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Packages Required to Use HeNCE

In order to use HeNCE, you must acquire and install several different components of the HeNCE environment. You need PVM version 3.2.X, The HeNCE programming environment called htool, and the HeNCE runtime support libraries. We offer this software packaged in a number of different ways.

  1. PVM 3.2.4 or later.

    PVM is available in source form only. The current release of PVM is 3.3.

  2. hence-2.0-src.tar.Z.uu

    This is the complete source code for htool, its runtime support libraries, and examples. If you wish to compile HeNCE, this and PVM are all you need. We suggest, however, that you obtain a pre-compiled version of HeNCE to save you the trouble of building the software.

  3. hence-2.0-full.ARCH.tar.Z.uu

    ARCH is the name of an architecture such as SUN4 (Sun Sparc running SunOS) or RS6K (IBM RS/6000). These packages contain htool and the HeNCE runtime libraries precompiled for a particular architecture. Suppose you wish to use IBM RS/6000s to write and run HeNCE programs. Then, all you need is hence-2.0-bin.rs6k.tar.Z.uu and PVM.

    If you have trouble running pre-compiled HeNCE, we would very much like to receive email from you describing the problem. Please send email to and provide the version of HeNCE you have, the version of PVM you have, what kind of machine(s) you are using and what release level their operating systems are. If you do not know all of this, send us email anyway.

    If you cannot find a pre-compiled version of HeNCE for the machine that you wish to use, please send us email, and we will provide it if we can. We encourage such requests since they help us to know which machine types we should support.

  4. hence-2.0-rtl.ARCH.tar.Z.uu

    Again, ARCH is the name of an architecture. These packages contain only the runtime libaries pre-compiled for a specific architecture. For example, if you will use SUN4 machines as part of your virtual parallel machine, but will never run htool directly on a SUN4, you could get hence-2.0-rtl.sun4.tar.Z.uu rather than hence-2.0-full.sun4.tar.Z.uu in order to save disk space.

  5. hence-2.0-examples.tar.Z.uu.

    This package contains several example HeNCE programs that you can build and run. It is not required that you download it.


    This package contains HeNCE documentation in Postscript form.

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