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------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 01:09:24 -0700 (PDT)

From: Gene Golub <>
Subject: Congratulations to Henk Vandervorst

Congratulations to Henk Vandervorst on being elected to the Royal Dutch
Academy of Sciences. We are all so proud of Henk for this breakthrough
and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Gene Golub


From: Nick Trefethen <>
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 16:35:34 GMT
Subject: 100-dollar, 100-digit Challenge

The SIAM News 100-Dollar, 100-Digit Challenge has now been completed and
I am pleased to announce that ninety-four teams from twenty-five countries
entered the competition. To my amazement eighteen teams scored a perfect
100 points, and six more scored 99. For winners' names and winning digits,
An article about the challenge will appear in the July/August issue of
SIAM News.

Nick Trefethen, Oxford University


From: Steve Campbell <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 20:27:11 -0400
Subject: Re: Matrices with Orthonormal Columns

In last week's NA Digest Dirk Laurie wrote:

> There is as yet no generally accepted term for a (rectangular) matrix
> with orthonormal columns. Some authors use "orthonormal matrix" but
> that should have been the term for an orthogonal matrix.
> I propose that we call it a "left-orthogonal" matrix, and a matrix with
> orthonormal rows a "right-orthogonal" matrix.
> ...

These have been called partial isometries for a long time in the linear
algebra and functional analysis literature.

Steve Campbell


From: S. V. Yershov <>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 22:57:10 +0300
Subject: New Book on Aerodynamic Computation and Turbomachinery Flow Paths

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new book:

A.V.Boiko, Yu.N.Govorushchenko, S.V.Yershov, A.V.Rusanov and S.D.Severin,
"Aerodynamic Computation and Optimal Design of Turbomachinery Flow Paths",
edited by Prof. A.V.Boiko (in Russian)

A new approach to the computation of complicated multilevel problems
for the optimal design of turbomachinery has been examined using a
block-hierarchical optimization process that guarantees the global
quality criteria maximum and reliability.

Additional information about the book can be found at (in English) and at (in Russian).


From: Iain Duff <>
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 08:48:12 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Programme for Sparse Days at CERFACS

Here is the programme for Sparse Days at CERFACS. Could anyone wishing to
attend please contact Brigitte Yzel at CERFACS (
and tel: +33-5-61-19-31-30, fax +33-5-61-19-30-00). Although there is
no registration fee, please register before June 1st as we need to know
numbers for coffee breaks, meals, etc. The last time I checked there
were still rooms available at the Meteo residences.

If you want to speak at CERFACS during the week, please send a title
and abstract.

Venez nombreux


Sparse days at CERFACS

Monday June 24

Erik Boman Support Theory and Preconditioning
Sivan Toledo Support preconditioners in TAUCS
Doron Chen Subset preconditioning
Yousef Saad Crout Versions of ILUT

Tuesday June 25

Michele Benzi Preconditioners for indefinite problems
Jos\'e Mas Mar\'\i AISM: A factorized sparse approximate
inverse preconditioner
Esmond Ng Reducing communication latency in applying
incomplete factor preconditioner
Masha Sosonkina Using numerical values in sparse matrix
reorderings for ILU and ARMS preconditioners.
Bernard Philippe and Linear systems and mixed finite elements
Hussein Hoteit in hydrogeology
S\'ebastien Lacroix On iterative solution of linear systems
in reservoir simulation

Robert Scheichl Decoupling and parallel preconditioning
(with R. Masson, for sedimentary basin simulations.
P. Quandalle and
J. Wendebourg)

Wednesday June 26

Filomena D'Almedia Condition numbers in projection methods for integral

Seminars will be organized during the sparse week to stimulate informal
discussion of CERFACS researchers and visitors.


From: Rob Corless <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 14:30:39 -0400
Subject: Conference in Ontario on Symbolic Computational Algebra

Symbolic Computational Algebra 2002
Fields Institute special meeting on Symbolic and Numeric Computation
in Geometry, Algebra and Analysis
15-19 July 2002

University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, CANADA

Supported by grants from Fields Institute (Canada)
and the National Science Foundation (USA).

SCA2002 will bring together researchers from active areas within
symbolic computation and computational algebra, including
commutative and non-commutative algebra and algebraic geometry,
polynomial and differential equation solving, differential
algebra, coding theory, symbolic-numeric methods, real algebraic
geometry, and geometric invariant theory.

