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From: G. W. (Pete) Stewart <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 09:11:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Code Tex Macros

Every so often I am asked how I put numbers in front of lines of code
in my books and papers and how I manage to label code fragments like
equations. Since the tex macros are rather simple, I decided to clean
them up and distribute them. The result is the environment `code'. A
directory containing the style file may be downloaded from

In addition to code.sty, the directory contains some examples from an
accompanying expository paper, "The Gram-Schmidt Algorithm and Its
Variants," written especially for the purpose because Gram-Schmidt has
lots of variants use as examples.

Pete Stewart


From: Per Christian Hansen <>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 09:43:23 +0100
Subject: MOORe Tools, A New MATLAB Package for Regularization

MOORe Tools - a new Matlab package for regularization

MOORe Tools is a new Modular and Object Oriented Regularization
Toolbox written in Matlab, suited for analysis and solution of large-scale
inverse problems. It can be viewed as the "next generation" of the
Regularization Tools package (developed in the early nineties).

MOORe Tools includes a variety of (mostly iterative) regularization
methods, such as:
- Tikhonov regularization, solved by applying CGLS to the
least squares formulation;
- Tikhonov regularization with p-norms (instead of 2-norms),
solved via a reweighted least squares algorithm;
- truncated SVD regularization;
- regularizing Krylov subspace iterations (CGLS, GMRES, etc.).

All regularization methods are based on an object oriented formulation
with linear operators working on vectors; the operator can be a
point-spread function, a Green's function, a convolution operator, etc,
while the vector can represent an image, a density distribution, a signal,

A few new large-scale test problems are included:
- steady-state heat distribution in 2D;
- 2D interpolation from regular grid to arbitrary points;
- image deblurring with separable blur.

The Matlab package was developed by Michael Jacobsen as a PhD
project at the Technical University of Denmark. Both the package
and the associated PhD Thesis are available from the MOORe Tools
homepage, which is available via the URL (click on MOORe Tools link)

The package was developed at the same time as the RestoreTools
package for image deblurring
but MOORe Tools is designed as a more general package.

Users of the new package are welcome to send comments and bug reports
to me. Enjoy the new package.

Per Christian Hansen
Informatics and Mathematical Modeling
Technical University of Denmark


From: Radu Serban <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 14:43:33 -0800
Subject: Nonlinear and Differential/Algebraic Equation Solvers

SUNDIALS (SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic equation Solvers)
version 2.0 has been released under an open source BSD license.

SUNDIALS 2.0 consists of the following four solvers:
CVODE v.2.2.0 solves initial value problems for ordinary differential
equation (ODE) systems.
CVODES v.2.1.0 solves ODE systems and includes sensitivity analysis
capabilities (both forward and adjoint).
IDA v.2.2.0 solves initial value problems for differential-algebraic
equation (DAE) systems.
KINSOL v.2.2.0 solves nonlinear algebraic systems.

SUNDIALS was implemented with the goal of providing robust time integrators
and nonlinear solvers that can easily be incorporated into existing simulation
codes. Basic operations on vectors are isolated to a separate module,
for which the distributed package includes serial and parallel versions,
but the user can supply his/her own version.

The SUNDIALS solvers are written in ANSI C, with CVODE and KINSOL also
providing a FORTRAN to C interface. All solvers can be built in single,
double, or extended precision.

More information (description, documentation, changes in the current versions)
and download links can be found on the updated SUNDIALS web page:

Radu Serban for the SUNDIALS team
Center for Applied Scientific Computing [email]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [phone] 925-424-4852
P.O. Box 808, L-560 [fax] 925-422-6287
Livermore, CA 94551


From: Ismail Idriss <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 08:52:33 +0100
Subject: Hankel System with a Special Right Hand Side

Dear NA readers,

I am working on the solution of systems of linear equations with a
Hankel matrix H = [a_(i+j-1), i,j = 1, ... ,n] and right hand side
[a_(n+i), i =1, ... ,n] . The aim is to perform the computations in
interval arithmetic.

I have already investigated the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm but it has a
poor performance when using interval arithmetic. I would highly appreciate
receiving hints to other existing algorithms for such linear systems.
Note that the Levinson algorithm and the Durbin algorithm are not
applicable since the system considered does not enjoy a symmetry w.r.t.
the antidiagonal.

