This conference is sponsored by the SIAM Activity Group on Uncertainty
Quantification. This conference is being held in cooperation with the
American Statistical Association (ASA), GAMM Activity Group on
Uncertainty Quantification (GAMM AG UQ), and American Geophysical
Union (AGU).

Twitter hashtag: #SIAMUQ14

September 2, 2013: Minisymposium proposals
September 30, 2013: Abstracts for contributed and minisymposium

September 16, 2013: SIAM Student Travel Award and Post-doc/Early
Career Travel Award Applications

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conference Department


From: Shan Zhao <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 17:46:52 -0400
Subject: Special Issue, Knotted and Random Macromolecule Shapes

The journal Molecular Based Mathematical Biology (MBMB) will publish a
special issue entitled ``Knotted and random macromolecule shapes:
modeling, analysis, and computation''.

The purpose of this special issue is to create a medium for
researchers from mathematical and biological sciences and other
related disciplines to report novel mathematical models, computational
algorithms, and theoretical analysis for knotted and random shapes of
macromolecules, such as DNA, RNA, and proteins.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to: Random knotting and
linking in polymers and biopolymers; DNA topology and enzyme actions;
Knotting in proteins and other open curves; Ropelength and knot energy
constraints on knotting in biological systems; Geometric, topological,
and algebraic modeling of macromolecules; Mathematical methods for
molecular imaging and visualization; Biomolecular simulations and
software development.

Before submission authors should carefully read over the Author
Guidelines, which are located at
Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete
manuscript via email to Journal Associate Editor Shan Zhao at We are looking forward to your submission. If you
have any question, please contact Jason Cantarella at

Important Dates
Manuscript Due: August 1, 2013
First Round of Reviews: September 15, 2013
Anticipated Publication Date: December 15, 2013


From: David Silvester <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 09:49:09 +0000
Subject: Lectureship Positions, Univ of Manchester

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics (2 posts)
School of Mathematics
University of Manchester, UK.
Reference: EPS-02543

Applications are invited for the above posts to start in September
2013 or an agreed date thereafter. This initiative is part of an
ongoing programme to further strengthen Applied Mathematics in the
area of industrially focussed mathematical modelling. Applications can
be from researchers in any area of Applied Mathematics and those areas
of Scientific Computing that complement the current activities of the
School of Mathematics. Further details of the research group can be
found at

Salary will be in the range 33,230 - 36,298 pounds per annum according
to relevant experience and qualifications.

Further particulars can be downloaded from


From: "Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago" <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 04:01:36 -0400
Subject: Postdoc and Programmer Positions, Comp Biology

We are looking for an enthusiastic programmer and/or doctorate to work
in interdisciplinary projects aimed at developing novel (1)
stochastic/multiscaled simulation algorithms and (2) parameter
estimation techniques. The ideal candidates should have a strong
background in Computer Science and/or Applied Mathematics (numerical
analysis and probability) as well as a strong interest to collaborate
with experimental biologists and theoreticians.

Strong programming skills in Matlab and C/C++ are mandatory, while
additional experience in Perl and Python are desirable. Additionally,
experience with dynamical systems (ODEs, PDEs) is expected, but
experience in biological/chemical reaction modeling and stochastic
simulation (temporal and spatio- temporal) will be considered a plus.

Specific projects will entail constant feedback and cooperation with
experimental and theoretical groups both inside and outside
Japan. Thus, the postdoc is expected to travel and be able to work in
groups, have excellent personal and communication skills, and a
willingness to communicate research results to interdisciplinary
audiences. Knowledge of Japanese is not required (albeit language
courses will be provided to those interested), but English proficiency
is mandatory. Appointment will be done at the technician (MSc) or
postdoctoral (PhD) level, and will have a remuneration package
according to qualifications.

The successful candidate will join the Integrative Systems Biology
Unit of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate
University (OIST), and will work under the supervision of Assistant
Professor Tatiana T. Marquez-Lago. OIST is a university with no
departments, eliminating artificial barriers between people working in
different fields. Currently, 45 Faculty members and a growing
population of over 500 scientists, students, and research support
staff are located in OIST facilities in Onna, Okinawa. English is the
language of instruction and a large segment of the faculty and student
population is international. Further details about the unit can be
found on our website (

Further details about the position and application submission details
can be found in


From: "R. Bradley Shumbera, Ph.D." <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 11:39:13 -0400
Subject: Postdoc Position, Texas A&M Univ

We are looking for a postdoc to work on a project on model reduction
for multi- phase flow and transport in heterogeneous subsurface
formations. The project is a collaboration with industry. The desired
experience includes: (1) model reduction and multiscale simulations;
(2) simulations of porous media flows. Please contact Eduardo Gildin
( or Yalchin Efendiev


From: Gunilla Kreiss <>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 11:19:01 +0200
Subject: Postdoc Position, Uppsala Univ, Sweden

Applications are invited for a

PostDoctoral researcher in Scientific Computing

at Uppsala University in Sweden.

