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Quick Instructions

Before compiling HeNCE, you must have installed PVM 3.2.4 or later in directory pvm3 in your home directory.

If you are lucky, your system has a properly installed X windows environment along with a correctly configured ``imake'' facility. Unfortunately, many workstation vendors fail to provide this. This is the major reason that we distribute HeNCE in pre-compiled form.

If all is well on your system, you can build and install htool and its execution environment by following these instructions. The final install step will place everything within the pvm3 directory in your home directory. Attempts to place it elsewhere are discouraged.

  1. Unpack the hence2.0 package anywhere and cd to the hence2 directory. Be sure your X11 bin directory is on your path.

  2. Enter ``xmkmf''.

  3. Enter ``make Makefiles'', noting that uppercase ``M'' and the ``s'' on the end.

  4. If you have old object (.o) files left over from a previous HeNCE compilation on a different system, enter ``make clean'' to remove them.

  5. Enter ``make''

  6. Enter ``make install''

If you just wish to build and install the HeNCE execution support software (probably because you have already installed htool for some other machine type), the process is not dependent on correctly installed X software. Hence, it is much more likely to be trouble-free. Again, PVM must be built and installed in pvm3 within your home directory. Follow these steps.

  1. Unpack the hence2.0 package anywhere (if you have not already done this) and cd to the hence2 directory.

  2. Enter ``make -f Makefile.lib''.

  3. Enter ``make -f Makefile.lib install'' to copy the runtime libraries into the pvm3 directory.
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