Ismail Idriss
University of Applied Sciences/FH Konstanz
Istitute of Applied Research
Postfach 100543
D-78405 Konstanz


From: Zachary Battles <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 18:01:45 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Seeking Linear Algebra for Continuous Functions Literature

Dear NA Digest Readers:

My name is Zachary Battles and I am currently developing a system to
perform linear algebra on continuous functions and operators.
One particular area of interest to me is linear algebra for matrices
whose columns are continuous functions. For example, one might take the
QR factorization of a matrix with columns 1, x, x^2, ... to construct
Legendre polynomials. While this material is not new, there doesn't
seem to be many references in the literature. Other than de Boor,
Stewart and Trefethen, can someone point me to others who might have
written about this subject? Please respond to

Thank you for your assistance.

Zachary Battles


From: Peter Pacheco <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 09:30:41 -0800
Subject: Bay Area Scientific Computing Day

The Bay Area Scientific Computing Day (BASCD) is an informal gathering to
encourage the interaction and collaboration of researchers in the field
of computational science and engineering from the San Francisco Bay Area.
This event provides an opportunity for new researchers to present their
work to the local community and for the Bay Area scientific computing
community at large to exchange views on today's computational challenges.

The Sixth Bay Area Scientific Computing Day will be held at the
University of San Francisco on Saturday, March 5, 2004. If you want to
nominate someone for a talk or a poster, please contact Peter Pacheco

A website is currently under construction at If you plan to attend, we'd be grateful
if you'd visit the site and fill out a short pre-registration form.

Peter Pacheco
Department of Computer Science
University of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 422-6630


From: Kirsten Wilden <>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 08:18:17 -0500
Subject: SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications


Conference Name: Sixth SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications,
being held jointly with the 2005 SIAM Annual Meeting

Location: Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Dates: July 11-14, 2005

Invited Plenary Speakers
Marie Csete, Emory University
Mrdjan Jankovic, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering
(Joint Plenary Speaker with the 2005 SIAM Annual Meeting)
Naomi Leonard, Princeton University
William Levine, University of Maryland, College Park
William McEneaney, University of California, San Diego
Igor Mezic, University of California, Santa Barbara
Thaleia Zariphopoulou, University of Texas, Austin

Invited Topical Speaker
Matthias Heinkenschloss, Rice University
(Joint Topical Speaker with the 2005 SIAM Annual Meeting)

The Call for Presentations for this conference is available at:


Minisymposium proposals: December 10, 2004
Abstracts for all contributed and minisymposium presentations: January 7, 2005

For additional information, contact SIAM Conference Department at


From: Brahim Amaziane <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 12:14:27 +0100
Subject: Conference in Morocco on Modeling in Natural Resources

MAMERN'05 First Announcement and Call for Papers
International Conference on Approximation Methods
and Numerical Modeling in Environment and Natural Resources

May 9-11, Oujda, Morocco

Main Topics:
- Approximation Methods
- Numerical Modeling of Flow in Porous Media
- Mathematical Analysis of Models in Porous Media
- Applications of Approximation and Modeling to Environment Sciences and
Natural Resources


From: C J Kenneth Tan <>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 23:38:40 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Conference in Singapore on Computational Science

ICCSA 2005
Suntec City, Singapore
9 May 2005 -- 12 May 2005

Conference Chairs:
Vipin Kumar (Honorary Chair)
Marina Gavrilova (Conference Co-Chair, Scientific)
Osvaldo Gervasi (Conference Co-Chair, Program)
Jerry Lim (Conference Co-Chair, Organizational)

There are six major conference themes planned:

Computational Methods and Applications
High Performance Computing, Networks and Optimisation
Information Systems and Information Technologies
Scientific Visualisation, Graphics and Image Processing
Computational Science Education
Advanced and Emerging Applications


From: Christina Christara <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 20:18:03 -0500
Subject: Conference in Toronto on Iterative Methods

Second announcement and call for papers

Seventh IMACS International Symposium on
Iterative Methods in Scientific Computing

May 5-8, 2005
The Fields Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
and the University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

NOTE the first deadline, January 15, 2005

Sponsored by the Fields Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,
MITACS (Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex systems),
the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo,
the Centre for Computational Mathematics in Industry and Commerce (U. Waterloo),
and IMACS.

