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Supported Hardware

There are two phases to HeNCE use. First a parallel program must be drawn and annotated. Then, it must be run on a virtual parallel machine. It is possible to use different machine types for these two phases.

The HeNCE program creation environment (htool) runs on UNIX workstations that support X Windows version X11R4 or X11R5 (including the Athena widget libraries). It has been tested on the following workstation types, and will likely work on others as well. Sun Solaris is not supported at this point, but support for it is planned in a future release. If we receive email requests for it, we will likely move faster.

    Architectures that Support htool (to Create HeNCE Programs)
      Architecture      Operating System     PVM Arch Name

      Sun 4 (Sparc)         SunOS 4.1.3           SUN4
      IBM RS/6000           AIX 3.2.5             RS6K
      HP Precision Arch     HPUX                  HPPA
      And some others...

HeNCE programs run under PVM so HeNCE programs may be run on any heterogeneous network of machines on which PVM is supported.

    Architectures that Support PVM Execution (to Run HeNCE Programs)
      Architecture      Operating System     PVM Arch Name

      Sun 4 (Sparc)         SunOS 4.1.X           SUN4
      Sun 4 (Sparc)         Solaris 2.2.X         SUN4SOL2
      Sun 3                 SunOS 4.1.X           SUN3
      IBM RS/6000           AIX 3.2.X             RS6K
      DEC (Alpha)           OSF-1                 ALPHA
      DEC (PMAX)            Ultrix                PMAX
      HP Precision Arch     HPUX                  HPPA
      And many others...

The current release of HeNCE is oriented towards running programs on a network of sequential machines. It does not make completely effective use of parallel machines such as the Connection Machine 5, Intel Paragon, and others, even though PVM supports these machines.
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