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Detailed Instructions for Building htool

HeNCE uses the X window system's ``imake'' facility to build Makefiles that are correct for your particular system. Imake reads the file named Imakefile, along with config files that should already be installed on your system as part of X windows, and produces a Makefile that should be correct for your system's configuration.

If you are building HeNCE for a new system (one which HeNCE does not already support), you will need to add a new section to the file named imake.defs to recognize your machine. You can do so either using symbols defined by your system's imake config files (usually in /usr/lib/X11/config), or symbols defined by your system's C preprocessor. The section that pertains to your machine needs to set the PVM_ARCH variable to match the one used by PVM on your machine. It may also want to set CCOPTIONS, HENCE_DEFINES, HENCE_LIBRARIES, or LOCAL_LDFLAGS if needed to override the defaults on your machine. Do not change the locations of PVM_ROOT, PVM_LIBDIR, LIBPVM, PVM_INCLUDEDIR, or BINDIR. HeNCE expects these locations to be the same on every machine.

Once the imake file is customized for your particular machine, the following steps will install the HeNCE software.

  1. Make sure the directory containing the X11 ``binary'' programs (/usr/bin/X11 on many systems) is included in your PATH environment variable.
  2. To build the top-level Makefile, type xmkmf. If the xmkmf program does not exist on your system, type: imake -DUseInstalled -Iconfigdir where configdir is the directory containing the X11 configuration files for your system (e.g. /usr/lib/X11/config).

  3. Having built the top-level Makefile, now build all of the Makefiles for sub directories by typing make Makefiles. (Note the ``s'' at the end of Makefiles.)

  4. If you have old object (.o) files left over from a previous HeNCE compilation on a different system, type make clean to remove them.

  5. Now simply type make which should compile everything.

  6. Typing make install should install things into directory pvm3 in your home dircetory.

Earlier versions of HeNCE have also been used on Cray, NeXT, Sequent, and Silicon Graphics machines, and will probably build and run on these machines without significant modifications. For the most up to date information on compiling and installing the HeNCE software, see the files Compiling and READ-ME in the the source distribution.

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