FORMAT AND THEME: The conference will feature invited lectures,
minisymposia, selected contributed papers and a paper competition
for students and new PhDs.
Topics targeted include but are not limited to nonlinear systems,
sparse linear systems, eigenproblem computations, preconditioning,
multigrid, domain decomposition, Krylov subspace methods, linear
and nonlinear optimization, interior point methods, complementarity
and equilibrium problems, integer and combinatorial optimization,
distributed computing, decomposition methods, high-performance and
parallel computation, applications such as network flows, protein folding,
blood flow, energy minimization, financial computation,
computational fluid dynamics, image processing, internet search engines

Of particular interest will be presentations on
* interdisciplinary research and
* open problems

Invited speakers include Tony Chan (UCLA), Tom Coleman (Cornell),
Andy Conn (IBM), Paul Fischer (Argonne), Ilse Ipsen (NCSU),
Van Henson (LLNL), Tim Kelley (North Carolina State),
Kees Oosterlee (Delft), Andy Wathen (Oxford)

* Minisymposia, student paper competition and financial support:
January 15, 2005
* Contributed talks: February 1, 2005

For more information see:


From: Kuo-Ming Chao <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 11:03:22 -0000
Subject: Conference in Coventry on Computer Supported Work in Design

Final CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline Extended)

The Ninth International Conference on Computer Supported
Cooperative Work in Design

24-26 May, 2005, Coventry, UK


Organised by
Coventry University, UK
Co-Sponsored by
IEEE UK and Ireland
British Computer Society
Int. Journal of Expert Systems with Applications
Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Dr. Anne James / Dr. Kuo-Ming Chao
School of Mathematical and Information Sciences Coventry University
Priory Street, Coventry, UK, CV1 5FB
Tel: +44 (0) 24 7688 8991/8908
Email: /

Dr. Weiming Shen
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute
National Research Council Canada
800 Collip Circle, London, Ontario, Canada, N6G 4X8
Tel: +1 519 430-7134, Fax: +1 519 430-7064


From: Timo Eirola <>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 14:39:15 +0200
Subject: Workshop in Helsinki on Computational Problems in Physics

CPiP 2005: Workshop on Computational Problems in Physics

May 23-27, 2005, Helsinki, Finland

The workshop brings together computational physicists, applied
mathematicians, and numerical analysts together with young researchers
from both physics and mathematics. The workshop consists of lectures and
study groups' work, the latter occupying more than half of the schedule.
Young scientists with different backgrounds work side-by-side and under
the guidance of more experienced scientists on a few topical,
cross-disciplinary, and challenging problems. The lecture sessions,
given by leading scientists, will introduce the physical background and
the essential mathematical techniques.

Physics Problems

Quantum dynamics;
electronic structure and transport theory
Multiscale problems
Challenges in stochastic simulation
Complex flows in restricted geometries
Computational problems in astrophysics
Simulation of DNA under topological constraints
Membrane and protein dynamics

Mathematical Techniques

Time integration of large systems
Stochastic nonlinear PDEs
Multiscale methods
Large complex eigenproblems
Numerical fluid dynamics
Moving and complex boundary problems
Neural networks, genetic algorithms
Krylov subspace methods
Geometric algebra methods

We invite especially PhD students and young researchers of physics and
mathematics to apply for participation. The workshop is also a research
training course (3 ECTS points). Financial support can be applied. The
deadline for application is January 15, 2005.

Program committee: Tapio Ala-Nissila, Erik Aurell, Tomas Bohr, Axel
Brandenburg, Henrik Bruus, Morten Brons, Timo Eirola (co-chair), Lars
Elden, Sverker Holmgren, Marko Huhtanen, Antti-Pekka Jauho (co-chair),
Hannes Jonsson, Ralf Metzler, Risto Nieminen, Brynjulf Owren,
Olof Runborg, Asle Sudboe, Anders Szepessy, Susanne Viefers.

For more information and online application see:

Supported by: NorFA, Nordita, and Finnish NGSMP



From: John R Whiteman <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 11:30:31 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Chair, Readership and Lectureship Positions at Brunel University

Chair, Readership and Lectureship in Mathematics
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK

Applications are invited for a Chair, a Readership and a Lectureship in
Mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Brunel University.
Applied Mathematics, including Computational Mathematics, at Brunel
was graded 5 in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. The successful
candidates for all these posts will be expected to contribute strongly to
maintaining and enhancing our research record.

Chair in Mathematics (Ref: BHA0150)

The post of Professor of Mathematics offers the opportunity for providing
leadership in the further development of a strong research programme in a
supportive department. Applications are welcome from persons who strengthen
the existing research groups. Particularly encouraged are applicants with
strong records of research and achievement in any area of Computational
Mathematics, with real world applications. Current research in
computational mathematics within the Department,including that of the
"Brunel Institute of Computational Mathematics" (BICOM), is on the theory
and application of finite element and finite difference methods for
problems involving differential, integral and integro-differential
equations. Related major activities in Applied Mathematics include
research on wave theory and its applications.

