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The Default HeNCE Environment

While it is possible to use HeNCE in other ways, it is simplest if you adopt the default HeNCE environment which is defined by the following criterea. It is the operating environment adopted by many institutions.

  1. Your working environment consists of a network of computers running UNIX.

  2. You can rlogin or rsh from one computer on your network to another without entering a password. If this is not the case, you may want to enter the command ``man rhosts'' and read the UNIX man page about the .rhosts file. Also, see the section on non-standard PVM environments below.

  3. You will place all HeNCE and PVM software within a directory called pvm3 that resides within your home directory. HeNCE will also store executable images and ``.o'' files for your parallel programs within this directory.

If you do not have a collection of machines that satisfies these criteria, you might want to note that an environment consisting of single workstation on which your home directory is mounted does. if you are new to HeNCE, you may want to consider starting by creating and running your HeNCE programs all on a single workstation. Of course, there will be no parallelism since all subroutines will run on the same computer, but you will be able to learn about HeNCE and decide whether it will be worth the extra trouble of configuring it for a non-default environment.
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