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HeNCE programs are created within a graphical environment called htool. In order to run it, your workstation must be running X windows version X11R4 or later. Start the htool application by entering the command ``htool.'' No command line arguments are necessary, but htool does recognize the standard X Windows arguments that control such things as window geometry.

When you run htool, a single large window will appear. As is shown in Figure 3, this window is divided into a number of segments, each of which has a special purpose.

To quit htool, click the left mouse button on the button that says ``HeNCE tool v2.0'' and is located at the upper left of the htool window. A menu with three options will appear.

  1. Change Directory. Change the directory in which htool will look for and save files.

  2. Change Language. Change the language that will be used to express the sequential subroutines that nodes will call. All nodes in a HeNCE program must call subroutines written in the same language.

  3. Quit. Exit the htool environment. Before quiting, you must save any changes you make to graphs or cost matrices or they will be lost.

The HeNCE button is at the top of a window segment that displays status information such as the current UNIX directory, the current graph, cost matrix, and trace file names, and the currently selected language for the subroutine that nodes will call.

The segment titled ``Information'' is to the right of the status segment, at the top of the window. Error messages, warnings, and other useful information will appear here.

The lower portion of the htool window is divided in half. The left half is devoted to drawing and displaying the HeNCE graph. The right half is devoted to the PVM virtual parallel machine. The top segment within it contains the cost matrix. The bottom segment is a strip chart that will show host utilizations when the HeNCE program is run.

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