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From: Gene H Golub <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 21:30:15 +0200 (Jerusalem Standard Time)
Subject: Herman Goldstein

The mathematician and computer pioneer Herman H. Goldstein died on
Wednesday, June 16, at age 90. Further details about his career can be
found in an obituary at:


A ceremony celebrating his life and accomplishments will be held at the
American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia in the fall.


From: Nick Trefethen <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 07:13:55 +1000
Subject: New Book About the SIAM 100 Digit Challenge

Many NA-Netters will recall that two years ago, I
organized an event known as the "SIAM 100-Dollar,
100-Digit Challenge". This attracted a lot of
interest, with contestants from around the world,
and in the end, twenty winning teams with perfect

Four of the winners have now joined forces to publish
a remarkable book about the contest and its ten
computational problems. The authors are Folkmar
Bornemann, Dirk Laurie, Stan Wagon, and Joerg Waldvogel.
Between them these four have actually solved nine of
the ten problems to an astonishing 10,000 digits of
accuracy each, and this book tells the story of each
problem and the areas of mathematics it connects to
with a depth I would never have imagined possible.
To see what I mean, take a look at The publisher
is SIAM, and I believe copies are being shipped
starting this week. Among many other items of
interest, the book reveals the name of the anonymous
donor who made it possible for all the winning teams
to get prizes. An appendix at the end proposes
another 22 new problems to challenge us.

Nick Trefethen


From: Rodney James <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 17:11:10 -0600
Subject: FFTPACK 5.0 Available

FFTPACK version 5 is now available for download from the National
Center for Atmospheric Research at:

FFTPACK is a Fortran subroutine library of Fast Fourier Transforms
developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research by Paul

This release of FFTPACK includes single and multiple instance
complex-to-complex and real-to-real transforms, two-dimensional
complex-to-complex and real-to-complex transforms, and a collection of
sine and cosine transforms.

Rodney James
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado USA


From: Volker Mehrmann <mehrmann@math.TU-Berlin.DE>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:34:52 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Special Issue of LAA Honoring F. L. Bauer

Call for Papers:
Special Issue in Honor of Friedrich L. Bauer

On June 10 2004, Friedrich L. Bauer, one of the founding fathers
of computer science and scientific computing in Germany, celebrated
his 80th birthday.

He has been an editor of Linear Algebra and Its Applications for
since its beginning in 1968 and he is currently one of its distinguished

We are pleased to announce a special issue of Linear Algebra and Its
Applications in Honor of F. L. Bauer. Papers
in pure, applied and numerical linear algebra will be considered.

All papers submitted must meet the publication standards of Linear Algebra
and Its Applications and will be subject to normal refereeing procedure.

The deadline for submission of papers is December 31. 2004, and
with publication expected in 2006.

Papers should be sent to any of its special editors, preferably by email
in a PDF or PostScript format:

Heike Fassbender
Institut f. Angewandte Mathematik
TU Braunschweig
Postfach 3329
D-38023 Braunschweig

Michael Griebel
Institut f. Numerische Simulation
Wegelerstr. 6
D-53115 Bonn

Olga Holtz
University of California-Berkeley
Department of Mathematics
821 Evans Hall
Berkeley, Ca, 94720
e-mail: holtz@Math.Berkeley.EDU

G.W. (Pete) Stewart
Department of Computer Science
Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
University of Maryland
College Park, Md 20742

The responsible editor-in-chief of the special issue is:

Volker Mehrmann
Institut f. Mathematik, MA 4-5
TU Berlin
Strasse des 17. Juni 136
D-10623 Berlin


From: Connie Young <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 14:01:08 -0400
Subject: SIAM Conference on Computational Science & Engineering

Conference Name: SIAM Conference on Computational Science & Engineering
Location: Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando, Florida
Dates: February 12-15, 2005

Reminder, the Call for Presentations deadlines for the SIAM Conference on
Computational Science & Engineering (CSE05):

Deadline for minisymposium proposals: August 2, 2004
Deadline for contributed lectures and posters: August 11, 2004

Visit to submit.