The person appointed to the chair will be expected to provide research and
academic leadership, to conduct significant research, to publish in
leading academic journals, and to gain external research funding to
support and expand research activities.

Reader in Mathematics (Ref: BHA0151) and
Lecturer in Mathematics (Ref: BHA0152)

Candidates should have achieved research distinction or have strong research
potential in an area of the research groups of the department. Particularly
welcome are persons from any branch of Computational Mathematics with experience
in applications. The posts of Reader and Lecturer in Mathematics offer the
opportunity to join and contribute to a successful research programme in
Computational Mathematics in a supportive department. Applicants will be expected
to undertake research and to publish in leading journals, to gain external
research funding, and to contribute to the teaching programme of the department
in mathematics.

Informal enquiries for each position may be made to:

Professor J. R. Whiteman, or
Professor N. Heuer,

Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 3PH, U.K.

Further details and application forms may be obtained from the
Department's website,

CLOSING DATE 16 January, 2005.


From: Robert Ryne <>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 13:07:40 -0800
Subject: Staff Position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Job opening in the Accelerator Modeling and Advanced Computing Group at
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Summary: The Accelerator Modeling and Advanced Computing (AMAC) Group in
LBNL's Center for Beam Physics is a world leader in applying high-end
computing to solve challenging, strategically important problems in
accelerator science and technology. Its activities involve developing
and utilizing parallel codes to simulate a variety of accelerator
systems and beam phenomena, including intense beams in linacs and rings,
beam-beam effects, collisional effects, electron-cloud effects, high
brightness electron guns, coherent synchrotron radiation, free electron
lasers, ion sources, and laser/plasma accelerators. The highly
nonlinear, multi-scale, and many-body aspects characteristic of future
design problems account for their extreme technical difficulty. Their
solution requires a combination of methods from modern accelerator
theory and nonlinear dynamical systems theory, computational science,
computer science, applied mathematics, and numerical analysis. AMAC is a
co-lead laboratory on a DOE Scientific Discovery through Advanced
Computing (SciDAC) project, and is also involved in R&D activities
associated with the proposed Rare Isotope Accelerator project. AMAC is
presently seeking a postdoctoral scientist, with a strong background in
scientific computing, to participate in research activities related to
the large-scale simulation of intense charged particle beams in

Qualifications: Essential-Ph.D. or equivalent experience in a discipline
of the physical sciences (including but not limited to accelerator
physics, plasma physics, or astrophysics), with experience in high-end
computing in that discipline, and a record of publication in that
discipline; Experience in developing and implementing parallel software
for large-scale scientific simulation. Demonstrated ability to
collaborate with others and work effectively in a team environment.

For Further Information: Directions on applying for this position can be
found at . The position is in the Accelerator &
Fusion Research Division, requisition # 017260. For further information
you may also contact that AMAC group leader, Dr. Robert D. Ryne, at


From: Osni Marques <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 11:49:04 -0800
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Lawrence Berkeley Lab


The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( has an
opening for a postdoctoral fellow to develop numerical methods for
electronic structure calculations of nanosystems. The hired person will
work with Lin-Wang Wang, Andrew Canning and Osni Marques of the
Scientific Computing Group of the Computational Research Division at
LBNL. The position is funded by a grant from DOE and will involve
collaborations with other researchers in the field, such as Jack
Dongarra and Victor Eijkhout (University of Tennessee), and Alex Zunger
(NREL). A Ph.D. degree in Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Physics,
Chemistry, or a related field is required. Interest in
algorithmic/mathematical development and ability for scientific code
writing on high-performance and parallel computers is highly desired.

The position is initially for one year with the possibility of renewal
for up to three years. A highly competitive salary will be offered.
Our division is closely affiliated with the National Energy Research
Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at LBNL, which is one of the largest
civilian research computer centers in the United States. The Scientific
Computing Group is a diverse group working on various aspects of
scientific computation. More information about our research activities
can be found at Interested candidates
should send a curriculum vitae to:

Osni Marques
Andrew Canning
Lin-Wang Wang


From: Jose Castillo <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 10:36:47 -0800
Subject: PhD Position at San Diego State

The Computational Science Research Center at San Diego State University is
looking for qualified students for our joint Ph.D program with Claremont
Graduate University. Assistantships are available for interested and
qualified applicants. The program involves faculty from Math, Science and
Engineering. Please see and for
details including application process.


