Downloading Multiple Files on Netlib via WWW

Most WWW browsers do not let you download files in batches. The index files on the Netlib file repository have been rigged to allow this. This mechanism requires a WWW browser that implements HTML+ forms.

To the left of each file listed in a Netlib library is a checkbox. Select the checkboxes next to the files you want then click on the button labeled ``Download Selected Items.''

The files you picked are packed into a tar file and returned to you. Your browser should let you save it in your home area. You should consult your local system documentation regarding how to unpack a tar file. Normally, there is a command called tar which is used for this.

Some important comments on this feature and the security implications of its use.


file xnetlib/announcement
file xnetlib/readme the README file/man page from xnetlib 3.4