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Installing LSAME

LSAME is a logical function with two character parameters, A and B. It returns .TRUE. if A and B are the same regardless of case, or .FALSE. if they are different. For example, the expression

is equivalent to

The test program in TLSAMEF tests all combinations of the same character in upper and lower case for A and B, and two cases where A and B are different characters.

Compile LSAMEF and TLSAMEF and run the test program. If LSAME works correctly, the only message you should see is

 ASCII character set
 Tests completed
The working version of LSAME should be appended to the file ALLBLASF. This file, which also contains the error handler XERBLA, will be compiled with either the BLAS library in Section A.3 or the LAPACK library in Section A.5.

Susan Blackford 2001-08-13