The research at the Division of Scientific Computing has a broad
scope, ranging from analysis and development of numerical methods,
numerical linear algebra, software development and high-performance
computing to collaborative projects in computational science and
engineering, and industrial applications. More information can be
found on To qualify for the
position, the applicant must hold a PhD degree in a relevant
field. The appointment is for two years.

For further information about the position and instructions on how to
apply see

Deadline for the applications is June 15 2013.


From: Jichao Zhao <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 18:30:41 -0400
Subject: PhD Positions, Auckland Bioengineering Inst, New Zealand

Funded PhD positions on image-based computer models and mapping
studies to investigate mechanisms behind persistent atrial

We have funding that will cover tuition fees and provide support (an
annual tax-free allowance of NZ$25,000, in the form of a fortnightly
stipend) for PhD students at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute
(ABI), University of Auckland. The successful candidates will join a
research group in the ABI and the Faculty of Medical Health Sciences,
led by Prof. Bruce Smaill and Dr Jichao Zhao that is investigating
mechanisms of atrial fibrillation. Funding is for three years in the
first instance, with possible extension for a further 6 months.

Atrial fibrillation is the most common form of heart rhythm
disturbance and the ABI has developed a novel image-based computer
model of the atrial chambers that is providing new insight into the
factors that contribute to short-lived episodes of atrial
fibrillation. This project will extend the model to deal with atrial
fibrosis of persistent atrial fibrillation and is part of an
international collaboration between Auckland and the Center for
Arrhythmia Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The research
will involve 1) image processing 2) computer model development and
simulation studies, and 3) development of signal processing tools for
atrial electrograms acquired in clinical and experimental settings.

We require someone with a Masters' or a Bachelors' degree with Honours
(Second Class Honours, Division One or better) in Engineering, Physics
or Mathematics. Undergraduate experience in computer modelling,
imaging and physiology would be an advantage.

If you have any queries in relation to this position, contact Dr
Jichao Zhao (0064-9 923 6505,


From: Brezinski Claude <>
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2013 17:24:41 +0200
Subject: Contents, Numerical Algorithms, 63(2)

Table of contents for Numerical Algorithms, Volume 63, Number 2.

A spectral method for parabolic differential equations, Kendall
Atkinson, Olaf Hansen, David Chien

Improved sparse fourier approximation results: faster implementations
and stronger guarantees, Ben Segal, M. A. Iwen

Numerical approximation for a variable-order nonlinear
reaction–subdiffusion equation, Chang-Ming Chen, F. Liu, I. Turner,
V. Anh, Y. Chen

Nonlinear multigrid method for solving the anisotropic image denoising
models, Jun Zhang, Yu-Fei Yang

Multiple point evaluation on combined tensor product supports,
R. Hiptmair, G. Phillips, G. Sinha

Review of inverse Laplace transform algorithms for Laplace-space
numerical approaches, Kristopher L. Kuhlman

Symbolic algorithm for solving cyclic penta-diagonal linear systems,
Ji-Teng Jia, Yao-Lin Jiang

Repeated modifications of orthogonal polynomials by linear divisors,
Walter Gautschi

Polynomial interior-point algorithm for P*kappa horizontal linear
complementarity problems, S. Asadi, H. Mansouri


From: Fikret Aliev <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 04:35:36 -0400
Subject: Contents, Applied and Computational Mathematics, 12(2)

Applied and Computational Mathematics, Vol.12, No.2, 2013
ISSN 1683-3511,

A Resolvent Algorithm of Generalized System for Relaxed Cocoercive
Mixed Variational Inequalities, A.Bnouhachem, M.A. Noor, M. Khalfaoui,
S. Zhaohan, pages: 125-132

Linear Perturbation Bounds of the Continuous--time LMI based Quadratic
Stability Problem, A.S. Yonchev, M.M. Konstantinov, P.H. Petkov,
pages: 133-139

About the issue of Algorithms Formalized Design for Parallel Computer
Architectures, A.V. Anisimov, S.D. Pogorilyy, D.Yu. Vitel, pages:

On Optimal Control of an Object at its Approaching to Moving Target
Under Uncertainty, R. Gabasov, N.M. Dmitruk, F.M. Kirillova, pages:

On Ricci Tensor of Weakly Concircular Symmetric Riemannian Spaces,
F.Ö. Zengin, S.A. Demirba&#287;, pages: 168-174

Asymptotic Behaviour of Self-Similar Solution of the Fourth-Order
Unstable thin Film Equation, A. Azzouzi, M. Benlahsen, pages:175-183

