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Create the BLAS Library

Ideally, a highly optimized version of the BLAS library already exists on your machine. In this case you can go directly to Section A.4 to make the BLAS test programs. Otherwise, you must create a library using the files xBLAS1F, xBLAS2F, xBLAS3F, CB1AUXF, ZB1AUXF, and ALLBLASF. You may already have a library containing some of the BLAS, but not all (Level 1 and 2, but not Level 3, for example). If so, you should use your local version of the BLAS wherever possible and, if necessary, delete the BLAS you already have from the provided files. The file ALLBLASF must be included if any part of xBLAS2F or xBLAS3F is used. Compile these files and create an object library.

Susan Blackford 2001-08-13