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Testing the Linear Equation Routines

Compile the files xLINTSTF and either SCLNTSTF (for single precision real and complex) or DZLNTSTF (for double precision and double complex) and link them to your matrix generator library, your LAPACK library, and your BLAS library or libraries in that order (on some systems you may get unsatisfied external references if you specify the libraries in the wrong order).

The data files for the linear equation test program are called xLINTSTD. For each of the test programs, associate the appropriate data file with Fortran unit number 5.

The output file is written to Fortran unit number 6. Associate a suitably named file (e.g., SLINTST.OUT) with this unit number.

Run the test programs.

If you encountered failures in this phase of the testing process, please refer to Section 6.8.

Susan Blackford 2001-08-13