ONE HOUR TALKS (July 15-19):

Alicia Dickenstein: The beautiful world of A-discriminants
Karin Gatermann: Toric geometry and dynamics of chemical reactions
Arieh Iserles: Computing the exponential in a Lie algebra
Gregor Kemper: An introduction to computational invariant theory
George Labahn : Fraction-free arithmetic with systems of linear
differential operators
Peter Olver: Moving frames for pseudo-groups
Lorenzo Robbiano: Commutative algebra and statistics
Joachim Rosenthal: Public key cryptography and semi-group actions
Frank Sottile: Common transversals and tangents
Jan Verschelde: Symmetric functions applied to decomposing solutions
of polynomial systems


F. Boulier, M. Boutin, J. De Loera, I. Emiris, A. Jarrah,
A. Khetan, I. Kogan, G. Lecerf, J. Little, D. Maclagan,
E. Mansfield, M. Morena-Maza, L. Matusevich, P. Parillo,
H. Schenck, W. Sit, H. Stetter, S. Sullivant, L. Zhi


is intended for graduate students and postdocs. The workshop lecturers are:

Peter Olver: Moving Frames
Joachim Rosenthal: Algebraic Geometry and Symbolic Computation
in Cryptography and Coding Theory
George Labahn and Laureano Gonzalez-Vega:
Introduction to Symbolic-Numeric Computational Algebra


Please visit the conference website at
All participants need to fill in the online registration form.
There is funding available for accomodation and travel expenses.
For information on accomodation, meals, travel etc check out the
website. Any other questions could be directed via e-mail

We hope to see you in London, Ontario.

Robert Corless, Edward Green, Serkan Hosten, Reinhard Laubenbacher,
Victoria Powers, Greg Reid


From: Hans Schneider <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 09:06:09 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: LAA Special Issue in Honor of Peter Lancaster

Special Issue in honor of Peter Lancaster

Linear Algebra and its Applications is pleased to announce a special issue
in honor of Professor Peter Lancaster in recognition of his many
important contributions to linear algebra, operator theory, and their
applications in science and engineering, and on occasion of his 75-th
birthday on November 14, 2004.

The deadline for submisson of papers is March 31, 2003. We solicit papers for
the special issue within the scope of LAA or research interests of Peter
Lancaster. Papers for submission should be sent to any of the four special
editors, and will be subject to normal refereeing procedures according to LAA

Prof. Harm Bart
Erasmus University
Econometric Institute, P O Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. Israel Koltracht
Department of Mathematics
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269, USA

Prof. Alexander Markus
Department of Mathematics
Ben Gurion University
P O Box 653
84105 Beer Sheva, Israel

September 1, 2002, till May 31, 2003:
Faculteit der Exacte Wetenschappen
Vrije Universiteit
de Boelelaan 1081a
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. Leiba Rodman
Department of Mathematics
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795, USA


From: Volker Mehrmann <mehrmann@math.TU-Berlin.DE>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 19:07:33 +0200 (MEST)
Subject: LAA Special Issue on Signal and Image Processing


Special Issue on Linear Algebra in Signal and Image Processing.

This special issue highlights recent and current interactions
between Linear Algebra and two important engineering fields:
Signal and Image Processing.

The cross fertilization between these fields has been very
fruitful in the past two decades, leading to a new popular class
of subspace based algorithms. Linear and multilinear algebraic
concepts, such as the eigenvalue and singular value decomposition
and their higher-order extensions, least squares and total least
squares, regularization, orthogonality and projection, emerged as
key building kernels of powerful and numerically robust high-level
algorithms. These algorithms have been particularly successful for
diverse signal and image processing operations, such as denoising,
reconstruction, separation, filtering, equalization and
estimation, time series modelling and prediction, (de)convolution,
etc. Although a considerable amount of progress has been made,
many new challenges remain before these algorithms can be
implemented in practical systems. These challenges include:
computational speed-up and improved robustness by preserving
and/or exploiting matrix structure and adding regularization and a
performance improvement via a multichannel approach up to the
integration of all available prior knowledge on parameters,
signal/image and noise characteristics and underlying statistics.

This special issue aims to show how Linear Algebra provides the
required mathematical tools for developing and analyzing novel
algorithms for signal and image processing and tackling the
underlying computational issues. These algorithms go hand in hand
with stable and efficient implementations and penetrated more
recently into applied fields, such as biomedicine, audio, video,
wireless (tele)communication, computer vision, etc. We hope that
the upcoming issue will highlight these innovative developments
and we encourage all authors working in these areas to submit
their contributions.