On the Regularization of Bilinear Forms with Hypersingular Kernel,
A. Aimi, S. Panizzi, pages: 184-210

Numerical Integration method for Singular Perturbation Delay
Differential Equations with Layer or Oscillatory Behaviour,
K. Phaneendra, G.BSL.Soujanya, Y.N.Reddy, pages: 211-221

Existence of the Residual Functional Derivative with Respect to a
Coordinate of Gap Point of Medium, Zh.O. Oralbekova, K.T. Iskakov,
A.L. Karchevsky, pages: 222-233

Gradient and Direct Method of Solving Gelfand-Levitan Integral
Equation, L.N. Temirbekova, G. Dairbaev, pages: 234-246

Cyclic Codes and the Weight Enumerator of Linear Codes Over,
M. J. Shi, Patrick Solé, Bo Wu, pages: 247-255


From: Maya Neytcheva <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 16:42:18 +0200
Subject: Contents, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 20(3)

Contents of Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Vol 20, Issue 3, 2013

An efficient analyse phase for element problems, Jonathan D. Hogg and
Jennifer A. Scott (pages 397-412)

Accurate computations of matrices with bidiagonal decomposition using
methods for totally positive matrices, A. Barreras and J. M. Peña
(pages 413-424)

Modulus-based synchronous multisplitting iteration methods for linear
complementarity problems, Zhong-Zhi Bai and Li-Li Zhang (pages

A subspace shift technique for nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati
equations associated with an M-matrix, Bruno Iannazzo and Federico
Poloni (pages 440-452)

Steepest descent preconditioning for nonlinear GMRES-optimization,
Hans De Sterck (pages 453-471)

A balancing domain decomposition by constraints preconditioner for a
weakly over-penalized symmetric interior penalty method, Susanne
C. Brenner, Eun-Hee Park and Li-Yeng Sung (pages 472-491)

Review Paper
Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization: 100 years and more, Steven J. Leon,
Åke Björck and Walter Gander (pages 492-532)


From: Maya Neytcheva <>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 16:40:47 +0200
Subject: Contents, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 20(2)

Contents of Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Vol 20, Issue 2, 2013

Special issue dedicated to Biswa Nath Datta on the occasion of his
70th birthday, E. K-W. Chu, W.-W. Lin and L. Reichel (pages 167-170)

Krylov space approximate Kalman filtering, Johnathan M. Bardsley,
Albert Parker, Antti Solonen and Marylesa Howard (pages 171-184)

An algorithm for constructing a pseudo-Jacobi matrix from given
spectral data, N. Bebiano, S. Furtado and J. da Providência (pages

On the stability of 2D state-space models, Djillali Bouagada and Paul
Van Dooren (pages 198-207)

A preconditioned block Arnoldi method for large Sylvester matrix
equations, A. Bouhamidi, M. Hached, M. Heyouni and K. Jbilou (pages

Strong practical stability and stabilization of uncertain discrete
linear repetitive processes, Pawel Dabkowski, Krzysztof Galkowski,
Olivier Bachelier, Eric Rogers, Anton Kummert and James Lam (pages

On the strong stability of symplectic matrices, M. Dosso and
M. Sadkane (pages 234-249)

Oblique projections and standard-form transformations for discrete
inverse problems, Per Christian Hansen (pages 250-258)

A semiorthogonal generalized Arnoldi method and its variations for
quadratic eigenvalue problems, Wei-Qiang Huang, Tiexiang Li, Yung-Ta
Li and Wen-Wei Lin (pages 259-280)

Robust Hurwitz and Schur stability via interval positivity,
L. H. Keel, T. F. Stratton and S. P. Bhattacharyya (pages 281-290)

Pole assignment for linear and quadratic systems with time-delay in
control, T. Li and E. K-W. Chu (pages 291-301)

Tridiagonal Toeplitz matrices: properties and novel applications,
Silvia Noschese, Lionello Pasquini and Lothar Reichel (pages 302-326)

Computation of H ∞ controllers for infinite dimensional plants
using numerical linear algebra, H. Özbay (pages 327-335)

A family of realizability criteria for the real and symmetric
nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem, Ricardo L. Soto (pages

Inverse problems for unilevel block α-circulants, W. Trench (pages

Second moment constraints and the control problem of Markov jump
linear systems, Alessandro N. Vargas, Walter Furloni and João B.R. do
Val (pages 357-368)

Analysis of alignment algorithms with mixed dimensions for
dimensionality reduction, Qiang Ye and Weifeng Zhi (pages 369-384)

On the interface identification of free boundary problem by method of
fundamental solution, Haifeng Zhao, Liang Yan and Jijun Liu (pages

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