From: Francois Glineur <>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 22:11:35 +0100
Subject: PhD Scholarship at CORE, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

In the cadre of ADONET (Algorithmic Discrete Opimization Network) financed
by the European Union, CORE (Center for Operations Research and
Econometrics, UniversitÚ Catholique de Louvain) is looking to offer one or
more early-stage researcher scholarships for doctoral students wishing to
spend a period from between 3-12 months at CORE during the 2005-2006
academic year (or earlier).

Topics of interest include semi-definite optimization, nonlinear integer
programs, mixed integer programming, primal algorithms, polyhedral

Candidates are asked to submit a CV, a brief research proposal and a letter
from their supervisor to Laurence Wolsey (
Candidates wishing to start a doctorate will only be considered if they are
exceptional, and have at least two reference letters.

Complete applications received by February 1st will receive a response by
the end of February. Applications received later will be considered in May
if resources are still available.

Laurence Wolsey
Voie du Roman Pays 34
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


From: Peter Olver <>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 23:24:20 -0600
Subject: Contents, Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 4 Number 4 of Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Whitney Estimates for Convex Domains with Applications to Multivariate
Piecewise Polynomial Approximation
p. 345
S. Dekel, D. Leviatan

The Complexity of Factors of Multivariate Polynomials
p. 369
Peter Buergisser

On the Ideals of Secant Varieties of Segre Varieties
p. 397
J. M. Landsberg, L. Manivel


From: Hans Schneider <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 22:39:41 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Contents, Linear Algebra and its Applications

Linear Algebra and its Applications
Volume 395, Pages 1-372 (15 January 2005)
1. Editoral Board
Pages ii-iii
2. A family of inequalities originating from coding of messages
Pages 1-82
Joel E. Cohen, Johannes H.B. Kemperman and Gheorghe H. Zb─^├ganu
3. On the sensitivity of the spectral projection
Pages 83-94
Ji-Guang Sun
4. Equality of immanantal decomposable tensors, II
Pages 95-119
Henrique F. da Cruz and J.A. Dias da Silva
5. Asymptotic behavior of the condition number of two-level Toeplitz
matrix sequences
Pages 121-140
D. Noutsos, S. Serra Capizzano and P. Vassalos
6. The generalized spectral radius is strictly increasing
Pages 141-153
Fabian Wirth
7. Eigenvalues and perfect matchings
Pages 155-162
Andries E. Brouwer and Willem H. Haemers
8. Siegel transformations for even characteristic
Pages 163-174
Erich W. Ellers and Oliver Villa
9. Lengths of finite dimensional representations of PBW algebras
Pages 175-181
D. Constantine and M. Darnall
10. A note on eigenvalues of perturbed Hermitian matrices
Pages 183-190
Chi-Kwong Li and Ren-Cang Li
11. Connections between the total least squares and the correction of an
infeasible system of linear inequalities
Pages 191-210
Paula Amaral and Pedro Barahona
12. The determinantal regions of complex sign pattern matrices and ray
pattern matrices
Pages 211-228
Jia-Yu Shao and Hai-Ying Shan
13. Ray solvable linear systems and ray S NS matrices
Pages 229-246
Jia-Yu Shao, Hai-Ying Shan and Li-Hua You
14. Mixed mean inequalities for several positive definite matrices
Pages 247-263
Yongjian Hu, Xiuping Zhang and Zhenghong Yang
15. The Witt kernels of purely inseparable quartic extensions
Pages 265-273
Hamza Ahmad
16. Spectral theory of copositive matrices
Pages 275-281
Charles R. Johnson and Robert Reams
17. Asymptotic behavior of solutions of perturbed linear difference
Pages 283-302
Guojing Ren, Yuming Shi and Yi Wang
18. (┬▒1)-Invariant sequences and truncated Fibonacci sequences
Pages 303-312
Gyoung-Sik Choi, Suk-Geun Hwang, Ik-Pyo Kim and Bryan L. Shader
19. Perturbation analysis for solutions of X ┬▒ A * X A = Q
Pages 313-331
I.G. Ivanov
20. Additive rank-1 preservers between hermitian matrix spaces and
Pages 333-342
Xiao-Min Tang
21. The spectral radius of trees on k pendant vertices
Pages 343-349
Baofeng Wu, Enli Xiao and Yuan Hong
22. On trace inequalities and their applications to noncommutative
communication theory
Pages 351-359
Kenjiro Yanagi, Shigeru Furuichi and Ken Kuriyama
23. Some stability properties of T. ChanÔ^└^┘s preconditioner
Pages 361-365
Che-Man Cheng and Xiao-Qing Jin
24. On the construction of nearest defective matrices to a normal matrix
Pages 367-370
Rafikul Alam
25. Author index
Pages 371-372


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