ScaLAPACK-1.8.0 errata file
updated on Mon September 07 2009
maintained by J. Langou, U. Colorado Denver

LAPACK-3.2.1 errata file
CLAPACK-3.2.1 errata file
BLACS-1.1.patch3 errata file
ScaLAPACK-1.8.0 errata file


(*) bug :: workspace query not correct for IWORK in PDGECON when no local rows in process row

    o reported by Jill Reese (MathWorks) on Fri Aug 28 2009
    o confirmed by Julien Langou on Fri Aug 28 2009

(*) bug :: ScaLAPACK does not handle matrix larger than N > sqrt(2^31)

   o Reported several times
   o The following fix works fine. The fix has been provided by John Moyart from CNES, France. It works great for all who have tried it.
     replaced Mptr() definition:
     #define    Mptr( a_, i_, j_, lda_, siz_ ) \ ( (a_) + ( ( (i_)+(j_)*(lda_) )*(siz_) ) )
     #define    Mptr( a_, i_, j_, lda_, siz_ ) \ ( (a_) + ( (off_t) ( (off_t)(i_)+(off_t)(j_)*(off_t)(lda_))*(off_t)(siz_) ) )
   o Other fix: compile scalapack using 64-bit integers