For additional information, contact SIAM Conference Department at


From: Xiaolin Li <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:07:15 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Conference in Stony Brook Honoring James Glimm

Conference on Analysis, Modeling and Computation of PDE
and Multiphase Flow
Stony Brook University, August 3-5, 2004
In honor of James Glimm's 70th Birthday

This conference will be held at the beautiful Stony Brook University
Charlse B. Wang Center:

The conference will bring scientists and mathematicians
from the interdisciplinary fields of PDE and multiphase flow.
The theme of the conference includes analysis, modeling and
computation of hyperbolic and elliptic PDE and application to the
multiphase flow problem. The invited speakers include senior as well as
young and active researchers for a communication of their new discoveries.
We hold this academic convention in celebration of James Glimm's 70th
birthday and for his contribution to the field.

There will also be an organized sight-seeing during the conference.

Speakers include (invited and contributed):

Snezha Abarzhi (Stanford University)
Alberto Bressan (Penn State University)
David Brown (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, uncertain)
Suncica Canic (University of Houston)
Gui-Qiang Chen (Northwestern University)
Zhangxin Chen (Southern Methodist University)
Alina Chertock (North Carolina State University)
Alexander Chorin (UC Berkeley)
Phil Colella (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Constantine Dafermos (Brown University)
Fred Furtado (University of Wyoming)
Carl Gardner (Arizona State University)
Nataniel Greene (Stony Brook University)
John W. Grove (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
David Keyes (Columbia University)
Barbara Keyfitz (University of Houston)
Alexander Kurganov (Tulane University)
Marc Laforest (Colorado State University)
Tong Li (University of Iowa)
Jianguo Liu (University of Maryland)
Tai-Ping Liu (Stanford University)
Yingjie Liu (Georgia Tech)
Dan Marchesin (Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Brazil)
JeeYeon N. Plohr (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
James Sethian (UC Berkeley)
Joel Smoller (University of Michigan)
Bruce Pitman (SUNY at Buffalo)
Alex Povitsky (University of Akron)
Roman Samulyak (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Michael Sever (Italy)
Chiwang Shu (Brown University)
Blake Temple (University of California at Davis)
Gretar Tryggvason (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Mary Wheeler (University of Texas Austin, waiting for abstract)
Robin Young (University of Massachusetts)
Yanni Zeng (University of Alabama Brimingham)
Kevin Zumbrun (Indiana University)
Cindy Zoldi (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Organizing Committee:

Co-Chair: Xiaolin Li (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Co-Chair: Gretar Tryggvason (WPI)
John Grove (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Yuefan Deng (SUNY at Stony Brook)

Conference coordinators:

Pamela Wolfskill (SUNY at Stony Brook)
Yan Yu (SUNY at Stony Brook)

Scientific Committee:

Gretar Tryggvason (WPI)
Xiaolin Li (SUNY at Stony Brook)
John W. Grove (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
David H. Sharp (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
David Keyes (Columbia University)
Gui-Qiang Chen (Northwestern University)

Papers are still invited for contributed poster presentations.
We particularly encourage graduate students, postdocs and
junior faculty members to participate in this conference.

Please refer to the webpage:

for detailed information of the conference, including
information about financial supprt.


From: Moshe Sniedovich <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 13:38:23 +1000
Subject: Conference in Australia on Optimization

You are invited to participate in the

International Conference on Optimization Techniques and Applications (ICOTA)

December 9-11, 2004, Ballarat, Australia

The International Conference on Optimization: Techniques andApplications
(ICOTA) is an official conference series for POP (The Pacific Optimization
Research Activity Group). The goal of ICOTA is to provide an international
forum for scientists, researchers, software developers, and practitioners to
exchange views and ideas,to present research findings and state-of-the-art
solutions, to share experiences on capabilities and limitations of methods and
techniques, and to open new avenues of research and development, on all issues
and topics related to optimization.

The Scientific Programme will include presentations of invited andcontributed
papers including:

Key Note Lectures by:

Prof R. Bixby, Rice University and ILOG
Prof. R.T. Rockafellar, University of Washington

Invited Lectures by:

Prof. H.-F. Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. V. Demyanov, S-Petersburg State University
Prof. J-S. Pang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Prof. M. Thera, University of Limoges

Four Pre-Conference tutorials are planned for Dec 8, 2004.