This issue is open for all papers with significant new results in
Signal and Image Processing where either linear algebraic methods
play an important role or new tools and problems of linear
algebraic nature for these areas and applied fields are presented.
Also survey papers are very welcome. Papers must meet the
publication standards of Linear Algebra and Its Applications and
will be refereed in the usual way.

Areas and topics of interest for this special issue include:

- (Weighted) subspace algorithms
- Regularization, robustness criteria and numerical issues
- Recursive algorithms
- Updating/downdating in signal tracking and dynamic imaging
- Multichannel and higher-order signal processing
- Exploitation and preservation of matrix structure and
signal/image characteristics
- Innovative use of linear algebraic kernels in emerging fields of
applied signal and image processing (biotechnology, medicine, wireless
communication, computer vision, etc.)

The deadline for submission of papers is 31 March 2003, and the
special issue is expected to be published in the spring of 2004.
Papers should be sent to any of its special editors:

Sabine Van Huffel
Department of Electrical Engineering, ESAT-SCD(SISTA)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Kasteelpark Arenberg 10
E-mail :

Per Christian Hansen
Informatics and Mathematical Modelling
Technical University of Denmark
Building 321
DK-2800 Lyngby

Peter Maass
Zentrum fuer Technomathematik
Universitaet Bremen
Fachbereich 3
Postfach 33 04 40
D-28334 Bremen


From: Stephen Keeling <>
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 11:27:21 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at the University of Graz

POST-DOCTORAL position at the Research Center on Control and
Optimization at the University of Graz, Austria.

Within the research Center on Control and Optimization at
the Department of Mathematics of the University of Graz a
postdoctoral position in

Numerical and Applied Mathematics

is available. The successful candidate must have a strong
background in numerical analysis and in differential
equations. Additional experience in the areas of Inverse
Problems and/or Optimization and/or Navier Stokes equations
is desirable. Good working knowledge of the English
language is essential. We offer excellent working
conditions in a lively research environment. The duration
of the contract will be for one year with the possibility of
renewal. Extensions will be based upon mutual agreement.
Interested candidates are encouraged to send an application
with c.v. and a publication list to:

Prof. Karl Kunisch
Institut fuer Mathematik
Universitaet Graz
Heinrichstrasse 36
A-8010 Graz, Austria

See the following website for further links and information:


From: Einar Ronquist <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 15:11:15 +0200
Subject: PhD Scolarship at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU, offers a three year
doctoral scholarship within the field of nonlinear dynamic systems.
The research work is focused mainly on a theoretical and numerical
investigation of the interrelationship between chaotic and stochastic
response of nonlinear dynamic systems.

Initial results indicate the possibility of developing numerical
solution techniques that can be used to predict chaotic behaviour
of deterministic systems by introducing Gaussian white noise as an
additional excitation process. The presence of white noise as an
additional excitation makes it possible to express the response
process as a (component of a) Markov diffusion process, which satisfies
a stochastic differential equation. In recent years a numerical solution
technique based on what is known as the principle of path integration (PI)
has been developed for calculating the response statistics of nonlinear
dynamic systems driven by white noise. The PI technique has turned out
to be well suited for the purpose of calculating the quantities that
may be relevant for investigating the relationship between chaotic and
stochastic response. This opens the door for the development of
alternative techniques of analysis of chaotic response of nonlinear
dynamic systems.

We are looking for a candidate who's main background is within
one (or more) of the following areas:
1) Dynamic systems, 2) Stochastic processes,
3) Numerical analysis, and who has some knowledge of the others.

For more information about this position and how to apply,
please contact Professor Arvid Naess,
tlf. +47=A0735 97053, or Email:
The application deadline is June 28, 2002.


From: Juanita Parsons <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 09:49:40 -0500
Subject: Staff Position at Wichita State University

Virtual Reality Center Manager

Wichita State University invites applications for the Virtual Reality Center
Manager position. The position is expected to be available beginning July
29, 2002. WSU is located in Wichita KS, the air capital of the world, and
the site of major manufacturing facilities of Boeing, Bombardier-Learjet,
Cessna and Raytheon Aircraft Companies.
Please visit the NIAR Web site for the complete position description and
applicant requirements. The NIAR Web site is located at
For additional information please contact Jerry Antes, Director of
Operations, NIAR, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS 67260 by phone at
(316) 978-5888 or by email at
<> Females and minorities are encouraged to
apply. AA/EOE


End of NA Digest