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X Resources

Since htool is an X-based program, its behavior can be customized by setting X resources. X resources are set by placing a line in your .Xresources file and typing the command xrdb -load .Xresources. You may want to add the ``xrdb'' command to your ``.xinitrc'' file to have it run automatically when you start X. The htool resources and their defaults are listed in Table 3. Some example lines that you could put into your ``.Xresources'' file follow. They cause most things to be drawn in blue.

htool.notReadyColor: blue
htool.readyColor: blue
htool.doneColor: blue
htool.runningColor: blue

The resources brokenColor, deadColor, doneColor, errorColor, idleColor, normalColor, notReadyColor, readyColor, runningColor, and warningColor are used to specify colors of the nodes when drawing graphs in compose and trace mode.

The degree to which htool can be customized may seem overwhelming at first. One should remember, however, that all of the X resources have reasonable default values and if your installation of PVM and HeNCE is canonical then no changes to these resources should be necessary.
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