From: Natesan Srinivasan <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 16:29:56 +0530 (IST)
Subject: Conference in India on Environmental Fliud Mechanics

3rd to 5th March 2005
Organized by
Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
in cooperation with Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

With increasing threat to the environment due to pollution, saving the
environment has become the responsibility of every person on the earth,
more so of the academicians. Currently a lot of research is going on in
finding ways to save the environment, in particular, from air and water
pollution. In this context, environmental fluid mechanics (EFM) has become
a very practical and useful research area. We, in the Department of
Mathematics at IIT Guwahati, feel that holding an international conference
on EFM in this part of our country will go a long way in keeping ourselves
abreast of the latest developments and future opportunities in this very
important area of science and engineering. In the same vein, the
participation from the industry and academia under the same umbrella will
encourage further development of various areas of environmental fluid
mechanics at both local and global level.


From: Boyana Norris <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:30:53 -0500
Subject: Conference at Univ. of Chicago on Automatic Differentiation

AD 2004
The 4th International Conference on Automatic Differentiation
July 19-23, 2004
University of Chicago Gleacher Center
450 N Cityfront Plaza Dr
Chicago, IL, USA

The preregistration deadline for AD 2004 is July 2, 2004. After that date,
registration fees will increase. Please note that no payment is required at
the time of preregistration. To register, visit the conference web site:

We look forward to seeing you!

On behalf of the AD 2004 Organizing Committee,

Boyana Norris


From: G. A. Gravvanis <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 15:54:23 +0300
Subject: Conference at MIT on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics

Session Organizer: Dr. G. A. Gravvanis

Within the framework of the Conference
Third MIT Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
June 14-17, 2005, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA

Topics of the session: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the
following: Approximate Inverses, Parallel and sequential numerical methods for
PDE's, Finite Difference and Finite Element method, Finite Volume method,
Boundary element method, Domain Decomposition methods, Multigrid Methods,
Parallel Preconditioned iterative methods, Adaptive strategies, Advanced
Numerical Algorithms and Applications, Numerical Software Description and
Environments, High Performance Computations and Environments, Advanced Numerical
Algorithms and Applications, Applications in Science and Engineering.

Prospective authors are invited to submit ? after July 15, 2004 and prior to
September 30, 2004, - a paper of up to 1600 words on topics related to the theme
of the Session (PDF, Postscript, or Microsoft Word documents). Your paper may
contain up to 1600 words, plus up to four figures or tables (in total). If the
total number of figures or tables exceeds four, your word count should be
reduced by approximately 100 words per additional figure or table. You must
submit to the Session Organizer by email only (, see Guide for
Papers must not have been previously published or currently submitted for
publication elsewhere.

Conference Fellowship
As in the earlier Conferences, about one hundred young researchers from any part
of the world will be fully supported to attend the Conference. A Fellowship
provides for all travel expenses, Conference fees, accommodation expenses in
M.I.T. on-campus housing, and a personalized Fellowship Certificate. Fellowship
awardees are expected to present a paper at the Conference.

July 15, 2004: Start of Short Paper and Abstract submissions
September 30, 2004: Deadline for submission of Short Papers
December 30, 2004: Notification of acceptance of Short Papers
March 15, 2005: Deadline for submission of Abstracts
April 15, 2005: Notification of acceptance of Abstracts
June 14 - 17, 2005: Third M.I.T. Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics

Dr. George A. Gravvanis
Department of Computer Science
Hellenic Open University
Telephone: +30-210-3368024, Fax: +30-210-3368025.

For more information about the conference a link has been created at


From: Timo Eirola <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 16:15:41 +0300
Subject: Workshop in Helsinki on Computational Problems in Physics

A workshop on Computational Problems in Physics will be organized in
Helsinki, Finland,
May 23 - 27, 2005.


This workshop will bring together specialists in computational
physics, applied mathematics and numerical analysis with the
goal of developing theoretical and computational tools necessary
to tackle new problems and applications in computational physics.
The aim is to concentrate on a few selected challenging problems.
The model of working will be close to the European Study Groups
with Industry (see:
There will also be lectures on topics related to the problems.
The workshop will also serve as a research training course for
PhD students and postdocs.

