LAPACK-3.2.1 errata file
updated on Fri Apr 17 2009
maintained by J. Langou, U. Colorado Denver

Confirmed problems -- bug needs to be fixed!

(*) bug     :: output argumement SCALE is not set when N=0
    project :: scalapack installer

    o reported by Miska Le Louarn on Tue Mar 3 2009
    o confirmed by Julie Langou on Tue Mar 3 2009
    o see: emails

(*) bug :: 'make install' generates a "*** Error: Time for operations was zero" too easily
(*) bug :: negative flop counts can be generated by 'make install'

    o reported by Sergei Steshenko on Thu Nov 20 2008
    o see: emails

(*) bug :: in DGESDD, workspace query gives a value smaller than the minimal value given in the header to run the routine

    o reported by  Guy Bencteux on Sat Dec 06 2008
    o see forum topic 846

(*) bug :: workspace query bug with DGEJSV (when only left or right singular vectors desired)

    o reported by Allin Cottrell on Tue Jan 15 2009
    o confirmed by Julien Langou on Fri Jan 30 2009
    o see forum topic 866
    o all information sent to Zlatko Drmac

Bug reports -- bug needs to be confirmed!

(*) bug :: serious problem in DGESDD: DGESDD returns negative singular values with INFO = 0

    o reported by Guy Bencteux on Sat Dec 06 2008
    o see forum topic 847

(*) bug :: problem when playing with DGEEV and gfortran optimization flags

    o reported by Pauli Virtanen (scipy team) on Sat Dec 06 2008 (email to
    o see: email from Pauli Virtanen

(*) bug :: misleading comment in the header of DGHEQZ, the 2x2 block of the real Schur form are not as claimed

    o reported by Vasile Sima on Tue Jan 27 2009
    o see: email from Vasile
    o more information:
      more specifically Vasile is reporting that the comments:

*          [...] H contains the upper quasi-triangular
*          matrix S from the generalized Schur factorization;
*          2-by-2 diagonal blocks (corresponding to complex conjugate
*          pairs of eigenvalues) are returned in standard form, with
*          H(i,i) = H(i+1,i+1) and H(i+1,i)*H(i,i+1) < 0.

     are not correct

(*) bug :: failure of convergence of DHGEQZ for some specific matrix pencils

    o reported by Vasile Sima on Thu Jan 22 2009
    o see: email from Vasile
    o more information at: lapack known issues
Deprecated routines

(*) dead code :: xLAHRD is now replaced by xLAHR2, xLAHRD is a dead code since LAPACK 3.1

    o xLAHRD will be removed at some point in the future from the distribution

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Previous Errata (LAPACK 3.2) 

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