LAPACK  3.9.0
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clatrz.f File Reference

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subroutine clatrz (M, N, L, A, LDA, TAU, WORK)
 CLATRZ factors an upper trapezoidal matrix by means of unitary transformations. More...
subroutine clarfg(N, ALPHA, X, INCX, TAU)
CLARFG generates an elementary reflector (Householder matrix).
Definition: clarfg.f:108
subroutine clacgv(N, X, INCX)
CLACGV conjugates a complex vector.
Definition: clacgv.f:76
subroutine clarz(SIDE, M, N, L, V, INCV, TAU, C, LDC, WORK)
CLARZ applies an elementary reflector (as returned by stzrzf) to a general matrix.
Definition: clarz.f:149