Suggestions on topics:

At this point we are inviting suggestions on specific topics,
questions, problems, or applications that the potential
participants would like the workshop to focus on. This will
help in designing the final program. The deadline for such
contributions is October 31, 2004. For details, see

The invitation for participation will be posted in November 2004.

The scientific/organizing committee of the workshop:

Physics: Mathematics:
Tapio Ala-Nissila, Helsinki Morten Brons,Copenhagen
Erik Aurell, Stockholm Timo Eirola, Helsinki
Tomas Bohr, Copenhagen Lars Elden, Linkoping
Henrik Bruus, Copenhagen Sverker Holmgren, Uppsala
Axel Brandenburg, Copenhagen Marko Huhtanen, Helsinki
Antti-Pekka Jauho, Copenhagen Brynjulf Owren, Trondheim
Hannes Jonsson, Reykjavik Olof Runborg, Stockholm
Ralf Metzler, Copenhagen Anders Szepessy, Stockholm
Risto Nieminen, Helsinki
Asle Sudboe, Trondheim
Susanne Viefers, Oslo

For more details, please see the workshop site:


From: Vasco Brattka <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 07:24:34 +0200
Subject: Workshop in Germany on Computability and Complexity in Analysis

2 0 0 4

Sixth International Workshop on
Computability and Complexity in Analysis

August 16-20, 2004, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany

Call for Participation

Scientific Program Committee

Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Vasco Brattka, chair (Hagen, Germany)
Abbas Edalat (London, UK)
Armin Hemmerling (Greifswald, Germany)
Peter Hertling (Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
Ker-I Ko (Stony-Brook, USA)
Ulrich Kohlenbach (Aarhus, Denmark)
Vladik Kreinovich (El Paso, USA)
Matthias Schroeder (Edinburgh, UK)
Hideki Tsuiki (Kyoto, Japan)
John V. Tucker (Swansea, UK)
Klaus Weihrauch (Hagen, Germany)
Xizhong Zheng (Cottbus, Germany)
Ning Zhong (Cincinnati, USA)

Organizing Committee (Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)

Ludwig Staiger, chair
Sibylle Schwarz
Ramona Vahrenhold
Renate Winter
Rene Mazala


From: David Skinner <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:38:20 -0700
Subject: Meeting in Austin of IBM Scientific Computing User Group


AUSTIN, Texas - The tenth meeting of the IBM System Scientific Computing
User Group (ScicomP) will be held Aug. 9-13, 2004, in Austin, Texas.
ScicomP10 is being held in conjunction with the summer meeting of
SP-XXL. The combined meetings are being hosted by the Texas Advanced
Computing Center of The University of Texas at Austin.

The ScicomP meeting series enables computational scientists
and engineers to learn about tools and techniques for developing
applications that achieve maximum performance and scalability on IBM

The early registration deadline is Monday, July 23. Students may
register at reduced rates for both the technical sessions and the
tutorials. Registration and agenda online at:


From: Sivaguru Sritharan <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 13:11:37 -0600
Subject: Faculty Positions at University of Wyoming


Tenure Track Position in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Free
Boundary Problems


Tenure Track Position in Information Theory

Applications are invited for assistant professor tenure-track positions
starting August 2005. A higher rank is possible for persons with outstanding
research qualifications. The minimum qualifications are an earned Ph.D.,
significant record of accomplishments in research, evidence of a strong
commitment to teaching, and appropriate level of communication skills.

For the first position, candidates with research emphasis in Nonlinear
and Stochastic PDE, and Free Boundary Problems with applications in Fluid
Mechanics and Geosciences are preferred.
For the second position, candidates with research emphasis in Computational
Combinatorics, Computational Geometry/Algebraic Geometry, or Computational
Number Theory with expertise in Information Theoretic applications including
Coding Theory and/or Cryptology are preferred.

Both positions requires the ability and interest to advise undergraduate and
supervise masters and doctoral students, to teach a variety of undergraduate,
graduate and outreach courses, to collaborate with colleagues in the math
department and faculty in related disciplines, and to develop a competitive,
externally funded research program.

Review of completed applications will begin December 15, 2004. A complete
application will consist of a letter of application, a complete CV,
a statement of research interests and accomplishments, and a statement of
teaching philosophy.

