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Revisions Since the First Public Release

Since its first public release in February, 1992, LAPACK has had several updates, which have encompassed the introduction of new routines as well as extending the functionality of existing routines. The first update, June 30, 1992, was version 1.0a; the second update, October 31, 1992, was version 1.0b; the third update, March 31, 1993, was version 1.1; version 2.0 on September 30, 1994, coincided with the release of the Second Edition of the LAPACK Users' Guide; and finally, version 3.0 was released on June 30, 1999, and coincided with the Third Edition of the LAPACK Users' Guide. All LAPACK routines reflect the current version number with the date on the routine indicating when it was last modified. For more information on revisions in the latest release, please refer to the file in the lapack directory on netlib.

Susan Blackford 2001-08-13