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  1. This index  lists related pairs of real and complex routines together, in the same style as in Appendix A.

  2. Routines are listed in alphanumeric order of the real (single precision) routine name (which always begins with S-). (See subsection 2.1.3 for details of the LAPACK naming scheme.)

  3. A few complex routines have no real equivalents, and they are listed first; routines listed in italics (for example, CROT), have real equivalents in the Level 1 or Level 2 BLAS.

  4. Double precision routines are not listed here; they have names beginning with D- instead of S-, or Z- instead of C-. The only exceptions to this simple rule are that the double precision versions of ICMAX1, SCSUM1 and CSRSCL are named IZMAX1, DZSUM1 and ZDRSCL.

  5. A few routines in the list have names that are independent of data type: ILAENV, LSAME, LSAMEN and XERBLA.

  6. This index gives only a brief description of the purpose of each routine. For a precise description consult the leading comments in the code, which have been written in the same style as for the driver and computational routines.

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