Please forward applications to: Anaysis Search Committee or Information
Theory Search Committee, 1000 E. University, Department 3036,
University of Wyoming Mathematics, Laramie, WY 82071.
Please have at least three letters of recommendations, one of which should
address the candidate's teaching, sent directly to the search committee.
For further information please refer to:
UW is an EO/AA employer.

S. S. Sritharan
Head, Department of Mathematics
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82071


From: Jeff R. Cash <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 12:04:51 +0100
Subject: Research Position at Imperial College, London

Research Associate, Method of Lines Modelling.
Dept of Mathematics, Imperial College, London, England.
Salary: BP 21,368 - 24,405 depending on experience and qualifications.
Applicant if successful will work on a research project involving the
Method of Lines modelling in Physical Sciences. The aims of the research
project are to develop and adapt ordinary differential equation solvers for
use with the Method of Lines (MOL) and adaptive grid techniques for MOL
simulations. Also, to optimise the above numerical techniques for the
simulation of organic semiconductor devices.

The successful applicant will have skills in Numerical Analysis, computing and
Mathematical modelling. In particular, experience in the numerical solution of
differential equations will be an asset. In exceptional cases, non-doctoral
applicants with suitable experience will be considered. For further research
details please contact jeff cash ( or John de Mello
( The position is for one year in the first
instance, starting between July 04 - early september 04.

For an application form and further information please e-mail Stuart Cole,
Mathematics general office, Room 649 Huxley Building, 180 Queen's Gate
London SW72Az England. ( Application forms can be
downloaded from
and the same address .pdf for a pdf file. Closing date 10th July 2004.
Valuing diversity and committed to equality of opportunity.


From: Anne Cathrine Elster <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 17:29:16 +0200 (MEST)
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology

One Ph.D. scholarship is offered in the area of High Performance Computing
at the Department of Computer and Information Science,
(Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

This position focuses on addressing some of the computer science issues
that arise when applications are scaled up to utilize several hundred
processing units of hybrid computing nodes that need to communicated with
each other. This implies addressing problems related to large computer
clusters, GRID technology and distributed systems.

Relevant education at the level of Master of Science or equivalent is
required. Applicants must be qualified to work as a doctoral student at

Further information about how to apply for the award can be found at

Contact: Associate Professor Anne C. Elster, e-mail:

See also the information about doctoral studies at NTNU at

NTNU wants to increase the proportion of women in its scientific posts.
Women are hence especially encouraged to apply.

The application deadline is June 26, but applications
receiced up until Jul 2, 2004, will be considered.

Note that the applications needs to be mailed to the Dean's
(Faculty) office for consideration.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in
Trondheim, Norway, has a clear profile in technology and the
natural sciences. It has strong faculties of medicine, social
science and the humanities, so that it provides a wide range
of academic teaching and research. See for more info.


From: Kurt Lust <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 15:02:15 +0200
Subject: Ph.D. Positions at the University of Groningen

We invite applications for two 4-year Ph.D. fellowships to work on
computational methods for large-scale nonlinear dynamical systems at
the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.

Possible topics of research are
* Numerical bifurcation analysis of fluid flows and combustion problems.
* Numerical simulation and bifurcation analysis for multiscale problems.

All information on these positions can be found on

Applications will be considered until both positions are filled.

Dr. ir. Kurt Lust
Institute of Mathematics and Computing Science
University of Groningen
P.O. Box 800
9700 AV Groningen, The Netherlands
E-mail: (until august 15)


From: Li Jing <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 09:52:47 +0800
Subject: Contents, Journal of Computational Mathematics

Contents, Journal of Computational Mathematics
Volume 22 Number 4 July 2004

I.D. Coope, C.J. Price, A Direct
Search Frame-based Conjugate Gradients Method

He-yuan Wang, Kai-tai Li
Numerical Approximation of Transcritical Simple Bifurcation point of the
Navier-Stokes Equations

Ju-liang Zhang, Jian Chen, Xin-jian Zhuo
A Constrained Optimization Approach for LCP

Jing-jun Zhao, Wan-rong Cao, Ming-zhu Liu
Asymptotic Stability of Runge-kutta Methods for the Pantograph Equations

Zhen-yun Peng, Xi-yan Hu, Lei Zhang
The Inverse Problem of Centrosymmetric Matrices with a Submatrix

Jun Hu, Yun-qing Huang, Hong-mei Shen
The Lower Approximation of Eigenvalue by Lumped Mass Finite Element Method

Chang-feng Ma
The Finite Element Analysis of
the Controlled-source Electromagnetic Induction Problems by
Fractional-Step Projection Method

Yu-hai Zhang
On the General Algebraic Inverse Eigenvalue Problems

Xiao-ping Xie
From Energy Improvement to
Accuracy Enhancement: Improvement of Plate Bending Elements by the
Combined Hybrid Method

Fa-yong Zhang
Long-time Behavior of Finite
Difference Solutions of Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Schr\"odinger
Equation with Weakly Damped

Xin-xiu Li, Xin-guo Liu
Structured Backward Errors for Structured KKT Systems

Ya-juan Sun, Meng-zhao Qin
A Multi-Symplectic Scheme for RLW Equation

Hua-zhong Tang
Kinetic Flux Vector Splitting
for the Euler Equations with General Pressure Laws


From: Romas Baronas <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 17:56:02 +0100
Subject: Contents, Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control

Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control, ISSN 1392-5113,
Volume 9, Number 2, 2004

A free on-line edition is available at:


On the eigenvalue problem for one-dimensional differential operator with
nonlocal integral condition, Pages 109-116
R. Ciupaila, Z. Jeseviciute, M. Sapagovas

On some properties of the omega-operator, defined on class of analytic
in the half-plane functions, Pages 117-128
J. Kirjackis, E.G. Kiriyatzkii

The method for calculation the Hall effect parameters, Pages 129-138
J. Kleiza, V. Kleiza

Modeling trienzyme biosensor at internal diffusion limitation, Pages 139-144
J. Kulys

Passage of Abrikosov vortexes through a boundary barrier in thin
superconducting film, Pages 145-149
V. Pyragas

Natural convection from a plane vertical porous surface in
non-isothermal surroundings, Pages 151-170
S.C. Saha, C. Akhter, M.A. Hossain

Recent breakthrough in primality testing, Pages 171-184
R. Slezeviciene, J. Steuding, S. Turskiene

Electronic structure of dodecyl syringate radical suitable for ESR
molecular quantum computers, Pages 185-196
J. Tamuliene, A. Tamulis, J. Kulys

Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control, an official journal of
the Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts (LANA),
welcomes contributions from the international community.

For a paper submission, please refer to


From: Science Direct <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 09:10:16 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Contents, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications

Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications
Volume 5, Issue 4, Pages 571-762 (September 2004)

Sustainability, indeterminacy and oscillations in a growth model with
environmental assets, Pages 571-587
Angelo Antoci, Luigi Brugnano and Marcello Galeotti

Competition in patchy environment with cross diffusion, Pages 589-595
Shaban Aly and M. Farkas

High-frequency pulse propagation in nonlinear dielectric materials,
Pages 597-612
H. T. Banks and G.A.Gabriella A. Pinter

Global stability in periodic competitive systems, Pages 613-627
Benedetta Lisena

Management of a fishery based on continuous fishing effort, Pages 629-644
T.K.Tapan Kumar Kar

Spatial segregation limit of a competition-diffusion system with Dirichlet
boundary conditions, Pages 645-665
E. C. M. Crooks, E. N. Dancer, D. Hilhorst, M. Mimura and H. Ninomiya

Dynamics of a coupled atmosphere-ocean model, Pages 667-693
Hongjun Gao and Jinqiao Duan

Analysis of open system Carnot cycle and state functions, Pages 695-710
C.G.Christopher Gunaseelan Jesudason

Estimating the loading of the largest claims covers, Pages 711-723
Erhard Kremer

Approximate analytical response curve for a parametrically excited highly
nonlinear 1-DOF system with an application to ship roll motion prediction,
Pages 725-748
Gabriele Bulian

General conditions for global stability in a single species
population-toxicant model, Pages 749-762
B. Buonomo and D. Lacitignola


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